Women on Death Row

Pima County Sheriff's Office / AP Photo

Pima County Sheriff's Office / AP Photo

1. Shawna Forde

The anti-immigrant Forde, was convicted in the killing of 9-year-old Brisenia Flores, and her father, Raul. She becomes just the 62nd woman on death row. (Or the 63rd, since Emilia Carr was sentenced to die the same day in Florida as Forde was in Arizona.) The Death Penalty Information Center says only 12 women have been executed since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, compared with 1,229 men.

2. Louise Harris (Alabama)

Harris was convicted of capital murder for the slaying of her husband, a deputy sheriff. She and her lover paid two accomplices $100 to do the crime. And though the jury in her case recommended a sentence of life with the possibility of parole, the judge overruled them and sentenced Harris to die.

Arizona Department of Corrections / AP Photo

3. Debra Milke (Arizona)

Debra Milke has been on Arizona’s death row for more than 20 years for the death of her son Christopher. Though a jury convicted her of hiring James Styers and Roger Scott to commit the crime in exchange for a portion of the boy’s death benefit ($5,000), Milke has constantly asserted her innocence and her supporters have mounted a vigorous fight for a new trial—a decision currently resting with the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Charlie Neuman, pool / AP Photo

4. Susan Eubanks (California)

On October 6, 1997 in San Marcos, Calif., Susan Eubanks killed her four sons, Brandon, 14, Austin, 7, Brigham, 6, and Matthew, 4, before shooting herself in the stomach with the same .38 revolver. At her sentencing hearing, she told the courtroom that she’d thought her children were better off deadt and blamed undiagnosed mental illness, alcohol and depression for her state of mind that day.

Times Picayune / AP Photo

5. Antoinette Frank (Louisiana)

One of two women on death row at the Louisiana Correctional Institute in St. Gabriel, La,. Frank is a former New Orleans police officer convicted of robbing the restaurant where she also worked as a security guard and killing three, including a fellow officer who worked there as well. After her arrest and confession, a search at her home revealed a skull with a bullet lodged in it buried underneath.


6. Lisa Jo Chamberlin (Mississippi)

Chamberlin confessed to the killing of Linda Heintzelman and Heintzelman's boyfriend, Vernon Hulett. Their bodies were found inside a freezer at an abandoned farm in Russell County, Kan., by law officers searching for drugs. The murders, she told investigators, were motivated by Hulett’s refusal to open his safe.

Chuck Burton / AP Photo

7. Blanche Taylor Moore (North Carolina)

Though Aileen Wournos is often called America’s first female serial killer, North Carolina police believe that Moore may have that dishonor. She was convicted in 1990 of the murder of her boyfriend, Raymond Reid. Prosecutors were tipped off to the crime when her second husband, Rev. Dwight Moore, was hospitalized with an arsenic level 20 times the lethal amount. Moore lived, but exhumations found elevated arsenic levels in the bodies of her first husband, father, and mother-in-law.

8. Christina Walters (North Carolina)

An admitted member of the Crips gang, Walters was sentenced to die for the kidnapping and murder of Tracy Rose Lambert and Susan Raye Moore in an alleged gang initiation. Walters was also convicted of the attempted murder of another inmate while on death row.

Lisa Nipp, The Nashville Tennessean / AP Photo

9. Christa Gail Pike (Tennessee)

The youngest woman ever sentenced to death, Pike was convicted at age 20 of the 1995 murder of Colleen Slemmer, 19, who Pike thought was trying to steal her boyfriend. Pike and her accomplices were caught when Pike began showing classmates a bit of Slemmer’s skull. Police later found the skull fragment in a jacket of Pike’s clothing.

Michael Graczyk / AP Photo

10. Linda Anita Carty (Texas)

In February 2002, Linda Anita Carty was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Joana Rodriguez, 25. The motivation for the crime, prosecutors allege, was a desire to steal Rodriguez’ 4-day-old son. Carty has exhausted all her appeals and unless granted clemency, will become the first black British women executed in more than 100 hundred years.

Ron Heflin / AP Photo

11. Darlie Routier (Texas)

Darlie Routier was convicted of the murder of her son, Damon. Her second son, Devon, also was killed, but prosecutors chose not to press charges. On June 6, 1996, Routier alleges, intruders broke into her home, stabbed her two sons to death and badly injured her. The jury believed the prosecutor, who described Routier as a cold and heartless woman who killed her children to relieve herself of a financial burden.

LM Otero / AP Photo

12. Cathy Henderson (Texas)

Cathy Henderson was sentenced to die for the death of 3-month-old Brandon Baugh in 1994. Henderson, who was babysitting the infant at the time, contends that his death was an accident, but the fact that Henderson buried the body in an unmarked grave and fled to Missouri led Texas to contend that Henderson purposely fractured the child’s skull.