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Crisis in Ukraine

American Muscle for Ukraine


To deter Putin and other aggressors, diplomatic and economic slaps are not enough; the U.S. needs a military dimension.

Don’t pop the champagne corks just yet because Vladimir Putin phoned Barack Obama to pursue diplomacy on Ukraine and environs. It may be just a ploy, like Moscow’s proposal to denude Syria of chemical weapons to head off a potent U.S. air strike against President Assad’s forces. It may just be a gambit to tamp down the West’s drive toward greater sanctions against Russia. And all sinister explanations of the call gain weight by the fact that some 25,000 Russian troops still threaten Ukraine’s borders.


Kiev's Russian-Trained Assassins

The Daily Beast

The slaughter of 53 protesters in the Maidan on February 20 changed history. Now, exclusive photographs show what really happened.

KIEV, Ukraine—The first crack of a sniper’s round in Kiev’s Independence Square came shortly after nine o’clock on the morning of February 20 and the last about seven hours later at around four o’clock in the afternoon drawing to a close the bloodiest day in what had been a months-long struggle to oust Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.Many of the 53 people slain died from clean shots to the head or neck—telltale wounds inflicted by expert marksmen; while others were gunned down at closer quarters by less expert assassins armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

New Era

The U.K.’s First Gay Marriage

Matt Dunham/AP

At midnight Saturday, England and Wales welcomed the first gay marriages in British history. And the very first one involved an American.

A whirlwind romance that began in Los Angeles sealed a place in the British history books this weekend as Sinclair Treadway and Sean Adl-Tabatabai became one of the country’s first gay couples to be legally wed.They exchanged a pair of simple gold bands in a ceremony that began at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, the first day same-sex marriages were allowed in Britain. Treadway’s parents, who flew in from the U.S. for the celebration, were among 100 guests crowded into Camden town hall in North London.

Cairo Crackdown

Egypt Journo Goes On Hunger Strike

Amr Dalsh/Reuters

Jailed Al Jazeera reporter Abdullah El-Shamy, who has been detained for eight months after reporting on the government’s massacre at Raba’a, is now on his eighth week of a hunger strike to protest his internment.

Abdullah El-Shamy, an Al Jazeera Arabic broadcast reporter, was arrested while covering the Egyptian military’s bloody crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters on Aug. 13, 2013 in Cairo. El-Shamy’s family spoke to The Daily Beast about their memories of El-Shamy’s arrest and internment.Through the smudged windows of a Cairo cab, Mohammed ElShamy, 19, and Mosa’ab ElShamy, 24, looked out into the twilight falling on the patchy greens and sandy dunes on either side of the highway, which lead to their home in October 6th City, a suburb west of Cairo.

Dutch Treats

The Secret Service Hangover

Vladan Milisavljevic/Getty

The White House is trying to play down the incident, but when an Obama bodyguard passes out drunk in the hallway of a hotel, the Dutch have some theories about why.

In the week since a United States Secret Service Agent was found sprawled in the hall of a five-star beach hotel and spa in The Netherlands so zonked he had to be carried back to his room, the Dutch have turned a wry eye on the incident.They know only too well how quickly visitors succumb to the temptations abundantly available in their country. Prostitution is legal, with both men and women sex workers on display in Amsterdam’s red light district.

Toil & Trouble

Saudi’s Real-Life Witch Hunt

The Daily Beast

Indonesian guest workers are on trial in Saudi Arabia for “witchcraft.” But the charges are cover for cultural misunderstandings, sexual assaults, and withheld wages.

Barack Obama is spending part of this weekend in Saudi Arabia, the final stop in a five-country tour. Obama started his springtime trip in the Netherlands, where he visited The Hague, seat of the International Court of Justice. Working his way south, Obama spent Wednesday in Belgium and passed Thursday morning in the Vatican before heading down to Riyadh, presumably to talk about security (meaning Iran) and the historic ties between our two countries (meaning oil).

The Syria War

France's Gruesome Jihadists


Gruesome videos show the so-called “French Brigade” that fights as part of a breakaway Al-Qaeda faction opposed to Assad

A cable news station in Paris has aired shocking video of French-speaking jihadists at work in Syria. The footage broadcast Thursday night on BFMTV played like a macabre postcard home, only the latest reminder that hundreds of French and thousands of European jihadists are waging war against Bashar al-Assad. The news channel has called it evidence that France’s own are “direct actors in the atrocities committed in Syria.”The video excerpts are said to have been filmed over several days in February by French-speaking members of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS, a radical group of al-Qaeda dissidents.


Kiev Begs Rebels to Defend Ukraine

Dmitry Neymyrok/Reuters

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Beast, Ukraine’s interior minister says revolutionaries must accept the internal battle is over and help to face down Russia.

KIEV — With as many as 100,000 Russian troops amassing along the southern and eastern borders of Ukraine, the country’s interior minister is calling upon members of a nationalist militia which helped overthrow the regime of former President Viktor Yanukovych to lay down their weapons and join the country’s paltry armed forces. “We told them, the war is finished. If you would like to participate in defending the country, go and join the National Guard of Ukraine,” Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview in his office Thursday.


New MH370 Puzzle Scrambles Search

Paul Kane/AFP/Getty

The search zone for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight was shifted by almost 700 miles when it emerged that the the plane was flying much faster than previously thought.

The change in the search target zone for Flight MH370 seems to reveal how much can be calculated about the Boeing 777’s last hours in the air with very little information.In order to fix the airplane’s position three things are essential: its direction, height and speed.The first information acted upon in directing the search was the most crucial: direction. This came from pings received by the London-based Inmarsat satellite operator. It was the thinnest of clues, based on hourly signals showing that the 777 was still “alive.


Saudi Arabia’s Comic Book Fatwa

The 99

The president should confront Saudi leaders over the ludicrous fatwa against ‘The 99,’ a ground-breaking Muslim superhero comic.

President Obama did not go to Saudi Arabia this Friday to talk about comic books, but he should, because a new fatwa against them—specifically those showing right-thinking Muslim superheroes—underscores just how hard it is to sustain a positive relationship with Riyadh.Obama himself once singled out the remarkable comic book series in question, called The 99, for special praise. The superheroes have the attributes associated with the 99 names of Allah—words like “strength” and “light” and “wisdom”—and these characters team up to fight evil.


Crisis in Ukraine




White folks Can Talk About Race

White folks Can Talk About Race

Brit Hume is wrong. Of course white people can talk about race without being called racist. They just need to be smarter about it.

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