Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Diddy drives to school, super-cool mom Martha Raddatz, post-debate. Plus, more stars’ best pictures.

Diddy drives his kids to school, Hammer goes old school, and Martha Raddatz’s cool mom moment after the VP debate. Plus, more of the best photos the stars tweeted this week. By Mike Munoz.

Twitter / @yokoono

Yoko Ono

“Sisters in activism!” wrote Yoko Ono when she posted this photo of herself with Lady Gaga. Gaga received the LennonOno Grant for Peace in Reykjavik, Iceland, for her charity work.

Twitter / @iamdiddy

P. Diddy

Rapper and producer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs proved he’s a fun dad when he posted this shot of himself and his kids on their way to school. “Driving all the kids to school #daddyduty... this is proof that i do drive :) lol have a blessed day” he wrote.

Twitter / @MarthaRaddatz

Martha Raddatz

The senior ABC correspondent posted this photo after she moderated the vice-presidential face-off Thursday night, and wrote “With my son and his friend on stage after the debate!” The next presidential debate takes place on Tuesday in Hempstead, N.Y.

Twitter / @ColinHanks

Colin Hanks

“A six run inning capped by a Buster Posey GRAND SLAM deserves #tinyguitarsolo” wrote Colin Hanks when he posted this shot of himself cheering on the San Francisco Giants. The Giants beat the Cincinnati Reds to advance to the Nation League Championship Series.

Twitter / @MCHammer

MC Hammer

Rapper MC Hammer went back to where his career started: the Oakland Athletics’ dugout. Hammer posted this pic of himself cheering on his hometown team and wrote “Life is a beautiful journey. I was standing in this same spot 40 years ago. This has been a great year.” The A’s were eliminated from the playoffs after losing to the Detroit Tigers.

Twitter / @Joan_Rivers

Joan Rivers

“Hello Newcastle! So happy to be here. Not a packed house but VERY enthused” wrote Joan Rivers, who posted this shot of herself in front of an enthusiastic audience of one.

Twitter / @CeeLoGreen

Cee Lo Green

Singer and Voice judge Cee Lo Green posted this photo of himself grabbing coffee with friends at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. “Getting ready for tomorrow's show at @phvegas hanging with some of my @NBCTheVoice people!” he wrote.

Twitter / @tyrabanks

Tyra Banks

“Red (lip) Ridin'” the supermodel wrote when she posted this snap of herself showing off her makeup. Banks’s show, America’s Next Top Model, is in its 19th season.

Twitter / @BrodyJenner

Brody Jenner

The reality-TV star posted this photo of himself with his true love—his dog. “Hugs from my little chunk,” he wrote.

Twitter / @ashleytisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Disney starlet Ashley Tisdale also showed some love for her puppy when she posted this shot with her adorable dog and wrote “Free time = Cuddle time.”

Twitter / @emmyrossum

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless star prepared for flu season by getting her vaccines and posted this photo as proof. “Flu Vaccines at work today #shameless @ Warner Bros. Studios,” she wrote. The show’s new season begins in January.

Twitter / @samantharonson

Samantha Ronson

“Twin fun!” wrote the celebrity DJ when she posted this pic of herself grabbing a bite with her twin sister, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson.