10 Things That Will Happen During the Next Four Years

1) The Republican party will quickly snuggle up to immigration reform in an effort to stop the hemorrhaging of Hispanic voters.

2) No major civil war will occur within the ranks of the Republican party. The Iron Bubble remains intact.

3) Harry Reid and the Democratic senate will enact new rules to limit the use of the filibuster to block legislation. Not exactly sure what it will look like.

4) The fiscal cliff will become a fiscal staircase. The compromise will allow for increased tax rates, but over a period of years.

5) There will be real cuts to military spending.

6) Simpson –Bowles or something akin to it will get a real 2nd look..

7) Joe Scarborough will look like a 70’s porn star with his new mustache.

8) Dick Morris will inexplicably continue to cash a paycheck from Fox.

9) The DOJ will keep busy doing things other than bust pot smokers in Colorado and Washington.

10) This is the last time any reputable blog will allow me to splatter pixels across screens around the globe.