10 Ways Obama Will Update the White House

With a black family moving into the White House, the comedian offers his thoughts on what’s likely to change.

With a black family moving into the White House for the first time in history, the comedian offers his thoughts on what’s likely to change. Expect Jay-Z on the sound system, a "Pink Room" for the girls, and Oprah’s decorating touch.

1. A beauty salon stocked with black hair care products will be built for Michelle and the two girls. The humidity will kill a sister in D.C.

2. Country music will be banned and replaced with rap, preferably Jay-Z.....the clean version. And hopefully some Earth, Wind & Fire.

3. The staff around the White House will be wearing smiles, getting to work on time and proud to be in the HOUSE.

4. While this change will not happen in the White House per say, it will be a direct result of who is in the White house: More people will be checking "other" when they fill out forms asking them to describe their race.

5. Because President Obama has such beautiful daughters, he will soon be building a secure wing where he will hide them so he will not have to "hurt a brother," "deport a brother," or have a brother "disappeared.”

6. There will be a Pink Room at the White House because his daughter has asked for it, and they are daddy’s girls.

7. Although this brother is an educated Harvard grad and his wife is from Princeton, there will be occasions when CP time will rule the schedule and folks will have to wait.

8. Oprah Winfrey will redecorate the guest room at the White House, and Gayle will help.

9. The president will never use the "back door" at the White House, even if he has to go the bathroom and can not hold it. ‘Nuff said.

10. Occasionally security will have to deal with random brothers and sisters coming to the guard gate and saying, "Tell Barack I need to speak to him...he knows my people."

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