2 Breitbart Staffers Hired to Join Trump's White House

President Donald Trump has reportedly added two Breitbart staffers to his team, signaling warm ties with the right-wing pubication even as he lashes out at most other media outlets. The two new hires include Julia Hahn, known for her anti-immigration stance and contempt for Paul Ryan, and Sebastian Gorka, Breitbart's national security editor, according to numerous reports on Tuesday. Hahn will act as an assistant to Bannon and Trump, while Gorka is expected to have a place on the National Security Council. Gorka has worked as a Fox News contributor and served as a paid policy consultant during Trump's campaign. While Trump has vilified most of the media in recent days over coverage of his inauguration, he has praised Fox News and been friendly with Breitbart. A pro-Trump website known for running Clinton conspiracy theories also got the first question at Tuesday's press briefing, a sign that Trump's White House may edge out mainstream news outlets in favor of right-wing and fringe publications. A reporter for the publication, LifeZette, asked when Trump would fulfill his campaign promises on immigration.