Royal Baby

6 Ways Kate May Have Hid The Bump

She may not show for another month, but Kate Middleton's recent outfits show six ways she might have used fashion to conceal her baby bump.

News broke on Monday that Kate Middleton is less than 12 weeks pregnant, and has been admitted to the hospital for acute morning sickness. It came of no surprise, of course, to our intrepid Royalist Tom Sykes, who has pratically been waving the Royal Baby flag since the wedding. But recently, evidence has mounted: according to Sykes, the Duke and Duchess were "nesting" in their new home at Kensington Palace, and Kate had dropped hints about wanting to start a family. But then, last week, she debuted sweeping new bangs – which could have just served as a distraction from the pregnancy – and, as Sykes put it, gave Middleton the look of a fuller "preg-face."

Looking back on these past 12 weeks, there may have been clues in her fashion choices, as well. Overcoats and high-waisted belts, clutches and bouquets are all Middleton staples, but now everything seems perfectly planned. See the six clues that Kate was using fashion to hide her pregnancy.

The Perfect Podium: When Kate arrived at her alma mater, St. Andrews, to give a speech, she was greeted by a podium waist-high. Maybe the St. Andrews maintainence staff had been tipped off.

The Well-Placed Clutch: The clutch-over-stomach pose is classic Middleton, but we're extra suspucious of the one she word to Guildhall on November 28.

Who Stole A Cookie From The Cookie Jar: The Duchess did! Eating for two, perhaps, or just plain hungry.

The Well-Placed Bouquet: The clutch-on-the-stomach move is only perfected by a clutch and a bouquet, which Middleton juggled as she arrived at the International rugby match between Wales and New Zealand on November 24.

The High-Waisted Belt: High-waisted belts often have a slimming effect, as they emphasize the true waist. And the green Mulberry dress she wore to the Natural History Museum on November 27, (where she also debuted new bangs) seemed to accentuate all the right places.

The Belted Overcoat: Middleton’s series of overcoats would be the perfect tool to conceal a growing stomach – especially belted at the waist with a thick belt, as this purple coat was on October 10 at Stockton-on-Tees, England.

Bring on the Middleton maternity wear -- and all of the frenzy surrounding it. We'll be ready.