Amy Poehler and George R.R. Martin Play Game of ‘Game of Thrones’

Fantasy author knows more than Jon Snow, but got “Hodor!” clue wrong.

On Tuesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, comedic actress extraordinaire Amy Poehler quizzed fantasy author extraordinaire George R.R. Martin on his Song of Ice and Fire novels, basis for the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The rules were simple: Poehler read a line and Martin had to give the character who said it.

Martin was up on some of the more difficult passages, but managed to guess the wrong character from the clue of “Hodor!” He also tripped up on the line “Winter is coming,” which, according to Poehler, was spoken by “Westeros 9 meteorologist Breeze Daniels.” However, Martin redeemed himself when correctly guessing a fake expletive-laden clue read by Meyers.

Fortunately, Martin was a good sport about the game, even if there was a joke about the Red Wedding. Too soon, guys.