Anthony Paletta is a freelance writer located in New York City. He's contributed to the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Metropolis, Architectural Record, Citylab, and other publications.

Line Dancing

Nighttime was the right time for Winsor McCay, whose early 20th century comic strip about a little boy’s dreams proved forever that comics could be both mass entertainment and high art.

No-Hit Wonders

C.D. Rose’s fabricated compendium of failed authors includes one who wrote in an undecipherable code, one who could only get as far as the opening sentence, and one who ate his own books.


The 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill's death is a fitting occasion to note that he was not only a great leader but one of the finest writers of the century he helped define.

The Atrocity Exhibition

Why did the Yugoslavian novelist Danilo Kis use modernist experiments to explore the horrors of the Eastern Bloc? Anthony Paletta on his life.