Matt Beynon Rees is an award-winning journalist and former Jerusalem bureau chief for Time magazine, who has been based out of the Middle East since 1996. He is the author of Cain's Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East, a nonfiction account of Israeli and Palestinian society. He is also the author of the Omar Yussef series of Palestinian crime novels, including The Collaborator of Bethlehem and The Samaritan’s Secret, which was published in February.

War correspondent Matt McAllester fled into the fields of battle to escape an alcoholic, mentally ill mother. In his memoir, Bittersweet, he tries to make amends with her, in the kitchen.

Tomorrow's Netanyahu-Obama summit has Iran, Gaza, and settlments on the agenda, but the Israeli leader will bring a new tactic learned from an old nemesis. Matt Rees explains "the Arafat."

As Pope Benedict XVI touches down in Israel with a much-needed reconciliation agenda, earlier actions in his papacy all but ensure a visit that divides more than it heals.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. And the worst place now for Holocaust survivors, argues Time’s former Jerusalem bureau chief, Matt Beynon Rees, might be Israel.