Robert Windrem is a Senior Reserach Fellow at the NYU Center on Law and Security. For three decades, he worked as a producer for NBC News. During that time, he focused on issues of international security, strategic policy, intelligence and terrorism. He is the winner of more than 40 national journalism awards for his work in print, television, and online journalism, including a Columbia-duPont Award, mostly for his work on international security issues.

The CIA may have pushed the envelope with interrogation techniques, but even it thought some techniques were too far. Except when they weren’t. Robert Windrem explains how the Agency assembled its interrogation “menu.”

Among some increasing detailed descriptions of how the CIA waterboarded detainees, The Daily Beast's Robert Windrem uncovers a highly ironic detail for a highly brutal procedure: the use of meticulously-kept bottled water.

Former NBC News investigative producer Robert Windrem reports that the vice president’s office suggested waterboarding an Iraqi prisoner who was suspected of knowing about a relationship between al Qaeda and Saddam.