He's No Breitbart

Ben Shapiro Is One Mad Dude

Ben Shapiro is mad. From his new book, Bullies.

Do colleges have an impact on the kids who attend them? You bet they do. Even though you thought you were ignoring your professor and chatting up the hot blonde in the back of your Philosophy 101 course, chances are that you had to take a final in that course. And chances are that if you wanted to do well in that final, citing Ayn Rand wasn't the best strategy. There's a reason studies show that people skew more liberal the longer they're in school. As of 2010, just 25 percent of people who graduated from high school supported same-sex marriage; for college graduates, that number was 39 percent; for master's students, that was 46 percent. And students don't get smarter over the same period - surveys also show that college seniors know just as little about basic civics as college freshmen do.

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I'll be finishing Shapiro's book this weekend. In the meantime, chew over the angry worldview that blames ivy tower liberalism for students embracing the right of loving couples to enter into a recognized bond of love and mutual responsibility.