Bring on Keystone XL

The Daily Kos' RLMiller worries that Lisa Jackson's resignation as head of the EPA signals the pending approval for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Anyone who thinks that Obama will say no to the pipeline is delusional. Obama's "all of the above" energy policy means that the United States is both installing record-breaking solar while Obama has become the driller-in-chief. The strategy might make sense were climate change not so urgent, with science mandating that most of the world's fossil fuels stay untouched if we are to have any hope of holding the temperature rise to no more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Jackson chose not to fight losing battles against Republicans and inside the White House - as Buzzfeed notes, her decision to step down was in part a personal choice stemming from the demands of the job - and the administration's sketchy commitment to slowing the rise of the oceans weakens further.

That oil will be extracted. Here's hoping it heads America's way.