Camel in a Can and 6 More Weird Canned Meats

You can’t believe it’s not donkey? As Chinese eaters reel from Walmart’s fox-meat scandal, plenty of other beasts are still available—in cans!— for dinner.

Chinese Walmart customers in search of a nice donkey for dinner got a shock Thursday, when the retailer announced it had found traces of fox DNA in the “Five Spice Donkey Meat” product. Wait—you didn’t realize fox and donkey meat were even considered proper meals? Nor did we. Here are a few other bizarre animal products you can buy, and these come in a can.

A Whole Chicken

Not content to just offer just bits and pieces of the bird, a company called Sweet Sue has managed to fit an entire chicken into a can. Just pot the top and slide it out. It looks, as you can imagine, pretty disgusting.


Can they fit both humps in? A delicacy in much of the Middle East, camel meat is saved for parties and weddings, and the hump is supposedly the most prized part of all. But this can, coming straight from Brunei, seems to be available in bulk, perhaps transforming it into an everyday meal.

A Cheeseburger

The $6 item comes with a bun and burger along with cheese, ketchup, pickles, and requires about 10 minutes of cooking time. The pictures aren’t completely discouraging, but an online reviewer couldn’t give it the stamp of approval. “It tastes... not so good. Very bland, kind of like pre-made tomato sauce and a bitter aftertaste,” he attested.

Smokey BBQ-Roasted Scorpions

These sharp-clawed creatures, considered a delicacy in Southeast Asia, “taste similar to a sea prawn with a slightly bitter taste,” according to the description of these “Smokey BBQ Roasted Scorpions.” The scorpion, a Heterometrus spinifer, is completely edible, despite the arachnid being deadly if alive.


For just $14.50, Dale’s Wild West Smoked Rattlesnake, “A True Western Delicacy!” can be yours—all you have to do is remove the bones. You can even purchase a “Canned Exotic Meat Gift Set,” which includes rattlesnake, alligator, elk, and buffalo. You know, for dinner parties.

Cajun-Style Alligator

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With a tempting offer to “have your own Survivor or Fear Factor party :),” this can of Cajun-style alligator comes pre-cooked in gravy, all you have to add is a bed of rice. Hopefully teeth and scales are not included.

Bamboo Worms

We’re supposed to be saving the world by eating insects now, and these larvae are high in protein and fiber, so dig in. Bamboo worms apparently have a taste akin to corn-puff snacks. These creepy crawlies have been flavored with BBQ sauce, but not much can disguise their little legs.