Carrier Union Leader to Trump: Let’s Talk

Chuck Jones, the president of United Steelworkers 1999, a union with members who work for air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier, said Friday that he’d be happy to speak with President-elect Trump about solutions to the relocation of the company’s jobs. “If Trump is sincere about keeping jobs in the country—and you guys’ve heard him numerous times, that’s what his goal is—we’ll sit down, we’ll work out something to keep these damn jobs here,” Jones told reporters.

Trump personally attacked Jones on Twitter this week after the union leader said the president-elect boastfully misrepresented the facts of the Carrier deal during a visit to the Indiana plant. “He got upset because his numbers weren’t adding up and he took an exception to it and decided to attack me,” Jones said after giving Trump credit for attempting to take on the issue in the first place. “Hell, I was fine with that. You know, I’ve been doing this job 30 years.” After the personal attack took place, unions around the country rushed to stand in solidarity with Jones.