Adulterous Fashion

Cheating Women Love Banana Republic, Says Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison, the "world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters," is apparently interested in fashion. The Website has actually conducted a study on what its female cheaters wear.

The site has published a fashion-specific survey, according to The Huffington Post, polling 52,390 female members (yes, there are over 52,390 female members), who said that their favorite three stores are Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Macy’s. Banana Republic recently did a collabration with the notoriously adulterous television show Mad Men, but of course you don't have to be a cheater to love Don Draper. Other top picks include Lululemon (a finding which could shed new light on the brand’s sheer legging scandal). The survey also revealed that new clothes from the mall might not be so new after all – 12.4 percent of the female cheaters admitted to returning items worn during their adulterous outings.

We’ve also learned that, according to CEO Noel Biderman, a sudden wardrobe update is any cheaters’ dead giveaway. “If your spouse suddenly seems more consumed with style and putting outfits together after spending years in sweat pants,” says Biderman, “that is a telltale sign she could be two-timing.” More than a third of respondents admitted to spending almost double what they spent on clothing when they weren’t cheating. [HuffPost]