‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Slams Fox News Hypocrisy on O’Reilly, Weinstein

‘While Fox News might be woke in the streets, they’re definitely enablers in the sheets.’

Comedy Central

There is something uniquely despicable about the way Fox News hosts have feigned outrage over Harvey Weinstein while barely saying a word about the accused sexual harassers forced out of their own network. And no one has so perfectly outlined the hypocrisy like Trevor Noah did on Monday night’s The Daily Show.

The “one silver lining” of the Weinstein story, Noah said, is that “everyone” is finally recognizing how serious the issue of sexual harassment is. He said he has been “particularly impressed” with Fox News’ coverage of the scandal.

“Seriously, I’ve got to give props to Fox,” he added, after playing a montage of their greatest hits against Weinstein. But it also “confused” him, given the network’s awful history, especially in light of the latest revelations about ousted host Bill O’Reilly.

“We know that Fox News not only knew what O’Reilly was up to for a long time,” Noah said. “They even hid some of it, which means that while Fox News might be woke in the streets, they’re definitely enablers in the sheets.”

With that in mind, he said it was downright “ballsy” for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and others to go after other networks like NBC News for failing to report the Weinstein story.

“Damn, there is no faster way to get Fox to care about something than to find out a powerful liberal person has done it,” Noah said. “Maybe we should tell them Harvey Weinstein colluded with Russia?”

In the end, Noah asked, “Does liberal Hollywood have a problem with sexual predators? Yes. Does conservative Fox News have the same problem? Yes.” He urged Fox to “keep going after sexual harassers,” adding, “the great news is, you don’t even have to leave the building.”