Durex Unveils ‘Fundawear:’ Vibrating Underwear Triggered By Your iPhone

Talk about positive vibrations.

Durex Australia has unveiled a new range of underwear that allows vibrations to be transmitted over long distances with the swipe of an iPhone. The so-called “Fundawear” comes equipped with touch sensors—the same kind used in cell phones—that enable touch to be transferred from an iPhone to the garment using a special app. In a video posted to Durex Australia's YouTube channel, Ben Moir, the technology director of the product, explains that each phone can be linked to a shared server, which is in turn connected to the lingerie, to send the physical message. He also reveals that the intensity with which you use your finger on the app matches the intensity of the touch felt at the receiving end.

The pieces, designed by Billie Whitehouse, are made to look and feel like regular underwear. The men’s version is a black boxer brief with blue stitching around the thigh and groin, and the women’s design includes a black bra and panty, with purple-pink lace detail around the leg holes. Whitehouse said the main challenge in designing the collection was balancing comfort, appearance, and functionality.

The condom company broadcasted the first live trial of Fundawear on its YouTube page, which shows an Australian couple by the name of Nick and Dani testing out the high-tech undergarments and sending each other touches over an online chat program using their iPhones. “It feels like you’re touching me!” Dani exclaims in the video. There is no word yet on when Fundawear is expected to launch.