U Mad, Bro?

Eric Dondero is Pissed Off!

I was going to avoid this out of some misguided sense of decency, but who are we kidding? This is awesome:

Republicans around the country are responding to President Obama's reelection in a variety of ways — among them: anger, depression, finger-pointing. But nobody had the same reaction as Eric Dondero, a former Ron Paul aide who blogs at LibertarianRepublican.net. In a post yesterday, Dondero, reasoning that the only recourse to Obama's victory is "outright revolt," laid out the terms of the "personal boycott" against Democrats which he plans to maintain for the rest of his life and which he hopes his followers will as well. What does the boycott entail? Cutting all ties with Democratic family members, friends, and lovers; refusing to work for a Democratic boss; spitting on the ground when a Democrat talks to you; and possibly shitting on your Democratic neighbor's lawn, among other things:

Dondero, when posed questions by New York Magazine's Dan Amira, provided some doozy quotes. Enjoy.