'He Has Big Ones'

Ex-Border Patrol Vigilante Running for CA Governor

One of the only candidates challenging California Gov. Jerry Brown so far is a Tea Party favorite and former Minuteman border-patrol leader who last year was detained at an L.A. airport for having a loaded gun in his carry-on. Republican state assemblyman Tim Donnelly kicked off his 2014 gubernatorial campaign at a furniture factory in November, declaring, “I want to let Jerry Brown know that... not only are we coming for him, but the people of the state of California are coming for their freedom back.” But before he made his big announcement, Donnelly had already released one of the strangest campaign ads this year—if not ever. In it, the cowboy hat-clad assemblyman derides Gov. Brown’s ban on lead ammunition, uses the word “sexiest” twice (first, to describe his wife as the “sexiest woman in California,” and then in pledging to make California “the sexiest place on the planet to do business). Throughout, Cuban-American singer Maria Conchita stands beside Donnelly, translating his words into Spanish and declaring, “He has big ones... and he is angry.”