French Farmer Who Claims Monsanto Weedkiller Gave Him ‘Neurological’ Issues Wins in Court

A French court ruled in favor of a farmer who claimed the Monsanto weedkiller Lasso gave him “neurological problems,” Reuters reports. Fifty-five year old Paul Francois said he developed “memory loss, fainting and headaches” after accidentally inhaling the weedkiller in 2004, and asserted that Monsanto’s labeling of the product was “inadequate.” “Mr. Francois justifiably concludes that the product, due to its inadequate labeling that did not respect applicable regulations, did not offer the level of safety he could legitimately expect,” the court’s ruling read. The ruling did not determine compensation for Francois, who is seeking 1 million euros in damages. According to Reuters, Lasso was banned from the country in 2007 after other countries barred the weedkiller. The ruling comes as Monsanto product Round Up also faced lawsuits in the U.S., although the active ingredient in Round Up is reportedly different from the ingredient used in Lasso.