George Conway Dismisses ‘Ridiculous’ Omarosa Claim Trump Called Him Racist Term

The famously anti-Trump husband of Kellyanne Conway says Manigault is wrong about her claim the president called him a ‘goo goo’ and ‘Flip.’

Drew Angerer/Getty

George Conway, the wife of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, dismissed a report on Friday that President Donald Trump had privately made racist comments about him.

The Guardian reported that Omarosa Manigault, the former senior White House aide and ex-reality TV star, had overheard Trump calling Conway a “flip” and a “goo goo,” derogatory terms for Filipinos like Conway.

Conway called Omarosa’s allegations “not credible” and “ridiculous” in a tweet on Friday morning, citing her departure from the White House in December.

Omarosa recalled the comments in the context of Trump anger over a column written by Conway. It’s not clear which column he was supposedly upset about, but Conway received significant attention for a column at the Brookings Institution’s LawFare blog in June, in which he defended special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and criticized Trump’s attempts to undercut it.

That column was published more than six months after Omarosa was fired from the White House and escorted off the campus.

Omarosa is preparing for the release of a new book documenting her time in the West Wing. In the lead-up to its publication, she has told acquaintances that she recorded a number of conversations with the president, and even played one of the recordings for a source who subsequently spoke with The Daily Beast.