Guy Fieri’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Tips

The Food Network star shares the best ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers—from turkey Cubanos to roasted turkey egg rolls

Ida Mae Astute / Getty Images

There is nothing better than Thanksgiving leftovers. I almost look forward to the meal after Thanksgiving as much as Turkey Day.

This year, if you’re looking to do something different from your traditional open-faced turkey sandwich, try turning your leftovers into egg rolls. All you have to do is:

  • Take the roasted turkey meat, remove the skin and cube it up.
  • Mix with some grated carrot and stuffing.
  • Toss with a little leftover gravy.
  • Roll it up into egg rolls and fry until crispy.
  • Take your cranberry sauce and spice it up with some fresh diced jalapeños, a squeeze of honey, and a touch of sambal [a spicy Southeast Asian sauce] to make your own Spicy Sweet Chili Cranberry dipping sauce, to serve with the crispy Roasted Turkey Egg Rolls.

If you just have to have a sandwich, but want to mix it up, try making a Cuban-style pressed sandwich by:

  • Layering sliced turkey, some stuffing, mustard, mayo, pickles, and Swiss and Monterey Jack cheese on a soft hoagie roll.
  • Toasting in a panini press until crispy.

Finally, I love pasta, so one of my favorite meals to put together with leftovers, that’s a completely different spin, is turning the turkey breast into a pasta dish with my recipe for Tequila Turkey Fettuccine.