Prince Charming

Harry Causes Mayhem in Memphis

Dave Lee

Newly single Prince Harry has been causing mayhem in Miami - and now he's doing the same in Memphis as he gears up for one of his best friend's wedding this weekend.

Meanwhile, his poor ex, Cressida Bonas, has been photographed looking pretty subdued, trudging in and out of work in central London, and mooching along to a juice bar with her shoelaces undone.

While Cressida got on with her distinctly un-flashy daily routine in the UK, Harry was photographed at Soho House in Miami yesterday enjoying the sunshine and surrounded by the usual cast of willowy women and well-to-do mates.

Then, last night he arrived in the city of Memphis, after having taken a private jet there with pals from Miami.

Harry was joined by his brother William and in the early evening they went out to the local BBQ joint Rendez-Vous.

There was predictable pandemonium on the streets as women who had in some case driven cross-country to be there thronged the street to catch a glimpse of the Prince and called out his name adoringly.

His friend Guy Pelly is marrying Tennessee native Lizzy Wilson this weekend.

Harry's Miami night out was recorded on a blog in the Miami Herald:

"The party hearty prince arrived at the restaurant at 9:25 in a signature plaid shirt with a group of about 7 conservatively dressed young men and women and was escorted to a private dining room that was conveniently (for us) located near the bathrooms and visible through the restaurant's signature open shutters. Had you not known there was a member of the British royal family sitting there with his back to the opening, you'd have thought it was possibly a convention of accountants or something similarly staid. They were definitely more Palm Beach than Miami Beach..Following the dinner, Harry and co. made their way to LIV where, at 1 a.m. he was seen "having the best time."

"Again, this was no Vegas. Harry kept his plaid shirt on and danced in the comforts of his own skybox. As for pictures of this controlled debauchery, no such luck. Neither pictures nor DJ shout outs were allowed as "per his security detail." Staffers were sworn to secrecy or else it was off with their heads--and their jobs. "I wouldn't have known he was there if it wasn't for you," said one LIV employee. A far cry from the usual attention hungry celebs who play there, that's for sure.