Unce Unce Unce… Classy

Hear A Dance Remix Of Trump’s Insults

Meat Puppet member remixes Trump’s babble into the dance sensation of the summer. Well, at least this weekend.

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/The Daily Beast

Of all the presidential candidates jumping up and down and waving their arms and screaming for everyone’s attention, Donald Trump and his never-ending, spittle-slathered stream of sound bites and abject lunacy is the most watched. And, as evidenced by the popularity of the Trump Insult Generator and Trump Soundboard, he’s the most quotable, too. Because, as we all know, stupid sells.

So what to do with all these clips of audio bliss that are just floating around the Internet’s meme-filled recesses? We hit up Elmo Kirkwood, guitarist extraordinaire for seminal psych rock band the Meat Puppets, and who moonlights as a beat-making wizard under the moniker Johnny Utah Producer, to mash up The Donald’s words with some dance-ready beats. Most techno pop music lyrics are vapid and vacuous anyway, right? This has to be a sure hit.