June 1

Here Comes the House Immigration Bill

The most interesting part of Politico's report that a House immigration bill will be here soon is that it will be a comprehensive bill.

With the exception of whether immigrants on provisional status would qualify for ObamaCare, the House will be eschewing the piecemeal process.

This is a departure from earlier reports, and leaves me scratching my head a bit. I anticipate a far nastier fight over this bill in the House than in the Senate, and while Harry Reid wants the House to do a comprehensive bill, piecemeal legislation would probably have a better chance at passage.

I'm doing some reporting on this as I write, but for now, here are the questions I'm wondering:

1) Will the bill contain a path to citizenship? The Senate's 13 year path is not exactly popular in the more conservative House, but given that a bipartisan group is working on the proposal, I'm guessing a path is in there.

2) Will the enforcement mechanisms - E-Verify, border security, etc. - be at all reconcilable with the Senate plan? Rep. John Carter, the Republican who spoke with Politico, is less than a fan of the Senate plan, so I'm curious how wide the gap is between House and Senate bills.

3) Will Republicans and Democrats be able to agree on the guest worker plan? Politico mentioning that there will be separate plans leaves me wondering how the House is so different from the Senate on this issue. The programs, negotiated out by labor unions, employer associations, the government, and the Chamber of Commerce, were supposed to be quite ironclad.

Any other questions you'd like covered?