Hoax Nurse Hung Herself

Jacintha Saldanah did take her own life by hanging herself, as reported here yesterday.

A post-mortem was caried out on the body of the 46-year-old nurse yesterday, and although its findings will not be formally released until the inquest into her death is opened tomorrow, numerous news outlets are reporting that Ms Saldanah died by hanging.

The determined method of death removes the possibility that the suicide was a 'cry for help' that went wrong.

Ms Saldanah left a suicide note and this may be made public at the inquest tomorrow at Westminster coroner's court.

Sky News earlier today claimed that Ms Saldanah was still conscious when she was first found, but later retracted that claim.

The 46-year-old mother-of-two was found dead days after an Australian radio station duped staff at London's King Edward VII Hospital into revealing details of the Duchess of Cambridge's condition, who was being treated for severe morning sickness.

Two presenters on Sydney's 2Day FM radio station called the hospital while impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles.

Mrs Saldanha, who took the call, transferred it to the ward where Kate was being treated. A second nurse then divulged details of the Duchess' condition.

The examination to establish the cause of death began on Tuesday and has concluded, but its result will not be officially announced until a hearing at Westminster Coroner's Court on Thursday morning.