Horoscopes for the Week of July 10, 2011

With Uranus newly retrograde, Aries adapts and Scorpio extricates. Find out what you’ll do this week.

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BORN THIS WEEKJane Lynch (July 14, 1960)In youth, a Moon girl’s emotions can be overwhelming, all or nothing. Life feels like random chaos until she falls into a rhythm. Hitting her stride, Lynch was inspired to pen her to-be-released memoir Happy Accidents by a need to tell her younger, more anxious self not to worry so much. If Cinderella is a Cancer archetype, the Step Sisters portray her shadow side. Enter Lynch’s Glee character Sue Sylvester, whose malice masks her hurt. Sue has boundless love for her special-needs sister, so none to spare on anyone else.

ARIESUnwittingly at the center of attention, you find it a welcome place to be. Allow yourself to bask in the glory of scored achievements, taking a breather from attacking new goals. Uranus, newly retrograde, urges you to exercise adaptability muscles. You’d be the first to admit you cling to desired expectations, not remaining flexible enough. So here’s your chance to be the wizard of whatever. By taking snafus, or even a total scrapping of plans, in stride, you demonstrate active faith that better outcomes are imminent. Take note as they materialize. With the Full Moon, Friday, comes a luxurious offer of leisure. Grab it.

TAURUSIn a spirit of surrender, you let your hair down and have a few uncalculated laughs. You’re free from the compulsion that every move you make must have a financial or professional payoff. All thanks to ruler Venus in the final throes of a Grand Cross. This week brings reunions, especially with childhood friends. Reminiscing is healthy. It puts you in touch with your guileless goals and essential desires. By Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon challenges you to exhibit behavior that suggests you esteem yourself most highly. This is characterized by an absence of social climbing and an increased presence of mind.

GEMINIWith Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn, you’re a micromanager run amok, administering to every detail, organizing all you survey into a system of überfunctionality. Just beware of being too hard on poor, less-efficient souls. With the waxing Sag Moon on Tuesday, minions in your midst are overly sensitive. Even typically Teflon partners will melt if you apply too much heat in workaday dealings. Better to channel tinkering into helping friends or siblings with inner conflicts. Here you’re a source of solace, not stress. The Full Moon, Friday, intensifies the need for intimacy to near desperation. You can’t get close enough.

CANCERExpanding your gray matter is now priority one for Moonchildren. With more fusion between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, you’re urged to give your reptilian brain a break—you’ve got foraging and hoarding down cold—and to let your higher mind trip out on existential thoughts en route to divining a sustainable belief system. This entails being more the culture vulture, exposing yourself to unique influences. Claustrophobic sensations don’t stem from being smothered in relationships, but from a narrowing in the space between your ears. Act on impulses to further education. Jump on an offer for even sudden travel.

LEOMagnanimity is your watchword, combining the notions of generosity and nobility. Hang on to it as you drop your guard, along with any moldering grudges. You have hatchets to bury dating back to Hammer time. But what you mightn’t realize is that broken bonds still take up emotional space that should be open to thriving relationships … as your world gets smaller and smaller. But never fear! Uranus retrograde is here to offer you the role of a lifetime: bigger person. It’s a part you can play to a great many people. And hear that? It’s the sound of squeaky-clean karma. Note: You cannot mandate others’ forgiveness.

VIRGOThe last days of the Grand Cross of Venus, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus waves a soothing wand over you, instilling calm and a very bearable lightness of being indeed. You can detach from the drama of life. In so doing, try to kick into observer mode, perceiving experience as a landscape wherein people buzz around you in fast motion, while you remain still. This is our prescribed meditation for you, anyway. It works like a wee magic spell for slowing down time. Plus, it’s a bit of a love potion that attracts individuals who desire self-contained mates. Mars unhinging from Saturn, Saturday, seriously eases cash flow.

LIBRAThey say: To be great is to be misunderstood. What do they know. Sometimes, like now, people just get the wrong idea. And they need to be set straight and gingerly brushed out of the way of said greatness. With Venus exiting a Grand Cross, you can feel good about addressing any bad vibes you sense, with colleagues especially. Signs show there are questions over past dealings that you can very easily explain—with charts and graphs if need be. This does more than balance emotions and level playing fields. It gives you the psychological edge. The Full Moon, Friday, brings a domestic dilemma to resolution.

SCORPIOBeing of service tops your agenda. But you are further from servitude than ever. With Uranus retrograde, from Monday, you emotionally, even psychically, contribute to the well-being of others. Mainly by extricating yourself from codependent dynamics with them. You are examining, too, the subtle ways you’re self-destructive. And though, more than any sign, you thrive on ritual, you feel the need to deviate from usual behaviors—to branch out and embrace new activities and ideologies. The Scorpios, they are a-changing. With the full moon, Friday, you are all fun, games, practical jokes, and shameless desire.

SAGITTARIUSTension is building. And past traumas and tribulations come home to roost for one reason only: so you can finally release them. The Sag Moon early in the week removes all blocks to a much-needed catharsis. Resist anesthetizing feelings, through Friday, when the Full Cap Moon has you nearly speaking in tongues in your effort to give voice to the emotions that have been eating at you for eons. Authority issues will also come to the fore, as you tell tyrannical overlords where to get off. Just temper temper, calmly pointing out where your boundaries are being crossed. If you keep your cool you only gain, and lose nothing.

CAPRICORNThe path in your life journey becomes clearer as Uranus retrograde removes metaphoric brambles that block your sense of direction. And Saturn is letting go its grip on Mars, easing your daily grind and facilitating solo pursuits you’ve kept on a shelf. Even in partnerships, increased autonomy furthers common goals. Your professional identity is more clearly defined, to yourself and others. As a rule, now, choose luxury avenues over middle-of-the-road ones in marketing your wares. Remaining aspirational is key to your endeavors. The Cap Full Moon, Friday, signals dual elevation in social and career status.

AQUARIUSNobody feels Uranus backpedaling into retrograde more than you. From Monday, hypervigilance eases. In the struggle between enjoying summer and meeting deadlines your spirit embraces the former that much more, so even crunch times feel like a working holiday. You metamorphose, seemingly overnight, from most- to least-stressed individual on the astrological block. Neptune and Chiron fusing in Pisces fast-tracks the expression of fresh talents or directions in a creative field. Mars letting go of Saturn, by Saturday, releases a new spark of genius. Move quickly on such ideas. They have legs. And wings.

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PISCESIn situations where you’ve felt like a substitute, accessory, or alternate, you now take your place and full power. Neptune and Chiron merging in Pisces sees old wounds of self-doubt completely healing. No trace of scars. An empath of the first order—this is where that Pisces martyr rap comes in—you experience others’ pain nearly as acutely as your own. You glean two benefits to that now: First, that you are a living example of the adage "So long as one of us is oppressed, nobody is free." Second, empathy has tempered you to the point of righteousness. Those who can’t look you in the eye must have something to hide.