Horoscopes Oct. 2-8, 2011

Libra undergoes a transformation, Scorpio has some big decisions to make, and Pisces is draped in glamour.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Oct. 2, 1869)

The sign with the only inanimate symbol—the Scales—Libra is the emblem of fairness and justice, and people of the sign embody high principles. Cosmically, the sign expresses the dynamic of cause and effect. Libra’s motto is “We are,” and men of the sign are champions of personal liberty, democracy and shared wealth. Jimmy Carter, Lech Walesa, John Lennon, Bob Geldorf, and Matt Damon are Libras who each in their own way follow in Gandhi’s footsteps. Gandhi didn’t only lead the Indian people to independence, he inspired civil-rights movements across the world. Talk about your instant karma.


With the Sun opposing Uranus in Aries, performing acts of kindness on the downlow increases the potency of their effects. So resist the urge to telegraph good deeds—just sit back and let the white magic unfold. On you, too: Venus trining Neptune, from Tuesday, brews some big opportunities. They may, however, involve those with whom you are on-again-off-again. And yes, this is also an opportunity for healing any estrangements. By Friday, Mars loosens its hold on Uranus, freeing you to express individuality without causing further rifts with others. Make a distinction between interacting and confronting.


Mars challenging Jupiter in Taurus urges you to stick with spiritually rich folks, and to flush out even the financially flushest time-and-energy wasters. Moon promisers don’t deliver. So turn your attention to cultivating a warrior spirit, and be vigilant in efforts to keep earthly delights from undoing you. The Sun’s fusing with Saturn is focused on helping structure your routine, to make each day as productive as it can be. To that end, you must be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as possible. Taurus rules talents, and people of this sign possess many. You’re that much more challenged now not to squander them.


Ruler Mercury is named for the god of the crossroads; and you’re now at a fork between the path of least resistance and the road less traveled. The former is fine, but the latter accesses untapped resources that will fight the increasingly familiar feeling that life is getting too same-samey. The Sun lets go of Pluto on Thursday, freeing creative projects into the world where they can be championed—and invested in—by others. Step out of comfort zones and challenge yourself to pull off big feats and flights of fancy. Your public image shifts as even those close to you see you as a serious contender for sustainable success.


As you gain entrée into desired enclaves, you realize how second-rate some inner circles can be. And the inhabitants? Mostly self-styled emperors in new clothes. With the Moon conjunct Pluto by Monday, both squaring the Moon, you’ll be healthfully jaded—just enough to keep would-be jackals at bay. You might be fresh meat, new to social circles with certain sway, but you’re not there to feed others’ egos or agendas. By Friday, with a Sun-Mercury mash-up, you may ruffle feathers in proving you’re nobody’s fool, and that you won’t suffer any. This piques romantic curiosity in a fellow refugee of the hoi polloi.


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Mars in Leo is releasing Uranus from its grip, signaling an end to feeling like a lone voice in the wilderness (read: crazy). The fact is you’ve been espousing bold new ideas, and little by little others are catching up—and on to your visions. A fusing of the Sun and Saturn urges you to move from the abstract into the actual, plotting step-by-step plans to achieve goals, and pinpointing would-be hurdles so you have foresight to clear them. Venus casts her charm, giving you both patience and diplomacy in the face of resistance, which, you understand, you’re bound to encounter as you seek to institute new orders.


With a slew of planets in Libra, you’re more grounded, in every sense of the word. You’re not as flighty or nervous as you’ve been; and work, especially, keeps your feet firmly planted. But you may also feel like you’re being punished, passed over for perks or opportunities due to so-called past failings. Don’t you believe it—and shame on anyone fueling such fatuous notions. We’ll go you one better: Missed chances are dodged bullets, as signs show that you are being saved now from aimless trips up proverbial garden paths. Venus and Mercury conjunct by Saturday means you’re putting out some sexy signals.


Control issues come into focus as Saturn forms a cluster in Libra with Venus, Mercury and the Sun. Shared interests and resources require negotiating. Mind games abound, but folks underestimate your skill at mental manipulation. Moreover, you are undergoing a psychological transformation, refusing to play second banana to those more concerned with results than process, spotlight than content. Don’t waste energy on recriminations. Work your poker face and draft your solo plans, securing your base by taking stock of assets and allies. Remunerate those who speed your process; don’t curry any favors.


Choose or be chosen for. In refusing to make big decisions, now, life will make them for you. Either way, certainty brings welcome relief. But proactivity will be rewarded, by Thursday, when the Sun quits squaring Pluto. Hiring decisions require most careful consideration. As Venus and Mercury join forces, you strike balance between utter absorption and detachment in relationships. The honeymoon is suddenly over for those in new and even not-so-new bonds, as blinded love gets corrective laser surgery. This is an opportunity for a partnership to deepen or to be graciously bowed out of it. No regrets, coyote!


Venus trine Neptune then Chiron by Wednesday, bringing the eternal struggle between homelife and creative output into sharpest relief. An overachiever, you nonetheless demand familial support and validation. The Sun-Mercury conjunct insists you voice this fact instead of laying blame for lacking backing, then harboring resentment. Which, let’s face it, serves as an excuse to act out in ways that aren’t conducive to your well-being. And what would you do with total support for your singular goals? The hope is you would honor them by, first, eradicating bad habits that derail you day-to-day. Doable?


You wax dramatic now, expressing outsized aspects of personality as a means of staking out emotional territory. With ruler Saturn flanked by Venus, the Sun and Mercury, this is to be expected. As you typically take up so little space, this sudden command for attention seems out of character. But it really isn’t. At this cosmic juncture you are urged to employ bolder, brassier elements of self in your dealings, all the time. This is what we call being “right-sized.” Trust you’ll always be elegant and understated. That’s your style. But by wearing a cloak of invisibility you cheat the world of your talents and intellect.


Your emotional baggage is being irretrievably lost, providing the opportunity to approach each dawning day without trailing the residue of past setbacks. With the Sun-Uranus opposition, you’re asked to embrace new paradigms, which challenge your sense of self. But this is a good thing. Perhaps you’ve defined yourself too much by externals while your inner life begs for development. Aquarians are eternally childlike. So you needn’t worry about the ephemera of youth. With your secondary ruler Saturn sidled up to Venus, focus on those in life who show you love, not on those from whom you fail to get some.


This week may see you formally embracing formerly vague philosophical or spiritual beliefs. This silences detractors who claim you Pisceans don’t practice what you preach. We know differently. You opposite-facing Fish simply personify paradox (which is life’s essential reality), which others wrongly interpret as hypocrisy. Pshaw. If only morality were hinged on your perspective, then we all might be erotically charged enlightened beings, beatific beatniks and messy messiahs who accept human frailty as a thing of beauty. Venus trine Neptune drapes you in glamour, making even your negligence chic.