Horoscopes: The Week of April 3

With a new moon and planets creating ideal environments for growth, this looks to be an exciting week. Astrologers Starsky + Cox predict what's in store for you at work and play.

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As your ruler Mars now slides into Uranus, achievement of your loftiest goals requires unorthodox approaches. Taking risks is rewarded, safe bets are for saps. Late in the week you might have to work by committee. And though hell can be others for Aries, a leadership role is right up your ego-driven alley. Pushing people to their limit wins you respect and a dose of hero worship. You have a power over mates or dates, too, but you win cosmic points for not abusing it. If your heart isn't in a liaison, resist indulging other anatomical parts. What promises to be no strings attached can become gum on your shoe.


When it comes to career, now, it's personal. With Neptune returning home to Pisces, you should be less concerned with proving to the world how brilliant you are, and more focused on fully believing it, yourself. Andy Warhol said, "Good business is the best art." So those of you who regret not being in so-called creative professions, and those who are, take comfort and heed. Don't chase money or renown, operate as if you're already flush, famous and, we hasten to add, humbled by it all. This mind-set magnetizes others to you. So prepare to offer up what the people want: your unique talent and oblique perspectives.


The week kicks off with a New Moon in Aries, and the establishing of ground rules. First, idle chatter should be limited to after hours. Next, you must draw opportunities for growth from so-called setbacks and criticism. Now is about developing deeper wisdom than knowing who's zooming whom in Hollywood. The cosmos is hard on you because it expects more. You are uniquely blessed with the great power of positive thinking. Your word is your wand, so say what you mean to happen. Pluto retrograde by Saturday deepens romantic feelings and your own psychological awareness, interwoven as they are.


Pluto is making challenging aspects to your ruler Moon. This signals the need to mine experience for meaning. Ask why. Take nothing at face value. Squelched talents and desires need expressing, too. And you should spill burning secrets, as cats will leap out of bags one way or another. Nagging physical complaints are mostly emotionally based, and symptoms disappear as you let go of psychological baggage. In career, it's now crystal clear to bosses or clients that you are in full command of responsibilities, and then some. Expect some tangible proof of this fact in the form of a bonus check or other ritzy rewards.


For ages, you've felt this close to big breaks. But not getting them, you now realize, has been for no lack of trying. So stop punishing yourself. Reframe thoughts to see that efforts are cumulative, and that it's actually time to back off. Neptune in Pisces, starting Monday, is like—vintage reference alert—Nanny (and the Professor) allowing pieces of impending goodness to fall into place without so much as a twinkling sound effect. Be willing to act on whims, fancies and, yes, fantasies, too. Instead of criticizing yourself for performing too many dissimilar tasks, visualize an umbrella under which all you do operates in concert.


Virgo, go, go. There's no stopping you now as planet moves offensively block would-be distractions and detractors. The question is: What priority enterprises should you set in motion or move further downfield? Wrong. Try again. Nope. One more time. Yes! Only such endeavors that have zippo to do with career, moneymaking or caretaking—and everything to do with sopping up creative juices, blowing your mind or feeding your soul—must be undertaken. You can create new grooves in your brain and in your routine to channel sustaining interests and passions. And they needn't win you points with anyone.

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A New Moon and Neptune slipping into Pisces says you can create a perfect environment for courting a Muse or two. You're a minimalist by nature and as you clear away real clutter in your midst, you also make mental space for new ideas and projects. A spare sensibility will remain key in packaging and selling concepts or products. And any written elements should be kept brief and succinct. Design is an increasing fascination. And those Muses smile on your clean aesthetic. Simplicity can be difficult to achieve. But rest, meditative solo time and underindulging in food and drink makes it worlds easier.


With Ms. Moon making moves on Pluto, family issues come to the fore. You are at the hub of decision-making, but now the center cannot hold. Don't fight it. Those who've been overly relying on you must walk alone. And you could find fulfillment in things other than being the resident agony aunt. Working in partnership mightn't be paying off now either. It's the cosmos' way of urging you to tackle a professional challenge totally on your own. With Neptune in Pisces, your mom or a maternal figure is a source of inspiration. Turn some of this lady's words-to-live-by into your own personal mantra.


Situations will feel emotionally heightened with Mars steamrolling over Uranus in your cosmic zone of social and love affairs. Expect unexpected flare-ups and other soap operatic scenes. Knowing this, you can go the extra mile to cultivate calm. Fortunately, you're mainly an objective bystander. And there is another upside: True feelings are exposed and you have a clearer view of people's real motives. In love, a casual fling either gets flung or more firmly committed to. Those in long-term bonds might recapture some of the old magic. Don't say anything in anger or in the heat of other moments.


Things crystallize for you now, as Neptune leaving Aquarius means murky material matters are becoming a thing of the past. Revenue streams that dried up a year or so ago start to pump back in, and you feel in fuller possession of the professional skills it takes to turn decent career prospects into golden nest eggs. Pluto in Capricorn plays cat and mouse with the Moon, meaning you have the upper hand in big deals and negotiations. You've earned your undaunted attitude by vanquishing any number of fears this past year. And now you put your cavalier sense of entitlement to the test, passing with flying colors.


When Neptune leaves your sign Monday, it's like waking from a dream. Having been in your own world for what seems like forever, you're ready to let certain realities sink in. And why not? So much is going your way. You now strike desired balance in love bonds between utter freedom and security. And you're surrounded by adoring friends slash fans who don't expect much in return. Most agree that you're a genius. Yet, just when you're on the brink of total self-absorption, you realize that relationships are two-way streets, and your opinions aren't actually hard facts, and thus they are often better left unsaid.


Ruler Neptune back home in your sign, Monday, provides an initial rush. You feel emboldened and empowered, like a puppet master pulling strings to further your own agenda and those of friends and associates. And though you do have sway, don't go too far out on a limb. Come Thursday, the Moon causes misunderstandings that you find impossible to untangle. You'll waste time pinpointing where communication went south. And you gain more ground by making it your bad and moving talks along. You have a childlike desire for fun at week's end, so—we've always wanted to say this—go fly a kite.

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Writers and astrologers Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox are the internationally best-selling authors of Sextrology and Cosmic Coupling and have contributed to Paris Vogue, Allure, Elle and Style.com. They are metaphysical consultants in private practice. Their live musical comedy act of starry wit and social commentary is regularly staged at venerable venues like Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York.