JCC Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats Evacuation ADL Hoax Crime

Nearly 30 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) have received a second round of bomb threats, resulting in evacuations for the second time in two weeks, the JCC Association of North America said in a statement Wednesday. According to the organization, 28 centers in 17 states have been affected, although all were cleared by police by the afternoon, without any explosive devices discovered. Among those evacuated were JCCs in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, and California. One of the JCC Association security advisors, David Posner, thanked the Department of Homeland Security for their collaboration with the centers after the first scare a few weeks ago. "While the bombs in question are hoaxes, the calls are not. We know that law enforcement at both the local and national level are continuing to investigate the ongoing situation," Posner said in a statement. The Anti-Defamation League is also working with law enforcement to investigate the threats.