Jewish Centers Evacuated Nationwide Over Bomb Threats

Jewish community centers across the country were reportedly bombarded with bomb threats on Monday, prompting evacuations and the deployment of the bomb squad in multiple locations. By midday, threats were reported at eight different centers. By Monday evening, that number had climbed to 20 bomb threats in 12 different states, according to CBS New York. A spate of incidents was reported in New York and New Jersey, as well as threats along the West Coast. Local media in Seattle also reported the evacuation of the Jewish Community Center in Mercer Island late Monday, though it was unclear what prompted the evacuation. Authorities at the center would not confirm the reason for the evacuation, though Bellevue police told local media their bomb squad was called in, noting that “one could draw conclusions” about the reason. No bombs were discovered at any of the community centers, and many were able to resume operations. But the threats have nonetheless left authorities concerned and confused. In New York, where numerous bomb threats were reported Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered an investigation. CBS News cited an unidentified law enforcement official saying the bomb threats appear to be coordinated, with the culprits working both inside the country and overseas.