Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kids (Again), Taylor Swift’s 1989 Aerobics, and More Viral Videos

From Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween prank to a 1980s aerobics video set to Taylor Swift, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. Jimmy Kimmel Takes Candy From Babies Again

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween pranks have become a time-honored tradition. The premise is simple: kids wake up or come home from school the day after Halloween and their parents inform them that they, the supervising adults, have devoured the child’s entire candy haul. Cue hysterical yelling, crying, and chair-throwing. This year has a twist: several kids quickly forgive their parents for their alleged misdeeds, making for some adorable scenes.

4. Forget Fireball. Go Right to the Source!

It seemed unusually bad timing that Fireball Whiskey would be recalled in Europe for containing a chemical found in antifreeze the same week that a video went viral depicting wedding guests unhygienically swigging it at a reception.

While the recall has given some people cause to switch brands of cinnamon-flavored liquor, the guys at PotsNPans Films doubled down, cut out the Fireball middleman and opted to chug straight antifreeze instead.

The results are…let’s say it gets a little dark. Do not try this at home!

3. The Strangest Thing You’ll See This Week: Too Many Cooks

Over the years, Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] evening programming has had an admirable, anything-goes approach to what they put on the air. If the likes of The Heart, She Holler and The Eric Andre Show are any indication of the programming ethos, it’s “the weirder, the better.”

Take Too Many Cooks: a fever dream of a segment that aired at 4:00am earlier this week. Too Many Cooks begins as a jokey jab at ‘80s sitcom opening credit sequences—think Full House and Family Matters—but breaks down into something much more fragmented, terrifying, and unexplainable. Insomniac redditors were all over it. Actress/nerd queen Felicia Day gave it a shout-out. It’s a masterpiece of surreal comedy and possibly [adult swim]’s magnum opus.

Too Many Cooks also rewards repeat viewings and frame-by-frame scrutiny. On the downside, it rewards them with fodder for nightmares.

2. News Anchor Dances at His Desk

As Bill O’Reilly can tell you, the cameras are always rolling at a news desk. West Virginia anchorman Dan Thorn has used it to his viral advantage, dancing at the news desk to a remix of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Boy” during a commercial break. Thorn’s co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri was not amused at first.

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Thorn also posted a video on his personal YouTube page wherein he desk-dances to Taylor Swift.

Speaking of whom…

1. Taylor Swift: Aerobicized

The 1980s were a confusing time for America. Pants were tight and hair was big. Disco was dead and heavy metal was born—and so was Taylor Swift. Though she was alive for around 17 days of that decade, she has some advice for the fine people who competed in the 1989 Aerobic Championships. These brave souls undoubtedly (and, let’s be honest, hopefully) endured their share of ridicule, be it for their traumatizing choice of outfits or very ‘80s dance moves, but Tay’s got the beat they need.