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Kanye West Collaborates With A.P.C.; Lady Gaga Spends $55,000 on Backpack

Instagram; Revel/PRNewsFoto, via AP

Kanye West for A.P.C.: First the baby, now this: Kanye West has confirmed a new collaboration with French fashion brand A.P.C. and founder Jean Touitou, which will be released July 14. West fueled rumors of a collaboration when he mentioned in an interview with W magazine in June that he would be doing “a new men’s capsule collection of jeans, T-shirts and hoodies for a hip French brand." West confirmed on Twitter Sunday night by saying, “Thank you Jean Touitou for letting me create with you." In an exclusive GQ interview with Jean Touitou, the designer recalls a man introduced to him as “Kenny” coming into the A.P.C. design studio looking for advice on the fashion industry and having “nice manners.” [Complex]

Lady Gaga’s $55,000 Backpack: Lady Gaga reportedly spent $55,000 on the exclusive backpack designed by Damien Hirst for The Row—as a gift for her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney. Though he once said he “hates fast cars, big houses, [and] smart suits,” maybe the actor has a taste for black Nile crocodile and colorful polka dots. Hirst designed only 12 bags for the collection, each of which has a different design—some with his iconic dots and others with pills on them. The collaboration was sold exclusively at the luxury retailer Just One Eye in Los Angeles. [Telegraph]

Jean Paul Gaultier Pens Angry Letter: Jean Paul Gaultier has penned an angry open letter in response to Tim Blanks’s negative review of his couture show in Paris last week. In the review, which was published on, Blanks called the collection “‘[a] millefeuille de mousselines,’ echoed Yves Saint Laurent’s way with color, as a reminder that Gaultier was once considered the one true heir to the throne of French fashion. But that was once upon a time, and that time has, sad to say, well and truly passed.” Gaultier responded to Blanks by tweeting: “In future, rather than be bored at my shows, you can use that time to do something else, for example brush up on your fashion history so you’ll know that “mille feuille de mousseline” didn’t echo Saint Laurent, it was inspired by a Nina Ricci dress from 1967 in homage to Gerard Pipard who recently passed away.” [Fashionista]

1 in 10 Single British Women Have Chosen Their Wedding Dresses: A survey by British website polled 2,005 women aged 18 and older asking about their wedding plans. One in 10 women apparently said they already knew what dress they would wear, and 1 in 3 of those women had already purchased it. Fifty-five percent of women surveyed had makeup and hair ideas “narrowed down,” while 53 percent had picked their bridesmaids (45 percent knew what their bridesmaids would be wearing), and 47 percent had even picked out the rings they wanted to receive. Not surprisingly, 36 percent said these well-laid plans had backfired and scared off potential husbands. [Daily Mail]