Libya Protests: Shocking Photos and Video

Gaddafi is escalating the assault on civilians, unleashing snipers, gunships, and bombs on protesters he calls “rats.” View disturbing images from the streets. Warning: Extremely graphic.

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif, said the military had not attacked Libya civilians, that Libyan diplomats had not abandoned their posts, and that the U.S. should mind its own business. "Show me a single attack, show me a single bomb. The Libyan air force destroyed just the ammunition sites. That's it." he said.

Despite an all-out media blackout where Libyan citizens cannot access Facebook, Twitter, or even Al Jazeera, a flood of graphic images and video continued to leak out of the embattled African nation that bear witness to a regime’s brutal crackdown on protesters calling for the end of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s 41-year rule. These are being passed along, person-to-person on Twitter, alongside warnings that caution to the graphic extent of the material, and calls for Gaddafi to be overthrown.

Many of these videos and photos depict extreme bodily injuries. They are caused, it is said, by an army employing a brutal campaign of suppression—a mix of sniper attacks, fire from helicopter gunships, bombs, and artillery fire meant for tanks. Others show gaping wounds—the result of high-caliber ammo allegedly being used by African mercenaries brought in for thousands of dollars a day.

A series of morgue images have also leaked out, many by one user on Twitter, which depict the bodies of protesters, some cut in two—mutilation the result of the type of ammunition being used on the crowds.

These are “ EXTREMELY GRAPHIC,” as the warnings often say, but given their matter of historical importance, they are now evidence to a brutal crackdown. Please continue viewing this post with caution. The most graphic photos and videos are posted on page two.

1. Protester shot will filming Libyan protests

2. "Another Martyr After Friday Prayer"

This video, posted today, shows the (GRAPHIC) face of a man, bloodied from what appears to be a gunshot through the chin. The video title suggests this man was killed in Fashloum, Tripoli, on Friday afternoon--shot dead by Gaddafi’s security.

3. "martyr in tripoli"

A chaotic video shows a frenzied crowd closing in around the body of a man lying on the ground, wearing a black shirt with yellow stripes, as an older man collapses over him in grief. Blood can be seen pouring from the mouth of the deceased.

4. "Man taking his last breaths in Tripoli"

This sad video shows the face of a protester who had been shot as he struggles to breathe. These breaths are alleged to be his last.

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Man taking his last breaths in Tripoli after being shot: #libya #gaddaficrimes #feb17less than a minute ago via webLibyanYouthMovementShababLibya

5. "it's live ammunition only"

amazing that we didn't see the rubber bullets in libya at all to resist protesters. it's live ammunition only. less than a minute ago via EchofonAli TweelAliTweel

6. "Allah help me ..."

NPR's Andy Carvin shares this video from a Twitter user showing a fire fight in the streets near Souk Al Juma, Tripoli.

7. "shaheed in fashloom tripoli today"

A short video posted to Facebook shows the body of a man lying in the street in Fashloom, Tripoli.

8. "After Friday prayers"

Powerful gunshots ring out on a tree-lined street in Tripoli, Libya, after Friday prayers. The crowd scatters in all directions as the cameraman runs down an alley with approximately 20 others protesters. Shouts and whistles can be heard coming from all directions.

9. "Friday market today after Friday prayers and the fall of a martyr"

Another gruesome video depicts the body of a fallen middle-aged, well-dressed Libyan, his head lying just feet from a car with its door ajar. A river of blood pools up on his left side. The video cuts to show a bullet-riddled red Hyundai, suggesting this man was shot while driving or parked on the side of the road.

10. Intense firefight: "Tripoli clashes Friday"

A 1:00-minute video shows Tripoli, Libya, in a state of total warfare. Protesters can be heard chanting in unison and walking through the streets as powerful explosions and gunfire erupt in the background.

11. "Qaddafi forces opened fire"

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, and a number of others following Friday's protests in Tripoli, is reporting forces loyal to Gaddafi have opened fire on the crowds. The BBC reports this occurred after Friday prayers. Death toll is uncertain.

Lots of accounts now that #Qaddafi forces opened fire 30" ago on protesters in Tripoli, #Libya. Toll uncertain. less than a minute ago via webNicholas KristofNickKristof

12. Video posted this morning shows the aftermath of yesterday's attack by pro-Gaddafi forces on protesters gathered in Zawiya's Souq Mosque. The oil-rich city lies 30 miles west of Tripoli.

13. "Tahrir square now, chanting for Libya"

Meanwhile, an image allegedly taken from Egypt's Tahrir Square, shows hundreds of protesters out waving the Egyptian flag and chanting in support of Libya.

14. "Fall of a Martyr"

In a video posted to Facebook shortly after Friday prayers in Libya, the body of a protester is shown being carried frantically by a crowd of people, his face bloodied, and a stream of dark blood pouring from his mouth. The posting claims his death to be the result of "confrontations" at Ahamah Market—it's unclear if this is in Tajoura or Tripoli.

15. "8-year-old girl shot in leg"

Al Jazeera English posts video of Fatima, an 8-year-old girl shot in the leg in Misurata.

16. "Underground prison"

Yesterday, reports surfaced of an underground prison in Benghazi, Libya. Today, video of the prison allegedly surfaces.

17. "God help us, my children are scared to death"

ABC News' Lara Setrakian quotes a woman from Tripoli.

More from #Tripoli: There is massacre here...we need the people in the world to shout with us. God help us, my children are scared to death less than a minute ago via webLara SetrakianLaraABCNews

18. "Live Bullets fired at Libyans in Tripoli Libya"

A series of shots ring out in a darkened Libyan alley, as bystanders run for cover.

19. "Raw Video: Amateur Footage of Libyan Fighting"

The AP's posted video given to it by opposition groups in Libya depicting a fierce street battle in Benghazi, and the protests that followed.

20. "An entire family massacred."

A video posted Thursday that alleges to show the car of a family massacred in Tajura, a town near Tripoli where mercenary forces gathered yesterday afternoon.

Casualtes of yesterday's attacks on #Tajoura. An entire family massacred. #LIBYA #TRIPOLI #BENGHAZI than a minute ago via Yfrogsunnkaasunnkaa


21. "Mobs Execute 2 Mercenaries in Libya"

Reports from the embattled country suggest Gaddafi has hired bands of African militiamen to crack down on the protesters. This video purports to show the bodies of two of these mercenaries, captured by anti-government forces.

22. "He's dead, he's dead. They killed him. The dogs"

This video alleges to show the fiery aftermath of an artillery attack in Tripoli, Libya.

RT @ sunnkaa: Heavy artillery attack in #Tripoli #Libya "He's dead, he's dead. They killed him. The dogs" than a minute ago via webAntonio Moscatellogiapmos


23. “Tripoli, Libya Mass Burial”

This video shows "the aftermath of Gadaffi's death squads," taken at Ashaat Cemetery in Tripoli, Libya, on February 22, 2011.

Tripoli Burial Feb 22 from ODOE Community Uploads on Vimeo.

24. "Derna Libya Soldiers Killed for Not Killing Their Own"

BREAKING: Soldiers in Derna massacred for not firing at Libyans (GRAPHIC) - #feb17 #libya - than a minute ago via Tweet ButtonLOIC GESTINLUISGESTIN


25. "1500 young men buried alive in an Underground room in Benghazi"

An audio report from a witness reporting the discovery of 1,500 men kept in an underground prison in Benghazi.


26. “Dear god so much blood”

dear god so much blood :( RT @ LibyanThinker RETWEET!+18 GRAPHIC VIDEO. 13 year old boy shot in the head than a minute ago via webdeethy @ LJHadeeth

27. “Washing a baby killed in Benghazi”

#Libya EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Washing a baby killed in Benghazi.. (Feb 22) #feb17less than a minute ago via egypt.alive.inStories from MENAAliveIn


28. “Demonstrator Killed by Sniper”

Demonstrator Killed by Sniper, Libya Protests 2011 (graphic content warning) via @ mayomo #Libya #video #Gaddafiless than a minute ago via Tweet ButtonMaYoMo.comMaYoMo


29. "What weapon causes this?"

Distraught. What weapon causes this? Even anti-aircraft missiles doesn't add up (v. graphic) #libyaless than a minute ago via TweetDeckAaron Petersaaronjohnpeters

30. “peaceful protester murdered by Sniper”

RAW, LIBYA, peaceful protester murdered by Sniper, Libya Protests 22.02.2011 (graphic) than a minute ago via webProtestation.orgprotestationorg


31. “World. Open your eyes”

World. Open your eyes as to what's happening in #Libya very graphic image. than a minute ago via webManny SierraMahnewl

32. “gaddafi burns soldiers in barracks”

warning, very graphic video, gaddafi burns soldiers in barracks for refusing to shoot at protesters #Libya #Feb17less than a minute ago via webLibyanYouthMovementShababLibya


33. “Warning, not safe for children.”

More graphic photos. Warning, not safe for children. #Libya #Tripoli. less than a minute ago via TweetDeckThe Libyan ThinkerLibyanThinker

(Credit: @ LibyanThinker)

34. “Photo's of a Mercenary's ID”

NEW!! Photo's of a Mercenary's ID obtained after killing him. than a minute ago via TweetDeckThe Libyan ThinkerLibyanThinker

35. “A Quran that stopped a bullet”

A Quran that stopped a bullet from piercing a protester in Libya Sub7anAllah! less than a minute ago via TweetDeckDJ MeddiDJMeddi


36. “Scenes from #Benghazi morgue”

Terribles escenas de #Benghazi morgue en YouTube (graphic): #Feb17 #Libyaless than a minute ago via TweetDeckana julia jataranajuliajatar