MSNBC Reporter Saves Two Dolphins Washed Ashore by Hurricane Irma

Kerry Sanders worked to rescue what seemed to be a mother and baby dolphin displaced by the storm in Florida.

On Monday, NBC News Correspondent Kerry Sanders rescued two dolphins washed ashore by Hurricane Irma on Marco Island, Florida.

MSNBC’s regularly scheduled programming, Morning Joe, was replaced by full hurricane coverage. Host Willie Geist checked in with Sanders for a storm update on the ground to find the correspondent deep in the water, attempting to guide a young beached dolphin back into the sea, with the aid of a bystander.

“We have a dolphin that’s been washed ashore here,” Sanders said. “We’re attempting to see if we can get it back out into the water. It certainly has gone through a lot of trauma here.”

As the pair tried to assist the animal, Sanders added, “It’s exhausted.”

Minutes later, Geist found Sanders and a group of people carrying a second, much larger dolphin toward the water.

Sanders’ sound cut out, but Geist narrated, “Looks like another rescue is underway. The report we got is that the young dolphin that we saw… was safely released.”

Geist checked in a final time with Sanders, who, through windy audio, confirmed that both dolphins were back in the sea. He believed them to be a mother and her pup.

“Thus far, one baby, one large one—it may be the mother and a baby—but they’re back in the Gulf of Mexico,” he said.

Here’s a summary of the heroic save from Sanders.