NBA Probing Mark Cuban After New Witness Emerges on Sex-Assault Report

The NBA will be looking into Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s 2011 sexual-assault investigation, specifically “reviewing the allegations... and the decision by prosecutors not to pursue the case,” after a man at the bar that night came forward to support the unnamed woman’s claims of assault. Christopher White, a security worker, told The Oregonian he witnessed the woman’s reaction after Cuban reportedly shoved his hand down her jeans and touched her inappropriately. “She jumped away like she was not happy with him,” White said. “That’s when the energy in the room kind of exploded.” He also said Cuban’s hand “sure looked like it was too low to be just on her back”–echoing police reports about the photos taken that night, noting it appeared “Cuban is reaching down toward her buttocks.” While Cuban was taking photos with women that night, White also claimed that billionaire Shark Tank star was “really kind of gropey... It just wasn’t how you’d normally pose in a picture with someone.” He said Cuban appeared to be drunk “to the point that he was eventually asked to leave the bar.” In a statement, Cuban’s attorney said White’s “claims about Mr. Cuban's interactions with other patrons and employees are directly refuted by all the witnesses who were interviewed by the police. Once again, this did not happen.”