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New York City Named Fashion Capital of the World; Naomi Campbell Denies Bullying Allegations

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty

New York City Named Fashion Capital of the World: New York City has stolen the title back as the fashion capital of the world, according to a recent study released by The Global Language Monitor. London, which was named the reigning capital for both 2011 and 2012, was inched down to third place, below Paris (named "The Top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture), which landed the number two spot. “New York City has, indeed, earned its Top Global Fashion Capital ranking through its disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to its fashion industry,” Bekka Payack, the New York-based Fashion Director for The Global Language Monitor said. ”This year’s rankings also demonstrate the creative energy that is emerging worldwide in terms of fashion as a jobs, income and wealth generator, not to mention the prestige associated with exporting your fashion sense to the world." Other cities featured on the top ten list include Los Angeles, Barcelona, Berlin, Antwerp, Sydney, Rome, and Shanghai. [The Cut]

Naomi Campbell Denies Bullying Allegations: Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been accused of bullying a contestant on her modeling reality show The Face. The contestant, Kira Dikhtyar, accused Campbell of "ill treatment" that has "resulted in psychological damage." Dikhtyar even took to Page Six, stating that "Naomi hates Russians." Despite Dikhtyar's assertions, Campbell's team has denied any such behavior. "We're sorry Kira is unwell and we hope she gets the help she obviously needs," a source close to the supermodel told Vogue UK. "Her allegations are absurd." [Vogue UK]

Kristen Stewart Shares Beauty Secrets: As the face of Balenciaga's Florabotanica fragrance, Kristen Stewart has easily made a foray into the fashion and beauty industries. Her laid-back, cool demeanor truly translates into her beauty routine, where she reveals that she doesn't own eye make-up remover and hopes to get a guy's haircut in the near future. "I'm such an L.A. kid," Stewart tells Refinery29. "I always forget to wear socks — I'll be outside, like, 'Oh my god, I'm freezing!' I feel so un-chic. I feel like that's kind of my thing. Like, 'Oh, whatever, I'm gonna go to Paris, but I'm not gonna change my T-shirt.'" [Refinery29]

Details Magazine Highlights the Rise of the Male Supermodel: For its March issue, Details magazine selected unlikely cover subjects: male supermodels. Although it's been noted that male models make significantly less than their big name female counterparts, with the emergence of the menswear sector, male models are becoming more important, and recognizable, than ever. “Men’s fashion is stronger than it has ever been in terms of what the offerings are, but also in terms of dollars and cents and as a business," said Dan Peres, Detail's editor-in-chief. "This cover is an acknowledgement of the extraordinary work that luxury houses are doing on behalf of men and the extraordinary way that this category is growing and blossoming.” The issue, which features the likes of Garrett Neff, Clement Chabernaud, Noah Mills, Tyson Ballou, RJ Rogenski, Andrés Velencoso Segura, Mathias Lauridsen, Arthur Kulkov, and Simon Nessman, is available on newstands Feburary 10. [BOF]