NRA Opposes Expansion of the Violence Against Women Act

The National Rifle Association is opposing an expansion of the Violence Against Women Act. The NRA’s opposition reportedly stems from new provisions that seek to prevent people who have committed domestic abuse from obtaining firearms. Democrats want to expand the bill so that people who stalk women or hit their partners can’t purchase a firearm. The typically bipartisan legislation provides funds for programs aimed at preventing domestic violence. The measure was first signed into law in 1994, but lapsed last month after Congress did not extend it. “The fact that Nancy Pelosi and her minions of anti-gun zealots insist on adding a gun-control poison pill to an otherwise good bill is just another example of the shameful politics Americans hate and why they have such a negative view of politicians,” an NRA spokesperson told HuffPost on Wednesday.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tweeted in support of the expansion on Tuesday: “Members have a decision to make: will they protect survivors of stalking & domestic abuse? Or are they willing to allow their convicted stalkers & abusers to have access to firearms?” House Democrats plan to vote next week to renew the act.