Omarosa Named Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach

Theresa “Omarosa” Manigault, former star of Donald Trump’s reality-TV show The Apprentice and a Survivor contestant, has been named director of African-American Outreach for the presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign. “I’m happy to take up that cause for Donald Trump,” she told MSNBC upon confirming her hiring. Asked about recent polling, however, showing Trump polling at 0 percent approval among black voters in the key state of Ohio, Manigault denied their veracity: “I’m just wondering who they called because those numbers would be flawed according to to the people who have come out to support him at an amazing faith-based service with African Americans who support Donald Trump. So I look at data, but my reality is that I’m surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of the United States who are African-Americans.” Back in September 2015, Omarosa told The Daily Beast she wasn’t sure she’d vote for Trump if the GOP nominated him. “It comes with so much weight,” she said of voting. “This is the most important position in the world!”