Partners in Excellence

Credit Suisse and Roger Federer have teamed up to support the people who need it most.

Roger Federer is no stranger to excellence. As the world’s top tennis player, he has won 16 Grand Slam titles and 61 singles tournaments… so far in his career. But it is his commitment to giving back that is truly exceptional. “My family and I decided that if I became successful in sports, I would give part of my income back to society,” he said. Federer grew up in Basel, Switzerland—near the border between Germany and France—where he was raised to be globally minded. His mother, Lynette, is from South Africa. In 2003, shortly after winning his first Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon, he set up the Roger Federer Foundation, which supports education and training programs in South Africa and other African nations. “I wanted to use the foundation to share some of my own good fortune with the children from the most disadvantaged regions of the world,” he said. The Foundation also encourages the cultivation of up-and-coming young sports stars in Federer’s native Switzerland by aiding low-income families of athletes who need extra support to realize their dreams.

Credit Suisse is pleased to partner with the Roger Federer Foundation. Federer’s athletic success and his winning instincts both on and off the court have made him a household name around the world, and he is an ideal ambassador for his homeland. As part of the long-term partnership commitment, Credit Suisse also makes a contribution to the foundation. “Roger represents the values that we embrace as a bank. He has a passion for excellence and is a great player. He has achieved his place through a combination of hard work and determination,” said Brady Dougan, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Group. “He brings all of his talent to bear in his play and raises the level of the game to meet the challenge in even the most trying of circumstances. At the same time, he sets an example for responsible conduct both on and off the court. We also share his commitment for giving back to the community through his sponsoring of educational initiatives and we look forward to supporting his charitable foundation.”

The bank’s commitment to good corporate citizenship was important to Federer, as well—and the pride in the association of the two organizations goes both ways. “Credit Suisse has a strong brand and Swiss roots. It is one of the world’s leading companies and takes corporate responsibility seriously,” Federer said. “I am excited about acting as a global ambassador for Credit Suisse. They have been an important and trusted banking partner with me for a long time. I also value and appreciate Credit Suisse's substantial support for my foundation. I look forward to our ongoing partnership and helping to make a contribution to the bank's continued success.”

The mutual admiration and synergy between the two partners goes even further. Federer is known for his mental toughness, which he developed over time through the setbacks he faced during his climb to the top of the tennis world. In addition, the respect that Federer both gives and gets from opponents and the public brings him a great amount of goodwill and recognition. In 2008, he was named “World Sportsman of the Year” for the fourth consecutive year by Laureus, a global organization that recognizes and honors achievements among top athletes, according to the group’s website. Credit Suisse shares this commitment to delivering exceptional performance—the bank strives to offer clients flawless service in order to create long-term security and added value.

The Roger Federer Foundation’s slogan, “I am tomorrow’s future,” came from Nolonwabo Batini, a 15-year-old girl from Ndzondelelo High School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She said these words to Federer as he visited her school, and the sentiment stuck with him. The foundation wants to ensure that as many children as possible can take an active role in shaping their own future, the future of their families and their countries, and Credit Suisse is thrilled to be involved.