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Price-tag Suspects Caught Red-Handed

'Now even Canada is criticizing Israel."-- Yedioth Ahronoth writes about how Israel's best friend has also criticized its decision to build in E-1.

  • Some Congressmen try to punish Palestinians, and J-Street helps thwart that - Several U.S. Congressmen tried to introduce amendments to the National Defense Budget aimed at punishing the Palestinians for the unilateral step at the UN. Left-leaning pro-Israel lobby J Street launched an action against these steps, collecting 14,250 emails against these sanctions. President Jeremy Ben-Ami said, "such a draconian step would widely undermine confidence" in U.S. leadership. (Haaretz+)
  • Yachimovich blocked advancement of Oppenheimer: "Hijacking" - Storm in Labor party Thursday night following change made in party regulations by its chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich, which blocked candidate Yariv Oppenheimer (formerly Sec. Gen. of Peace Now) from having a realistic spot following Peretz's resignation. Oppenehimer should have gone from spot 27 to 24, skipping the spots saved for women and minorities. (NRG Hebrew)
  • The news meant to break the arrested right-wingers - For the first time, the police caught three suspects red-handed - while committing a 'price-tag' act. The police asked for court permission to prevent them from seeing their lawyers, which was approved. Then, Aharon Sadigorsky, Yehiel Lekes and Natanel Kalerman were separated and told to listen to the news, a fake broadcast in which it was announced that the other suspects confessed to their criminal acts and incriminated their friends. But they didn't talk and finally saw their lawyers who revealed the truth. (Maariv)
  • Preserving or looting Palestinian books in Jerusalem - The National Library in Jerusalem houses more than 8,000 volumes in Arabic which once belonged to Palestinians who fled the country or were forced out in 1948. Were these books collected for the purpose of preservation - or looted? (Haaretz+)

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