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Articles November 2008

My Sugar Daddy

India Has Been Singed Badly

Could Detroit Trigger a New Global Meltdown?

Sunday Talk: What You Missed

Piling on Palin, Hating on Hillary

Zakaria: Pakistan Had Indirect Role

My Brush With Obama's Top Spook

Pakistan Denies Terror Connection

America Suddenly Has Two Presidents

A Late Night Visit From Christopher Plummer

Suketu Mehta: What This Means for India

Bob Rubin's House of Cards

Kristof: Pakistan Should Scare You

Thai Anchor Flees Gunfire

Mumbai Memoir

Is Mariah Pregnant?

Is the United States Next?

ABC: Obama about White House

City Under Siege


ABC: Obamas on Kids in White House

Leftover Makeovers

Irrational Obama Exuberance

BFS - Web TV Shows - Sority Forever

BFS - Web TV Shows - Smart Girls at the Party

BFS - Web TV Shows - Quaterlife

BFS - Web TV Shows - Dorm Life

BFS - Web TV Shows - Clark and Micheal

BFS - Web TV Shows - Calvace of Cartoon

CBS: Who's Behind Attacks?

BFS - Must See Movies- Synocdoche NY

BFS - Must See Movies- Rachel Getting Married

BFS - Must See Movies- Milk

BFS - Must See Movies- Let The Right One In

BFS - Must See Movies- Happy go Lucky

BFS - Must See Movies - A Christmas Tale

Mumbai Terrorism

Coverage From India of Attacks

What I'm Thankful For

The People's Panic

Bush's Deadly Blunder

Bush Pardons Turkey

Obama's 'Third Culture' Team

Will Rove Get a Pardon?

The Science Behind Feeling Full

My Top 5 Videos of Turkey Gone Wrong

New York's Impending Real Estate Doom

Obama: Clintonites Welcome Here

Rose Grills Citigroup CEO

New Into Old

Charlie Rose Grills Citigroup CEO

Five Ways Obama Has Already Changed Washington

Football, Hold the Stuffing

The Woman Who Won Hillary's Seat

Celebrity Rags

BFS-Cramer on Bernake

How I Got Through Airport Security with No I.D.

Comedy Mash Up: Bad Economy

Is It a Terrible Time to Move?

Thankful Fashion

Obama: No Bickering, No Sniping

Obama: Mandate? What Mandate?

Celeb Magazine Covers

Rise of Gay McCarthyism?

Naked Radcliffe Craves "Boost"

Alan Colmes' Farewell Address

Why Are Christians Having Better Sex Than the Rest of Us?

Simple Roast Turkey, Shiitake Gravy

Sausage Stuffing and Potato Puree

Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Plus Swiss Chard

Butternut Squash, Plus Some Celeriac

Shaved Fennel, Roasted Potatoes

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Lousy Marketing—Not Lousy Cars—Killed Detroit

Paging Kenneth

Mexico's Mob Violence Moves North

Shooting Slumdog on the Gritty Streets of Mumbai

Is Adrian Grenier a Good Enough Actor to Play a Bad One?

A Warning from Reagan's Economist

Cramer on Hardball

Rosie Goes After "View" Director

The 7 Who Could Have Saved Citi

Obama Addresses Financial Crisis

Toby Keith on Colbert Christmas

Ms. Jarrett Goes To Washington

Kanye Wants to be Elvis?

A College Sophomore Solves the Financial Crisis

Obama Gives Wall Street the Cold Shoulder

How Brad Escaped

The Buckley Cabinet

081123 Sunday Mash Up

The Obama-Clinton Administration

David Axelrod on Fox News Sunday

Your Money

Al Gore Speaks, Colbert Sings and Other TV Highlights

Circular Firing Squad: the Republican Suicide Watch

Secrets of the Screaming Man

The Slumdog Stylist

Laying Down the Law

Obama's Cabinet Isn't Female Enough

The Screaming Man

Republicans for Hillary!

BFS-Movie to Watch: Wendy and Lucy

BFS-Movie to Watch: Gran Tornio

BFS-Movie to Watch: Che

BFS-Movie to Watch: Marley & Me

BFS - Doubt

BFS-Movie to Watch: Reader

BFS - Napolitano: Anita Hill

BFS - Napolitano: Bin Laden

BFS - Napolitano: Chertoff on Levis Breaking

BFS - Napolitano: Napolitano At DNC

Washington's New Marriages Of Convenience

Today Show: Sugar Mummies

Transition Hotties

Today Show: Dubai

Today Show: Bollywood Dancing


Must Watch TV: The Screaming Man

Malcolm X's Daughter Rebukes Al Qaeda Leader

Rosie on View: "It Ended Badly"

Limbaugh on Obama: Change? What Change?

Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey

Why Rich People Are So Miserable

Will Obama Really End the Iraq War?

Technology Gap

My Love Affair With The Aniston

Finally, Good News for Newspapers

Virgin Vampires

The Comedian-in-Chief

The End of 'Bad Boy' Thinking

Heard the One About Detroit?


081120 barbara walters on the view

We Salute You, Ted Stevens!

Shepard Smith, Man of Anger

"Dancing" Puts 911 on Hold

Couric on Letterman: Palin Struggled

Restoring the Rule of Law to the White House

'What Up, My Obama?'

Peace, Love, and Shopping

A GOP Dirty Trickster Has Second Thoughts

CBS-Nightly News-Leiberman

Pitt: Shiloh Wants Name Change

Who's Funding the Pirates

Paul Begala on What Obama's Reading

Al Qaeda Mocks Obama

Hannity Decries "Obama Mania Syndrome"

Sark's Wife Disses Bush, Speaks of Love

Ben Silverman's Unlikely Rise

Save the Jungle!

The Sexism Revival

My Nine Years Spinning Wheels at GM

Obama's Afghanistan Surprise

Google, Marc Jacobs, and Other Casualties of the Christmas Party Recession

Where Buffett Has His Money Now

Ellen Prepares to be Groped

Limbaugh: On Clinton

Angelina Breaks Down

Why Sue Decker Will Be Yahoo's Next CEO

O'Reilly Attacks San Francisco

NBC: Era of Hit Shows Over?

Will Secretary of State Be Enough for Hillary’s Army?

Huckabee: Romney Flips, Thompson Clueless

Gladwell Thesis: Be Born in 1935

Obama's Choice: Appease an Ally or Do the Right Thing

FDR Would Never Have Passed This Test

Online, Reality TV Gets Even More Absurd

The Barrier That Didn't Fall

The Backstory on My Infamous YouTube Moment

Rightward, Ho!

Governor Cool

Palin Envy, Guns, and Young Republican Wrath

Hedge Fund Managers Are the Heroes of this Crisis

Michelle's Closet Agenda

Bill's $500,000 Kuwait Lecture

Hitchens Blasts Hillary

Goldman Sachs

Colbert Sings, Disses CNN

BFS - on lame duck Bush

Boho Chic

The Baby Monitor Diaries

The Man Who Saw the Crisis Coming

Behind the Brooke Astor Affair

Mom In Chief Speaks


A Superstar Chef Does the Unthinkable

They Murdered My Friend

Journalists, Please Take Your Ritalin!

Cold War II?

Obama's Awkward Group Photo

Ashley Dupre on 20/20 and other TV Highlights

Newt: Palin Not GOP Leader

John Edwards' Ex-Staff Wishes He'd Just Fade Away

How to Undo Bush's Human Rights Legacy

The Christian Party

Don’t Do It, Hillary!

Anderson Copper and The Real Housewives

My Pals Sasha and Malia

Tony Curtis Dies at 85: Memory Will Live On Forever

When Did "Married Without Children" Become Gauche?

A Brilliant Film About the Women Who Saved Liberia

How Obama Wooed Hillary

BFS-TV Pop Winners- Taylor Swift's Love Story

Rick Warren's Double Life

What the Justice Department is Hiding


Finding the Lincoln in Obama

Defiant Bill Ayers Speaks Out

Limbaugh: Martians Would Say GOP Won

Obama in Uganda

Prince Charles is 60

Aniston Visits 30 Rock

A King in Waiting

Joe Scarborough Apologizes

Defiant Bill Ayers Speaks

ABC News: Hedge Funds in Trouble

Billy Elliot - The Musical

Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show

Escaping Diana's Shadow

Foodies Give Me Indigestion

The Inside View from Prince Charles' 60th Birthday Party

The New Shanty Towns

Josh Brolin's Strange Year

Larry Summers for Treasury

Memories of the Powell Administration

What Happened Since Marjorie Died

Behold the $9.99 Obama Coin

Au Revoir, MADtv

The Global Infertility Crisis

Sarah Palin, Beware: The Evangelical Intrusion Is Over

Tracy Morgan: Oprah Stole My Underwear

Comedians Mock Palin Media Blitz

Will the Obama Kids Stay in Chicago with Grandma?

New Museums

Palin: I Didn't Call the Shots

Paula Goodspeed on American Idol

Al-Qaeda's Olive Branch to Obama

Michelle vs. Laura

Dubai or Bust

Did McCain Bury the Truth about Russia?

Hannity to Chopra: What if I Punch You?

Joe Biden Rap Song

GOP Stars

Tent City

Palin Defends Couric Interview

Tom Friedman on Countdown

Larry Summers' Enron Problem

McCain on Leno: I Won't Run Again

The Cameron Option

The GOP Must Change or Die

A Former Top McCain Aide Plots Palin's Presidential Path

Worst Little Bank in Texas

Spoofing the Spy

Swing State Style

Dear Malia and Sasha...

BFS-TV- Intervention

BFS-TV- Fring Promo

BFS-TV- Always Sunny In Philadelphia

BFS-TV- Summer Hights High

BFS-TV- Pushing Daisies

BFS-TV- Greeks

BFS-TV- Life on Mars

Enron: CaliSun

Enron: Shutdown

Enron: Titanic

Limbaugh Fires Back on "Thug" Comment

What Sarah Palin Didn't Say

White House Tour Guide

Partisan Plaid

Cramer: Burn Down Unsold Houses

Chappelle Hosts Inside Actors Studio

Palin Addresses Rumors, Africa

The Oscar Recession

Why the Dems Will Target Big Pharma

The Tooth Fairy, Barack Obama, and Diet Pills

Dear Journalists: Stop Screwing Up

The Press Pack Turns On Obama

Hollywood’s Gay Powerati Are Fuming

Hold the Dressing

Bush Memoir Will Be a Hit

The New Civility

What's In, What's Out

BFS- Confidants- Wright

BFS- Confidants- Jordan vs. Rogers

BFS- Confidants- Rahm

BFS- Confidants- Valerie Jarrett

Obama Arrives at the White House

Farrakhan Praises Obama

Monks Vs. Priests in Jerusalem

To Vote or Not to Vote: Olbermann verus Schieffer

And Next: Mt. Rushmore?

The View: Olbermann didn't vote

Palin: Why We Lost

Lieberman's Empty Promises

Drew Berrymore Speaks Out on Prop 8

The Best Show Nobody's Watching

60 Minutes: Obama's Inner Circle - V2

My Four Weddings

Obama Roasts Rahm Emmanuel

Republican Road Map

The Newsweek Campaign Piece

Phil Donahue Returns to TV (Tomorrow)

How Obama's College Plan Hurts My Generation

Can Obama Solve America's Health Care Crisis?

Sarah Palin, the Sequel

The McCain I Know

Insignificant News of the Week: Nov. 1 to Nov. 8

Sunday Talk Shows: What You Missed

What to Watch on TV This Week

How Obama Can Restore American Idealism

India's Dangerous Response to the Meltdown

An Intimate Portrait

Why Obama Isn't America's First Black President

Sarah Palin Blasts Critics

Obama's Nancy Reagan Gaffe

How I Transformed My Boyfriend Into a Booty Call

McCain Campaign Autopsy

BFS - Pundits - Cambell

BFS - Pundits - Greir

BFS-Bushies-After January, Bush

BFS-Bushies-After January, Rice

History's Week

Touching Bottom

Barack Obama Discusses Dog

Rock: Why Obama Jokes Don't Work

McCain Leakers Chose Palin

Palin's Mole at The Times

Oprah Cameo on 30 Rock

Today Show: Nicole Wallace Speaks Out

The View: Ricky Gerval on The Office

De-Gaying Grey's Anatomy

Maddow on Colbert: Olbermann Not Crazy

Gray's Anatomy -- Erica Leaves

Sarah Palin on 2012 Race

After Dominick

And You Thought U.S. Conservatives Were Out of Touch!

How to Erase Your Memories

Obama's Council of Elders

Why Congress Needs an iPhone

The CIA Is Puzzled, the Senator Is Shocked

Can We Now Please Retire...?

Dunne Reaction to Spector trial

Dunne on Hilton

Dunne Outside Mansion

Dunne on Daughter's Murder

Ralph Nader Should Be Blacklisted

BFS- Media on Palin- O'Reilly

BFS- Media on Palin- Palin with Curic

BFS- Media on Palin- Palin got Pranked

White House Dog Bites Man

Barney bites reporter and reporter complains

Spitzer Not Charged

TMZ: Amy Winehouse A Mess

You Can Forget My Taxes

Gays and Blacks (and Gay Blacks) Go to War

Late Night Comics on the Election

Obama's JFK Playbook

Gran Torino Trailer

Phoenix quits movies

The Republicans Are Now the Stupid Party

Bill Maher on Larry King Live

Why I Let My Kids Learn About Sex From the Streets

Poker Returns to the White House

The Capital Goes Nuts

Fox: Palin Thought Africa a Country


Barack's Enforcer

My Marriage Was Annulled on an Otherwise Happy Night

Obama Didn't Really Change Anything

10 Ways Obama Will Update the White House


Powell weeps at Obama's Win

McCain's Faustian Bargain

Rove Compares Obama Family to Cosby

World Leaders Congratulate Obama

Crichton: Environmentalism as Religion

Welcome Back, Palin

Goldman Sachs Chart

McCain- In America, Anything Is Possible…

Percentage Change

An Arab News Site's Election Day Prank

Obama Headlines From Around the World

40 Schmoes, 6 Surfers, and a Supreme Court Justice

What Obama Means for the Arab World

First Lady of Fashion

Palin Blames the Media?

How Barack Knocked the Satire Out of Me

McCain's Revenge

Elisabeth Concedes, Sherri Cries V2

Where We Found Ethan Hawke, Harvey Weinstein, and Jessica Alba Last Night

Landslide? Not Exactly

Black America Celebrates Obama Victory V3

Anatomy of the Big Night

A Speech to Make the World Stop

Cool Hand Barack


Sorry Obama, Wall Street Doesn't Care

Subway Euphoria

What a Powerful World This Will Be

Love Fest

Can We Say ‘Fuck Whitey’ If the President Is Black?

Snap Shots of History

The Victory Speech

Election Night in Grant Park

McCain Concedes

McCain's Brilliant Campaign, Four Years Too Late

Obama's Communications Director on Diet Coke, Pundits, and What's Next

First Item of Business

CNN Hologram 2

Fox Funeral Party

Shieffer Calls It For Obama

CNN Axelrod 8:40PM


World Focus- Bagdad Section

Islanders Eulogize Obama's 'Tutu'

The Pre-Mortem: Greenfeild on Election

America's Irrational Lurch to the Left

The Latest Exit Polls

FInal Election Throwdown on "The View"

BFS - Pundits - Rove talks about Hillary

BFS - Pundits - Buchanin's Anti-War Statement

BFS - Pundits - Pundits on Hillary

Closing Remarks from McCain Aide Mark Salter

BFS - Pundits - Republican VP Leak

BFS - Pundits - Murdach For Obama

Stars at the Polls

McCain's Mom Gives Up

Black Panthers "Guard" Polling Place

Politics: Candidates Voting

Comedians Last Goodbye to Campaign

Inauguration Gowns

Real-Time Election Results

Obama Is the New Reagan

Confessions of an Obama Volunteer

It’s Time to Get Down

Palin's Incredibly Awkward SNL Skit

Grandma's Election Night Recipes with a Dash of Opinion

Obama on the Bradley Effect

Where to find Ricky Gervais, Stephen Colbert and Sarah Palin

The Best Places To Spend Election Night Online

Why Israel Doesn't Believe Obama Will Win

A 'Black President' Is of No Value to America

My Day With Paris

Election Nights of the Past


O'Reilly on CBS Sunday Morning

The Man Behind Proposition 8

Blumenthal- The Call Video

CNN: Obama's Grandmother Dies

Jessie Klien: I have crush on David Gregory

Campaign Flubs V2

Liddy Dole's Last Stand

David Gergen, I'm Cheating On You

The Last Lap

BFS – Surrogates – Carly Fiona Says Palin Unqualified

BFS – Surrogates – Joe Lieberman Endorses McCain

Big Dog and the Whippet

Anti-Obama Reverend Wright Ad

Jeff Greenfield: How McCain Can Win

Romney's Game Plan

Barack and the Boss

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

The Boys on the Bus

Could a Messy Hand-Off at Homeland Security Leave the U.S. Vulnerable?

Private Equity Specialist Don Marron on How to Navigate the Meltdown

Arab Press Goes All-Out Covering the US Election

Dispatches From the Swing States

Has Bond Lost His Balls?

November Surprises

A Quick and Dirty Rundown of What to Watch

The Blogosphere Charity Bake-off

Sunday Pre-Election Mashup

The Hot Shot Democrat You've Never Heard Of

Europe, Be Careful What You Ask For

How Macha Are You?

How Obama Can Fix the Economy

One Reason Magazines Are Suffering: Their Covers

Arnold Ridicules Obama

Dick Cheney Endorses McCain

Trick or Vote

Chainsaw Massacre Bunnies

Zombies on Wall Street

Waaay Off-Message

Cup o Democracy

Bob Hope on Democrats

Palin costumes

Obama Girl and Raph Nader Show

Obama Vs. Farrakhan

I Fear Obama Is the Change Bin Laden's Been Waiting For

The Week in Fact-Checking

Why the World Will Be Disappointed by President Obama