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Articles January 2009

Anti-Americanism, ‘Repression,’ and No Caviar

Olsen Twins Bore Oprah

Michael Steele Will Knock You Down

The $1 Club

Post Super Bowl- Grey’s Anatomy

Post Super Bowl- Survivor

Post Super Bowl- Friends

Post Super Bowl- The A-Team

Post Super Bowl- Alias

Post Super Bowl- The Wonder Years

Constantine's Sword Trailer

The Literary Gentleman

SNL - Jesse Jackson

Stephen Sprouse 2

Biden Gaffes Again!

Places To Read

In Defense of Blago

Transgendered in the Muslim World

Too Hot for High School?

Stewart: Obama Same as Bush?

The Movie That's Stealing Harry Potter Fans

Holocaust? What Holocaust?

My Visit To Hell

How Funny Is Obama?

M.I.A. Goes to War

How Newspapers Once Survived Near Death

Blago Press Conference

Clinton Dinner

Clinton Video

Bush Dinner

My Conversation with John Updike

Dave Barry at the 2008 Miami Book Fair

Super Bowl Ads- Flops

Super Bowl Ads- Pre-1984

Super Bowl Ads- Best of the Rest

Super Bowl Ads- Best Beer

Super Bowl Ads- 1984

Blago's Last Stand

Sticking It to Rahm

Snapshots of Contemporary Iran

Condi: Don't Call Him George

The United State of Google: Geeks Rule

The Grounding of CEOs

The South Vs. Obama

Rep. Gingrey Grovels for Rush

India's Anxiety About Obama

'Slumdog' Beauty Gives Dance Lesson

Armey's Sexist Remark?

Enough with 'Transparency'

Carter's One Regret

John Updike's Final Chapter

Exactly How Are Men Superior?

Jeff Jarvis Asks: Is Google an Evil Empire?

Bush and Cheney: The Movie

Will TV Slay Joss Whedon?

Aslan/Beinart - Democracy Makes Hamas Moderate v2b

Aslan/Beinart - Democracy Makes Hamas Moderate v2

Aslan/Beinart - George Mitchell v2b

Aslan/Beinart - George Mitchell v2

Aslan/Beinart - Bush Doctrine v2

Haggard's Complex Sexuality

Brandeis on the Brink

Aslan/Beinart - Democracy Makes Hamas Moderate

Aslan/Beinart - George Mitchell

Aslan/Beinart - Bush Doctrine

Ryan on Stimulus

Rainn Wilson's Faux Panic Attack

Matthews & Cramer on Stimulus

The Wretched Sasha and Malia Dolls

Sticking It to Madoff Victims

The Recession's Painful Reality

Kristol: GOP Has No Leadership

Flashback: John Updike on 'Charlie Rose'

The Cult of Larry Summers

Bush 41 Tells Joke

Obama's Nuclear Problem

Blago on the Offensive

The 3 Must-See Movies from Sundance

The Penis Debate

Obama's 7 Hidden Power Players

Blago's Secret Phone Calls

Fatone on Ellen

Dicker on Paterson

Clinton's Regrets

Blago Tapes 4

Blago Tapes 3

Blago Tapes 2

Blago Tapes 1

Carter Still Going After Nixon

Thain Doubles Down on the Rug

Paris Fashion Week

Limbaugh Fires Back

Partners in Crime?

Obama's Message to Muslims: We Are Family

Operation Shame Blago

The Making of the Book That Made Obama

Chris Matthews a Hooker?

Obama: I Have Muslims in My Family

Why Has Citigroup Banked on Richard Parsons?

The Greatest Literary Show on Earth

Out the Door

The Rematch

An Obamanation

Blago's Terror Tour

Joey's No Rocket Scientist

Why Harry Got Dumped

Vintage Sprouse

The New College Rankings

The Brawl Over the Stimulus

Carter: We Can Trust Hamas

Kristol Gets the Pink Slip

Penn: Feud? What Feud?

The Future of Hollywood

Blago: I Almost Picked Oprah

John Forte: Life Has Just Begun

Celebrity Alumni

Building a Better Guantánamo

The Best of Blago

Dirty Harry

First Day Out of Prison

The End of the Culture Wars

Sunday Morning Mash-Up (1.25.09)

All Grown Up

The Schumer Smackdown

The Land That Obama Forgot

How Hillary's Feeling About Caroline

Gov: Cuomo Loves My Choice

Breakout Stars of 2009

An Army General's Letter to Obama

How Caroline Bested Blago

Hail to the First Granny

Brunch With the Beast

Jodhaa Akbar: Wedding Song

Aguirre, The Wrath of God: Crazed Kinski

Blade Runner: Meeting Rachael

Running on Empty: Trailer

Manhattan: Allen Hypothesizes

Don't Look Now: Chase Scene

Gibbs on Pakistan

Obama's Week

Game On! Obama's Clash With The White House Press Corps

Why'd You Ditch My Dad Transcript

Excuses, Excuses

Lester Holt Mauled by Puppy

Why'd You Ditch My Dad?

Bright Young People

McCain/McKinnon -- Why Media is Mean to Bush

McCain/McKinnon -- Inauguration Day

McCain/McKinnon -- Future of GOP

McCain/McKinnon -- Why McKinnon Left

Dowd Proclaims End of Racism

The Real Reasons Caroline Didn't Make It

If I Ran the Oscars

All About Michelle's Designer

Chris Rock: Beauty School Drop-in

Why I'm Selling My Virginity

How Capitalism Failed

What the Richest Men in the World Don't Know

Matthews Bashes Blogs

Hudson Crash Survivors Dance

Past Inaugural Gowns

The Envoy Tells a Joke

John Thain's Top 16 Outrages

Why Black Preachers Are Better

Robert Kennedy Defends Caroline

Oscar Nominations

John Thain's $87,000 Rug

Slumdog Cast Celebrates

What Does India Think About Slumdog Millionaire?

Meredith: I Like Dirty Boys, Not Lauer

How Barack 'Hussein' Obama Is Charming Iran

Obama Takes 2nd Oath of Office

Limbaugh: I Want Obama to Fail

Iraq Is Deadly Again

Republicans Get on Board

Wrong Man for the Job

Is the Kennedy Dynasty Over?

Guccione Talks Porn

The Other Quagmire

Enough Lincoln Already!

A Lost Mastermind Offers a Crash Course

Anna Wintour, Meet Mike Tyson

Can George Mitchell Fix the Middle East?

What Bush Did Right

The 'Out' Crowd at the Inauguration

Biden Cracks Robert's Joke

Sigourney Weaver on Aliens -Square pixel

Sigourney Weaver on Aliens

7 Signs We Have a New First Family

Obama's Inauguration Speech

The First Dance

New Minister Trouble for Obama?

Project Beltway

Aboard the Bush Plane

Push Cheney

The Best Inauguration Moments

Best Inauguration Moments

Goodnight, Bush

No More Mr. Eloquent

Obama Walks, MSNBC Marvels

9/11 in Reverse

Mondale on Kennedy

A Welcome Vitality

Still Recovering From the Fumbled Oath

Carrots and Sticks for the Middle East

A Somber Obama

Inauguration Speech Wrap

More Reagan Than Kennedy

Lucky Number 44

"My Man"

Obama's Money Quote

Bushes Fly Away

Attention, People of the World

Roberts Botches Oath!

Enter The New

Watch the Inauguration Live

Obama's Speech and the Burden of History

King: We'll Have Black Prez in 40 Years

Frank Rich Shocker: Obama Not Perfect

The Washington I Once Knew

The Original Mad Men

Cherie Blair's Advice for Michelle

Grading the Obama Speech

Inaugural Addresses- Reagan

Inaugural Addresses- Carter

Inaugural Addresses- Clinton

Inaugural Addresses- FDR

Inaugural Addresses- JFK

Kiefer Sutherland hates mirrors

Touré vs. Crouch: Obama

Jill Biden's Gaffe

Witnessing History

Biden Builds House, Forgets Tools

The Obama HOPE Photo Mystery Continues!

They Had A Ball

The Daily Beast D.C. Diary

Did Waterboarding Keep Us Safe?

The New Heat Center

Taraji P. Henson: Hollywood's New Dramatic Queen

The Speech on Race

But Can We Still Have Fun?

Cindy Speaks

How Newspapers Can Survive

Obama Speaks at Lincoln Memorial

What Obama's America Will Look Like

What If Judd Apatow Were a Woman?

Toure vs. Crouch: A Daily Beast Debate

The Last Ride

Was John Thain Talking Bull About Merrill?

Barack 'N' Roll

Will Obama Punish Israel?

Rahm: What, Me a Partisan?

D.C. Diary

Will Bush Pardon Himself?

Political Funny Pages

The Coronation of King Obama

If Only Wal-Mart Ran My College

Gen. Jones: Let's Restore U.S.

What Should Have Been

Kennedy Kids

Jackie Mason Loses It

20 More Forgotten Bush Scandals

Obama's Week of Brilliant Stunts

If a Film Falls in the Forest…

What Makes Apple So Erotic

A Poem for Barack

Alberto Gonzales' Memoir Revealed

The Great Plane Crash Myth

The Uninvited

Michelle Obama's Hidden Power

BFS- Obama- Oprah

BFS- Obama- Iowa Victory Speech

BFS- obama- DNC 2004

BFS- Obama- Early Years

Trailer: At the Death House Door

Watching Obama

Limbaugh Slams GOP

What Bush Really Knew About WMDs

Child Whimsy

Secrets Steve Jobs Kept From Me

How to Watch Watchmen

The Real Tragedy: Bloomberg's Spanish

Bush's Last Stand

Let's Hear It for the Plane

Ifill on Naked Athletes, Clinton

What's the Safest Seat on a Plane?

Survivors Describe Rescue Chaos

Why Two Bush Appointees Are Refusing to Leave

'Miracle on the Hudson'

Bush is Broken, Frightened, And Plagued By Voices

Obama Should Clean House at Justice

Karl Rove Is Following Me

Can't We All Be Friends?

Bush Defends Legacy

BFS- President Farewell Address- Nixon

BFS- President Farewell Address- Reagan

BFS- President Farewell Address- Eisenhower

BFS- President Farewell Address- Clinton

'By the Luck of God, Man'

Condi's Three Strikes

Plane Crashes in Hudson River v2

Jeremy Piven's Fishy Excuse

Holder: Waterboarding is Torture

Steve Jobs' Messiah Complex

Top 5 Montalban Moments

Finding Humor in the Gaza Crisis

Cheney: Torture Policy Not Perfect

Zakaria: Blame Bush for Gaza

Robert Rubin Still Doesn't Get It

How I Got Interrogated by the Bushies

Introducing Jaydiohead

Advice From Steve Jobs on Living and Dying

How Sasha Obama Triggered a Hot Washington Fad

Obama-Inauguration Anointing Prayer

The Bag Lady Papers, Part IV

The Wall Street Journal's Trillion-Dollar Error

Tony Blair on Middle East

TMZ: Tina Fey Airport Questions

Paul McCartney on Vietnam

Atlanta Kids Get Inaugural Surprise

Martin Fletcher on Israel and Hamas

Inaugural Freak Show

Rourke's Story Getting Sadder

Bin Laden Taunts Bush

Why We Need New 'Sex'

Laura Angry at Obama

The Man Who Saw Everything

What Obama Can Learn from Mickey Rourke

Never Again to Holocaust Films?

The Economy Stole My Man!

The Bear Stearns Lucky Bastards

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Dear Tina, Try Riding The Subway

Oprah Loves Winslet's Breasts

Gossip Girls Meet Gossip Boys

Daniel Radcliffe, Naked Vigilante

American Icons

Daytime's First Gay Love Scene

Memo to Hillary: Remember Bill's Mideast Bungle

Cliton Talks Tough on Iran

Inaugural Hell Freezes Over

Bush Defiant in Final Press Conf.

Duchovny Still Bitter About 2008 Globes

Here Comes the Sundance

Guiliani for N.Y. Governor?

What Showdown?

The Gays Go All the Way in Daytime

Mission Accomplished: He Was Right

Who Says the Book Business Is Dead?

Is a GED More Valuable Than a PhD?

Bargain Hunting in Beverly Hills

The Accidental Expats

The Biggest Names in Sex

BFS- warren on prop 8 whole clip

Meet Your Surgeon General

Burris Gives 'Victory' Speech

The Diplomatic Mess That the Press Is Missing

BFS-Joseph Lowery on Gay Marriage

BFS- warren on prop 8

Wolf Dances, Disses Matthews

Reza versus Emerson: UNCUT

Inside Blago's Bunker

Playboy's 10 Most Important People In Sex

Bush: What Burden of Office?

Goldman and Sessums V3

The Daily Beast's Golden Globes Debate

Goldman and Sessums on Golden Globes V2

Goldman and Sessums on Golden Globes

Why Bush Loves Violence

The New American Hustler

The Daily Beast's Golden Globe Winners

Mickey Wins Golden Globe

Prince Not-So-Charming?

The Unraveling of Merrill & Bank of America

The Gig Economy

Sunday Mash Up (01.11.09)

Obama's Big Picture

The Prince of Racism?

The Prince of Racism?

How Feminism Became the F-Word

The Farewell Chronicles

The New D.C. Status Symbols

Gimme My Money Back

On Stage as Gore Vidal

How Obama Can Buy Off Mitch McConnell

Simon: Israel Will Never See Peace

Bye Bye, Colmes

The Wolff Dance

The Great Boob Bust

Clean Coal

Family Secrets in Tehran

Family Secrets in Tehran

Blair on Gaza

Obama's Sixties Flashback

CNN: Moore and Gupta

Winslet on Revolutionary Road

Cheney on Obama's Win

Alice Smith: New Religion

Alice Smith: Dreams

Blagojevich Impeachment News Conference

If the President's BlackBerry Goes Missing

Iranian Cleric Sex Video SHORT VERSION

How Big Is Obama's Package?

Noonan Agitates for Peace

Cheney Flashback: Against Iraq Invasion

I Dub Thee Barack

Where Were the Protesters When Missiles Were Hitting Israel?

A Rage in Oakland

So What If Sidwell's Elitist?

The Highest Paid Man on Wall Street

Rumer Has It

Dirty Secrets of College Admissions

Tripping on Obama's Coattails

The Iran Porn Video

How Much is a Bush Speech Worth?

The New Heart of Soul

Tom Cruise on The View

Iranian Cleric Sex Video Excerpt

Miss Golden Globes

Josh Brolin on Milk

Palin on Caroline Kennedy

Aslan vs. Emerson: A Daily Beast Debate

Take My Kidney, Please

Aslan versus Emerson

Love In A Time of Layoffs

Why Israel Can't Win

Obama: I'm Keeping Blackberry

Hathaway on Dad's Sex Life

The High Priests of Snark

Obama's Role Model Is... Bush?

The Snark Hunter

How the Entire Economics Profession Failed

An Autopsy of the Book Business

Who Killed the Yummy Mummy?

My Charlie Wilson War

Al Franken's Reverend Wright

I Survived the Bush Presidency

WorldFocus- Gaza Preview

Hardball: Rush on Burris

Ellen-About the economy

Palin on The Hour- on 2012

Rush: I'm Hiring Hamas

Obama Meets the Presidents

Obama Addesses Gaza, Burris

Let the Awards Season Begin

Israel's Moral Dilemma

Coulter on 'Today' Show

Palm Springs Film Festival

I Sold My Stocks Before the Recession Because of Frozen Yogurt

Lindsay Lohan, Meet My Shrink

Norm Coleman fights on

Did Israel Bomb a School?

Rick Warren's Africa Problem

The New Unemployed Life: Looking Busy for a Living

Bernie Will Be Prison Royalty

How Obama Can Avoid the Mistakes of Carter

Son of Nixon

Ellen-Marisa Tomei on The Wrestler

BBC: Stop Israel's Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

Limbaugh: On Burris

Rejected Surgeon General Nominees

Perez Hilton Talks About Outing People and Ann Coulter

Obama- on who speaks for country

In Defense of Leon

How Obama's New Tech Tsar Can Save America

Burris Shown The Door

The Race to Run the GOP Gets Even More Ridiculous

Why Can't We Criticize Israel?

Hannity At Greater Risk Than Obama?

Jobs Commencement Address

Blair On Hamas Rockets, Obama's Silence

Why Does The New York Times Love Hamas?

Seat Burris, I've Been There

Israel Smiles Through the Apocalypse

My Great Fake Bake Experiment

The Bag Lady's Papers, Part III

20 Forgotten Bush Scandals

Will Apple Finally Lose Its Cool?

What's Eating Steve Jobs?

Richard Simmons on American Morning

Franken Declares Victory

Barack Obama: Restaurant Critic

Life After Steve

Burris: I'm The Junior Senator

Bill Richardson: I Withdraw

The Mob Did It (We Think)

Annie Lennox: Stop Gaza Attack

Bush 41: Stop Bashing My Son

Hamas Killing Two-State Solution?

Resuscitation: A Q&A with the Creator of Scrubs

Al Franken is the Right's New Punching Bag

Caroline: The Reasons Why

Bring It On, Michael Wolff!

Why Colleges Are Just Not That Into You

The Obama Girls' First Day of School

Is Jamie Dimon the Next to Fall?

Lance for Senate?

How to Fight Hamas

Better Off Ted Promo

True Beauty Promo

Sunday Morning Mash-Up (1.4.09)

How Israel Can Win the Ground War

Cheney on Executive Power

The Single Lesson of Mumbai

Gran Torino is 100-Proof Clint

The Next Great Media War

Inaugural Hell

Charles Barkley's DUI

Carnival of the Shameless

IDF: Civilians Not Our Target

Israel Phones in Warnings to Gaza

Travolta Discusses Loss V2

Cuba Turns 50

When Is It Sexism?

My War Against Food Nazi Moms

Palin Versus The Press

BFS-Must See Movies of 2009- Watchmen

BFS-Must See Movies of 2009- Inglorious Bastards

Naked Blago

U.N. Envoy: Framework For Peace

Which One's the Terrorist?

The Year (Ahead) in Media

Seeking a Quick Exit in Gaza

Condi Working on Cease-Fire

Pawlenty: I'll Pick A Senator

CNN: Peace Prospects Slim?

The Men on the Dais

The Brotherhood of Money

My New Mantra for 2009

Our Hottest Stories of 2008

If Jerusalem’s Walls Could Speak

A Tough Year, an Empty Jar—and a Life Lesson from Roger Ailes

Camelot, The Puppet Show

Kathy Griffin's New Year's Gaffe