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Cheats December 2010

Bank Robber Releases Hostages in Texas

Joe Miller Concedes in Alaska

N. Korea Vows to Improve Ties With South

Dow Gains for Second Year in a Row

Chief Justice Roberts' New Year's Plea

College Bans 'Viral' and 'Epic' for 2011

Bank Robbers Take Hostages in Texas

Tornado Kills Six in Arkansas

Major Airports Mull Ditching TSA

John Mellencamp Splits With Wife

New Orleans Boots Last FEMA Trailers

No Pardon for Billy the Kid

How WikiLeaks Helped a Dictator

Chris Brown Sorry for Gay Slurs

New Zealand Welcomes New Year

N. Koreans See Bend It Like Beckham

Skype Adds Video to iPhone App

Tens of Thousands Gather in Times Square

Udall Proposes Filibuster Deal

Australian Floods Strand 200,000

EPA Set to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Snow Storm Pummels West

Facebook Is Now Most-Visited Site

E-Books Outsell Physical Ones on B&N Site

D.C. Air-Traffic Controllers Break Record for Errors

‘King of Birthers’ Announces Presidential Run

Lohan to Check Out of Rehab Tuesday

Anna Chapman Appears on TV

'Rosie the Riveter' Dies

Murkowski Certified Winner

Rattner to Pay $10 Million

NYC Didn't See Storm Coming

TV Producer Found Dead in Hawaii

Nintendo: Kids Shouldn’t Play in 3D

Obamas Extend Hawaii Vacation

Queen 'Delighted' by First Great-Grandchild

Barbour Releases Scott Sisters

Khodorkovsky Given Six More Years in Jail

Pakistan Disappearances Worry U.S. Officials

They're Taking Kodachrome Away

Blizzard Derailed $1B in Retail Sales

Military Investigates ‘Death Squad’

Mexico's Army Failing Drug War

Israeli Leader Convicted of Rape

Iraqi Civilian Death Toll Declines

Bank Lending Rises in the U.S.

War Vets Struggle to Find Work

O'Donnell: Fed Investigation ‘Phony’

Google Joins Clooney on Sudan Project

Jazz Legend Billy Taylor Dies at 89

Isabelle Caro, Anorexic French Model, Dies

Man Struck Playing Real-Life Frogger

Judge Bans Grisly Anti-Smoking Ads

Obama Delays Return to D.C.

Obama Finally Has a Deputy AG

Ivory Coast on 'Brink of Genocide'

Michigan Furniture Shop Explodes

Bloomberg Takes Blizzard Blame

Agathe von Trapp Dies

Favre Fined $50,000

Christine O'Donnell FBI Investigation on Campaign Funds: Report

Woman Arrested for Insider Trading

First-Class Postage Goes 'Forever'

Police Arrest Five in Danish Plot

Fewer People Moving to CA, FL

Floods Prompt Evacuations in Australia

Army Rewrites History of Battle

Bon Jovi Top Concert Earner

'Suitcase Killer' Claims Self Defense

A.O. Scott Doesn’t Like Blue Valentine

Palin Least Popular in Alaska

GOP to Roll Back Reconciliation Rules

Data Shows a Double Dip in Housing

Wednesday Offers Travel Relief

Rival Insurgents Coordinate Attacks

Stranded Moscow Travelers Riot

Chicago Dem to Clinton: Keep Out

Hawaii Gov. May Reveal Obama Docs

Ammunition Blows Up at Miami Airport

Reese Witherspoon Engaged

Judge Tosses Out Joe Miller’s Lawsuit

Cory Booker, Newark Mayor, Digs Out City Himself

Mexican Town’s Last Cop Disappears

No Servants for William and Kate

Jobs Are Growing, But Not in U.S.

Palin Staff Delays Release of Emails

Chairs Fall Off Ski Lift in Maine

Lead Spider-Man Actress Quits

Report: Apple to Sell Three iPad Versions

Police Deaths Up 37 Percent in 2010

CityVille Beats FarmVille

Flight Cancellations Cause Travel Havoc

Eight Killed in New Orleans House Fire

Ultimatum for Ivory Coast Prez

Iran Hangs Man for Giving Secrets to Israel

Library of Congress Picks Registry Films

Alvin Greene to Run Again

Elton John Welcomes New Son

Obama Praises Vick’s Second Chance

Al-Awlaki Inspired U.K. Plot

Boom in Trading Private Tech Stock

East Coast Digs Out

Obama Eyes Chicago for Election HQ

Boom in Trading Private Tech Stock

Five Teens Found Dead in Florida Motel

Iraqi PM Ready to Shake Off U.S.

Holiday Sales Rebound Strongly

Birthday Spoil for N. Korean Heir

Scott McLean, Hangover II Stuntman, In Coma After Crash During Filming

Obama Rips Russian Tycoon Verdict

Bloomberg Defends NYC Response

Eddie Cibrian Engaged to LeAnn Rimes

U.S. Embassy in London Was a Target

Democrat Runs NJ During Blizzard

Ancient Human Remains Found in Israel

Obama, Hillary Most Admired

AP Reporter Blasts NYT 'Scoop'

NYC Airports Remain Closed

'Las Meninas': Greatest Work Ever

Blizzard Batters Coastal Communities

Benjamin Millepied Engaged to Pregnant Natalie Portman of Black Swan

Nadya Suleman Faces Eviction

Travelers Stranded by East Coast Snow

500 Trapped for Hours on Subway

Hearst Heiress Cast in Lohan-Like Role

Suspicious Packages at Rome Embassies

U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 18

Daniel Craig Couples With Rachel Weisz

Spider-Man Actor Lucky to Survive

Teena Marie Dies at 54

Oprah's TV Network Debuts Saturday

Russian Tycoon Found Guilty

TARP Banks at Risk of Failure

Miller Relents on Senate Fight

Blizzard Paralyzes East Coast, State of Emergency in New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland; JFK, LaGuardia, Kennedy Airports Shut

Bristol Palin Off to College?

Rahm Gets a Boost From Clinton

BP Probe: All Defenses Failed

Little Fockers, True Grit, Tron Legacy, Black Swan Dominate Box Office

Gibbs: No Cabinet Shakeup

Crystal Harris, Playboy Playmate, Engaged to Hugh Hefner, Divorced From Kimberly Conrad

Assange Signs $1.5M Book Deal

Blizzard Barrels Down on Northeast

How Obama Spent Christmas

Fox Bungles Game Show Answer

Egypt Bus Crash Kills 8 American Tourists

New Justices Give Court Liberal Voice

Iran to Execute Kurdish Student

How Much Money for Your Vote?

'Death Panel' Fracas Could Return

Blizzard Heads for U.S. Northeast

Marine Sends Family Ice Replica of Self

Obama Condemns Pakistan Attack

President Obama Delivers Holiday Message

Christmas Eve Bombings Kill 31 in Nigeria

Dutch Arrest 12 on Suspicion of Terrorism

Pope Urges Peace in Christmas Message

First Lady Answers Kids' Calls

First Lady Answers Kids' Christmas Calls

Bristol Palin Buys Arizona Home

Bristol Palin Buys Arizona Home

Is a Thermos a Terrorist Weapon?

Pakistan Bomber Kills 40

Jailed Tycoon: Putin is Pitiable

iPad Arrives on Capitol Hill

China Military Demand Beats Supply

Thousands Visit Bethlehem for Christmas

White Christmas No Dream for U.S.

Hawaii’s New Gov Takes On Birthers

Is Santa a Gay Couple in Chelsea?

Kate Middleton Unattractive on New Coin

Hamas Affirms Ceasefire

Italian Anarchists No Real Threat?

Time Square: Public Art Exhibition?

Iraqi Christians’ Subdued Christmas

Assange Fears Assassination in U.S.

Pope Leads Traditional Midnight Mass

Delta Cancels 500 Xmas Day Flights

Spider-Man Back on Broadway, No Injuries Reported

Cops Suspect Overdose in Bud Heir Mystery

Litter Fockers Beats Out True Grit at Wednesday Box Office

White House Preps Staff Overhaul

More Snow Stalls Travel in Europe

Mumbai Alerted to Terrorist Threat

Taliban Attacks Pakistan on Afghan Border

What's Obama Reading For Christmas?

Art Thieves Loot Warhol

Dead Woman in Home of Bud Heir

Woman Coaches Men's Basketball Team

Obama's Views on Gay Marriage Shift

N. Korea Threatens 'Holy War'

Market Hits Two-Year High

'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Plans U.S. Tour

Gbagbo's Access to Gov't Funds Blocked

Spider-Man to Resume Shows

Afghan Civilian Deaths Up 20 Percent

U.S. Firms Earn Billions from Blacklisted Nations

Dream Act Won't Pass New Congress

Italian Anarchists Claim Embassy Attacks

Dems to Take Up Filibuster Reform

Pauly D of Jersey Shore Gets MTV Spinoff Reality Show

FCC Seeks Limits on Comcast, NBC Deal

U.N. to Review Manning's Conditions

Obama Quits Smoking

Obama Arrives in Hawaii

Two Parcel Bomb Blasts in Rome

Jets Coach: Foot Video Is ‘Personal Matter’

Former Obama Adviser Rahm Emanuel Wins Needed Residency Ruling for Chicago Mayoral Ballot

Critic Kicked Out of L.A. Restaurant

Clementi’s Parents to Sue Rutgers

Company Tests Pill for Alcoholics

Is Facebook Ready for China?

British Coalition Shows Discord

Bank of America Readies for Attacks

S. Korea: Planning ‘Merciless’ Response

Unliked but Effective, Congress Adjourns

Israel's Settlement Building Boom

WikiLeaks: Anna Nicole Smith Ruined Bahamas

Man Drives Muscle Car Onto Bush Lawn

Indiana Mom Hid Son's Body for a Year

Apple Cancels WikiLeaks App

New Kind of Human Discovered?

Obama Praises Post-Election Legislation

Senate Ratifies New START

Senate Passes 9/11 Health Bill

Actors Turn on Spider-Man Musical

Hackers Focus on Human-Rights Sites

Obama Signs DADT Repeal

S. Korea Heats Up War Games

CA Braces for Worsening Storm

New Zealand Releases UFO Files

True Grit 'Beautifully Adapted'

Spider-Man Musical to Resume Wednesday

Barbour Mulling a ‘Race Speech’

Obama to Sign DADT Repeal

U.N.: Ivory Coast at 'Real Risk' of Civil War

Assange Confirms BofA as Next Target

START Clears Final Hurdle

Congress Ekes Out Budget Bill

Teen Birthrate Drops to New Low

UConn Sets Winning Streak Record

Obama Team Plots New Gitmo Order

Cornell Senior Arrested in Drug Bust

Travel Chaos Reigns at Heathrow

Gen. McChrystal Writing a Memoir

Cheney Firm to Pay Up in Bribe Case

AG Holder: Terror Threat ‘Constant’

Madoff Secretary Turns Herself In

Pope Clarifies Stance on Condoms

Finding Black Saints in Western Art

Where Are the Healthiest Cities?

START Treaty Passes Senate Hurdle

FCC Passes ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules

Lindsay Lohan Faces Investigation for Criminal Battery Charges at Rehab

GOP to Gain in New Census

Holocaust Videogame Canceled

Clinton Lawyer Reps African Tyrant

Bomb Found on Rome Train

Groom Kills Bride, Best Man, Self

German Dog Has 17 Puppies

Australia Gets Snow in Summer

Michael Vick for MVP

Another Injury at Spider-Man Musical

CBS Seeks Pay Cut for Couric

U.S. Mulls New Limits on Bank Pay

Assange Turns on the Guardian

Actor Steve Landesberg Dies at 65

Tracy Morgan Gets a New Kidney

New Book Shopping Day: Dec. 25th

NY Gov. Fined $62K for Yankees Tickets

Study: Echinacea Not a Cold Cure

U.S. Pushes Pakistan Ground Raids

SEC Probing Hurd’s H-P Exit

Palin Mocks Michelle's Health Campaign

FCC to Pass Net Neutrality Order

Shania Twain's Husband Swap

Op-ed: Un-Surge from Afghanistan

Study Finds Toxin in U.S. Tap Water

Russia: Hands Off START Treaty

Deal Struck on Judicial Nominations

Haley Barbour Praises Racist Group

The $11M Christmas Tree

Iran Jails Cannes Filmmaker

78 Percent of Americans Doubt Evolution

Pope: Sex Scandal’s Scope ‘Unimaginable’

U.S. Collecting Data on Citizens

Author of Pedophilia Book Arrested

A Pardon for Billy the Kid?

Belarus Rounds Up Opposition

American Woman Killed in Israel

Lunar Eclipse Visible Tonight

Google TV Delayed

North Backs Down on Threats

Julian Assange Stole My Girlfriend!

12 Arrested in U.K. Terror Probe

GOP Takes Aim at START

Senate Approves Food Safety Bill

William and Kate Wedding Souvenirs Debut

S. Korea Bent on Military Drills

Rare Lunar Eclipse Coming Monday

Tron Reboot Wins Box Office

U.S. Tourist Stabbed to Death in Israel

U.N. to Push 'Restraint' in Koreas

McConnell Opposes START Treaty

Biden: Tax Cuts 'Morally Troubling'

Snow Shuts Down European Travel

Fantasy Football Boosts NFL Ratings

Michelle Obama's Fashion First

Judge Announces Review of DNA Evidence

BP Oil Remains on Gulf Floor

Suicide Attacks Kill 13

Assange's Police Report Leaked

Watershed Year for Gay Rights

Craigslist Pulls Adult Services Ads

Senate Rejects START Treaty Fix

U.N. Council Calls Korea Meeting

Manning’s Lawyer Sets Record Straight

Senate Votes to Repeal DADT

Amelia Earhart Breakthrough?

Senate Advances DADT

Republicans Block Dream Act

BofA Refuses WikiLeaks Payments

U.K. Snow Creates Travel Mayhem

How the Post Office Handles Santa Letters

Royals Will Pay Minimal Sum for Westminster

Alzheimer's Tests Pose Ethical Dilemma

141 Inmates Flee Mexican Prison

Amanda Knox Begins Appeal

How iPhone Apps Track Us

War of Words Over CIA Spy

DADT Headed for Repeal

Politifact Names ‘Lie of the Year’

Chavez Granted ‘Rule by Decree’

Nicollette Sheridan Drops Some Charges Against Desperate Housewives Creator Marc Cherry

Zooey Deschanel Sues Steve Madden For $2 Million Re: Endorsement Deal

Mexican Drone Crashes in Texas

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl New Missoni Campaign

Cables: Cuba Treated With Kid Gloves

CNN to Host Tea Party Debate

Obama Signs Tax-Cut Package

Neil Patrick Harris' Twitter Feud

Kate Has Lunch With the Queen

Tron Reviews, for Olivia Wilde & Jeff Bridges Sequel, Are Mixed

Study: Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed

Obamas Not Invited to Prince William, Kate Middleton Wedding

CIA Pulls Chief Spy From Pakistan

Madoff Victims Secure $7 Billion with Jeffry Picower Estate

U.S. Attacks Villages in Pakistan

French Vogue Editor Steps Down

Erik Prince Selling Blackwater

Spider-Man Delays Opening Again

Tourists Banned From Marijuana Bars?

Larry King's Last Interviews

California Adopts Cap-and-Trade

Sex Offenders Still Becoming Teachers

Senate to Vote on Don’t Ask Repeal

Assange Expects U.S. Spying Charges

N. Korea Warns South Against Drill

Congress Passes Tax Cut Deal

Inmate Executed with Animal Drug

WikiLeaks Inspires Sanitary Pad Ads

Bone Marrow Registry Hired Models

FL Guard Who Shot Gunman Back at Work

Harvard Impostor Guilty on 20 Counts

‘Killed’ Al Qaeda Resurfaces

Oil Panel: Sand Piles a Waste of Money

Carter: U.S. Ready for Gay President

House Democrats Delay Tax Vote

WikiLeaks' Assange Out of Jail

Artist Wants to Withdraw From Smithsonian Exhibit

Four Arrested for Insider Trading

Director Blake Edwards Dies

Red Cross: Afghan War Hits New Low

Black Swan’s Winona Ryder Says Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic and Homophobic

Senate Set to Repeal DADT

Facebook to Gross $2 Billion

King’s Speech, Fighter Lead SAG Nominations

Teen Girls Increasingly Sexualized on TV

European Leaders Grasp for Solution

Assange Freed

Kate and Will’s ‘Austerity Wedding’

Larry King Asks Final Question

Baseball Great Bob Feller Dies at 92

Is Twitter Worth $3.7 Billion?

Goldman Execs’ Big Pay Day

Congress Goes for All or Nothing

Admin: Afghan Pullout on Schedule

Most Americans Back Obama’s Moves

Feds Build Case Against Assange

MI Republican to Chair House Intelligence Panel

FBI Joins Hunt for NY Serial Killer

News of the World Scandal Went to the Top

Britain Denied Assange’s Bail

House Votes to Repeal DADT

'Spider-Man' Broadway Opening Delayed Again

‘Power-Sharing’ Deal in Iraq

Rip Torn Pleads Guilty Enters Deal After Alleged Bank Robbery

Computer Virus Delayed Iran's Nuclear Program

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, & More

U.S. Sues BP Over Gulf Spill

Senate Passes Tax-Cut Deal

Mark Madoff’s Wife Breaks Silence

Vick: 'I Miss Having a Dog'

GOP Senators Oppose Own Earmarks

Iran Mosque Attack Kills 39

‘Beauty Sleep’ Is No Myth

How Fox News Spun Climategate

Mark Zuckerberg Is Time’s Person of the Year

Researchers Identify Head of Henry IV

Bellagio Robbed of $1.5 Million

Kosovo PM Accused of Organ Harvesting

Winklevoss Twins Sued

Gunman Opens Fire on School Board

Obama Plans Staff Overhaul

House Tries to Amend Estate Tax

Intel on Afghan War Doubts U.S. Success

Yahoo to Slash 600 Jobs

Air Force Blocks News Sites

No Funeral for Mark Madoff

Dems Unveil $1.1 Trillion 2011 Budget

27 Die in Bangladesh Gap Factory Fire

Robin Givhan to Join Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Gunman Dead After School Board Shooting

N. Korea Outpaces Iran on Nukes

Dead Smoker's Family Gets $71M

Rahm: But I Keep My China There!

Holbrooke's Secret Disappointment

Doctors Claim Cured HIV Patient

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Break Up According to Report

Tim Davlin, Springfield Mayor Found Dead

House to Vote on DADT

Assange to Stay in U.K. Custody

Rome Riots After Berlusconi Vote

Assange Seeks Bail

Golden Globe Nominees Are In

Hugh Jackman Zip Lines Into Tower

2010’s Top YouTube Videos

Four Bodies Found on NY Beach

Cliff Lee Signs With Phillies

Three Vets File Suit Against DADT

Steele: 'I’m a Street Guy'

Obama Pushes Ahead With Health Care

Holbrooke's Last Words

House to Take Up Tax Deal

Assange Tops Time’s Online Poll

Dexter Co-Stars File for Divorce

U.S. Envoy Richard Holbrooke Dies

U.S. Guns Fuel Mexico Cartel Wars

Angle Starts New Tea Party PAC

Brett Favre's Starter Streak Ends

Convict Demands Festivus Meals

Senate Clears Tax-Cut Hurdle

Michael Steele Will Seek Second Term

Bernie Madoff to Miss Son's Funeral

Stockholm Bomb Detonated Early

Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges Presenters At Oscars 2011

Hollywood's 'Black List' Is Out

Scotland Yard Secretive About Phone Hacks

What You Tweeted About This Year

Court: Health-Care Law Unconstitutional

Obama Signs Nutrition Bill

Numbers Found in Mona Lisa's Eyes

Liz Hurley Splits From Husband

Black Swan's Record-Breaking Nominations

French Hostage Situation Over

New Explanation for Saturn’s Rings

Kindergarten Taken Hostage in France

2010's Quote of the Year Is...

True Grit a 'Charming' Comedy

Gawker Media Hacked

Holbrooke 'Fighting' After Surgery

Blizzard Shuts Down Midwest

Stockholm Bomber’s Released Tape

Senate Set to Pass Tax Deal

Swedish Terror Probe Turns to U.K.

S. Korean Ship Sinks in Antarctic

Social Network Tops L.A. Critics’ List

Homeless Man Builds Online Movement

Assange's Online Dating Profile Found

Obama Attends Starry Christmas Concert

Steele to Announce RNC Plans Monday

Car Bomb Kills Six U.S. Troops

Axelrod: Tax-Cut Deal Will Pass

Obama Predicted His Unpopularity

Sweden Launches Bomb Probe

Was Gawker Media Hacked?

Secret Elite Rule Derivative Trading

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Marry

Cam Newton Wins Heisman Trophy

African Smugglers Arrested in 4 Nations

Navy Tests Futuristic Weapon

Metrodome Roof Collapses

Election Spending Race Heats Up

Will Madoff Miss His Son's Funeral?

Biden Plays White House Enforcer

Midwest Snow Storms Gain Strength

Prince William and Kate Release Photos

Stockholm Blasts Kill One

Big Chill at the Big House: Michigan Hockey Game Breaks Record

Sarah Palin Arrives in Chaotic Haiti

WikiLeaks Hackers Back Off

Edwards' Daughter Gives Eulogy

Midwest Battered by Record Snow

U.N. Climate Change Talks Strike a Deal

U.S. Envoy Holbrooke in Critical Condition

Brokaw to Obama: Stop Smoking

Madoff's Son Kills Himself

Amanda Knox: 'I Am Unjustly Convicted'

John Edwards Won't Speak at Wife's Funeral

Glee Cast Gets Tonsillitis

Time Interviewed Palin via Email

Iranian Woman Coerced into TV Confession

Mexican Cartel Leader Believed Dead

Old Tapes Reveal Nixon's Rants

Hillary Will Push for Two-State Solution

Madoff Accomplice Sued for $19.6B

Joe Miller Loses Election Challenge

Boyfriend Arrested in NYC Designer’s Death

Teen Fell From Commercial Airplane

WikiLeaks Defectors: Rival Site Imminent

Bea Arthur Was a Marine

Bill Clinton Backs Obama’s Tax Deal

Sanders' Tax-Deal Filibuster Ends

Miley Cyrus Bong Salvia Video

Richard Holbrooke Hospitalized

Jillian Michaels Leaving Biggest Loser Twitter Announcement

Jury Convicts Smart’s Kidnapper

Virginia Tech Broke the Law

Columbia Prof Charged with Incest

Designer Found Dead in NYC's Soho House

Krauthammer: Obama Beat the GOP

Lawyer: U.S. to Indict Assange 

Policemen Found Guilty in Katrina Death

Chinese Dissident Kept from Nobel Prize

Obama Confident Deal Will Pass

Wesley Snipes Reports to Prison

Athletes Try to Cash in on Catchphrases

FAA Records in Utter Disarray

China Cracks Down on Dissidents

Presidential Hopefuls Take It Slow

Burma Building Secret Nuclear Site

White House Debates Mideast Policy

Tax-Cut Deal Price Tag: $868 Billion

Sarah Palin Will Visit Haiti

L.A. Porn Industry Clinic Shut Down

Ann Coulter: Keep DADT

Jazz Legend James Moody Dies at 85

Columbia Suspends Drug-Bust Frats

Salma Hayek: I Was an Illegal Immigrant

Iran Spares Woman From Stoning: Report

First WikiLeaks Hacker Arrested

Florida Pardons Jim Morrison

DADT Repeal Stalls in Senate

Obama to Meet With Bill Clinton

Pakistani Papers Trumpet Fake Cables

Bomb-Filled House Set Ablaze

Republicans Block 9/11 Health Bill

Prince Charles' Car Attacked

Confessions of a WikiLeaks Intern

Just One Cigarette Harms You

House Dems Vote Against Tax Deal

Hackers Threaten

Wisconsin Has Most Drunk Drivers

Howard Stern Re-Signs With Sirius

Mark Zuckerberg to Donate Fortune

Israel Fires Air Strikes on Gaza

The Color of 2011: Honeysuckle

Hey, That's My Cezanne

Assange Could Face U.S. Trial

Senate Dems Warm to Tax Deal

Facebook, Twitter in Hacker Melee

Is Netflix the 'Antichrist'?

Jailed Journalists at Recent High

Court Torn on Arizona Immigrant Law

House Passes $1T Budget

Flooding Closes Panama Canal

Final Midterm House, Gov Races Called

House Passes DREAM Act

Court: E-Cigarettes Same As Tobacco Ones

No Release for Nobel Winner

No Senate Vote on DADT

Chicago Jury Convicts Teen in Student’s Death

WikiLeaks' Supporters Launch Vast Cyberattack

MPAA Overturns Blue Valentine's NC-17 Rating

Ronni Chasen Murder Case Police Believe Harold Smith Is Guilty

First Private Rocket Returns From Orbit

Blake Lively: New Face of Chanel

Aretha Franklin Has Pancreatic Cancer

Bloomberg’s National Economic Platform

Aaron Sorkin Attacks Sarah Palin Over Moose Hunting on Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Senate to Vote on DADT

Arrest in Baltimore Bomb Plot

Hackers Take Down MasterCard

Port-au-Prince Riots Over Election

New Video Appears to Show Captured American

Derrick Burts, HIV-Positive Porn Actor Calls Out Industry

The First Chrome Laptop

More Tension at Parker-Spitzer

Lennon’s Final Interview Released

Texas Halts Death-Penalty Trial

Some Ex-Gitmo Detainees Turn to Terror

British Gov’t Bullied Into Lockerbie Release

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral Planned for Weekend

Liberals Continue to Buck Tax Deal

Obama, Biden Try to Sell Tax Cuts

Nigeria Charges Cheney in Bribery Case

Amazon to Launch New E-Book Store

New Diet Pill Nears FDA Approval

Cate Blanchett Joins Hobbit Cast

Austere Irish Budget Passes First Vote

Report: U.N. Brought Haiti’s Cholera

Elizabeth Edwards Dies at 61

Judge OKs al Qaeda Assassination

'Dead' Celebs Return to Twitter

U.S. Backtracks on Settlement Freeze

Obama Defends Tax Deal

Drug Bust Nets Five Columbia Students

New iPad to Ship in February?

Dems Point Fingers Over Tax-Cut Deal

WikiLeaks' Assange Denied Bail

Obama Needs to Become a Leader

Assange Arrested in Britain

Dexter Filkins Joins The New Yorker

Teen Hit Man Is U.S. Citizen

Gun Not Linked to Chasen Murder

Borders to Buy Barnes and Noble?

Sound Artist Wins Turner Prize

AT&T Is Worst Wireless Provider

Shanghai Tops Education Test

New $100 Bill Printed With Errors

Texas Protests Death-Penalty Trial

Was Obama’s Tax Deal Worth It?

Assange to Meet With British Police

Calif. Poised to Strike Down Prop 8

Aspirin Reduces Cancer Deaths: Study

Gov’t to Sell Last of Citi Stock

Sailor Busted Selling Secret Docs

Obama Announces Tax Cut Deal

Versace Murder Linked to Mafia Debts?

Texas Hears Death-Penalty Challenge

Two-Year Extension for Bush Tax Cuts

Krugman: Kill All the Tax Cuts

Gay Teens Punished More Harshly: Study

Elizabeth Edwards’ Cancer Spreads

McQueen Celebrated at British Fashion Awards

Google Conman Arrested

Boy, 14, Blamed for Israel Fires

Google Unveils New Phone

Football Legend Don Meredith Dies

Bernanke Warns of 'Two Societies'

Amber Heard and Tasya Van Ree Come Out at GLAAD Celebration

Supreme Court to Hear Walmart Suit

WikiLeaks Reveals Intel Locations

Continental Caused Deadly Concorde Crash

Petraeus Not 'Sure' of 2014 Victory

Oprah and Franzen Reunite

Queen Elizabeth’s Undies for Sale

Private Spaceship Attempts Launch

Kentucky to Build Noah’s Ark

Car Kills 8 Cyclists in Italy

AOL Mulls Breakup, Merger With Yahoo

Prop 8 Back on Trial

Dems Angry Over Tax-Cut Deal

Stars Celebrate Kennedy Center Honors

WikiLeaks Threatens to Leak All Files

Facebook Unveils New Profile Design

Bernanke: Overhaul the Tax Code

Chasen’s Brother: It Was Road Rage

Tangled Climbs to Top of Box Office

Congress Nearing Deal on Tax Cuts

Helen Thomas' School Scraps Award

Bristol Palin Slams Margaret Cho

Tourist Killed in Shark Attack

Iran's Nuclear Program Self-Sufficient

Unabomber's Montana Property for Sale

After Attack, S. Korean Island Is a Ghost Town

Kate Middleton Gets the Diana Treatment

Pakistan Issues Warrants Over Bhutto's Death

Iran Won't Stop Nuclear Enrichment

Chinese Gov't Ordered Widespread Hacking

Cables Off Limits to Gov't Workers

Obama Puts Foot Down on Tax Cuts

Obama: 70,000 Jobs in S. Korea Deal

Iran Rebuffs Clinton's 'Hello'

Jeter and Yankees Reach a Deal

Two Claims on Ivory Coast Presidency

The 25-Year Foreclosure Case

Republicans Stop Dem Tax Cut Bill

PayPal Cuts Off WikiLeaks

Two Dead in Moscow Plane Accident

Spanish Airport Workers Back on Job

New Tech Bubble May Burst

Cubs Legend Ron Santo Dies

Third Actor Injured in Spider-Man

Congress Quiets TV Ads

Abbas Threatens to Dissolve Palestinian Authority

Super PACs Spent $83.7M on Election

Disney Finally Offloads Miramax

Yemen Offered U.S. Forces 'Open Door'

Defense Firm Blocks 'WikiLeaks' URLs

Mexico Arrests 14-Year-Old Hitman

Groupon to Google: No Thanks

More Fires Break Out in Israel

Vermont Ski Bus Flips Over

U.S. Lands Trade Deal With S. Korea

Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Airplane

White House Announces 9 Pardons

Military Chiefs Spurn Pentagon on DADT

Droid Phone Explodes, Injures Man: Report

Famed Restaurateur Elaine Kaufman Dies

Lieberman Pushes Anti-WikiLeaks Bill

Will Apple Take On Console Games?

Panel Rejects Deficit Plan

Ben Sherwood to Lead ABC News

Obama Makes Surprise Trip to Afghanistan

11 Smuggled Girls Found at House

Bus Fire Engulfs 41 People

Celebration, FL Sees Second Death

Joe Miller Confronted on Missing Emails

Jobless Rate Rises to 9.8 Percent

Rig-Inspection Program Unchanged

LeBron Thumps Cleveland in Return

Angelina Jolie Defends Bosnia Film

Judge OKs MGM Bankruptcy Plan

Celebration, FL Deals With First Homicide

WikiLeaks Tries to Set Up in Switzerland

U.S. and Japan Begin Huge War Games

Obama, Republicans Plot Tax Cuts

Obama Pays Tribute to Hanukkah

JP Morgan Chase Suspected Madoff

WikiLeaks Exposes Shady Iran-Afghan Ties

House Votes Censure for Rangel

O’Donnell Signs Book Deal

House Extends Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Social Network Wins Oscar Bellwether

Glee Katie Couric Guest Appearance and Britney Spears Gwyneth Paltrow

Diller Buys IAC Control, Names CEO

NASA Unveils New Life Form

Cheney Charged in Bribery Case

Jobless Streak Likely to Hit Record

McCain: Don’t Lift DADT

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