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Articles April 2010

A Nation's Hopes Imperiled

The Immigrant Prison Nightmare

Meet America's Overworked Caregivers

Is Bob Dylan a Phony?

May 1: The Week in Viral Videos

Speed Read: Laura Bush's Memoir Revealed

Why We Must Defend Writers

This Week's Hot Reads

David Letterman on Regis and Kelly

Celebrating World Literature

Tech's 29 Most Powerful Colleges

Newspaper Wars: The Times vs. The Journal, Day 5

A Disaster's Silver Lining

Andrew Young Responds to Rielle Hunter on GMA

The Lipstick Portraits

How I Became a Hollywood Pariah

Marco Rubio on Crist Announcement on the Today Show

The Tea Party's Immigration Hypocrisy

Bad News for Fliers

The Phony Centrism of Charlie Crist

A Novel for Our Time

How Obama Wimped Out

Why I'll Miss Bill Moyers

Lindsay Lohan's Dad, Michael Lohan and their Twisted Relationship

Horror Movies: Stop Remaking Them!

Environmental Disaster, Political Disaster

The Dirty College Admissions Trick

The Yes List: Molly Ringwald—Still Pretty

Gov. Charlie Crist Announces Independent Run for Senate

Allen Ginsberg's Beat Memories

The King of Old-time Kitsch

Reille Hunter Discusses Sex Tape on Oprah

Week in Cartoons 4/29

Week in Red Carpet

Regis Philbin Dresses Up in Drag

The Charlie Crist Blame Game

Kennedy Movies

Week in Culture

Mark Levin's Big Lie

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Images of the Gulf's Disaster

Newspaper Wars: The Times vs. The Journal, Day 4

Texas' Gunslinging Governor

Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Won't Enforce Immigration Law

CNN Special on Haiti: Rescued

Sheila Johnson Slams BET

Good Riddance to a Worthless Pol

Gordon Brown's Disastrous Day

Robert Downy Jr. Turns Letterman into Iron Man

What Immigrant Crisis?

Anna Quindlen on Staying Happily Married

Life After Porn

A New Abortion Crackdown

Real Housewives Amazon Scam

Hollywood's Biggest Hustler

Bush Was Right

American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity

Glee: Beautiful

Pistol-Packin' Pols

Life After Porn

5 Classic Parliamentary Brawls

Ted Turner Slams Dick Parsons

Single-Parent Celebrity Adoptions

Mark Ryden's Old Tyme Art Show

Newspaper Wars: The Times vs. The Journal, Day 3

Michael Moore on Larry King

Viva La 1990s!

Obama's Awkward Homecoming

Lloyd Blankfein on GMA

Can the Author Survive the Internet?

Inside Lloyd Blankfein's Head

Top 6 Moments from Goldman Sachs' Testimony

The Most Corrupt Professions

A Wal-Mart Worker's Horror Story

The Books Powerful Women Love

Who Will Raise My Daughters?

A Man Who Could Be Me

Should Baby Boys Be Singing Beyoncé?

The Latino Backlash Begins

The Barbara Walters of Fox News?

The Hearing From Hell

Goldman Testimony: Lloyd Blankfein

Fresh Picks

What to Eat: Spring Comfort Foods

Goldman Testimony: Carl Levin

Sen. McCaskill Makes Gambling Metaphor at Goldman Hearings

How I Started a Boobquake

Corruption at the Movies

Dr. Phil on Letterman

Newspaper Wars: The Times vs. The Journal, Day 2

Stars Shine at Iron Man 2 Premiere

Jon Stewart on Arizona Immigration Law

L.A.'s Literary Weekend

Boobquake 2010: The 6 Best Protest Videos

My Hair Metal Hero

Ken Lay Lives!

Surprising Hollywood Stumble for CBS' Les Moonves

When Mistresses Attack!

Thailand on the Brink

MTV's Mr. Nice Guy

Slow Down, Obama!

The Biggest Kennedy Myth

Priest Sex-Tape Horror

Randy Jackson Bags Groceries on Oprah

Joe Zee's Favorite Things

The Power of Picasso

Where Children Have No Rights

Allen Ginsberg's Beat Memories

The New Leading Ladies of TV News

Woody Allen's Leading Ladies

Christopher Walken on Regis and Kelly

Newspaper War!

Richard Shelby on Good Morning America

Bill Kristol and Juan Williams Argue on Fox News Sunday

Put a Mom on the Court

The J-Lo Implosion

Broadway Cheers for Cheating

Goldman Girds for War

Will Goldman Dump Blankfein?

Say 'Hell No' to Arizona

Eyewitness to the Firing Squad

Hate the Law, Not Arizonans

What You Thought You Knew About the Pill

Sen. Corker: Republicans ‘Very Likely’ to Block Financial Reform Debate

Obama Speaks at Memorial Service for Miners

Dominique Browning on Reliable Sources

April 25: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Larry Summers Talks Economic Reform on Face the Nation

Geithner Talks Economic Reform

McConnell on Filibustering Supreme Court Nominee

Reliable Sources Pundits on Clinton and Limbaugh

Dodd on Economic Reform: We’re Close

Eliot Spitzer on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Untarnished Figures

Spitzer's Tale of Redemption

Gov. Granholm on the Economy

Bill Maher Dons Tea Bagger Hat

Exclusive Excerpt: MLK's Haunting Final Hours

Goodbye to My Breasts

Jim Lehrer's Cross-Country Fantasy

The Pentagon Prayer Fight

Wall Street Will Reform Washington

Gary Gilmore

The Right Way to Help Haiti Now

David Axelrod talks about Obama's Diet on Jay Leno

Palin Talks with Greta Van Susteren about Hacking Testimony

April 24: The Week in Viral Videos

Dead Cool: Ian Dury

What J. Lo's Movie Gets Wrong

Wake Up, Tavis Smiley

We Need a New Ross Perot

Mexico's Man in Arizona

Obama Calls Immigration Law Misguided

Edwards to Testify About Sex Tape

Jennifer Lopez's Best and Worst Looks (Photos)

Scott Brown Talks About Winking On The Today Show

$80,000 for a Day With Bill Clinton!?

Will Ferrell Cameos on 30 Rock

Week in Cartoons

Vh1: Surreal Life Mini Me

Vh1: Rock of Love America

Vh1: Real Chance of Love Barfight

Vh1: Pick Up Artist Sexologist

Vh1: Flavor of Love Poop

Vh1: Charm School

Stephen Colbert on Lindsey Graham Rumors

Feeling Good About Yourself?

What Goldman's 'Victim' Knew

Stand With South Park!

Twitter Creates a New Star

The Yes List—Tribeca Film Fest Comes to Your Living Room

Tribeca's Controversial Muslim Comedy

America's Economy Not Coming Back

The Midterms Don't Matter

Oprah's Cousin Bashes Book

Nick Clegg's Closing Remarks in Second British Debate

This Week's Culture Feast

Animal Face Offs

Obama's Phony Bank Debate

Obama Delivers Wall Street Address

The Best of Brit Lit

Lin Yu and William Shatner on George Lopez

The Art of Voyeurism

The Cult of Tut

The Week in Red Carpet

Joe Biden on the View: The F-Bomb

Joe Biden on the View: Sarah Palin

Picasso at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Why Is Jacques Cousteau's Granddaughter Driving John McCain's Bus?

Tim Geithner on GMA

Goldman's Dirty Customers

New York's Next First Lady?

My Favorite Environmental Books

Obama's Green Guy

A Primer on the Goldman Sachs Scandal

Who Needs a Party?

Murder Threatens Mandela's Dream

Our Drowning Planet

The Dangers of Digital Detoxing

Why Goldman Will Settle

Is the Party Over?

Are Fashion Bloggers Selling Out?

Bernard Goldberg to Jon Stewart: Man Up

Michael Smerconish Interviews Russell Pearce

Trailer: The Back-up Plan

Trailer: Knight and Day

Glee: Like a Virgin

My Favorite Environmental Books

The Grim Truth About Africa

The Media's Golf Double Standard

Our Drowning Planet

Elizabeth Warren Talks Bank Reform

In Sook Kim: Inside Out

A Tween Star Does Lennon

Morning Joe Cantor on Crist

Jon Stewart Responds to Bernie Goldberg with Gospel Choir

A Murdoch Top Editor: How I Kicked Booze

What Made Twain Famous

Why the Tea Party Isn't Touching Financial Reform

Harvard's Alcohol Amnesty Policy

Britain's New Political Superstar

Obama's 7 Broken Promises

Why Democrats Should Blame Themselves for the Tea Party

A Hollywood Wife's Sexy Alter-Ego

The SEC's Dangerous Gamble

Al Pacino's Emmy Nominated Peformance as Jack Kevorkian

5 Recipes for Foraged Foods

Rush Limbaugh on Goldman Conspiracies

Liz Gillies Singing Jealous Guy

Green Giants: Steven Chu

MacGruber Cast Cameos on WWE Monday Night Raw

Oops! Lost and Found Disasters

Al Pacino: Author! Author!

Goldman Sachs Animation

Shep Smith on Fox in the Elevators

Al Pacino: Cruising

Mark Halperin Talks Financial Reform on Morning Joe

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Mayor?

What Does Ron Burkle Want With Miramax?

Fox News' Bernie Goldberg Hits Back at Jon Stewart

Paranoia on Patriots' Day

Damages' Bloody Finale

Ghouls of Wall Street

The Best Stoner Novels

America's Most Stoned Cities

Sarah Silverman on Getting Old and Having Kids

Inside Paulson's Deal with Goldman

The Queering of Ryan Seacrest

Memo to America: Stop Murdering My People

Gibbs: I Love the Press

The Terrorist We Keep Killing

The Irrefutable Moral Case Against Goldman

Paranoia on Patriots' Day

Washington Post Video of Open Carry Rally

Polanski Begs Obama for Mercy

Russia's New Push for Power

King Tut NYC

Fox and Friends on Clinton Limbaugh Feud

Al Pacino on Sixty Minutes

Elena Kagan's Achilles' Heel

Today's Holiday of Hate

John McCain on the Maverick Label on Fox News Sunday

Rise of the Fembots

Mystery in a Chinese Mine

Stop Talking Down to Iran

The Race Dividing Women

Amanda Knox: Shocking New Case Twist

Steven Seagal Under Siege

Exclusive Georgia May Jagger Video

Goldman's Shell Game

Jerry Springer Wants His Privacy

The Hottest Films at Tribeca

April 18: 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

Scott Brown talks about the Tea Party on Face the Nation

Timothy Geithner talks about the Tea Party on Meet the Press

This Week Roundtable

Bill Clinton Responds To Rush Limbaugh on this Week

Robert Gibbs Discusses Twitter on Reliable Sources

Gal with a Suitcase

Obama's Cautious Gay Strategy

Mitch McConnell on State of the Union

Flying Into the Threat

Sexual Orientation and the Supremes

Bill Maher's New Rule On Russian Adoption

The Fallacy of 'Fraud'

Assessing Obama’s Nuclear Summit

Immigration Policy Gone Loco

The Future of Poland

Adoption's Dirty Secret

Evelyn Waugh's Grandson on the Secret Behind 'Brideshead'

How Restaurants Get You Drunk

What's Lucy Liu Doing in the Congo?

Pot Smoking Cities

Tracy Morgan on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Where Will the Cloud Go?

April 17: The Week in Viral Videos

2 Million-Year-Old Woman

Goldman's Dirty Pool

The Stingiest Politicians

Bill Clinton on the Situation Room

Bin Laden's Death Wish

This Week's Hot Reads

Russell Crowe On Oprah

Celebrity Fembots

George Lopez on the Early Show

Amanda Knox Timeline

Celebrities Who Didn't Go To Prom

Week in Cartoons

Chris Dodd's Toothless Reform

Willie Nelson Stoned on Larry King

Liberals Crash the Tea Party

The First Steps to Getting Involved

The Viagra Brigade

The Best of Brit Lit

The Truth About the Tea Party

Victoria Jackson Performs at Tea Party Rally

The Yes List—David Byrne and Fatboy Slim's Imelda Marcos Musical

Will Viacom Soon Be for Sale?

What Happened to Demi?

The Tea Party's Phony Populism

The British Debate: 6 Standout Moments

British Debate: Nick Clegg on Immigration

British Debate: David Cameron on Health Care

British Debate: Nick Clegg on the Economy

British Debate: David Cameron on Education

British Debate: David Cameron on Reforming Parliament

The Battle for Britain

Britain's Version of 'Yes We Can'

British Debate: Gordon Brown on Afghanistan

Britain's Third-Party Surge

Gordon Brown Scores an Upset

Double Takes: Photographing Celebrities Through Time

Michael Crichton's Pop Masterpieces

Week in Red Carpet

Dispatches From the Tea Party Express

Dispatches From the Tea Party Express

Enchanted Palace

Michelle Obama on the Today

At Last, the Truth About Tea Partiers

Week in Culture

Celebs in Disguise

Tracy Morgan on Tonight Show

Match Prints

Volcanic Ash: The Extraordinary Air Travel Emergency

Jon Stewart on the Fox News Logo Controversy

The Best New Writers

A Crazy Immigration Law

Tax Day Fools

Hanging Out with Ian McEwan: Full Transcript

Hanging Out With Ian McEwan

Hanging Out with Ian McEwan: The Full Interview

Let the Democrats Win

Tonight, Britain's Future Is Up for Debate

Tea Party Fashion

Hollywood Busts a Taboo

Celeb Homes for Cheap

McCain: Pull the Trigger on Iran

Ian McEwan: Keep Gordon Brown

A Shocking Letter From the Congo

Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

How Not to Respond to an Earthquake

Tea Party Fashion

Celebrity Homes

Nic Cage Takes on Adam West at Batman Trivia

Hillary's Powersuits

Ben Nelson Interviewed by Greta Van Susteren

The Next Nuclear Nightmare

Are Power Pantsuits the Solution?

CNN's Ratings Spin

FDR's Court Shenanigans

Glee: Hello Goodbye

A Militia Reboots

Inside Obama's Supreme Strategy

Speed Read Kitty Kelley's Oprah Bio

Time Warner Goes to War

The Downing Street Wives Club

5 Things You Need to Know About Grass-Fed Beef

What to Eat: Eating Green for Earth Day

Obama Hires a Clooney Confidant

Fresh Picks

Stars Who Dared to Go Bare


McConnell on Banker Bailouts

Labor's Undisputed New King

Kate Gosselin Defends Parenting on Today

Michael Crichton's Pop Masterpieces

Most Influential Fashion Bloggers

Stephen Colbert Interviews WikiLeaks Founder

Michelle Bombshell McGee Apologizes

Armida at the Met

Bring on Hillary

A Nukes Guru Backs Obama

Why Crime Novelists Don't Get Women

Hate Stirs Rise in Political Death Threats

Will Obama End the Nuclear Era?

Do Israelis Exist?

The Pope's Enablers

Scott Brown's Hilarious Dance With the Tea Party

Conan's Basement Talk Show

Conan's Smart Deal

A Movie Breaks the Abortion Taboo

Barbara Walters on Naked Performance Art


Celebrity Gleeks

Jennifer Love Hewitt on her First Date

Inside Conan's TBS Deal

Politicians Killed in Plane Crashes

Will Blanche Lincoln Oppose the Dems Again?

Orrin Hatch Suggests Clinton For The Supreme Court

Waxman vs Wolff

Haley Barbour Defends Bob McDonnell

Make a Difference with Friends and Family

Obama's No Drama, Un-Bush Nuke Summit

Poland's Demons Haunt It Again

Showdown at ABC

Will Bush Be the Next Truman?

Who's Hu?

Supreme Surprises

Getting Off on Facebook

Tennessee's Adoption Outrage

Sarah Palin Steals the Show

Pakistan's Daring Fashion Week

Stay Frumpy, Tina Fey!

The 100 Happiest Colleges

David Simon on State of the Union

China's Reign Ends Tomorrow

April 11: 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

Hillary Clinton on This Week

Patrick Leahy on Meet the Press

Hillary Clinton on Face the Nation

Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday

Gates on Face the Nation

The 100 Happiest Colleges

Poland Tries to Cope

Beast Debate: Should the Veil Be Banned?

The Veil Is Un-Islamic

Haley Barbour on Gingrich's Radical Comment

Poland Mourns

A Bordertown Drug-Murder Mystery

David Remnick's 'Bridge' to Obama: The Full Interview

David Remnick's 'Bridge' to Obama

David Remnick's 'Bridge' to Obama: Full Transcript

Will the Female Condom Ever Catch On?

Chris Rock Talks Health Care

Gordon Brown on Polish Air Crash

The Real Void Stevens Leaves

Say Hello to Spring!

Health Care Strangles Bank Reform!

Speed Dating the Supreme Court

The Easygoing Flair of San Francisco

Polish Prime Minister Speaks after Plane Crash

Poland's Deadly Decision

Shep Smith: Was Qatari Diplomat Smoking Weed?

The Real Reason Stupak Quit

The World's 9 Best 'Idols'

Break Dancing's Big Break?

April 10: The Week in Viral Videos

How Miners Talk About Death

Amanda Knox: Interview with 'Angel Face' Author Barbie Latza Nadeau

My Disney Cruise from Hell

Obamacare and the Fight for Stevens' Seat

The Week in Cartoons

This Week's Hot Reads

Elizabeth Taylor's Many Men

Pakistan Fashion Week

California's Most Expensive Divorce?

You Call This a Liberal?

A Justice With Boundaries

Militia Babes

Tracy Morgan on the Marriage Ref

Week in Culture

The New Political Violence

Obama on Confederate History Month

Olbermann on Avlon

The Psychological Strategy of the Tiger Ad and Why It Will Backfire

Inside the Desperate Housewives Drama

Meet Mr. Mining Disaster

Nathan Lane's Final Musical?

The Wire Creator's New Show Debuts Tonight

Patricia Cornwell Finally Makes a Movie

Women Fight Back: Don't Ban the Veil!

The Yes List – Sharon Jones Brings Her Retro Groove Back

The Dirty Secret of Unemployment

Prisoner of the Taliban

Michelle Bachmann on CNN

The Last Vietnam War Epic

Chris Rock on David Letterman

The Father of Photojournalism

Henry Darger's Private World

Week in Red Carpet 4/9

How the Uprising Happened

Tiger Woods' First Swing at Masters

Say Hello to Spring!

Howard Stern Responds to Peter Lauria Article Full

Howard Stern Responds to Peter Lauria Article

The Evolution of Tina Fey

How Nike Exploits Tiger Woods' Dead Father

The GOP's Trip to Tiffany's

Jon Stewart Interviews Puppet Michael Steele

The GOP's Confederate Madness

Tween Girls Hijack Idol

Top Reaganite Backs Obama Nuke Plan

The 20 Most Dangerous Jobs

My First Time With the iPad

America's Afghan Women Problem

The American Terrorist Obama Wants to Kill

The New Wonder Women of Comics

Enough with the Overalls!

Sarah Palin Stumps for Michele Bachmann

Kyrgyzstan Protests

The Best of Brit Lit

Beware the Overalls!

Dangerous Jobs

The Man Behind WikiLeaks

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century

Mindy Kaling on Craig Ferguson

The Need for New Nuclear Weapons

Greenspan Testifies to Congress

Steve Carell on David Letterman

Why Coal Miners Still Die

Amanda Knox: Student Killer's Strange Behavior

Obama's Nuke Plan Doesn't Go Far Enough

5 Recipes From a Top Chef Master

Jihadists' Palestinian Rallying Cry

What to Eat: Spring Salads

How to Sober Up Washington

How Visa Predicts Divorce

Can This Blogger Unseat Barbara Boxer?

Obama Is Weakening America

Real Housewives' Unlikely Villain

The Michael Steele Mess Isn't About Race

Prince William's Fiancé, Kate Middleton, Princess in the Making

Erykah Badu and Eight Other Naked Music Videos

Massey Energy CEO on Mine Explosion

Steve Carell and Tina Fey on Oprah

Fresh Picks

Celebrity Diplomacy

Regis Philbin's iPad

Mining Disasters and Rescues

Jane Fonda Discusses Plastic Surgery on Larry King Live

Caller Pranks Shep Smith

Princess in the Making

Kate Gosselin Dances to Paparazzi on DWTS

Reader Chat: The Daily Beast Hosts Barbie Nadeau, Author of Angel Face

West Virginia Mining Tragedy

President Obama Speaks About Mining Disaster

Prince William, Kate Middleton Engagement: Tina Brown on Their Date

Why No One Wants Miramax

The Woman Behind Tiger's Other Women

My Date With Bill Clinton

Justice Stevens Should Quit Now

The Elin Strategy

Don't Call Us Mavericks!

Brits Get Ready to Rumble

Has Rome Lost Faith in the Pope?

The Cooking Show That Outdoes Top Chef

It's Time to End Africa's Mass Rape Tragedy

David Mills' Gift to Television

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Glenn Beck's Chairman Mao Puppet

Tiger Woods Masters Press Conference

D'Angelo: How Does It Feel

Obama Throws Out First Baseball Pitch

The Private Collection of Henry Darger

Tiger Returns

Blagojevich in 2012?

Will Obama Screw the Left Again?

Michael Steele Defends Himself on GMA

The Best Books on Baseball

The 50 Most Stressful Colleges

5 Secrets of the iPad

Time for Palin to Embrace Her Gender

An Iranian Secret Agent's Message to America

Stuck With Karzai

Leave the Pope Alone

Should Charlie Sheen Get a Raise?

Ai Weiwei on Censorship in China

Iron Man 2 Clip

April 4: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Kevin McCarthy On Michael Steele

Jane Harman Talks KSM on Meet the Press

Specter, Kyl Discuss Possible Supreme Court Filibuster

Christina Romer On Meet The Press

What Was She Thinking?

Andrew Sullivan Talks With Fareed Zakaria

Alan Greenspan On the Momentum In the Economy

McEwan's Best Novel Ever

Larry Summers says the trend has turned

Erykah Badu on Wanda Sykes

Israel's Censorship Scandal

Easter Around the World

Is Democracy Dead in Russia?

Next Year's Hot Baby Names

Death of the White House Press Corps

Nathan Lane Talks About Performing for the First Family

iPad: Love It or Loathe It?

Gal With a Suitcase

Ted Strickland on John King USA

St. Paul's Pedophilia Scandal

Russia's Terror Panic Attack

Anti-Obama Doc on Neil Cavuto

Paris Hilton Wrote Obama's Energy Plan. Really.

The New Real World

April 3: The Week in Viral Videos

The Dems' Cash Cow

Has China Gone Mad?

This Week's Hot Reads

Chris Matthews Calls Rush Limbaugh A Walrus

Bust Up the Banks

History of the Condom

Week in Cartoons

Cars of the Future

Photos: Frances McDormand’s Unconventional Style

Girl Rejected from Three Colleges on GMA

Best of Late Night 4/1

The Week in Red Carpet

Obama on the Early Show

The Militiaman Next Door

Stephen Colbert Plays with iPad

Blow Up the GOP

Amanda Knox: What the Media Got Wrong About the Student Killer

The Top 25 Centrist Columnists and Commentators

Prosecute the Pope

When Christianity Turns Violent

The Making of a Teen Idol

Confessions of a Hollywood Republican

Hollywood's New Macho Man

The Murder Heating Up McCain's Campaign

The Yes List – A 21st-Century Breakup Movie

The Best of Brit Lit

Obama Compares Pundits to Farmers

How Matisse Became Matisse

This Week's Culture Feast

Rebecca Black Friday Led to Bullying & More Bullied Celebrity Photos

Celebrity Nazi Scandals

Bill Maher on Leno Tonight Show

Family Business

Ricky Gervais on David Letterman

The Edison Awards

Ryan Seacrest's American Idol Prank

Tim Geithner on Today Show

Getting Hit with the Hitler Card

Wingnuts Excerpt-Bush Derangement Syndrome