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Articles December 2011

Sydney's Spectacular New Year Show

New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World

Top Stories of 2011: The Charlie Sheen Meltdown

Top Stories of 2011: Osama Bin Laden Killed

Rick Perry’s Last-Ditch Iowa Strategy

New Year's Resolutions for the Republican Presidential Candidates

A Very Indie New Year

Best Music Albums of 2011: The Weeknd, Drake, Britney Spears, and More

Michele Bachmann Smiles Through

Los Angeles Fires: Officials Race to Identify the Arsonist

Drinks That Make You the Most Hungover

The Truth Behind Organic Kid Foods

Organic Kid Food Myths

Books to Brighten Your New Year

Eric Alterman: What Liberals Want From Iowa’s Caucuses

America’s Worst Drivers: The States, Gender, With the Most Accidents

An Economist’s Guide to Dieting and Burning Calories

U.S. Officials Holding Secret Talks With the Taliban in Qatar

The Daily Beast News Test: 10 Questions on the Newsmakers of 2011

Janet Malcolm: Free Associations

Old Anxieties Get a New Life: Artist Janet Malcolm Digs Up Ancient Case Files From a Mystery Psychiatrist

North Korea’s Craziest Retouched Photos: Giant Man, Missing Cameramen

Gingrich’s Daughter Jackie on What Made Newt Cry

Top Stories of 2011: The Arab Spring

Newt Gingrich Tears Up While Talking About His Mother, Kit (Video)

Gingrich Claims of Veracity in Divorces Don’t Hold Up

Newt Gingrich's Waterworks

Muammar Gaddafi’s Daughter Hires an Israeli Lawyer to Push for Investigation

Did Iraqis Snooker NY Times?

Top Stories of 2011: Occupy Wall Street

NewsBeast: The Year in Pop Culture

How Occupy Wall Street Flashed New York Back to 9/11

Election Oracle Methodology

Rick Perry Lashes Out...With a Cartoon

Bill Clinton vs. Obama? Democrats Need to Go Centrist for 2012

As Newt Gingrich Fades, Rick Santorum Surges Ahead in Iowa

Hugo Chávez Claims U.S. Gives Leaders Cancer and More Crazy Quotes

How Religious Websites Pitch Sex Toys to the Pious (Photos)

‘Holy’ Sex Toys?

2011 Outrages of the Year: Donald Trump, Obama’s Populism, Sandusky

16 Best Kisses of 2011: Glee’s Kurt and Blaine, Harry Potter’s Ron and Hermione, and more (Photos)

Great Weekend Reads: December 30, 2011

Ron Paul Got a Free Pass From the Press Until His Polls Soared

In His First Interview, Saif al-Islam Says He Has Not Been Given Access to a Lawyer

Most Effective Diets for 2012, from Weight Watchers to Vegan (Photos)

Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012, From Atlanta to Boston (Photos)

Fun Facts About the Burj Khalifa, World’s Tallest Building (Photos)

Adam Sandler in ‘Jack and Jill’ and More 2011 Worst Movie Performances

7 Foods, Drinks, and Habits You Can Stop Worrying About

Stand Aside, Tom Cruise: The Real Star of ‘Ghost Protocol’ Is the Dubai Skyscraper He Scales

Bachmann: 'I'm a Pretty Good Shot'

Egyptian Government Invades Human Rights Organization Offices

Romney vs. 'Sesame Street'

Top Stories of 2011: The Royal Wedding

Michele Bachmann: I Can Still Win! (Video)

Top Stories of 2011: Sex Scandals of the Year

NewsBeast: The Year in Sex Scandals

Bachmann's Still in It to Win It

The New York Times’s Subscriber Fiasco and More Biggest Email Blunders

African-American Actresses Decry the Lack of Good Roles

Why ‘Manscaping’ Isn't Just for Porn Stars Anymore

The Most Overlooked Movies of 2011: ‘Warrior,’ ‘Weekend,’ ‘Like Crazy,’ and More (Videos)

2012 Political Predictions From Michael Tomasky, Paul Begala, More Beast Contributors

In Bolivia, Serving a Prior Government Can Make You a Political Prisoner

Hunger Games, Nicki Minaj, and More Most Anticipated of 2012 (Photos)

Obama’s Nightmare: Reelected in 2012 but Republicans Take the Senate

Ultra-Orthodox Attacks on Israel’s Women Linked to Arab Inequality

Iran’s Dangerous Game of Chicken on the Straits of Hormuz, Sanctions

Ron Paul’s Rise Hurts the GOP and Helps Obama

Can Juries Ignore ‘Immoral’ Laws by Nullifying Them?

Stars Who Died in 2011: Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs, Heavy D, More

Hollywood’s Animal Acting Legends: Cheetah, Lassie, More (Photos)

American Dreams: The 20th Century in Novels

Amin Maalouf’s Disordered World Is Swansong of Old Middle East

Ron Paul's List

FLOTUS Breaks It Down On 'iCarly'

Twitter Erupts Over New York Times Email Blunder

Russian Opposition Leader Demands New Elections

2012's Political Rising Stars

The U.S. Is Busy Building Supercomputers, but Needs Someone to Run Them

Thousands of Iraqi translators who worked for American troops live in fear

The 'Dear Leader' Is Laid to Rest

Thousands Mourn Kim Jong-il in North Korea (Video)

Top Stories of 2011: The Death of Steve Jobs

Top Stories of 2011: The Fight to Win the GOP Nomination

NewsBeast: What Did Occupy Wall Street Accomplish?

Flick Picks: Best Movies of 2011

Flick Picks: Worst Movies of 2011

Anne Hathaway Does Splits for Meryl

What Are Your Twitter Followers Worth, and Who Owns Them?

America’s Drunkest Cities of 2011, From Las Vegas to Boston (Photos)

Occupy Wall Street: How Cash Has Corrupted Congress

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner Defies Party to Engage GOP on a Deficit deal

‘The Artist,’ ‘Hugo,’ and the History of Movies About Movies

Criminal Santas: Grapevine Murders, Bank Robberies, More (Photos)

Flick Picks: 2011’s Best and Worst Movies (Video)

Sen. Ben Nelson’s Retirement Signals Twilight of Blue Dog Democrats

10 Outrageous Ron Paul Quotes

Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum Go Extreme on Abortion

U.S., Israel Discuss Triggers for Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure

Ron Paul: Cult Hero or Legitimate Contender?

2011’s Best and Worst Dressed Stars: Nicki Minaj, Kardashians (Photos)

1995 Ron Paul vs. 2011 Ron Paul

Egyptian Court Bans Army’s ‘Virginity Tests,’ Calls Them Degrading

Regis Philbin: NBC Page?

Beware Hollywood Memoirs: They’re Dull and Overrated

Victoria Jackson as a ‘PolitiChick’

Top Stories of 2011: Child Abuse Scandal at Penn State

Top Stories of 2011: The Death of Muammar Gaddafi

NewsBeast: Really, Mitt?

The Secret to Meryl Streep's Success

It’s High Time for Conception: Studies Show Peak Times, Weather for Sex

Adepero Oduye, ‘Pariah’s’ Scene Stealer

The Iowa Caucus Will Begin to Thin the GOP Field

How Newt Gingrich Crashed and Burned When He Was House Speaker

Michael Tomasky: Why Mitt Romney’s Opportunity Tack Won’t Work

Peter Beinart: How Ron Paul Will Change the GOP in 2012

2011 News Quiz: Test Yourself, From Occupy to Osama to Oops

‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and Other Best TV Deaths of 2011

2012 Economic Outlook: Why Things Are Better Than We Think

7 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Losing Weight

Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera & More 2011 Celebrity Meltdowns (Photos)

Scientific Advances of 2011

President Obama Gets a Mouthful

Top Stories of 2011: Oprah Says Farewell

Top Stories of 2011: Phone Hacking Scandal Rocks U.K.

NewsBeast: The Arab Spring in Review

Rick Santorum's VH1 Flashback

Sarah Shourd, One of the Three American Hikers Freed from Prison in Iran, Sounds Off

Political Rising Stars of 2012: Elizabeth Warren, Kelly Ayotte (Photos)

Edward Burns, Director of Newlyweds, on the Changing Face of Indie Film Distribution

Twelve Unusual Christmas Reads

Zach and Donald's Christmas Duet

How Does Andrew Pray?

The Obamas' Christmas Message

The British Royal Family’s Christmas

Will Hizbullah Get Syria’s WMD if Assad Goes Down?

Obama: I Have Hawaiian Laziness

Apps for Kids Who Love to Read: Moonbot Studios, Touch Press, and More

How is Andrew's Wheat-Free Life Going?

Top Stories of 2011: Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty

R.Patz Plays Dirty in 'Bel Ami'

Best Christmas Lights Displays, Starring Elvis, the Grinch, More (Video)

Post Office Is Drowning in a Sea of Red Ink

Rick Perry Pounces, HBO Takes On 'Game Change,' 'The Dark Knight' Finally Rises, and More Viral Videos

David Beckham to Paris: Why Soccer Star Should Stay in Los Angeles

The Forgotten Cold War: 20 Years Later, Myths About U.S. Victory Persist

Jim Sensenbrenner Slurs First Lady Instead of Addressing Her Issues

Greek Hospitals Have Turned Away Expectant Mothers Who Can't Pay

Glen Maxey’s Salacious Book: The Hot Rick Perry Story That Wasn’t

The Postal Service Is Fighting for Its Life and Should Be Saved

Prince Philip Hospitalized: Doctors Report Success in Clearing Blocked Artery

Obama: We Have A Lot More Work

Kateri Tekakwitha: First Indigenous Saint’s Story

Iraq Back on the Brink: Maliki's Sectarian Crisis of His Own Making

Ron Paul Heads to Middle Earth

Taliban Welcome Biden's 'Not our Enemy' Remark

Would Andrew Ever Leave DC?

The Real Gold Hollywood Craves Is Academy Awards, Not Box Office

Newt and Callista Get Into the Spirit

Neti Pots and Other Worst Oprah Winfrey Endorsements (Photos)

Year in Lindsay Lohan Trial Fashion (Photos)

How Two Incidents of Alleged Racism in English Soccer Have Shocked the Sport

Wim Wenders Talks About His 3-D Pina Bausch Documentary

As the Troops Come Home From Iraq, Here’s a Holiday Gift You Can Give

Prince Harry’s Holidays: David Beckham, Drums, Drinks and Duty

Brain-Eating Amoeba Cases Puzzle and Worry Scientists

Surprising Christmas History From the Date to Origins of St. Nicholas

Michael Tomasky: Time for Ron Paul to Fully Answer Racism Charges

Homeland, Justified, Downton Abbey & More: The Best and Worst TV Shows of 2011

Will a Reelected President Obama Face More Gridlock in 2013?

Christmas Cats (Photos)

Spectacular Christmas Trees, From Warsaw to the White House (Photos)

Prince Harry’s Playboy Year: Royal Wedding, Las Vegas, Croatia (Photos)

Top Stories of 2011: The 72-Day Kardashian Marriage

Top Stories of 2011: The Big Downgrade

Did Boehner Cave on the Tax Cut?

Whitney Cummings, Selena Gomez & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Bradley Manning Awaits Army’s Decision on Whether to Court-Martial Him

Best Coffee-Table Books 2011

In Afghanistan, Furious Reaction to Biden’s Newsweek Comments

Campaign Chronicles: Super PAC Hypocrisy

Vaclav Havel Was Torn Between Socialism and Freedom

China’s Coverage of North Korea Is Bizarrely Glowing

Top Stories of 2011: Computer Wins on 'Jeopardy!'

Newt Gingrich’s Bipolar Mother Kit Gingrich and His Difficult Childhood

Perry's Campaign Ad Drop-In

Should We Limit Campaign Finances?

The Cheat Sheet: Everybody Hates Kris

Huntsman’s Late Night Rock Show

Fariba Nawa: Why the Taliban Is Still My Enemy

Racist Dutch Magazine Insults Rihanna and All Black Women Lose Out

Could Andy Serkis Win an Oscar for Planet of the Apes?

Live Chat: Peter Boyer on Newt Gingrich

Why the Tea Party Loves Gingrich Despite Suspicions About His Record

America’s Worst Drivers (photos)

The North Korea Whisperer: Rib-Cooking New Jersey Restaurateur Bobby Egan

Philly Sportswriter Bill Conlin’s Shame: Accused of Child Molestation

NewsBeast: Take the Heat, Ron Paul!

Arrests of Service Men Raises Question of Racism in Soldier’s Death

What Condi Rice Would Bring to the Republican Ticket

Adam Johnson Recalls North Korea: A Country with No Books

Pakistan’s Jihadist Threat: Obama’s Terrorism Challenge in 2012

DSK’s Wife Says She Will Head French Version of the Huffington Post

Lawsuit Over a Bad NYU Grade? Put James Franco in Detention!

The Republicans’ Payroll Tax Gift to Obama

Coca –Cola, M&M’s, & More Classic Holiday Commercials (VIDEO)

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Christmas Gift to Obama

Fake Mark Zuckerberg Rotem Guez on Why He Changed His Name

Ron Paul's Interview Throwdown

Vanessa Files for Divorce From Kobe, and Other Scandals of NBA WAGs (Photos)

Allen West, Austin Scott, and More Republican Freshman ‘Kamikazes’ (Photos)

Bradley Manning’s Betrayer, Adrian Lamo, Testifies at Pretrial Hearing

Has the Committee to Protect Journalists Betrayed Turkey’s Journalists?

Christmas Trees on Fire: The Best PSA (VIDEO)

The Palin Movie You Actually Want to See

Laura Hillenbrand’s Acclaimed Bestsellers Haven’t Changed Her

Embracing ‘Braveheart,’ GOP Pols Seem Infatuated With Martyrdom

Campaign Chronicles: Republican Revolt

Obama’s Latest Poll Numbers Force a Change in GOP Rhetoric

NewsBeast: Kim Jong-What?

President Reagan And AIDS

Awkward Chanukah Moments From Obama, Rick Perry, Jerry Brown, and Others

The Cheat Sheet: The Most Obscene Real Estate Deal Ever?

Feminism and Margaret Thatcher

CNN Host Piers Morgan is Grilled at British Press Ethics Inquiry

James Kirchick on How Biden Gets it Wrong (Again) in Newsweek

President Obama: Fourth-Best President?

Tariq al-Hasemi’s Arrest Warrant Sparks Iraqi Political Feud

Flick Picks: War Horse

Flick Picks: The Adventures of Tintin

Flick Picks: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

How the Republicans Blew the Payroll Tax Debate

Biden Taliban Remark Draws Heat From 9/11 Rescuer Whose Son Died in WTC

I Hate the Taliban, Afghan War vet says, but Biden Was Right

Pornstar Aurora Snow on the Sasha Grey School Controversy

Behind John Boehner’s Debacle on the Payroll Tax Cut Battle

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

Life After Captivity: Shoshana Johnson Marches On

Why DSK’s Wife Beat Out Christine Lagarde as France’s Woman of the Year

Kobe Bryant Marital Breakup Reveals the Ugly Side of NBA Marriages

Flick Picks: Why ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Rocks and ‘War Horse’ Doesn’t

Outrage at Biden's Taliban Comment: Daily Beast Writers Weigh In

Egyptian Military Police Beating a Female Protestor Produces Fury and an Apology

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich’s Hypocrisy on Super PACs

China Endorses Kim Jong-un

How Sherlock Holmes Took on the Capitalists

GOP Pounces on Biden Comment That the Taliban Is ‘Not Our Enemy’

What Does Bill Clinton Really Think of Gingrich?

America's 25 Most Fertile Cities, from Minneapolis to Atlanta (Photos)

Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton Have a Nerd-Off

Rick Perry’s Kim Jong-il Slip, Oops Moment and More Gaffes

Twitter Reactions to Joe Biden's 'Taliban Is Not Our Enemy' Newsweek Comments

Fugitive Iraq Sunni V.P. Tariq al-Hashemi Criticizes U.S.

North Korean Refugees Have Mixed Emotions About Kim Jong-il’s Death

North Korea Howls About South Korea’s Christmas Lights, Forcing Shutdown

Campaign Chronicles: Payroll Poker Game

NewsBeast: Here Come the Wives!

Paul Begala Asks Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright About Vaclav Havel

Changes to the Catholic Church?

Ron Paul, Polls and Panic

Why PCs Still Matter

The Cheat Sheet: Apple Gains on Google in Smartphone Suit

Must Reads: ‘How to Survive the Titanic,’‘The Limit,’ and More

Mitt Romney’s 'Top 10' Fail

How Congress Can End the Payroll Tax Impasse

Mourning and Funeral Activities for Kim Jong-il to Be Elaborate and Lengthy

Life Inside North Korea (Photos)

Glenn Close cross-dresses as Albert Nobbs in Telluride Film Fest Oscar

Republicans, Dissatisfied with Their Presidential Field, Dream of Deadlock

What the U.S. Government Knows About North Korea’s New Ruler

Brad Goreski: On Styling, His New Show & Leaving Rachel Zoe

North Korea’s Kim Jong-il Failed to Prepare His Successor

Last-Minute Winter Escapes: Vieques, Scottsdale, Reykjavik, and More

Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride

Science Breakthroughs in 2011: Cancer Vaccines, 3-D Printing, and More

Kim Jong-il’s Favorite Things: Hennessy, Giant Rabbits, More (Photos)

Ann Romney’s Milk-and-Cookies Style Emphasizes Mitt’s Softer Side

Lisbeth Salander in ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,’ and Best Movie Tattoos (Photos)

North Korea’s Youthful New Leader Kim Jong-Un Faces Nuclear Test

Mitt vs. Newt: Round Two

Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton and Other Famous Women Fond of Handbags

Tim Tebow Crashes to Earth as Denver Broncos Get Walloped

The Dark Knight Rises...Over Pittsburgh

Inside Joran Van Der Sloot’s Prison in Peru

Michael Tomasky: Get Ready for Santorum Time in the GOP Campaign

Embarrassing Embraces

This Week’s Hot Reads: December 18, 2011

Best Diet Books: 'Chubster,' 'The Petite Advantage,' and Other Weight-Loss Books

Typhoon Devastates The Philippines (Photos)

North Korean Military More Likely to Keep Peace

John Avlon: Vaclav Havel's Heroic Politics of Truth and Responsibility

Romney Vs. O’Reilly

Campaign Chronicles: Conservative Freakout

Behar in Bed with Scarborough

NewsBeast: Margaret's Moment

The Way to Understand Kim Jong-il Was Through His Stomach

Inside North Korea’s First Family: Rivals to Kim Jong-un’s Power

Hate Crimes as Thought Crimes

Renaissance Portraits at New York's Metropolitan Museum (Photos)

The Cheat Sheet: Apple Moving Forward on Apple TV

Kim Jong-il Parodies: ‘Team America,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ & More (Video)

Becoming Margaret Thatcher

Kim Jong-un’s Shaky Hold on Power in North Korea

Most Powerful Celebrity Kids: Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Mason Disick, and More (photos)

North Indian ‘Apni Beti’ Program Strikes a Blow Against Child Marriage

Matisyahu’s 10 Things to Help a Jew Get Through Christmas Season

Joe McQuaid: Union Leader Publisher Is GOP Kingmaker in New Hampshire

Prince Harry’s Return to London: Nightclub Photos, Stolen BlackBerry

How Conservatives Betrayed Their Principles in the Iraq War

College Early Admission Is Tougher Than Ever

House Balks at Passing a Payroll Tax Cut Backed by President Obama

China Fears Unrest, Instability in North Korea After Kim Jong-il’s Death

2011's Fallen Dictators: Kim Jong-il, Muammar Gaddafi, and More (Photos)

Kim Jong-il’s Life in Photos

Bachmann: Obama’s Running a Banana Republic

Willow Brings the Heat

'It's a Wonderful Life' Turns 65: How It Became a Classic

Want: Going Places

Veena Malik, Topless FHM Cover Model, Found Safe after Disappearance

Ready, Set, Joke Off!

All Things Sweet

Crisis Group and Hillary Clinton Honor Women in Pursuit of Peace

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and More Sunday Talk

Egypt Protesters Outraged by Female Protester's Beating (Video)

Romney: Gingrich Is 'Unreliable' and 'Zany'

What Was It Like Living Through AIDS?

Jesus to Tim Tebow: Relax!

Christopher Hitchens: A Young Contrarian Salutes Him

Jason Segal, Britney Spears, Chelsea Handler and More Celebrity Twitter Pictures

Veena Malik, FHM Cover Model, Found Safe After Disappearance

Is It Possible to Become Un-Paralyzed? Monique van der Vorst Says It Happened to Her.

10 Common and Uncommon Causes of Death, From Smoking to Serial Killers

Dogs and Presidential Candidates: Man’s Best Friend Dominates the Race

Alabama Immigration Law Ensnares People You Wouldn't Expect

Bradley Manning Trial: Questioning Why So Much Is Classified

Remembering the Real Genius of Christopher Hitchens, Not the Caricature

Ron Paul’s Nostalgic Appeal Shakes Up the 2012 Primaries

It's a Will Ferrell Fiesta!

A Post-War Climate, Without War

More Cops Shot as Felons Buy Illegal Guns Online

Christopher Hitchens Dies: His Best Writing, Photos, and More

Aerial Drones May Be Vulnerable to Sabotage Because of GPS

Hundreds Killed in Philippines Typhoon

Suit Against Fannie and Freddie Execs Ignores Pols Also to Blame

Andrew Sullivan's Career Plan-B

Newt Gingrich Launches Broad Attack on Nation’s Courts

Mindy Kaling Goes Plastic

U.S. Turns Over Terrorism Suspect Ali Musa Daqduq to Iraq

Finding Higgs Boson, or God Particle, Will Resolve Scientific Mysteries

Supreme Court’s 2012 Decisions Could Sway Presidential Election

Michael Tomasky: The Republican Whitewash of the Iraq War to Come

Republican Presidential Primaries: Iowa No GOP Crystal Ball

Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson Is Betting on Newt Gingrich

The Best Christopher Hitchens Longreads

Christopher Hitchens Is Hailed by Stephen Fry as a Man of Style and Wit

Alec Baldwin’s Apology, Paris Jackson on Her Dad, and More Viral Videos

Education Tour Partner Al Sharpton Doesn’t Back Newt Gingrich’s Reforms

Gunman Shoots Four, Killing Two in Southern California

CEOs With the Highest Salaries (Photos)

WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning's Bold Defense at Pretrial Hearing

Hitchens: Death is 'Liberating'

Was New York Times CEO Eased Out?

Amy Poehler Loves Judge Judy

Elevator Safety: Suzanne Hart’s Tragic Death Raises Questions

Campaign Chronicles: The Ron Paul Wild Card

SEC Sues Six Former Freddie, Fannie Executives Over ‘Ill-Gotten Gains’

Can Krill End World Hunger?

Christian Bale Filmed Being Attacked by Chinese Guards

NewsBeast: Newt Intervention

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Problem in the Iowa Caucuses Simply Won’t Die

Occupy Cabinet: Shocking Photos and Video From Clashes Between Military and Protesters at Egyptian Cabinet Offices

Andrew's Favorite Hitchens Memory

The Cheat Sheet: Christopher Hitchens Dies

The Duggars’ Photo of Their Stillborn Baby Ignites Debate

Newt Gingrich’s Crazy Attack on Judges

Salman Rushdie, Richard Dawkins, & More Remember Christopher Hitchens on Twitter

Flick Picks: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Flick Picks: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Will Christopher Hitchens Be Remembered as a Great Writer or a Great Orator?

Newt Gingrich Shape-Shifts Through New Hampshire

Remembering Christopher Hitchens

Pippa Middleton’s Year in Romance: Follow the Love Life of Kate’s Sister

America's Highest-Paid CEOs (Photos)

Eight Ways Mitt Romney Could Beat Newt Gingrich

William Eggleston Chromes: New Book Of Unpublished Photos

Obama Embraces Uzbekistan Despite Reports of Human-Rights Abuses

British Newspapers Circle the Wagons

Roger Corman: My Nine Most Memorable Films, From ‘The Trip’ to ‘Battle Beyond the Stars’

Movies: Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible 4’ and Downey in ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’

Real-Estate Trends: Renting Gets Glamorous

Jon Corzine Can’t Answer $1.2 Billion Question About MF Global at Hearing

America’s Highest-Paid CEOs

Christopher Hitchens Eulogized by Roya Hakakian

Rick Perry’s Bay of Pigs Moment

Chromes by William Eggleston Photos

Congress Strikes Funding Deal and Averts Latest Potential Shutdown

Romney Embraces Center-Right Record as Gingrich Firms Up Conservative Cred

Christopher Hitchens Articles in Newsweek Magazine

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slammed in Federal Civil Rights Probe Report

Christopher Hitchens’s Best Zingers: From Sarah Palin to Barack Obama

Newt Gingrich Barely Singed In GOP Debate

Christopher Hitchens on Waterboarding, Mother Teresa, and More Controversial Moments (VIDEO)

Paul Begala: Newt’s Shameless Chutzpah Saves Him in Fox Debate

Michael Tomasky: Newt Toys With the Competition in the Fox Debate

Fox News Iowa Debate: Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In

Newt Gingrich, Under Fire, Plays Clumsy Defense in Fox News Iowa Debate

Fox News Iowa Debate Best Moments (Video)

Christopher Hitchens Through the Years (Photos)

Christopher Hitchens’ Most Famous Feuds (Photos)

Fox News GOP Debate in Iowa: Live Updates

Paris Jackson Speaks

Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ Was Subversive—but Subverting What?

Iraq War Over

Judge in Amanda Knox Trial Publishes Reasoning Behind Acquittal

Golden Globe Nominations: The Winners and Losers

Marcel Duchamp's Urinal and a Look at the History of Bathroom Fixtures

Campaign Chronicles: Congress Doesn't Get It

What Did The Golden Globes Get Wrong?

All-American Muslim: Why Advertisers Are Right to Boycott

NewsBeast: Is Iraq Really Over?

Imagining a Ron Paul Presidency

The Cheat Sheet: Google Offers Siri Rival

Cain's Cabinet Post?

South Sudan’s Women: Building the World’s Newest Nation

American Moms: Unsung Heroes of a Bad Economy

Are Romney’s Top Donors Losing Faith?

Will Mike McQueary’s Story Stand Up in Court?

Amid the Gloom, U.S. Economy Quietly Improves

Rick Perry’s Presidential Candidacy a Bitter Pill for Texans

Alarm Grows in Congress, U.S. Intelligence, Over Iran’s Latin America Threat

Mitt Romney’s ‘Missionary in France’ Tale Won’t Make Us Forget He’s Rich

Cooper Criticizes Colbert

Elevator Horror Stories

Live Chat: GOP Presidential Debate on Fox News in Sioux City, Iowa

Great Fiction Missed by The New York Times

Cain's Christmas Message

Adrian Smith, Stars’ Headhunter, Accused of Harassing Lou Reed’s Manager

Zynga’s IPO Gives Founder Mark Pincus a Stock Class All His Own

Ron Paul: Batty Old Reactionary for President

Supreme Group Ordered to Repay Taxpayers $760 Million

Why the Euro Is Dipping So Low—and Whether We Should Care

Lindsay Lohan Path to Nudity In Playboy: Rejecting ‘The Hangover’ & More

The World's Funniest Dictator

Leslie H. Gelb on a World in Crisis—and What Obama Should Do

Flick Picks: 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy'

Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar: Best Movie Sidekicks

Buddy Holly’s Famous Glasses and More Stars in Spectacles (Photos)

Flick Picks: 'Young Adult'

Holiday Movie Trivia

The Biggest Political Blunders of 2011 (Watch Video)

NewsBeast: Amazon, Big Bully?

Why is Andrew Against the HRC?

Newt Gets Attacked in Ads Ranging From Mediocre to So-So

The Cheat Sheet: Facebook Launches Program to Stop Suicide

Barbara Walters: Can't Trust the Kardashians

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Downgrade Moody’s!

Lysistrata Jones: Broadway’s Naughty New Musical

Craziest Nail Art Ever: 'Nailed,' a Book by Dzine (PHOTOS)

The Protests in Moscow Will Not Spark a Russian Spring

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Tech, Fashion & More

Zynga follows Groupon, Pandora and LinkedIn in Biggest IPO Boom Year

Zynga’s IPO Will Make Mark Pincus Silicon Valley’s Next Billionaire

Syrian Army Looks Poised to Attack Homs

Tebowing Goes Global as Winning Denver Quarterback Dazzles

Gingrich’s First Stumble as 2012 GOP Frontrunner

‘Toughest Sheriff in America’ Battles to Keep His Job in Arizona

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Greg Jaczko’s Controversial Reign

Live Chat: Best Books to Give for the Holidays

Examining Rick Perry’s Medical Alibi

Lysistrata Jones: Broadway's Best New Musical

Can Anybody Defend Jerry Sandusky?

Kimmel Hates Christmas

Golden Globe Awards 2012: Complete List of Nominees (PHOTOS)

Judge Dismisses ‘Epidemic’ of Rape in Military Case

Incredible Movie Mashup

Anonymous Hacker Arrested for Attack on Gene Simmons’s Website

Huntsman Questions Trump's Manhood

Agoraphobic Celebrities From Paula Deen to Woody Allen and Sigmund Freud

Who’s Burning Palestinian Mosques in the West Bank and Israel?

Shannan Gilbert Body Likely Found, New York Police Say

Cities Where Housing Prices Are Rising (Photos)

NewsBeast: Campaign Wife Smackdown

Housing Market’s Hot Spots Run Counter to Weak Sales Overall

Stephanopoulos to Replace Amanpour

Why Does Andrew Meditate?

Romney: I'm a 'Progressive' (Video)

The Cheat Sheet: Why Did the Gay Penguins Split?

Sandusky Should Plead Guilty If He Wants a Shot at Redemption

Jerry Sandusky Surprises by Waiving Right to Preliminary Hearing

Chelsea Clinton’s TV Reporting Debut

Jerry Sandusky Court Appearance: Breaking Updates

Street Food Guru Roy Choi on Sunny Spot, Food Trucks, Kogi & More

Patricia Cornwell Talks New Book, 'Red Mist,' Forensics, and Angelina Jolie

Veena Malik: She’s Outspoken, Savvy, and Topless—and She’s Shaking Up Pakistan

Could Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig's ‘Bridesmaids’ Nab an Oscar?

No, Men's Magazines Aren't Written by 'Rapists'

Gingrich Wins Another One in Sleepy ‘Debate’ With Huntsman

Michael Tomasky: Could Obama Be Headed for a Landslide?

Chelsea Clinton Makes Her Low-Key Debut on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’

Ploughshares Fund Uses Its Millions to Sway Arms Control Debate

Mitt Romney’s $10K Gamble Was Worth It, and About Right for His Wealth

Newt Gingrich’s Wife Callista’s Prissy Style Problem

Callista Gingrich’s Stiff Style: Pearls and Perfect Hair (Photos)

Christian Right’s Anti-Muslim War Targets Wholesome TV Series

Iowa Conservatives Forgive Newt Gingrich for His Past Mistakes

Is Russia’s Mikhail Prokhorov a Fake Challenger for Vladimir Putin?

The Men in Black are Back

Romney: Dazed and Confused

Michael Tomasky: After Saturday Night’s Debate, Is It The End of Mitt?

Annie Leibovitz and Tina Brown on 'Pilgrimage,' Photography, and Vanity Fair

NewsBeast: Newt's Grenade?

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