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Articles October 2012

Tomasky & Frum: Did Sandy Stall the Mitt-mentum?

Australia's Disneyfied Israel

Sandra Berhnardt, Sandy from Grease and Other Sandy's We Actually Like

Andy DuCett at the Soap Factory is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The New Great Schlep

The Best Costume Yet

The Reality of Death Panels

What Happens to DC Housing After the Election?

Chris Christie's Obama Lovefest

In Ohio Ads, Mitt Romney Fails Auto 101

Louis Vuitton Gets Covered in Graffiti

Abby Is Not Impressed

Why Politicians Repair Instead of Prepare

Lost That Loving Feeling?

Romney Camp Re-Spin After a Week of No-mentum

As Election Nears, Voter Suppression Efforts Kick Into Gear

L'Wren Scott May Be Designing Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress

‘Donnie Darko,’ ‘Mean Girls’ & More Halloween Movie Scenes (VIDEO)

Jeffrey Goldberg's Iran Advice Is Wrong

If a Tree Falls in Sandy...

Even Good Laws Sometimes Don't Work

Are Jews 'The Real Housewives' of Cuyahoga County?

Jimmy Savile Scandal Reaches Prince Charles

Nate Silver is a Math Loving Nerd, Ctd.

From War to Work: Why and How Companies Should Hire Post-9/11 Veterans

Nate Silver as Resentment Symbol

A Haunted House Scarier Than Sandy?

Redeeming 'Jewish Jocks'

HuffPo Live

#vetchat: Zach Iscol on the Veteran Jobs Crisis

Predict the Winner and You Can Guest Blog for FrumBeast, Ctd.

NHS Turns Down Free Lifesaving Drug

Welcome to August, Ehud Barak

My Super Bowl Party Theory of Elections

Your Daily Brain Candy

How Much of the White Vote Will Show Up on Nov 6?

"I'm Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney"

Bread And Butter Take Center Stage

Queen's Olympic Bond Stunt Kept Secret From Other Royals

Kate Effect? Whistle For It

Centrist Arrogance in Ariel

The Day the Music Died

Well This is Just Pleasant

Climate Change

Christie, Obama, Romney, and the Right

Romney vs. Obama: It’s Officially a Nailbiter

President Obama’s New Jersey Gambit Centers on Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hamptons Residents Reel as Superstorm Sandy Recedes

Which Politician Best Navigated Hurricane Sandy’s Surge?

How I Write: Erik Larson Revisits ‘Isaac’s Storm’

Hurricane Sandy Worsens N.Y. Rat Problem

Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse Scandal Taints Entire Era in Britain

How Much Will Sandy Cost? Ask the Insurers

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm, Will Foist More ‘Star Wars’ On New Generation

Will Republicans Oppose Disaster Relief Funds After Hurricane Sandy?

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie On Why He Supports Gay Marriage

Are Cruise Ships Damaging Venice?

As Campaign Closes, Mitt Romney Peddles A Bipartisan Myth

Los Angeles, Washington & More Trick-or-Treat Capitals

Heidi Klum’s 13 Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Jimmy Kimmel Boosts Brooklyn, Taping Show a Day After Sandy

Love Zombies? Vote Romney!

Predict the Election Correctly, and You'll Be Invited to Guest Blog

Residents in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Assess the Damage After Sandy

New Yorkers Hold on to Their Canned Goods in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

We Love You, Lydia Callis

Obama Chic

American Apparel Exploits Sandy

Chopper Footage of N.J. Coast Wreckage

Red and Blue Don't Mix

How Long Until New York Gets Back Up and Running?

Joss Whedon's Zombie Apocalypse

How Many More Near-Election Disasters Before Congress Wakes Up?

MTA Tours Flooded Subway

Chris Christie Zings Romney

America's New Love/Hate Relationship

No Matter What the Supreme Court Decides, Textbooks Will Continue to Be Expensive

Hurricane Sandy: How to Help the Recovery Effort

Mesmerizing Hurricane Sandy Time-Lapse

After Hurricane Sandy, a Trickle of Evacuees at Brooklyn Shelter

Hurricane Sandy Exposes Mitt Romney’s Self-Made FEMA Problem

Flashback: 1938 Superstorm Slams NYC

PPP Jumps the Zombie Shark

After Beirut Bombing of Wissan al-Hassan, a Wary Calm in Lebanon

After Storm, Who’s Got the Real Power? Look for Backup Generators

America's Partisan History in One Chart

The South African "Made In" Fight

Sandy's Biggest Idiots

In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy, Manhattanites Assess the Damage

Romney Won't Talk FEMA

Those 'Nice' Canadians

Seven Shocking New York City Flooding Videos

Obama's Record On The Environment?

Hundreds Evacuated From NYU’s Tisch Hospital in Hurricane Sandy

Nate Silver is a Nerd - And He Does Math!

It Looks Like Tourists Want To Shop During Sandy; Rob Pattinson Will Sell You Perfume

Hurricane Sandy and the Art of the Sublime

Russia Re-Nationalizing Its Oil

Sandy's Rage: Fire Tears Through Queens

Raw Video: Coast Guard's Heroic Sandy Rescue

Neoconservative ≠ Jewish Conservative

Let's Put the Nebraska Senate Race in Proper Context

Why Did the Markets Close?

Sandy Aftermath: Tanker Beached on Staten Island

Bloomberg: 'New Yorkers Need Your Help'

Israel's Flag: A Security Risk in Denmark?

Surviving Sandy, Ctd.

Who's the Least Socialist of Them All?

Chris Christie’s Perfect Storm

Morning, Friends

The IDF Attacks "Mainstream Media"?

The RJC, Bryna Franklin, and Daylight

IDF to Gaza: Prevent the Tragedy

Did Queen Mother Miscarry a Future King After Being Buzzed? Maybe, Maybe Not...

Inside Hurricane Sandy: The Daily Beast Reports

With Naked Royals, Gagging the Press Is Pointless

Hurricane Sandy Brings Havoc to Alphabet City

Middletons Cash In on ‘Skyfall’ Without Permission

Was ‘Manager’ Sam Lutfi Britney Spears’s Savior, or Her Svengali?

The Scariest Thing About Sandy: Guarding the Water Supply

The Case Against Surfing Hurricane Sandy

Be Nice to Your Nanny

Hurricane Sandy: Politicize This Tragedy!

Kurdish Resistance May Break the Syrian Rebels

Bernard-Henri Levy on Barack Obama’s Three Revolutions

What Haiti Can Teach Us About the Storm

Halloween Read: Thomas Browne’s Eerie Premonition of His Burial

Hurricane Sandy Could Undo Mitt Romney’s Late Play for Wisconsin

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Closing Con Game

What Edmund Morris is Reading: Book Bag

Hurricane Sandy Turns Washington, D.C., Into a Ghost Town

In Stuyvesant Town, Evidence of Hurricane Sandy’s Wrath

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Linsanity: A Cheat Sheet on the New NBA Season

Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum & More Celebrities in Witch Costumes (PHOTOS)

Hurricane Sandy Heroes From Coast Guard Rescuers to Red Cross Volunteers (PHOTOS)

President Obama Seizes the Moment as Hurricane Sandy’s Savior

NYC Underwater: Tunnel Floods

New York City’s Sandy Disaster: A Meteorological 9/11?

Hurricane Sandy’s Biggest Idiots: Jet Skiing on the Hudson & More (VIDEO)

Hurricane Sandy Floods New York: Photos, Videos & More

NYC Underwater: Midtown

NYC Power Plant Explodes

NYC Building Facade Collapses

Remembering Jacques Barzun Remembering Robert Pitney

Midtown Crane Collapses

Politicians Boosted (or Ruined) by Natural Disasters (PHOTOS)

Can Sandy Fix Politics?

How New York City Waited for the Worst of Hurricane Sandy

Christie to Atlantic City Mayor: It's Your Problem Now

When Hurting Your Negotiating Position Doesn't Matter

Why Romney’s Mormonism Has Caused No Backlash Among GOP Faithful

Sandy Who? West Village Warriors Aren’t Worried

Billboard by Grace Hartigan at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Flashback: Hurricane Donna Rocks the Rockaways

Rich People Really Hate Hurricane Sandy

Manhattan Faces Sandy With a Mixture of Concern and Carefree Spirits

H&M's Minimum Wage Fiasco

British Police Nab Glam Rocker Gary Glitter

Susan Eisenhower for Obama

Should Pro-Israel Blue-state Democrats Boycott Obama?

Can FEMA Director Craig Fugate Save Us—and Obama—From Sandy?

Ask the Blogger: How Long Do I Wait Before Collecting Social Security?

Crane Dangles From High Rise

Surviving Sandy in Style

As Sandy Heads for NYC, Brooklyn Locals Jog, Ogle—and Get Drunk

7 Best Hurricane Sandy ‘Storm Cams’ (Video)

'Hurricane Horse' Gallops On

Martin O’Malley: Maryland’s Hurricane Hero?

Jewish Museum to Open in Warsaw

Ask the Blogger: How Can I Make Up for Lost Time on Retirement Savings?

12 Fake Romney Tweets Full of Sandy Advice for the 1 Percent

Hurricane Sandy Grinds the Global Money Engine to a Halt

Art for Bond Fans

How President Obama Will Handle Hurricane Sandy

Laura Bush Hits the Campaign Trail

What Will Mr. Say Anything Say About the Storm?

Plot Thickens in Grisly French Alps Murders

New Orleans' Advice for New Yorkers

Obama: We'll Get Through This

Hurricane Sandy Open Thread

Beyoncé Wears Obama Earrings; Kate Upton Lands First Vogue Cover

Ask the Blogger: Borrow Money, or Self-Finance School?

GOPer Says Romney Wrong on Bailout

Christie: 'Remain Calm'

Will Kate Toast With Wine?

Romney and Gay People (Not a Happy Story)

Bloomberg: 'This Is a Massive Storm'

The Not So Special U.S.-Israel Relationship

Picture of the Day

Hurricane Sandy: Grocery Stores’ Empty Shelves

So About that Faux-Protectionism

Thrill Seekers: We're Going to the Beach!

China’s Green Protest Politics

The Dainty Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hurricane Sandy: Twitter Photos of Flooding in New York, Atlantic City, and More

The End Of Bibi The Peacemaker

Vacay Options With Pippa Middleton's New Man

Obama on Libya: 'This Is a Tragedy'

‘Homeland’: Showtime’s Thriller Gets Fact Checked by an Intelligence Expert

Colin Powell Can Support Obama Because He’s Black

Hurricane Sandy Is a Nasty October Surprise for Mitt Romney

Lena Dunham's First Time

Beholden To The Anti-"Infiltrator" Vote?

Hurricane Sandy: Live Frankenstorm Updates, Photos, and Video

Sandy and Politics

Romney and FEMA: Read Between the Lines

Forgetting Rabin

F-You Dishonesty: Romney and Jeep

Let's Get Real About Abortions

Cops To Swoop on Kate Topless Photographer

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Gets Timely Makeover for 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Women, Momentum & More Keys to a Romney Victory

After Marina Krim, How Well Should You Know Your Nanny?

‘Seal Team 6’ Director: My Movie Isn’t Propaganda!

Why Legalizing Marijuana on Election Day Might Not Be a Good Idea

Bob Kerrey Closes In On Reclaiming His Nebraska Senate Seat

Why Colin Powell Endorsed President Obama

Big Bird, Lance Armstrong & More 2012 Meme Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

This Week’s Hot Reads: Oct. 29, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

Exclusive: Psy Dishes on 'Gangnam' Fame

America, Meet Sandy

Shaken, Not Stirred

Deficit-Hawk CEOs Bend Toward Obama

Obama: We'll Respond 'Big' and 'Fast'

Sunday Talk: John McCain, Rob Portman, Andrew Sullivan, and More

Sullivan: Mitt Is 'Like an Alien'

Hey Baby, I Think I Want To Marry You

A Starry Night: Los Angeles Honors Stanley Kubrick

Bloomberg: 'We Know What to Do'

Cuomo Stops Subways

Here Comes Hurricane Sandy: East Coast Scrambles

Obama For the Children

Robert Pattinson, Florence Welch, Cameron Diaz and More At LACMA Gala 2012 (Photos)

The Des Moines Register's Practical Joke

San Francisco Giants Copy Brian Wilson’s Capacious Beard (Photos)

Krim Case Sparks a Nanny Backlash

Superman Quits His Newspaper Job? Good, He’s a Hack

What Newt Gingrich Can Teach Obama, and America, About Romney

Russia Cracks Down On North Caucasus Wedding Gunfire

Broken Promise to an Army Veteran: Change to GI Bill Proves Costly

Hurricane Sandy Upends the Presidential Campaign

Oprah Winfrey, Zooey Deschanel & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Coulter Defends Calling Obama A 'Retard'

The Gallup Mystery and Other Matters

How Can a Warm Man Understand a Cold Man?

A Sophistic Moral Case For War

A New York Nanny Allegedly Kills Two Children and Neighbors Struggle to Understand

Jimmy Fallon's DIY Halloween Costume

A Billionaire's Tea Party

13 Great American Graveyards, From Arlington to Hollywood (Photos)

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for October 27, 2012

Joan Rivers, Zac Posen & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

Eminem, Zooey Deschanel & More Celebrity World Series Fans (PHOTOS)

What Ben Affleck’s 'Argo' Misses About Iran

From ‘Colbert’ to ‘SNL’ to Kiss Cam, Tom Hanks’s Funniest Viral Moments (VIDEOS)

The Death of a Palestinian Unity Deal?

October Surprise: Shadowy Conservative Groups Dominate Outside Spending

Horses and Bayonets, Lena Dunham’s ‘First Time’ and More Viral Videos

What Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush Have in Common

Biographical Dictionary of Popular Music: From Adele to Jay-Z (PHOTOS)

Sold: Mary Kennedy’s House, ‘In Cold Blood’ & More Infamous Real Estate (PHOTOS)

Felix Baumgartner Sounds Off on NASA, Sir Richard Branson

No Country for Old Dictators

New From The People's Republic Of Apple

#vetchat: Michael Daly on Post 9/11 Apathy

Notorious Nanny Cases (Photos)

On Iran, Mum's The Word

The Clown Campaign

Does Race Matter In The Election?

Should Employers Talk to Their Employees About the Election?

The Stranger Inside Your House: Terrified by the Alleged Killer Nanny

South Africa's Sad Slide into Corruption

Afternoon Roundup

A Fashionable Game of Strip Poker

Ai Weiwei, Ban Ki-moon, Ponies & More Best ‘Gangnam Style’ Parodies (VIDEO)

Silvio Berlusconi Convicted of Tax Fraud, Banned From Holding Office

Most Unfilmable Books: Readers Pick the Winner

89 Outrageous Anti-Obama Books

Sandy’s Deadly Path (Photos)

Hero Challenge

Guy on Acid Analyzes Presidential Debate

Michael Tomasky: 'I Think It's A Lot of Spin'

Iran’s Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers

Icona Pop: The Next Big Thing?

Bald for Bieber

Ask the Blogger

The Other Son: Isaac, Ishmael and Pudd’nhead Wilson

China's Gilded Age Growing Pains

Hero Project TV: Military Suicide

Obama the Star Trek Geek

Bill McKibben on Why ‘Frankenstorm’ Is Just Right for Hurricane Sandy

How Much Will the Frankenstorm Cost?

Should Animal Sacrifice End?

State of the Modern Drug War

Likud, Meet Lieberman

Pippa Middleton Changes Four Times In One Day On Book Tour; Courtney Love Is Selling Her Old Clothes

What's the Most Indispensable Kitchen Machine?

Kiki Kogelnik at Subal Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

In One Way, an Equal Pox on Both Houses ($$$)

Progressive Outrage Over Gaza Rockets?

Obama Asked to Show ID to Vote

The Price of Jumping the Fiscal Cliff

Assume Deer Dead

Ai Weiwei Dances ‘Gangnam’ Style Is Censored by China

The Return Of Labor

The Week’s Best Business and Finance Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for October 26, 2012

Obama Picks a Fight

Lena Dunham's 'First Time' Was Amazing

Late Night: How Mobama Disciplines the First Kids

The Elephant In The Election Booth

Predicting How Romney Might Govern Requires Multiple Scenarios

How Rachel Held Evans Beat the Evangelical Decency Police

‘Mockingbird Lane’: NBC’s ‘Munsters’ Remake Offers Eerie Charms

Windows 8: Is Anyone Impressed With Microsoft’s Relaunch?

Overdue: Why It’s Time to End the U.S. Military’s Female Combat Ban

Robert Shrum: Why Obama Will Win

Democrats Showing Momentum in Early Voting

Deaths Allegedly Linked to Monster Energy Drinks Are a PR Nightmare

American Dreams: ‘Clockers’ by Richard Price

The Obama Haters Book Club: The Canon Swells

Interactive Hate: The Great Obama-Loathing Canon

Mark Thompson, New York Times’ Latest CEO, Faces Rocky Start

Is ‘Cloud Atlas’ a Masterpiece or a Disaster? Our Critics Debate

Alleged Nanny Killing, ‘Cannibal Cop’ Present a New York Gone Mad

Icona Pop: Swedish Power-Pop Duo Is Music’s Next Big Thing

In Saudi Arabia and Israel, Signals That Iran Has Retaliation in Works

France: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Advises Valerie Trierweiler to Marry

Malala Yousafzai’s Father Calls Daughter’s Recovery 'Miraculous'

Bill Bain Speaks: “The Unfair Attacks Are Not Worth Responding To”

From Halle Berry to Mena Suvari, the Week’s Best & Worst Dressed (PHOTOS)

‘Fantasy Slut League’: Earning Points For Sexual Encounters in High School

Dr. Eben Alexander: Heaven Is Real

Copper, the Metal That Runs the World: ‘Boom, Bust, Boom,’ by Bill Carter

Dana Milbank's Question: Which Mitt?

Apple Earnings Miss Expectations, iPad Sales Disappoint

Anti-Hate Or Anti-Speech?

Ai Weiwei Goes Gangnam Style in the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Can You Live On $1 Per Day?

Pennsylvania Bill Requiring Women to Prove They Were Raped Is Withdrawn

Israel: Bibi Lurches Right, Aligns With Lieberman

Three Ways the Election Might Not End on November 6

Ai Weiwei Does ‘Gangnam Style’ to Make a Point About Freedom

Dana Milbank on Twitter's Political Groupthink

Does the President Have Obamnesia?

Russia’s Defense Ministry Crackdown

Tomasky & Frum: Does the President Have Obam-nesia?

Afternoon Linkbait

Trouble, Can't You See?

Biggest Surprise You Came Across?

Checking in on Malala

When Machines Rule the World

Seven Most Shocking Revelations about Gilberto Valle, NYPD’s Cannibal Cop

The Classic Case of a Buried Lede

Why I Didn't Refuse to Serve in the IDF

The Number: 67 Days

Katy Perry Really Wants You To Vote

Let's Emulate Germany's Abortion Compromise

The Hispanic Vote: Not Just About Immigration

Is It Okay To Politicize Rape?

Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume Revealed; Vivienne Westwood Visits Julian Assange

About Mourdock's Theology

John Avlon: 'I Think That the President Was Telling the Truth'

The CW and the TW on the Powell Endorsement

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

British Secret Service Jailed Me: Model

A Future for the Pro-Life Movement

Ending the Abortion Wars

Fallon on 'The Mitt-uation'

Why The Palestinian Authority Is Broke

Megan McArdle: The Keys to the Economy

Who's the Candidate of Small Business?

‘Sherlock’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch’s Polarizing ‘Cumberbitches’

Don't Let the GOP Become the Party of Rape

"Israel Has A Moral Obligation Towards Her"

Benghazi Arrest and Killing

Obama’s Risky Demographic Gamble

Romney’s Surge

Lance Armstrong’s Shadow Looms Large Over 100th Edition of Tour de France

Obama Does Jay Leno: President Riffs on the Economy, Afghanistan, Rape & His Math Deficiency

China’s Chernobyl Cleans Up Its Act

Cop Who Protected Obama, Romney, at Debate Latest Victim of Illegal Guns

Wisconsin Spa Shooting Brings Back Painful Memories for the Moms of Mass Killers

Megan McArdle: Presidents Can’t Fix the Economy!

Ground Game: Romney Campaign Targets Low-Propensity Early Voters, Banks On Strong Election Day Turnout

Psy Brings ‘Gangnam Style’ to the United Nations & Ban Ki-moon

Donald Trump, Gloria Allred: 2012 Presidential Race Turns Into Clown Campaign

Is the Syrian Eid Ceasefire Doomed?

Meet Ondria Hardin, The 15-year-old Face of Chanel’s New Campaign

Ex-Goldman Board Member Boss Rajat Gupta Sentenced for Insider Trading

Blame It on the Cloud: Amazon Outage Shows Peril of Outsourcing Data

Richard Mourdock’s Comment Furthers Use of Rape to Win Election, Advocates Charge

Jenna Dewan-Tatum on ‘American Horror Story: Asylum,’ Channing, and More

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Choose Their Favorite Italian Films of All Time

Obama: 'You Are Always Funny, Jay'

Ai Weiwei Does Gangnam Style

Ex-Gaddafi Stronghold Surrenders to Pro-Government Forces

Wesleyan Report: Pro-Obama Ads Outnumber Those for Romney

The Independent Rundown, October 24

Donald Trump’s Latest Challenge to Obama Renders Him Irrelevant

Michael Tomasky: '[Romney Campaign] is Trying to Create This Other Reality'

I Knew Lenin, Obama's No Lenin

Portraits Of Courage: Female Journalists Honored At International Women’s Media Foundation Awards

Black Spider Memo Lawyer Defends Decision To Suppress Letters

What Can Turkey Do About Syria?

Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway & More Non-White Wedding Dresses (Photos)

The Number: 12 Million

Arrest Made in Jessica Ridgeway’s Murder

Conrad Black Against the Media, Ctd.

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney: First Ladies of Style

Mitt Romney Needs Ohio to Win the Election

Anti-Zionism Is Still Kosher

Psy Invades The U.N.

Emma Donoghue: The How I Write Interview

'All of the Above' Is a Terrible Strategy

Obama's Evolving Etch-A-Sketch

Kate's Bushy Eyebrows All The Rage

Why China Hates U.S. Presidential Elections

The Partisanship of iVoteIsrael

Obama and Romney's Baby Talk

Should Dems Be Freaking Out?

New Home Sales Rise in September

Why Is Obama Suddenly So Talkative About Israel?

Why It's Hard to Control Health Care Costs

The Mistakes We Make

Penélope Cruz Is Now A Lingerie Designer; Jessica Biel Marries in Pink

Funds and a Unified Front

Clint Gives Up the Chair

Stewart: 'Romney's Leaning Obama!'

Tea Partying With Crony Capitalism

Egyptians Don't Hide Their Anti-Semitism

Hamas Rising?

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Sues National Review

Sound Body, Sound Mind

Morsi Can't Stand—Or Sit—For Hatred

The Storefront for Art and Architecture By Acconci and Holl is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Thick of It

Larry King Presides Over Grab-Bag Third-Party Presidential Debate

Let's Make A Deal

Day Two of Romney "Momentum" Watch

Mourdock: Pregnancy From Rape Is ‘God Intended'

Why Does Everyone Hate Women?

8 Celebrity Animal Authors: From Toto to Uggie (Photos)

Ohio Prepares for Close Election Amid Fears of Another Florida 2000 Mess

Romney’s Audacious Centrist Evolution Leaves Old Positions in the Dust

Hillaryland Chafes at Obama’s Debate Sarcasm

Pakistan: The Taliban’s Next Target?

Inside the Pussy Rioters’ Russian Prisons

Joyce Carol Oates Salutes Norman Mailer

Was Autumn Pasquale Killed Over a Bicycle? Teen Brothers Charged

Carrie Ann Inaba, Justin Bieber & More Celebrity Stumbles (VIDEO)

Lenore Skenazy: Teach Kids Safety Rules, But Don’t Keep Them Inside

Netroots Bloggers Mark 10th Birthday in Decline and Struggling for Survival

Candy Crowley, Martha Raddatz: Female Moderators Rocked the Boat in Debates

Vito Acconci Named Designer of the Year by Design Miami

Whitney’s Shadow Hangs Over Painful, Intrusive ‘Houstons’ Reality Show

Agyness Deyn in ‘Pusher’: On Stripping, Acting, and How She’s Not Done Modeling

The Strange History of Political Campaign Songs (VIDEO)

Vito Acconci Named Designer of the Year (Photos)

Kate Middleton Stuns in Temperley Dress

Gary Johnson's 'Silver Bullet'

Facebook Earnings Beat Expectations, All Eyes to Mobile

Inside the High-End Fashion Sensibility on CBS’s ‘The Good Wife’

The Independent Rundown, October 23

Nelly Maintains Air Force Ones Will Be Cool Again One Day

Beverly Semmes and Freddie Brice are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

'Born to Be Wild' On Location: 'Wild' Filmmaking

'Born to Be Wild' On Location: Coming Home to Tsavo

'Born to Be Wild' On Location: Borneo

'Born to Be Wild' Trailer

Mitt: I'll Have What He's Having!

Prince Charles Attends 'Skyfall' Premiere in London

The U.S. Army's Last Bayonet Charge

Conrad Black to BBC Interviewer: You Are a Gullible Fool

Zany, Cute, Interesting: What the Words We Use Say About Us

Is Julia Tymoshenko Europe’s Aung San Suu Kyi?

CNN Election Express Sweeps the Swing States

Across the Nation, Candidates Are Turning Vicious

That Poll's Apartheid Problem

Unmentioned and Unmentionable: What Romney Left Out

The Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Bear Hug

Apple Rolls Out Thinner, Smaller, iPad Mini

Beirut: Echoes Of 1983 Marine Barracks Bombing In Hassan Attack

The Pro-Holocaust Vote

Memo to Mitt: Don't Say "Bankruptcy"

Word Clouds From the Final Presidential Debate: Your One-Word Reactions

Mitt's Many Missed Moments

Dow Sinks in Early-Trading

Is DC Real Estate Headed Up or Down?

Hey Obama, Who Else Called?

Harry Entertains Troops By Reading Pippa's Book Out Loud

Reality Check: Obama Has Not Restored America's Image in the Middle East

Sanctions Are Causing Inflation in Iran and Harming Its Economy

Obama Plays Offense

Qatar: Gaza’s New BFF

What Most Impressed You About Obama?

Natalie Portman Mascara Ad Banned in UK; Azealia Banks Boycotts Dolce & Gabbana

Fallon: ‘Tween’ Moderates the Debate

BBC Director-General Faces Parliament in Jimmy Savile Affair. Can the BBC Restore Its Reputation?

Celebrate Israel Legitimacy Month

Al Romney, or Mitt Gore?

Reality vs. "Reality"

About Last Night

7 Things: Gina Gershon

The Flapdoodle Campaign

Video of the Foreign Policy Debate

Israel's 100 Most Influential People

Three Banks Fail in U.S. on Frieday

Book Bag: Timothy Egan’s Five Favorite Travel Books

Angry Obama Loses to Unflappable Romney

The Stimulus and Health Care President Runs on ... Tires and Cars?

Obama vs. Romney Presidential Debate Fact-Check Part 3: Who Lied?

Indie Rock Acts Support Barack Obama for President, Hate Mitt Romney

Bottega Veneta’s Best Looks: The Understated Luxury of Tomas Maier (Photos)

Wisconsin Spa Becomes Mass Murder Site as Gunman Kills Three and Himself

Inside The Free Syrian Army’s ‘Candy Factories,’ The Secret Rebel Arms Workshops

Benghazi Suspect Held in Tunisia

Why Victoria Gotti Is Rooting for Banned Cyclist Lance Armstrong

Subtle Sophistication: Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier

Google and Microsoft Combat Maturing Businesses by Investing in New Areas

Gina Gershon’s Trip to Heaven in the Dentist’s Chair

Obama Channeling George Costanza?

What They Didn't Tell You About Iran

Pippa's Book Gets Killed By The Daily Mail (Who Bought The Rights)

Brett O’Donnell: Obama Wins Third Debate, but Romney Wins Debate War

George W. Bush Won This Debate

‘Horses and Bayonets’: Best Images For the Debate’s Key Meme (PHOTOS)

Winner of Third Debate Was Neither Obama Nor Romney, But George W. Bush

All Israel, No Palestinians

Schieffer’s Obama/Osama Slip

Debate III: Obama Wins, But Does It Do Him Any Good?

‘Horses and Bayonets,’ ‘Clear Eyes,’ and ‘Battleships’ at Final Romney-Obama Debate

Giddyup! Obama's Big Bayonet Slam

Tonight’s a Reminder of Why So Few Americans Care About Foreign Policy

About the FP Debate, Frum-Shrum Style

Mark McKinnon on Obama’s Demographic Worries

Newsweek & The Daily Beast Announce New IMAX Award For Exploration Themed Films

Mitt Romney’s Soft Sell

Obama Lied about Romney and GM

WATCH VIDEO: Best Moments From the Final Presidential Debate

President Obama Slams A Passive Mitt Romney as ‘Reckless’ on Foreign Policy

‘Attacking Me Is Not An Agenda’

Debate Night: Ann Vs. Michelle

After Cairo and Benghazi Attacks, Conservatives Resurrect Obama ‘Apology Tour’ Lie

‘The 1980s Called…’

‘We Can’t Kill Our Way Out’

Foreign Policy Debate Live-Blog

5 Questions You Won't Hear Tonight

Anti-Depressant, Sleep Aid Found in Director Tony Scott’s Body

The Independent Rundown, October 22

Libyan Refugees Flee Siege of Bani Walid

Who Opposes Talking To Tehran?

Girl Power

Cash, But Not Criticism

Presidential Debate Dashboard, Round Three: Live Chat, Bingo & More

Not-Just-Sarah Silverman For Obama

Malala: With Friends Like Madonna

The Things Not Asked; Tonight

One Year Later, Libya’s Long Road Continues

Scientists Found Guilty in L’Aquila Earthquake Trial

Ask the Blogger: Why Isn't My IRA Doing Anything?


Ask the Blogger: Save For Retirement, or Keep Working?

Ask the Blogger is Off to a Splendid Start

McGovern's Legacy

So, We're Just Going to Ignore Mexico?

Bob Schieffer: Ask These 12 Questions at Tonight’s Lynn University Presidential Debate

Pippa Plans New Book - On BUDGET Weddings

Obama's Two Elections

Shaking the Etch-A-Mitt, Ctd.

Andrew Romano: Expect Both Candidates to Start Swinging

Remember that Colin Powell Guy?

A Tough Iran Question For Each Side

Why Was Bush Unable To Get Bin Laden?

Ask the Blogger: Can Transparent Health Care Prices Make Me Better Off?

Rabbi, Why Should I Vote?

The Kings of Pot

Avoiding Another Afghan Civil War

SNL’s Chanel Spoof

America's Worst Generals, Ctd.

Prabal Gurung Announces Collaboration With Target; Pippa Middleton Startled By Her Famous Bottom

The Number: 2.2 Trillion

Citi's Parade of CEOs

What's So Great About Austerity?

Does Anti-Zionism Equal Anti-Semitism?

Tony Smith at Matthew Marks is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Gingrich: Obama Mideast Policy ‘Falling Apart’

This Week’s Hot Reads: Oct. 22, 2012

Benghazi, Take Two

The Man on a Mud-Stained Horse

Boston Bar Night, Updated

Israel’s Top Iran Expert: You Can’t Out-Negotiate the Mullahs

And What if It's a Tie?

Settlements, Not Science

One Thing About the Debate I Forgot in that Previous Piece

What Do Voters Want the Most?

Robert Shrum on Friend George McGovern, the Prophet Politician

America’s Greenest Politicians, from Barbara Boxer to John Kerry

Why Most Colleges Don’t Want to Host a Presidential Debate

Obama Aides ‘Pissed Off’ About Anita Dunn

The Nine Biggest Revelations in ‘Why I Left Goldman Sachs’

11 Best Bits from Rod Stewart’s New Autobiography

Kerry Washington, Star of ABC’s ‘Scandal,’ on Why She’s Voting for Barack Obama

Obama-Romney Third Debate Must Address How to Wage Evolving War Against Al Qaeda

The Symbol Mitt Romney Demanded on His Official Gubernatorial Portrait

Crazy CEO Perks, from Abercrombie & Fitch to Martha Stewart

Costume Designer Daniel Lawson On Signature ‘Good Wife’ Style (PHOTOS)

Green Rankings 2012: Frequently Asked Questions

Prince Andrew's Irish Geography Lesson

Cheryl Cole: Kate Has 'A Great Pair'

Taylor Swift Dishes on Her New Album ‘Red,’ Dating, Heartbreak, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

State Heard Libya Attack 'Minute By Minute'

Obama-Romney III: All About Projection

Three Killed in Wisconsin Shooting: Photos, Video, & Tweets

Sunday Talk: Rahm Emanuel, Newt Gingrich, Tina Brown & More (VIDEO)

NYT Reporter: Why Iran's Negotiating

Debate Coach Brett O’Donnell’s Keys to Victory in Florida

DC vs. NYC

Why Leak Iran Talks To 'The Times'?

Meet the New Saints (Photos)

The Best Of SNL

8 Big Newspaper Endorsements This Weekend

Why are American Politics so Corrupt?

DIY Swift-Boating: Alexandra Kerry Launches Ad Your Voice 2012

A Reply on George Romney

George McGovern & Me

McGovern: 'Come Home America'

Skepticism Abounds About the Death of Gaddafi’s Son Khamis

Pianist Matthew Shipp Says Goodbye To Tenor Colossus David S. Ware

George McGovern, Democratic Icon and Former Presidential Candidate, Dies at Age 90

The Look of Pharrell Williams From ‘Places & Spaces I’ve Been’ (PHOTOS)

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts

Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

As War Nears An End, Our Afghan Translators Are Being Left Behind

American Consumers Aren’t Really Paying Down Credit-Card Debt

Giovanni Zoppé’s Real-Life Family Circus

Eight Best Bits of John Taylor’s Duran Duran Tell-All

The Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion’ Files Detail Abuses, Convictions—And a Shocking Cover-Up

Nearly 30% of Vets Treated by V.A. Have PTSD

Obama and Romney Must Address the Pakistan Problem

Somalia’s Fierce Daughter: Dr. Deqo Mohamed

In ‘Juvenile In Justice,’ Children Caught in America’s Prison System

A Look Inside ‘Juvenile In Justice’ by Richard Ross (Photos)

‘The American Circus’ Chronicles the Big Top's Glory Days (Photos)

Pippa Middleton: "It's Startling to Achieve Global Recognition on Account of Your Bottom".

"For The Love Of God, Make It Stop"

Europe's Royalty Descends On Luxembourg

French Alps Murder Mystery's Forensic Breakthrough

Why Are Women Louder During Sex?

The Cultural Cost of Civil War

The Sodapocalypse Standoff: Whose Side Are You On?

Does the Assassination of Wissam al-Hassan Reopen a Bloody Chapter of Lebanon’s Past?

Why Benghazi Matters

President Bartlet is a 9/11 Truther?

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for October 20, 2012

Richard Burton’s Sexy Diaries: 13 Juiciest Bits

A Top Hollywood Screenwriter Lays Down His 10 Rules for Your Script

Team Obama’s Dilemma: Preparing for Final Debate

Eric Asimov Talks About New Book “How to Love Wine”

The Perils of Driving in India: One Man’s Quest for a Driver’s License

Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women, Freefall Record & More Viral Videos

Democrat Jim Graves Has a Chance to Unseat Michele Bachmann

Russia Angles for More Mideast Influence by Selling Arms to Iraq and Buying Its Oil

Isabel Allende: How a Mysterious Baby Girl Sparked My Fight for Women

In Brazil, An Outspoken Colonel, a Journalist in Hiding and Mysterious Threats of Death

Kate Spade, Tyra Banks & More Fashion Instagrams (Photos)

Richard Burton Electrified Audiences and Lit Up the Tabloids (Photos)

Clues Emerge in Search for Jessica Ridgeway’s Killer

Krauthammer's Libya Intervention

Tea Party Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh One-Ups Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’

Week in the Life of Dan Stevens, 2012 Man Booker Prize Judge & Downton Abbey Star

Britney Spears vs. Sam Lutfi: Tweets From the Courtroom

Ask the Blogger

Crowdsourcing: Ten Worst American Generals

In Silvio Berlusconi Trial, Lawyers Call George Clooney, Ex-Girlfriend

Why Roger Ailes Won't Walk Away

Boston Bar Evening

Food Friday: Why Do We Buy Cookbooks?

Religion, But Not Politics

Don't Blame Gay Men for Benghazi

Beyond Stainless

Policing the Grammar Police

Bombs, Sex, and the BBC

Why I Refuse to Serve in the IDF

George Romney's Real Civil Rights Record

Beirut Bombing Kills Assad Foe, Brings Syria War to Lebanon

Exclusive: Roger Ailes Signs New Deal

Michelle Obama: We Need Another Four Years

Tom Hanks Drops F-Bomb on GMA

Silver on Gallup's Galloping Numbers

Michelle Obama wears Prabal Gurung; Melania Trump Wants You To Have Nice Skin

Seven Best & Two Worst Dressed Stars of the Week (PHOTOS)

‘Abercrombie’ Lawsuit: Why CEOs Love Their Jets

Tina Brown: 'We've Reached a Tipping Point in This Industry'

Ben Stein: What NOT To Do With Your Money

Best Policy Idea No One Is Talking About?

TV Does Sex Ed

Prince Harry's Ex Chelsy Davy's Night Out With The Young Royal Set

So You've Stolen a Valuable Painting. What Do You Do Now?

The President Can Take A Joke

How Romney Profited from the Auto Bailout

Donny Deutsch: 'It Was Clearly the Right Move'

More Fact Checker Fail

America’s Housing Market is Shedding Dead Weight

French Anti-Semites Lose Their Platform

Beirut Explosion: Tweets, Photos and More

Prince Charles Black Spider Row Continues

They Don't Need No Education

Will the Jimmy Savile Scandal Tarnish the BBC?

Failure's No Success At All

And now, "Optimal" Is a Bad Word

Further Proof the NYPost is Awesome

Mitt's Sense of Humor, Ctd.

So Mitt Does Have a Sense of Humor?

In Massachusetts Race, Romney Narrowed His Gender Gap Late

In Shadow of Economic Crisis, Portugal Sees Increase in Sex Trade

A123 Goes Chapter 11

Hello Kitty Is Running for President

Can Science Spot a Pedophile? Research Zeroes In On Brain Abnormalities

Anne Heche’s Crazy New Movie, ‘That’s What She Said’

For President Obama, a Cautious, Sober Night of Comedy

RuPaul Picks Favorite All-Star Drag Race Looks

Ground Game: Obama Campaign Opens Up a Big Lead in Field Offices

On Syria’s Frontlines, Sniper Hunts Sniper

Undercover Muslim Agents: Mission Accomplished

Public Enemy’s Chuck D on 25 Years, the Election & Music ‘Slavery’

Unlock Your Inner Psychopath: Kevin Dutton’s ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths’

Free Birth Control: Could It Transform Society?

Gilad Shalit’s Five Years in Gaza

Ground Game: Obama Opens Up Big Lead In State Headquarters

Jon Stewart on Michelle's Debate Faces

Japan’s Justice Minister To Resign Over Yakuza Ties

Obama: 'I Wish I Could Use My Middle Name'

Romney: 'Big Bird Didn't Even See It Coming'

Who Won the First Lady Debate?

Flick Picks: 'The Sessions'

The Number: $1.2 million

Boy Scout ‘Perversion Files’ Detail Abuse Charges

The Independent Rundown, October 18

Pet Lovers: the HSUS isn't for You

DOMA Ruling Seems Good For Gays, But Supreme Court May Not Buy It

‘Binders Full of Women’ Invades

Is New York Really Secretly Affordable?

Celebrity Baby Names Decoded: Why Did Beyonce Choose Blue Ivy? (Photos)

Robert Kardashian Launches Sock Line

Who Wins a Fiscal Cliff Showdown?

The Best Way to Achieve Nothing

There Are Still Communists?

Vladimir Putin’s Latest Crackdown on Dissent

The Backstory on Angelina Jolie's Report

Tina Brown and Baba Shetty on Newsweek's Digital Future

Google Accidentally Releases Disappointing Earnings, Stock Plummets

Pakistan Police Name Suspect in Malala Yousafzai Shooting

The Future: Compost Fueled Cars

William and Harry's Old School's Gangnam Tribute

New York Terror Plot: Why Target the Fed?

Cameron Clings to Power in Britain

Anna Wintour Attends the Debate; WSJ Offers Details of New Editor Appointment; Ford Wages War Against Former Models

Reddit v Gawker: Why Can't Both Lose?

The Most Unfair Criticism Of Your Book?

Racism Isn't Natural. But I Suspect Xenophobia Is.

Elad Lassry at the Kitchen is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Credibility Trumps Power

Dinesh D’Souza Resigns Presidency of The King’s College

Will Italy Rebel Against the EU?

Our Very Own Beasty Boys Do 'Binders'

Mitt's Binders Full of Affirmative Action

The Seen and the Unseen

Reporting from the Rust Belt

The Black Spider Memos We DO Know About

Meet a Serial Killer

Your "Pro-Slut" Problem—Not Ours

Prince William Face-to-Face With Cake Version of Royal Wedding

The Right, the Left, and Romney's Jerkitude

Why did the Administration Mislead on Benghazi?

Late Night Takes on Binder-gate

Lost in Translation

Why Regulation Matters: Investigating the Meningitis Outbreak

Dinesh D’Souza Goes On Counterattack Over Alleged Affair

A Turn of the Page for Newsweek

Charles Letters Won’t Be Released Uses Mitt and Ann Romney’s Faces To Sell Magical Mormon Underwear

USDA Complaint Is PETA’s Latest Salvo in War Against Ringling Bros.

11 Celebrity Memoir Sales Flops (PHOTOS)

Why Gawker Should Lose Its War With Reddit

Afghanistan: The Taliban’s Dangerous New Munitions

The Politics of TLC’s Stars: ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ ‘Sister Wives’ & More (VIDEO)

Why Social Conservatives Don’t Mind Romney’s New Abortion Pivot

John Hawkes’s Award-Worthy Turn in ‘The Sessions’ and His Wild Ride to Stardom

Identity Politics Moment: Obama’s Very Public Planned Parenthood Embrace

Condoms in Porn: One Adult Star Says Yes to Measure B

Demographic Dead End? Barack Obama’s Single Nation

Sisters in Arms: Young Afghan Activist Continues Malala’s Fight

Nine Craziest Things About Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Scandal

‘Zumba Madam’ Allegedly Used Maine Dance Studio As Brothel and Made Videos of Customers

What Now for Livestrong, Now That Lance Armstrong Has Resigned?

Psychologist Marjorie Morrison Hosts a #VetChat on Military Suicide

The Timeline and Backstory Behind Vikram Pandit’s Exit from Citi

The Independent Rundown, October 17

11 Best (and Worst) ‘Binders Full of Women’ Memes

Hebron's Independent Women, Part I

Confessions of a Blasphemer: Sherman Alexie Talks New Book, Indian Humor and More

Yes, Some of US Really Like Pumpkin

Georgia Congressman Shows His Family Guns

The Moderator Who Shushed Me

Wilhelmina Model Robyn Lawley On Twitter’s Shameful Candy Crowley Attacks

Daniel Joseph Martinez at Simon Preston is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Neither "Best Friend" Nor "Anti-Israel"

Only Mitt Romney Could Make Liberals Bash Affirmative Action

Robert Shrum: Obama Had Everything On the Line and Delivered, While Romney Sputtered

Will an Energy Boom Swing Ohio?

Obama and Romney Both Failed the Gun Control Question

Is the South Distorting National Polling?

Word Clouds From the 2nd Presidential Debate

German Humor

Where's the Empathy?

Romney Returns to the Right, Part II

How Can Obama Help Israel And Palestine?

Obama Goes Honey Badger

Obama Got His Groove Back, But Who Won?

The Netanyahu-Republican Billionaire Behind That Israel Absentee Voter Push

The GOP's Candy Strategy Distracts from Romney's Tough Night at Second Presidential Debate

Nike Drops Lance Armstrong, Karl Lagerfeld Equates Retirement with Death

Persecuted Plutocrats, Ctd.

Obama on Benghazi

The Sound of Chugging Kool-Aid

Queen's Teenage Adventure

Housing Is Back. Really.

Edmonton Bar Night, Ctd

Trump Watch

Yes, The Debate Moderator Screwed Up. That's Life.

Losing Hearts, Minds and Credibility

Chart of the Day: Housing. Is. Back.

Brett O’Donnell: Obama Won on Points, But Romney’s Got the Edge

Why Can't Romney's Tax Cuts Deliver as Promised?

Hall Monitor Mitt’s Missed Chance

Jeremy Hunt Jokes With Queen, Queen Not Amused

How Can Romney Recover?

How the Libya Question Boosts Mitt Romney

Kunsthal Art Heist Has Many Wondering If It Is an Inside Job

Calorie Counting

Candy Crowley Injects Herself Into the Presidential Debate

Goodbye, Cuban Exit Visas

The Day-After Spin: Will Any Conservatives Admit Their Guy Lost?

Obama Wins, the Middle Class Loses

Andrew Sullivan’s Town-Hall Debate Live Blog

Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Comment Sets Internet Ablaze

What Did Thomas Jefferson Really Think About Slavery?

A Tearful Goodbye to Colorado Kidnap Victim Jessica Ridgeway

Victoria Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin & More Celebrity Global Warming Deniers (PHOTOS)

Kate is the number one front page star

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Lie About Climate Change Has Worked

Saudi Textbooks Incite Hate, Say Leaders in American Publishing

The Chutzpah of Radovan Karadzic

Susan Orlean: How I Write

Will Treasury’s Crackdown On MS-13 Work?

Syria’s Christians Wary of Both Rebels and Assad Regime

Armed Services Members MIA in Presidential Debates, Campaign

Silicon Valley on the Nile?

TV’s Funniest Pregnancies: ‘Modern Family,’ ‘I Love Lucy’ & More (VIDEO)

Mitt Does the Math

Introducing #vetchat

Candy Crowley Correction of Romney Over Benghazi Fuels Fury in Right Wing

Obama vs. Romney Presidential Debate Round Two: Who Lied?

Anxious Moments and Dry Humor for Obama Faithful Watching Debate in Park Slope

Obama Is Back!

Michelle Goldberg on the GOP’s Delusional Debate Night

Team Obama ‘Ecstatic,’ but Expects Only Modest Debate Bounce

Obama Wins Second Debate, But Romney Scores With Centrist, Likable Storyline

Frum and Shrum on Tonight's Big Question: Who Won?

At Last, a Passionate Political Debate!

Obama Finally Mentions ‘The 47 Percent’

Matt Latimer: Why I Still Hate Town Hall Debates

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama Both Wore Pink Dresses at the Debate

Crowley Crushes Romney On Libya

Romney: More Extreme Than Dubya?

Barack Obama Seizes the Upper Hand Over Mitt Romney at Second Debate

Obama: Your Pension Is Bigger Than Mine

Best Moments from the Second Presidential Debate

Romney's Got ‘Binders Full of Women’!

‘I’m Used To Being Interrupted’

‘You’ll Get Your Chance In A Moment’

Lost & Found Art Masterpieces: Munch’s ‘The Scream’ & More (Photos)

Romney’s One-Point Plan?

Debate Liveblogging

Pakistani Oscar Winner: Malala Isn't Alone

The Independent Rundown, October 16

Village Burning, Torture In Sudan

Hofstra Presidential Debate Pre-Spin Under Way

Presidential Town Hall Debate Live Blog

The Commander-in-Chief Test: What the Cuban Missile Crisis Tells Us About JFK

Dinesh D’Souza Fiancée Scandal Rocks The King’s College

Stick a Label On It, Israel

12 Political Photo Op Flops From Paul Ryan in a Soup Kitchen to Dukakis in a Tank (Photos)

Presidential Debate Dashboard, Round 2: Live Chat, Bingo & More

The Casting Couch: Many Are Called, But Apparently Few Are Chosen

11 Questions Debate Audience Members Should Ask Romney, Obama

Second-Guessing Kerry

What Exactly Would Barack Obama Do With a Second Term?

Democrats and Republicans Now See The Other Party As Worthless

John Avlon: '[Mitt's] Really Been Two Entirely Separate Political People'

Five Doors II by Gerhard Richter is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Are Venue Owners Shortsighted?

Honey Boo Boo Endorses Obama

A Matter of Habit

Softbank’s Acquisition of Sprint Latest Big Japanese Buy

Rachel Zoe To Produce Scripted Comedy Of Her Life; YSL Makes Nice With Louboutin

The Return of Christine Lagarde, the Trillion-Dollar Woman

Video Captures Village Burning, Torture In Sudan

Debate Prediction Thread (Except Me!)

55 Lobbyists Who Didn't Get the Memo That Obama Wouldn't Let Them in the White House

What Would IP Free Industries Look Like? Probably Not Like Restaurants.

Russian Politicians Flaunt‘80’s Style At The Kremlin (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie: We All Are Malala

The Craziest Russian Political Hair

Zoolander's Calendar

What Really Happened in Benghazi?

Lincoln: 'Professional Politician'

David Stockman’s Questions For Mitt Romney

Hell, No, Not So Low

The First Swingers?

Who Was George Romney?

The Cowardice of French Anti-Semites

Lindsay Lohan: I'm for Romney!

The Number: 76

Former Wall Street Executive Sallie Krawcheck Critiques Financial Reform Policy

Those 12 Million Jobs

Florida, Obama and Israel

You're Invited to a Debate Party

One Takes The Train

Mitt's Surprise?

The $163,000 Cost To Be Kate

Citi CEO Vikram Pandit Unexpectedly Quits—Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin

Do Democrats Care About Men?

Memo to Mitt: Be Empathetic Tonight

Romney's Tax Plan

Can Obama Be a Superstar?

Oren Makes Friends, Not News

The Difference Between Us

Anti-Zionists Against Anti-Semitism

Can Tax Reform Jump-Start the Economy?

Brett O’Donnell: What to Watch For in the Town-Hall Debate

Presidential Campaign on Ice!

Clinton 'I Take Responsibility'

Howdy, Partner

Bissinger: Praying That Derek Jeter, Baseball’s Classiest Act, Returns to the Game

‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Fargo’ & More Nude Dude Fight Scenes (VIDEO)

Why Are There So Few Female Plutocrats?

Fidel Castro Recruited Nazis During Cuban Missile Crisis

Pakistani Taliban Declare War on Media

The Innate Conservatism of Comics: ‘Marvel Comics: The Untold Story’ by Sean Howe

Costa Concordia’s Captain’s Culpability in Crash and Deaths Weighed by Judge

Nigeria’s Most Sadistic Killers: Why Is Boko Haram Not Designated a Terrorist Group?

The Wrong Gerhard Richter Painting Broke the Living Artist Record

Are Foreign Jihadists Gaining Influence Inside the Syrian Rebel Forces?

Moderate Mitt’s Rise and Conservatives’ Cognitive Dissonance

Matt Latimer: Why I Hate Town Halls and Undecided Voters

Book Bag: David Thomson’s ‘The Big Screen’ and His Five Favorite Books on Film

10 Greatest Fictional Debates: ‘Clueless,’ ‘The West Wing’ & More (VIDEO)

BBC Two’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ is the Best Reality Show on TV

The Nobel Winner’s Guide to Love

Mark McKinnon: Obama Has to Dumb It Down at Hofstra Debate

Michael Tomasky on the Eight Things Obama Needs To Do in the Debate

Free Legal Advice for Royals

Bob Schieffer: Haters Gonna Hate

Mitt Romney Beats a Retreat in Crucial State of Pennsylvania

Rupert Murdoch’s Future Rests on News Corp. Shareholders Meeting

Kim Kardashian's Not a Fan of Underwear, Shows Off Crack

Daddy, How Come You’re Always Broke? Benjamin Anastas’s ‘Too Good to Be True’

Bob Schieffer: Everyone's Blaming the Umpires

Picasso at the Guggenheim is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Number: $23.85 Million

Meet Malala, The Girl Shot By The Taliban

The Independent Rundown, October 15 2012

The Rise In Retail Is No Fluke

Why the Man Booker Prize Is More Necessary Than Ever

Daily Wrap

How to Plan a Digital Wedding

Should You Be Facebook Friends with Your Mom?

Michael Tomasky: '[Obama] Needs to Tell the Democrats' Economic Story of the Last Twelve Years'

Glenn Beck, Fashion Designer?

Meet the Nobel* Winners in Economics

It’s All About Ohio

NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality in Maryland

Does the GOP Need a Liberal Wing?

Obama Aides Nervous As President Plots Course for Second Debate

Frum Blog is Hiring

How Tomorrow's Debate Can Be Won

Glenn Beck Is Selling Jeans

Future of Work Is Virtual, Casual

Is Israel Leading The U.S. Into War?

Tyra Banks Gets A New Show; Smelling Like Brad Pitt Is ‘Inevitable.’

They're Just Breasts, Folks

Brad Pitt Wants You to Smell Good

Felix Baumgartner's Jump... LEGO Style

Generation Meme

House Flipping Still Surprisingly Popular

Senate Candidate's Son: Send Obama Back to Kenya!

Edmonton Bar Night

How Obama Can Win Tomorrow's Debate

QUIZ: Real Campaign Ad or Parody?

Which Candidate Has The Better Tax Plan?

Speed Read: Seven Bits From Buzzfeed’s Deconstruction of George Romney

Linley Won't Rent Topless Photos House

Don't Blame the Models!

Will Secularism Doom the GOP?

More on Party ID Sampling in Polls

Iran Sanctions: What's the Mission?

From Whence Came the Huns

Obama's Gangnam Style

Do Higher Taxes Make Us Work More, or Less?

The Lessons of Novembers Past

Sotheby’s Robert S. McNamara Auction (Photos)

No Banks Failed on Friday

Queen to Build Low-Cost Housing Project

The Bare Fact of Her Bodily Presence

Mark McKinnon: 'The Debates Create An Authentic Opportunity for Voters'

My Dog: the Paradox

Andrew Sullivan: Obama Has to Say 'What Are You Hiding?'

A Matter of Habit

More Evidence Against the Romney Tax Plan

The Best Ad Obama Could Run

Conrad Black: Tom DeLay, American Hero, Fights The Good Fight

Celebrity Assistant Horror Stories: Taryn Manning & More (PHOTOS)

Former Captive U.S. Hiker Sarah Shourd: ‘Argo’ Blurs Truth About Iran

What NFL Could Learn From Washington Nationals About Treating Injured

Kate Dressed Up As Cheryl Cole For Her Bachelorette Party

Past Patriotism: A Coalition To Train Veterans for Manufacturing Jobs

Derek Jeter Down: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Yankees

Peter Beinart: Romney Follows Obama’s Foreign Policy Script

On the Block: Letters From Jackie

‘The Good Wife’: Has Season 4’s Kalinda Storyline Gone too Far?

‘The Finish’: Mark Bowden on the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden

A Kinder, Gentler Arlen Specter, Inspiration to Cancer Sufferers

This Week’s Hot Reads: Oct. 15, 2012

A Different Take on the VP Debate

The Fight Ahead for Ali Zidan, Libya’s Newest Prime Minister

Clarence Page on Obama's 'Screwup'

More Dangerous Than Kony

Rebel Wilson’s 12 Funniest Moments (Video)

Felix Baumgartner Had a Good Day

Reliable Sources

Now This Is A Show!

Sunday Talk: Stephen Colbert, Lindsey Graham, & More (Video)

Generational Gap On Israel?

Arlen Specter: A One of a Kind Senator

New World Freefall Record

Arlen Specter: Stand Up For Your Beliefs

The Best of SNL

Gordon Brown: Malala’s Next Fight

Barbra Streisand & Jason Gould, Plus More Famous Family Duets (Video)

A Post-Debate Abortion Breakdown

The Jokes Guys Can’t Do

Foreign Policy Should Take Center Stage

Why Do So Many Syrians Defend Assad?

James Coyne, Rest In Peace

Comedy Central’s ‘Night of Too Many Stars’: Jon Stewart, Katy Perry, Ben Stiller, and More (PHOTOS)

Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

What Women Comedians Want: Yael Kohen’s ‘We Killed’

Elvis Presley: America’s Secret Weapon in the Cold War

Nicholas Lemann: Journalism Is Doing Just Fine

Assad’s House of Torture

It’s Election Month 2012! Early Voting Changes Presidential Landscape

Barack Obama’s Forgotten Founding Father in Revolutionary France

Hugo Chávez Wins Reelection and Looks to the Future

Now It’s Obama’s Turn to Win the Debate at Hofstra University

The Gaffe Master Beats the Policy Wonk

Pocket Dials Tying Up 911

Affleck: Stimulus And Health Care 'Flawed'

Why Do Men Like Gangbang Porn?

Barack And Mitt's VP Debate Convo

The One and Only Conan O'Brien

Giving the EU its Nobel Due

Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs & More Fashion Instagrams

Illegal Butt Injections Are on the Rise and Women Are at Risk

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Oct. 13, 2012

In Vice Presidential Debate, Joe Biden Perfects Art of the Smirk

The Car Crash Paul Ryan Should Have Avoided at the VP Debate

Democratic Dreams of Big Wins in Illinois Fading

Space Bling: From Diamond Planets to Crystal Oceans to Precious Moon Jewels

With ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ a New Light on Prison’s Toll on Black Women

Costa Concordia Shipwreck Comes to Italian Court

The Strange Way We Eat: Bee Wilson’s ‘Consider the Fork’

U.S. Border Patrol Fires at Rock Throwers in Mexico, and Three Have Died

Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng’s Nephew Faces Assault Charges

Sex and the Twitter Girl

Greatest Pools Around the World: Kelly Klein's POOLS Book Published By Rizzoli (PHOTOS)

Rachel McAdams Returns to ‘Mean Girls’ Roots With Kinky Bisexual Role in ‘Passion’

‘Clueless’ Cast Reunion, Biden-Ryan VP Debate & More Viral Videos

The Number: 4

What You Can Do to Help Girls Like Malala Yousafzai

Jessica Ridgeway Is Dead: Colorado Kidnapping Ends in Tragedy

Will Malala Yousafzai’s Shooting Be Pakistan’s Rosa Parks Moment?

The Libya "Debacle"?

Are Budget Cuts to Blame for Benghazi Attack, as Biden Suggested?

Biden Laughed and Ryan Smirked

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Homeowners Profit With Help From the Fed

The Nobel Peace Prize Is a Joke

Getting Our Priorities In Order

Good For The Jews To Drive Them Away?

Weekly Jobless Claims Riddle Semi-Solved

Women, Don’t Be Fooled: Mitt Romney Will End Safe and Legal Abortion

The Number: $5 Trillion

Lindsay Lohan Backs Mitt Romney, Kelly Clarkson Loves Ron Paul and More Celebrity GOP Endorsements

Britney Gives Good Debate Face

Janna Ryan vs. Jill Biden

Face It, Republicans, ‘Bazooka Joe’ Biden Won the VP Debate

The Attempted Gore-ing of Biden

Romney's Tax Plan Still Doesn't Work

Does He Really Love Sheldon Adelson?

About That Jew-Finding App...

In Defense of the 5 O'Clock Reservation

A Night of 53 Smiles for Joe Biden

Frum and Shrum Recap the Debate

Vice Presidential Debate Word Clouds: Readers on Joe Biden, Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's Pronoun Problem, Ctd.

Anderson Cooper Adopts The Chanel Hula-Hoop Bag; Lagerfeld Talks Eating Disorders

Is The GOP In Demographic Trouble?

How Ryan Almost Made A Deal With Iran

Iran's Ayatollahs Channeling McCain?

Why I Sued My Cyber-Stalker

Biden’s Win Was a Big It Was a Big F@$&ing Deal

Malarkey, Shirtless Paul Ryan and More Popular Searches and Trends in the Vice Presidential Debate

Flick Picks: Argo

VP Debate: No Winners, But No Big Losers Either

Harry Naked Vegas Pics Worth $23m to Vegas

JPMorgan and Wells Fargo Announce Record Profits

Ryan on Kennedy (and Reagan) (Oh: and the One He Didn’t Mention)

The EU Won What?! Europe Reacts to Nobel

Israeli Policians Fundraise Too

When Biden Met Bibi

Joe Biden’s Rude Debate Laughter: The Joke’s on Him

Commission on Debates: Do Something!

The Real Debate Winner? Martha Raddatz

The White House's Battle Against Truth in Benghazi

Footing the Bill

Joe Fig at Cristin Tierney is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

From Kate Bosworth to Christina Hendricks: Six Best & Six Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Hajj Health Scare: Could a New Virus Spread?

Busting a Cyberstalker: How Carla Franklin Fought Back

Video From Benghazi Consulate Shows Organized Attack

Menu for a Moveable Feast: 10 Famous Authors and Their Favorite Foods & Recipes

Shirin Tahir-Kheli: Pakistan Is Everybody’s Problem

One In Five? Women In The Senate Approach An Historic High Water Mark

Christopher Walken on ‘Seven Psychopaths,’ Natalie Wood & More

After Malala Yousafzai Shooting, Can Shock Therapy Free Pakistan?

Stacey Dash Endorsed Mitt Romney: Who Would ‘Clueless’ Characters Vote For? (PHOTOS)

Harry at War

At Vice Presidential Debate, Paul Ryan Is Frank About Roe v. Wade Plans

Joe Biden Vs. Paul Ryan: The Yin and Yang Debate

Behind the Scenes at Debate, a Surreal Trip Inside the Spin Zone

Biden Vs. Ryan Vice Presidential Debate Fact-Check: Who Lied?

Ryan Solid, But One Major Mistake

Ryan's Big Tax Zinger

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Jennifer Lawrence Lands A Big Gig; Pregnant Jemima Kirke Goes Topless For Vice

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Top Security Chief To Testify on Libya Missteps

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Wall Street Showers Romney Campaign with Donations, Abandons Obama

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Danish Agent Says He Provided Intel for U.S. Drone Attack That Killed Anwar al-Awlaki

Katy Perry’s Obamanicure & More Political Nail Art

'We Are Not Gladiators'

Gaga's Puke and Rally

Sandusky’s Back for His Sentencing—and Facing More Accusers

'Clueless' Cast Remembers Its Crazy '90s Fashion

Botticelli Madonna from the Paul Allen Collection is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

To the Arctic: 'The Challenges of Filming in the Arctic'

Karl Lagerfeld Explains His Spring Collection

To the Arctic: 'Life Under Water'

To the Arctic: 'Polar Bear Family'

'To The Arctic' Trailer

Trump Watch

Romney Wins Debate, Political Science Looks Foolish

The Illegal Donor Loophole

Where Does Jealousy Come From?

Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Erotic’ Drawings Reportedly Stolen; Kate Upton Wants To Be A Bond Girl

Full Transcript/Video of Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Speech at the VMI

You Know Who's More Corrupt than America?

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart: Rumble in the Air Conditioned Jungle

Romney: 'Hope Is Not A Strategy'

Yes, American Politics is Corrupt

Abrams and Iran: There He Goes Again

What Mitt Got Wrong in His Foreign-Policy Speech

Will Republicans Budge on Taxes if Obama Wins?

A Devastating Presidential Parody

Israeli Academia: Crossing The Line?

Mitt the Health Care Reformer

Libya Sacks Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur

What Can Punditry Do?

Journalists as Advertisers

Critics on New Collection of Queen Mum's Letters

Turkish-Iranian Pipeline Blows Up...

Obama's Big Idea: Save Big Bird?


Not Trying To Cause A Big Sensation

Libyan Cables Warned of Threats

Harry on Stage

William and Kate To Make First UK Appearance Since Pictures

Diane Sawyer, Ashlee Simpson & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Ai Weiwei Survey at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington (Photos)

Exclusive: Libya Cable Detailed Threats

Speed Read: 11 Most Shocking Moments From Pete Townshend’s ‘Who I Am’

Gabrielle Giffords: What I Remember

Chinese Hold Ai WeiWei’s Passport, Denies Access to Art Opening

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Hunting, Climate Change and the Future of Food

‘Call the Midwife’: Miranda Hart’s Chummy Browne Steals the Show

A Foot in Two Worlds: Holly Williams on Reporting—and Parenting—From War

In 2012 Election, Centrists Move Left As Independents Stay Split

Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, and More Actors Who Almost Played James Bond (PHOTOS)

Why The 'KONY 2012' Creator Broke Down

David's Bookclub: Northern Light

The Hunt For Kony

It's the Social Safety Net, Stupid

This Week’s Hot Reads: Oct. 7, 2012

Schwarzenegger: Politics Takes 'Balls'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill O’Reilly, Reince Priebus, and More Sunday Talk

The Tortuous History Of The Greta Berlin Tweet Controversy

Ben Stein: 'America Won' Wednesday's Debate

Why Have A Jewish State?

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly ‘Rumble’ Debate: Best Moments (Video)

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Six Things I Learned From Breast Cancer

TranSquat App Helps Transgender Community Find Safe Restrooms

15 Years of ‘Behind the Music’: Best Moments (Video)

‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ Pastors Don’t Care About Religious Freedom

Rapper Lil JoJo Was Slain After an Internet Feud With Rival Chief Keef (VIDEOS)

Does Obama Even Want to Win the Election?

Creator of Kony 2012, Jason Russell, is Out of Treatment and Talking to Oprah

Chicago Rapper Lil JoJo Went to His Grave for Taunting a Rival Gang Member

Queen Latifah Talks About the ‘Steel Magnolias’ Remake and the Importance of Diversity

State Fair Menus Feature Deep-Fried Everything, From Snickers to Mac & Cheese (Photos)

L’Wren Scott, Brian Atwood & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

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Bill Maher On The Debate

As Syria’s Bloody Civil War Rages, Aleppo’s Hospitals Are Under Siege

Survey Says GOP Women Are Prettier

Obama's Economic Decisions

Mitt Romney Wins the Week

Jack Welch vs. Anderson Cooper: Jobs

Roker's New Show: 'Coast Guard Meets Miami Vice'

Could Hugo Chávez Really Lose Venezuela’s Election?

Why Doesn't Canada Have a Two Party System?

About These Depressing Jobs Reports

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The World’s Weirdest Alcohol: Model Booze, Pizza Beer & More (PHOTOS)

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for October 6, 2012

‘The Man Who Saved the Union’ by H.W. Brands: The Forgotten General Grant

NFL’s Shadow Economy of Gambling and Fantasy Football is a Multibillion-Dollar Business

Border Patrol Agent’s Death Dubbed Friendly Fire

Ex-WWE CEO Linda McMahon Ready to Battle in Connecticut Senate Debate

Sistine Chapel and Other Roman Landmarks Damaged by Tourists

Hankygate!, Jim Lehrer’s Gonna Let You Finish and More Viral Videos

Diane Sawyer, Ashlee Simpson & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Nine of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Wildest Comments

Howard Kurtz/Lauren Ashburn On The Debate

Feng Mengbo at the Shanghai Gallery of Art is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Divided by a Common Verse: Jorie Graham Wins the Forward Poetry Prize

Cute Kids Want Jobs

Bibi's Democrat Problem

Obama Should Have Spent More Time in Court, Ctd.

Obama Weighs Retaliation for Attacks in Benghazi, Libya, That Killed Chris Stevens

8 Travesties and Tragedies Blamed on Too Much Soda

Daisey: Apple 'Trapped In The Shadow of Jobs' Legacy'

Greta Berlin Clarifies

Romney’s Hanky & More Debate Cheating Conspiracy Theories (PHOTOS)

If there is a BLS Conspiracy, It's the Worst Executed I've Ever Seen

Why Would the BLS Bother to Cook the Books?

Obama Supporters Mourn His Terrible Debate Performance

The Number: 7.8 Percent

Jobs Truthers Are Nuts: Unemployment Numbers Can’t Be Cooked

Tom Ford Becomes A Dad; Brad Pitt Shills Ladies’ Perfume

Blame Obama’s Lousy Debate on John Kerry!

A Modest Debate Proposal

Santorum: 'You Can Kill Things and Still Like Them'

Romney's Ironic Sense of Salesmanship

Adele Goes Bond

Jim Lehrer: ‘I Have No Apologies’ for My Debate Moderator Performance

Dazibao at the Shanghai Propaganda Art Center are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Did Agriculture Change Sex?

Obama's Lucky Number

Reviving The House of Schiaparelli: Who Will Become Creative Director? A Conversation with Farida Khelfa

Mitt Embraces the 100%, Ctd.

Snoop Lion's Case Against Romney

Anti-Semitism—Bad for Palestinians, Too


Introducing Hero Project TV

A New American Export: Gun Violence

Facts, Damned "Facts", and Fact Checkers

Conspiracy Theorists, It's Showtime!

The Wrath of Liam Neeson: The ‘Taken 2’ Star’s Action Hero Transformation

Hiring the Next Chief Rabbi

Exclusive: David Blaine Dishes on 'Electrified'

Never Forget, But Forget The Auschwitz Tattoos

Unemployment Report: Finally, Some Good Numbers

Pat Barker on “Toby’s Room,” Historical Fiction, and the Booker

O'Reilly Teaches Stewart About Books

Lost and Found

Kate Middleton Helps Boost McQueen Profits by 27%

Will Joe Biden Use Paul Ryan to Attack Mitt Romney in Vice Presidential Debate?

The 47 Percent, Offense, and Defense

Oxford English Dictionary: Philip Responsible For Term 'Blue-Arsed Fly'

James Bond Movies & the Beatles Still Pop Culture Icons 50 Years After Debuts

Mayor Bloomberg: No Woman Should Die Giving Birth

Obama Blew It With Women at the Debate

Anderson Cooper Slams Star Jones, Karl Lagerfeld & More (Video)

As Partisan Rancor Rises, States That Back a Loser Will Be Punished

Ahead of Debate, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly’s Secret Bromance (VIDEO)

Simon Schama on How Obama Threw It All Away in the Denver Debate

Mike Daisey Remembers Steve Jobs a Year After His Death

Mitt Romney Camp Seizes On Debate Victory ‘Game-Changer’

Introducing Hero Project TV: Anthony Swofford Interviews War Veterans

From Jennifer Lopez to Lady Gaga, Seven Best & Five Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Chris Ware’s ‘Building Stories’ and 10 Other Graphic Novels You Must Read (PHOTOS)

Will Mitt Get a Major Bounce?

The Absurd Case Against Sonia Gandhi

Syrian Rebels Deny Civilian Deaths in Aleppo Attack, Fearful of Losing Public Support

Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus & Others Terrorized in Dangerous ‘Swatting’Prank

Mitt Disowns Rand, Embraces the 100%

Lena Dunham, Bill Clinton, Keith Richards & More Big Book Deals (Photos)

The Shrum-Frum Podcast Has Arrived!

Wealthy Manhattanites Give Lots of Money to Politicians

Bowling with the Beast: Lupe Fiasco

RJC Retweets A Terror Flag

Flick Picks: 'The Paperboy'

A Dying Star

Are There Perks to Seeing 'Wallflower?'

Q&A: Where Does Big Bird Stand on Politics?

Obama Lost the Debate the Right Way

Romney's Newest Attack Ad?

Debate Word Clouds: Your One-Word Reax

Did Depression Keep Your Ancestors Alive?

Does Venezuelan Political Rhetoric Remind You of Anything?

Iran on the Verge of Hyperinflation

Front Page of the Day

Some Obama Campaign Aides ‘Shell-Shocked’ After Debate

Romney Won the Debate but it Was No Game Changer

Just Say No To Layoff Notices

Ellen and Rebel 'Shoop'!

Two Centrists on Stage Last Night

The Presidential Debate as Seen by a Conservative Husband and a Liberal Wife

Jim Lehrer's Gonna Let You Finish

Presidential Debate Gets Autotuned

J.Lo’s Daughter Wore $2,400 Worth Of Merchandise to the Chanel Show; Anne Hathaway’s Wedding Dress Was Pink

Proustblogging: It's in Style!

Who Should Lead The GOP?

Spring’s 8 Craziest Trends

The Number: 1.4%

Friday’s Jobs Report: The Most Important Ever!

The Right To Remain Silent?

Will Turkey and Syria Go to War?

Hillwalkers Rescued by William: We Prefer Harry

Why President Obama, Despite Scoring Points, Fell Flat in the Denver Debate

Facebook's Emotional New Ad

Good News for the Holy Land’s Actual Land

Russian Top Human-Rights Journalists Face Threats, Murder

Obama Should Have Spent More Time in Court, Ctd.

The Professor and the Consultant

Romney’s Political Futures Rising Sharply on Intrade

Why is Iran's Currency Collapsing Now?

Mark McKinnon: ‘I’ve Never Seen a Debate as Decisive as the One Last Night’

Mitt Rules, Obama Drools?

Zuckerberg Wears The Same Thing Every Day

Chris Matthews' Obama Rage Explosion

Check Out The Rial Situation

Instant Polls: Romney Wins the Debate

Stuff Mitt Romney Likes: Big Bird, Lakes & More

The Rockefeller Republican Wins Big

The Essential Norman Mailer: Remedial Reader

Why Obama Lost

Wiping Palestinians Off the Agenda

Slashing 'Price Tag'

Live Chat with Author Thomas Frank

Shh! Don't Tell Late Night What Happened

Andrew Sullivan’s Presidential Debate Live-Blog

How Harry Keeps His Sex Life Out Of The Papers: Posh Girls Only

Obama’s Big Whimper: Four Big Surprises From the Denver Debate

Mitt Romney Offense Trumped Barack Obama Defense in Presidential Debate

Meet the Dad Who Wears Skirts

Mitt Romney’s Debate Performance: Best Tweets About GOP Nominee’s Love for Big Bird

Contamination Seen as Cause for New Meningitis Outbreak in Five States

An Ode to Tighty Whities

Best James Bond Opening Sequences: ‘Goldeneye’ & More (VIDEO)

The Mysterious Death of Hip-Hop Manager & Power Broker Chris Lighty

New Data Shows HARP Mortgage Refinance Program Is Finally Working

Campaign-Finance October Surprise: More Money Doesn’t Equal Big Win

Iran’s Currency Crisis: Bad News For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Morocco Cracks Down on Democracy Rappers

Fla. May Put 13-Year-Old Away for Life; Supreme Court Says Not So Fast

Lupe Fiasco on His New Album, Romney vs. Obama, ‘Muslim Rage’ & More

Despite Threats, U.S. Cut Security in Libya Before Attacks

Start-Up Bright Uses Technology to Improve Job-Seeking Process

How Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ Is Taught in Schools

The Curse of Pink Hair

Short History of Muppet Activism: Romney Likes Big Bird & More (VIDEO)

Sullivan's Scorecard: Romney 'Knockout'

Romney Would Cut PBS Funding? 7 Unemployed Big Bird Memes (PHOTOS)

Body Language Expert: Romney ‘Hyperactive,’ Obama ‘Measured’ in Debate

Obama vs. Romney Presidential Debate Fact-Check: Who Lied?

Mitt Romney Wears The Big Bird Shoes From The Céline Runway To The Debates

Obama Allowed Mitt Romney to Get Away With Lies in Debate Showdown

Mitt Romney’s Glib Performance Won the Debate, but What About Voters?

Peter Beinart: Romney’s Crafty Moderate Debate Strategy

Obamacare vs. Romneycare

Was That Obama’s Dud Double Who Lost the Debate to Romney?

Daniel Gross: First Debate a Think-Tank Snoozer

Mitt Romney Hit Ground Running in First Debate With Obama

Donald Trump Sneaks Into The Debate

Turkey Fires Across Border After Syrian Shelling Kills Five Turkish Civilians

Billionaires Are the Victims! Thomas Frank on the Republican Strategy

Obama: Romney's Big Idea Is 'Never Mind'

Look Out, Big Bird!

Mitt Romney Holds His Own Against Barack Obama in First Presidential Debate

Obama Should Have Spent More Time in Court

WATCH VIDEO: Best Moments From the First Presidential Debate

Romney's Dad Moment

Happy Anniversary, 'Sweetie'!

Strangest Presidential Election Predictors: 7-Eleven Coffee Cups & More

The Number: 11.7%

He Xiangyu at White Space Beijing is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Presidential Debate Dashboard

Resources for Tonight's Debate

Final Pre-Debate Thoughts


Here's What Blasphemy Laws Do

13 Questions Jim Lehrer Should Ask at Tonight’s Debate

Trump Watch

Are Karl Rove and Crossroads Propping Up the Romney Campaign

Michelle Obama Debuts Jason Wu’s New Line

Mitt Romney's Gangnam Style

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, McQueen Cap Paris Spring 2013 Fashion Week Shows

Explaining Enrichment

A Kennedy Lesson for Obama Critics

Allison Yarrow on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Future

What to Expect in Tonight's Debate

Why Care About a Video from 2007?

Lady Gaga Wears The Famous Versace "Safety Pin" Dress; LA Tourists Interrupt David Beckham's Underwear Shoot

Jimmy Fallon: New Debate Science Might Entice Michele Bachmann

Writing For Teens Vs. Adults: Rowling As Case Study

Getting Drunk, No Matter What, Ctd.

About that 47-47 Poll

The Reality of Anti-Blasphemy Laws

Todd Akin: Some Doctors Have Hearts

Political Dodgeball

How Does Todd Akin Believe That?

Kony 2012 Creator: I Had an 'Out-of-Body Experience'

Get That Camera Out of My Face

Petitions Flood in Advance of Presidential Debate

Wither The Israeli Press?

The $17,000 Opportunity

Duke of Kent In Uganda

Political Messaging for Republicans

Eli Lake: 'Why Choose One Piece [of Intelligence] Over the Other?'

Are Americans Really So Rude?

Why Isn't Bob Kerrey Winning?

Morrissey's Royal Rant

Calgary Bar Night

Who "Froze" The Peace Process?

Car Bombs Tear Through Aleppo

Most Innovative City in the World

Cain Flexes His Presidential Muscles

Iran's Economy is Collapsing, Ctd.

How Should a Black President Speak?

Roman Polanski, the Sequel

Tom Parker Bowles Breaks Silence Over Kate Pics

The "Bomshell" Video

Benghazi Backlash, Mideast Implosion, Jobless Numbers: The Real Potential October Surprises

Tension Rises, But Israel and Egypt Stick to Economic Pact

Afghanistan: Negotiating Didn’t Work—Besides, We’re Leaving

Austin Tice, Believed Held by Assad Forces, Said Reporting In Syria Is ‘Greatest Feeling’

Marijuana Could Be Legal in Colorado and Washington After Election Day

From Honey Ryder to Pussy Galore, the Evolution of the James Bond Girl

Was Shooting of Border Patrol Agents in Arizona an Ambush?

Brett O’Donnell: What to Watch For in the First Presidential Debate

How I Write: John Banville on ‘Ancient Light,’ Nabokov and Dublin

Steve Harvey on Hosting Michelle Obama, His New Talk Show & More

The Foodie Detective: The Pepe Carvalho Novels by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Fantasy League for Economic Policy Wonks

21-Year-Old Millionaire Buys His Way to Political Influence

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013: Chanel, Saint Laurent & More (PHOTOS)

America’s Most and Least Reliable Airlines, from American to Virgin

12 Worst Celebrity Excuses: Pete Townshend, Lindsay Lohan & Others (Photos)

Oklahoma Farmers Find Ways to Cope While Waiting for Drought to End

Claremont McKenna Students Try Life on $1 a Day in ‘Living on One’

Central Bankers Are Propping Up Growth Around the World

Gangnam Style Goes Political

Never-Before-Seen Obama Footage

Nicki Minaj Blows Up on 'Idol'

Obama's Right: We Failed Black New Orleans After Katrina

Daily Wrap

The Best Tucker Carlson Quote Ever?

Conservative Outlets Push Old Video of Barack Obama Talking About the Poor

1933 Center in Shanghai is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane Slams New York Times Style Critic Cathy Horyn

Is This Drudge's Scoop?

Obama Talks Contraception, Jay-Z With Glamour

Will Bankers Ever Go to Jail? 10 Questions Answered

U.S. Car Sales Continue Their Rise in September

Director of 'The Oath' Wins MacArthur Grant

1960's Awkward Richard Nixon

The Obama-Romney Gap Is Narrowing

100 Funniest Moments from the British House of Commons

Charlie Cook Puts His Money on Obama

Charlie Cook Puts His Money on Obama

Josh Mandel's Homecourt Disadvantage

Will DC Become a World City?

Worst Debate Moments in the TV Era

American Airlines Suffers Its Worst Week Ever

Sahara Davenport Dies At 27

Pope’s Butler, Paolo Gabriele: I Didn’t Steal, I Betrayed

No One's Complaining About Uber--Except the Taxi Commission

Price Controls: Effective Political Poison

This Little Thing Called Federal Law

David Blaine To Electrify … Himself!

Romney and the Warmth Factor

Why Do Humans Have More Sex Than Animals?

Ruin Porn, Detroit Style

See Tom Ford’s Complete Collection (Finally!)

Chanel Introduces The Hula-Hoop Bag

Lena Dunham's Fashion Spread; Karl Lagerfeld's Saint Laurent Jab

Mitt's Mormon Women Problem

Filipino Prisoners Go 'Gangnam'

Bieber's Fever Gets Animated

If Benghazi Is a Scandal, What Was 9-11?

Europe’s Austerity Crisis Ravages Italy’s South

Commitments Not Reaffirmed

Does Extreme Inequality Hurt Growth?

The Rube Goldberg Policy Machine

Here's How a Real Socialist Holds Power

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