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Articles November 2012

If it's Friday, it's Ask the Blogger

Fair Go: Australia and the U.N. Vote

The Vote And The Holocaust

A Guide to the Fiscal Cliff Hostage Talks

Local News Thinks TV Plane Crash Is Real

Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Get Gangnam Style

Dona Anna: Intrepid in the Favelas

Congress Tells Palestinians To Give Up

British Tabloids in Action

All Things Considered

The War on Christmas Has Begun

Why I Supported The Palestine U.N. Vote

Eighth-Grader Tells Hasbro: Man Up the Easy Bake Oven

Politics Across the Pond

Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj: Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Why The Brits Abstained

What's With India and Hitler?

The 'Girls' Are Back In Town

Can Alexander Wang Sell Street Style At Balenciaga?

Fear and Suspicion Of Turtle Bay

Boehner On Fiscal Cliff: 'Stalemate!'

Republican Proposals to Avert the Fiscal Cliff

Was Romney Really Shocked to Lose?

A Confession to Murder—Quickly Withdrawn—Rocks Religious Community

Women's Work: Breaking Gender Norms

Hey McCain: Susan Rice More 'Qualified' Than Palin Was!

Why Blast When You Can—And Do—Build?

The Number: A Canadian in England

Which Important Animals Are Dying Out?

Send Me Abuse: Glenn Beck Edition

One Direction Is Launching Perfume; Kate Middleton Plays Hockey In Heels

Why Can't Fox News Take Criticism?

The Death of Israel's "Quality Minority"

Boy Meets Girl

The Real Tower of Terror

MAP: How The World Voted On Palestine

Much Ado about the Debt Ceiling

How The World Voted On Palestine

Let's Get Fiscal: What's the Big Picture?

Squeak! Kate Middleton's School Nickname Revealed

Trouble in Coupon Land

Let's Talk About X Baby

Choosing Decline In The Mideast

Leveson Report Dedicates Just Five PARAGRAPHS To Internet Journalism

A Lonely Fight

Obama Serves Romney A 'Cold Brew'

Why Groupon and Living Social Are Doomed

The Fiscal Cliff Madman Theory

Can the Syrian Rebels Unite?

What's Under Obama's tree?

Two More Conservatives Call for a Dive Off the Fiscal Cliff

Nothing Like Being Re-elected

Hitler’s Strange Afterlife in India

From Watergate to Iran-Contra: Presidential Second-Term Scandals (PHOTOS)

In Sandy’s Aftermath, Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo Make Unlikely Team

Mark McKinnon: Do Democrats & Republicans Really Want Immigration Reform?

2012 Holiday Books Gift Guide

America's 13 Hungriest States, from Kentucky to Mississippi

Is Tripping on Acid to Blame for Angus T. Jones’s Meltdown?

Megan McArdle on Why We Need to Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff

Will the Second-Term Quicksand Swallow Barack Obama?

Mexico: Allegations of Fraud Follow Peña Nieto

Bob Dole & George H.W. Bush Hospitalized: How to Interpret Illness of Public Figures

Joan Rivers’s Best Insults (VIDEO)

From ‘Treme’ to ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ TV’s Women Aren’t Wimps

No Answers in Death of Technician Linked to Andrew Breitbart

CNN Needs ‘More Passion,’ Says New Boss Jeff Zucker

In Petraeus Scandal, the Old ‘Blame the Woman’ Strategy

Pussy Riot’s Yekaterina Samutsevich Speaks Out

Reports: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Settles With Maid Who Claimed Sexual Assault

The Independent Rundown, November 29

Lindsay Lohan: Jail Sentence, Mug Shot, Theft & More Troubles (Photos)

O'Reilly's 'War on Christmas'

New Survey: Israelis Do Not Feel They Benefited From Hamas Clash

A First Step At Turtle Bay

Lizza: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like It'

George Baselitz at MoMA Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Abbas, Palestine Win Symbolic Victory at U.N.

Leveson Report: 9 Juiciest Bits

Teacher Suspended for Playing 'Same Love'

The Stock Market Doesn’t Care About the Fiscal Cliff

Abbas’s Symbolic Victory

On Death And Kids In Gaza

Why Iron Dome Can't Be Scaled-Up

Not Breaking: Hamas Exploits Gullible Journalists

What Could Come of the Obama–Romney Lunch

Where Ban Ki-Moon Meets Pink Floyd

The Case for a VAT

Eliot Spitzer: Busting CEOs on Insider Trading Is the Tough Job

Blackout in Damascus: Syria’s Winter of Discontent

Killing the "Dying Bear" Meme

Valentino Exhibition Opens in London

Valentino Exhibition Hits London; Versus Taps J.W. Anderson

Ryan Lizza: Obama In a Box Over Susan Rice 

The U.N. And After: Can Europe Step Up?

John Avlon: 'It Really Is An Inspiration And An Education'

Ask Massie Anything: Obamacare Or the NHS?

Cameron on the Rocks

The Number: $600 Million

Columnist: Want to Weaken Hamas? Here's How

Can Walmart Change?

Susan Rice: Better Off as DNC Chair?

Hold Onto Your Penis

Prince William and Prince Harry Boost Princess Diana's HIV Charity


What Do the Republicans Want?

Canada And The Palestinians

Toronto: the Dubai of the Great Lakes?

Best of Late Night: Lewis Black's Election Lament

Kate Debate

Of Bids And Boycotts

Turkey: Let NATO Protect You!

Troubling Signs from the Asian Georgia

From Union to Illegal Labor: I'm Running for Office, for Pete's Sake!

Bruce Bartlett and the Fox Treatment

Glenn Beck’s Obama Pee Stunt Shows He’s Still in Populist Huckster Game

Scott DesJarlais Crossed the Line by Having Sex With Patients

The Supreme Court Set to Enter the Gay Marriage Debate

California Police Ignored, Mishandled Sex Assaults Reported By Disabled

Why Mahmoud Abbas Will Win at the United Nations

Six Nominees to Succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Seizure Warrant Issued for Warren Jeffs-FLDS Yearning for Zion Ranch

ACLU Suit to Allow Women in Combat Is About Equality & Recognition

Can Jeff Zucker, Rumored to Be Next CNN Worldwide Chief, Save the Network?

Georgia Crackdown Threatens U.S. Ties

Gun-Control Lobby Targets Obama, Demands Reform

‘Elementary’ vs. ‘Sherlock’: Why There’s Room for More Than One Holmes

American Dreams: “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides

Halle Berry’s Custody Fight Gets Physical

Inside Goma, Congo’s City of Terror‬

A New Kind of Pirelli Calendar

Pirelli Calendar 2013: Behind the Scenes With Steve McCurry (PHOTOS)

Kathryn Bigelow Oscar Hopeful ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Revealed

The Latino Fight to Be Included in the Kennedy Center Honors

Mitt Romney Faces Narrow Window as He Lunches With President Obama

Reports: Alexander Wang Is Probably Getting Balenciaga Job

Awkward! Obama's Romney Smackdowns

The Independent Rundown, November 28

Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain & More Obama Frenemies (PHOTOS)

Yoko Ono’s Fashion Debut

Yoko Ono Designs A Men’s Collection For Opening Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo & More CEOs Who Talk to God (PHOTOS)

One Percent Shots! Testing Leona, DeLeon’s $825 Bottle of Tequila

Kutlug Ataman at Sperone Westwater Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Obamas Deck The White House Halls

EXCLUSIVE: Former Israeli PM Olmert Supports Palestine U.N. Bid

Coming: Taxes Higher than Clinton's

Hypocrisy on the Filibuster, Ctd.

One Percent Shots!

Romney and Obama’s First Lunch: A Social Etiquette Guide

What are Democrats Willing to Negotiate?

Univision's Weather Cat

Don't Mess with Grover?

Who's Afraid Of The ICC?

The Loophole in the Tax Pledge

Fiscal Cliff Fears Drive Huge Spike in Dividend Payouts

'The Nanny' on the Nanny State

Fiscal Cliff Hostage Situation Day 22: What Business Community, President Obama?

A Damascus Whodunit: Syrian Bombings Kill Dozens

Likud Veers to the Right

What's So Bad About The Keystone Pipeline?

Stella McCartney Wins British Fashion Awards' Designer of the Year; Keith Richards Wears Saint Laurent

Shame on the Red Cross: How They’ve Failed on Sandy Relief

Norquist Calls Congressman's Criticism a 'Cheap Stunt'

Tomorrow's Obama-Romney Lunch

When Even the FT is Spamming...

Rainn Wilson's 'Filthy' Parody

How Europe Will Vote And Why

Mark McKinnon: 'There Are Actually A Lot of Things That Give Me Encouragement'

Taiwanese Animators: Don't Tickle Me, Elmo!

#vetchat: Why Good Will Toward Veterans Isn’t Translating Into Services

The History Behind Pakistani Nuclear Proliferation

Dan Gross: 'The Election Ratified The Democrats' Stance'

Lei Zhengfu Sex Tape: China Mesmerized by Once-Taboo Topics of Politics and Porn

William Accepts Baby Gift Fuelling Rumours Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Good Riddance, Ehud Barak

Why Are Cable Companies Forcing People to Turn to Piracy?

A Dress Worth Its Weight in Gold (But Probably More)

Steve Inskeep Got the Memo

Plus Ça Change

Campaigns Are Not Potato Chips

Tzipi Livni’s Futile Return to Israeli Politics

Darrell Issa's Attempt to Woo Reddit

Washington’s True Dysfunction: Basketball’s Woeful Wizards

Best of Late Night: Stephen and Dolly Duet

Why Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff When You Can Fly Off?

Kelly Ayotte, Torture Queen

Kate Tells Crowd Member: I'm Not Sure About My New Bangs

Princess Beatrice Looks Vaguely Normal in Erdem

Ben Whishaw Takes On Bond in ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Newsroom’ in ‘The Hour’

What Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Should Do Next

Forget 2012: Long-Term Demographic Trends Favorable to Republicans

Too Young to Model? Sailor Brinkley, Ondria Hardin, Dannielynn Birkhead, & More (PHOTOS)

Sandy vs. Santa: A Tale of Two Holidays (PHOTOS)

Will Michele Flournoy Become the First Female Defense Secretary?

Thanksgiving Day Horror: Minnesota Teens Killed in Alleged Break-In

Canada Comes to the Rescue of Great Britain, Again

Mark Consuelos Makes Himself Look Ugly in ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

Rep. Darrell Issa Turns to Reddit for Internet Moratorium Bill

Badass TV Women or Just Bad? ‘Homeland,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy’ & More

André Aciman: How I Write

Is Christopher Hudson Behind Angus Jones’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Attack?

Understanding Diana Vreeland, ‘Empress Of Fashion’

Too Young to Model: Anna Nicole Smith’s Six-Year-Old Modeling Spawn

Republicans Face ‘New Reality’ in Washington as the Fiscal Cliff Approaches

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”: Rian Malan’s South Africa Reviewed

Did He Steal Madeleine McCann?

Will the Leveson Report Be David Cameron’s Downfall?

There’s Something About Rosemary’s Baby: Rereading Ira Levin’s 1967 Novel

Neil Patrick Harris' Puppet Dream

Marvin Miller, the Labor Leader Who Revolutionized Baseball

The Victims of the Penguin & Random House Merger: Literary Agents

Naked Protesters Occupy Boehner's Office

Fir Tree By Monika Sosnowska Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

The Independent Rundown, November 27

Fooled by ‘The Onion’: 9 Most Embarrassing Fails

Susan Rice’s Awkward Meeting

The Usual Hypocrisy on the Filibuster

Israel Missed Its Chance—Again

Ebony Cover with NeNe Leakes Unleashes a Firestorm of Criticism

J. Crew Model Armando Cabral: Fashion’s Exotic Boy-Next-Door

Powerball Winners on Being Filthy Rich

Laura Ingraham Temporarily Off-Air

Kate Middleton Has a Fringe!

Meanwhile, On The West Bank…

Likud: The Party of Annexation

Behind the GOP Game on Rice

A Civil War Professor Reviews 'Lincoln'

Are Politics More Civil in the UK?

Tyra Banks Stars in 'Lifesize' Sequel; Brad Pitt Defends His Hilarious Chanel Commercial

How Will the GOP Respond to Economic Growth, Ctd?

What Abbas Should Do at the UN

The Number: 35

Shooting Gaza

Shooting Gaza

Fiscal Cliff, Day 21: You Call That a Compromise?

Iraqi Archaeology's Rebirth

Utility Stocks Suffer as Investors Fear Fiscal Cliff

The Nice Thing About Larry Hagman

A Hold on Rice's Nomination??

A Case of Really Bad Journalism

Beinart: Obama Can Ignore the Left

‘The War on Men’ Author: I’m Misunderstood!

Feds Hope to Use Former Underling to Land Hedge Fund Trader Steven Cohen

Wait - A Judge Can Fire a Mayor?

Protests In Egypt (PHOTOS)

When Cee Lo Partied with the Muppets

Chuckle of the Day

Where the Streets Have No Name?

Why Greek Debt is Going Long

Cory and Topanga Are Back!

Fashion Forward

Hamas's Temporary Popularity Bump

The Skull of a King

The Richer vs. the Richest

In Which I Agree With John Quiggin

Gay Orthodox Jews Sue Over Therapy That Claims to ‘Cure’ Them

Should You Boycott Me?

Tzipi Livni: Return or Irrelevance?

Harry v Harry For Cressida's Heart

Was Yasir Poisoned? Arafat’s Body Exhumed

Baby Names in Gaza

Late Night: Gosling Stripped vs. the Gaza Strip?

Encouraging Signs at National Review

Since When Is Sexual Fidelity Required From Generals Like Petraeus and Allen?

Prince Charles's Latest Online Announcement: Let Me Get Started

Television’s 20-Something Female Virgins: ‘Girls,’ ‘Grey’s,’ and ‘Underemployed’

David Axelrod Surprised by Romney Campaign’s Missed Opportunities

Team Obama Heading for the Exits

Matthew McConaughey On ‘Magic Mike,’ Thongs & Losing Weight

Robert Gottlieb’s Book Bag: Five Great Literary Subjects

Tiësto Picks His Eight Favorite Songs to Mark World AIDS Day

Deaths of Gaber Salah, Islam Masoud Signal Egypt’s Dangerous Divisions

Jenny Johnson’s Attacks Trigger Chris Brown Tirade, Departure From Twitter

The New Populism of the Right

Michael Tomasky on How Obama Shouldn’t Back Down to the GOP

Democrats Must Step Up on Entitlement Reform for Fiscal Cliff Deal

The Return of Birkenstocks: Runways and Stores (PHOTOS)

Will Blyth Investors Suffer Powder Burn?

The Insider-Trading Cloud Hanging Over SAC Capital’s Steven A. Cohen

Chemicals in the Environment Interfere With Pregnancy

Are Birkenstocks Cool Again? Céline, Giambattista Valli & More (PHOTOS)

Journalist Bashes Fox—While On Fox!

Useful Euro Summit?

Do We Still Need Cyber Monday?

The Independent Rundown, November 26

Republicans Break Ranks With Grover Norquist

J.K. Rowling: Why I Never Share a New Book Idea (VIDEO)

Corban Walker in Venice Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

John McCain to Meet With Susan Rice to Settle Benghazi Score

Shaquille O'Neal, Diamond Mogul?

The Palestinian Choice—And Ours

Why Can’t Walmart Be More Like Costco?

Chanyeol: Four Things to Know About K-Pop’s New Star

This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 26, 2012

Back Chat with David Frum

'Two and a Half Men' Star: Stop Watching That Filth!

Justin Bieber, Snooki & More From Tumblr’s Sexy Sweaters (Photos)

Dear Justin Bieber: You're Way Less Classy than White Trash

Ask the Blogger

Israeli Defense Minister Barak Quits Politics

Justin Bieber Wears Overalls to Meet Canadian Prime Minister

The Forgotten 40 Percent

Tomasky: Susan Rice Deserves a Payday

Shakeup at SEC

Morsi's Miscalculation

Why Didn't Bond Dress Like Bond?

The Lame Duck Meets The Fiscal Cliff

Carla Bruni Covers French Vogue; YSL's Open Letter to WWD

Obama's Fear: Good God, a Republican Might Use These War Powers in a Way I Wouldn't Like!

Powering America with Canadian Hydropower

Bibi: Keep Barak

It's Official: The Blaze and Pravda Agree on Obama!

The Greatest Environmental Victory of the Past Ten Years?

Veterans' Fiction Tells the Truth about War

What Gaza Means For Iran

The Free Market's War on Coal

Corker: Forget the Norquist Pledge

Obligatory "Lincoln" Post

When Gawker is Spot-On...

The Overclass Speaks

Hamas's Victory

British Press Baron's Porn Film With Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Lookalikes

The "Reality-Based Community" Exacts Its Revenge

Black Friday Doesn’t Matter: Every Day Is Cyber Monday

Abbas’s Dangerous U.N. Move

Time Will Tell

How Will the GOP Respond to an Economic Boom?

David's Bookclub: Bartleby the Scrivener

The Coming Filibuster War

Mahmoud Abbas Bid for U.N. Sanction of Palestine State Could Explode West Bank

Kate Middleton Haggles For Best Price At Antiques Fair

What Progressives Want From Obama’s Second Term

Should Juvenile Criminals Be Sentenced Like Adults?

Fire and Forget: After Homecoming, Veterans Collect Stories of War

‘Les Miserables’ Is New Frontrunner for Best Picture Oscar

Matt Lauer Gets Sliced Up as ‘Today’ Show’s Ratings Fall

A Manifesto for Disorder: Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’ Reviewed

The GOP Faces Years in the Wilderness After 2012 Election Losses

After Israel-Hamas Ceasefire, Gaza Tunnels Are Back in Business

How 2012 Turned Into a Very Bad Year For Prince Charles

Mumbai Attacks: Four Years Later

Bloomberg, Cuomo Should Revitalize the Rockaways After Hurricane Sandy

Bourbon Apple Pie & More Boozy Holiday Dessert Recipes (PHOTOS)

'Liz & Dick' Is Finally Here!

My Escape From Sex Slavery

Sprinklers Interrupt NFL Game

McCain: Obama, Not Rice, 'The Problem'

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk (Video)

Was the Al-Hilli Alps Murder the Act of a Serial Killer?

Affleck: Pay Attention to the Congo

Fooled You! Black Friday Employee Prank

How to Close the Empathy Gap

Death of a Cupcake

The Liz and Dick Show Still Charms Even if “Liz & Dick” Doesn’t

Despite Viral Attack Video, British Crime Rates Are Down

Shooting the Stars With Markus and Indrani

Michael Tomasky on How John McCain Humiliated Himself on Susan Rice

Democrats See a Future of Electoral Dominance But History Says Otherwise

Do We Still Need the Voting Rights Act?

War’s Silent Scourge: Sexual Violence Against Women

After Sandy, Architecture for Humanity Gets Down to Work

One Direction, Neil Patrick Harris & More Stars’ Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Farrah Fawcett’s Alma Mater Battles Ryan O’Neal over Warhol Pic

Shooting the Stars With Fashion Photographers Markus and Indrani

Five Classic ‘Dallas’ Moments (Videos)

'Twilight' Re-imagined

Obama Pardons Turkeys, Not Humans

Larry Hagman’s Greatest Hits (Photos)

Is Israel Immoral to Retaliate Against Gaza?

Anti-Morsi Protests Rage In Egypt

Translating Two Bitter Enemies In Gaza

How Do You Strike a Walmart?

'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman Dies

‘Dallas’ Star Larry Hagman Dead at 81

Brutal London Attack Caught On Tape

The Gaza Conflict's Winners and Losers

Despite Hype, Obama’s Email List Won’t Be a Second-Term Game-Changer

11 Stars’ Turkey Photos

Rihanna, Coco Rocha & More Best Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

After Sandy, the American Red Cross Collects Both Criticism and Cash

The Unanswered Question: What About Clinton-Era Spending Rates?

Syria’s Children of the Rubble

Russia Uses ‘Foreign Agent’ Ruse to Crack Down on Memorial & Other NGOs

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for November 24, 2012

Bringing Up Yasir Arafat’s Body

Justin Bieber, Gangnam-Hammer, Carly Rae Jepsen & More Viral Videos

‘The Trial’ & More Top Film Adaptations of Literary Classics (VIDEO)

How Over-the-Counter Birth Control Could Screw You

In Los Angeles, Questions of Police Brutality Dog LAPD

Barb Choit at Rachel Uffner Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Do the Walmart Protests Matter?

Your Friday Brain Candy

A Dangerous Position

The IDF Track Record

In Defense of Nurture: Jesse Prinz’s “Beyond Human Nature”

Black Friday Frenzy

Egypt Transition Run Amok: Morsi Decree Sparks Huge Protests

China Cracks Down On Poet Li Bifeng And Dissident Writer Li Yuanlong

Black Friday Chaos

UPDATED: David's Bookclub: Iron Curtain

Unions Organize Walmart Protests; Rest of the Nation Goes Shopping

As We Leave Our Metaphoric Bunkers

Obama's Biggest Opportunity Yet

Butt Fumble!

Co-Director Ken Burns On the New ‘Central Park Five’ Documentary

The Number: 18

Overcast With A Chance Of Rockets

Mall Madness vs. Black Friday

Dancing "Elkin Style"

Interview: ‘Heroines’ Author Kate Zambreno

What Evangelicals Get Wrong About Israel and the Palestinians

The Number: 4.1 Percent

In Sandy's Wake, a New York Doorman Without a Home

Why Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Leave of Absence Was Allowed

Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock & More Celebrity Impersonators (PHOTOS)

Is Paul Ryan Too White for the GOP?

Living On—And Leaving—America’s Biggest Commune

Behind the Movember Movement’s Fight to Keep Charity Tied to Mustache

New Pot Law in Washington is a Buzz Kill

Small Businesses Struggle to Survive After Sandy’s Wrath

The Rockaways Give Thanks

Seven Takeaways From The Gaza Ceasefire

Guy Fieri’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Tips

Will the Ceasefire Last?

Here's Carly Rae's Number...

What’s True and False in “Lincoln” Movie

Old Problems and New Realities

From Earrings to Sneakers To Beats by Dre: The Best Black Items to Buy on Black Friday

Off the Rails: How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Plutocrats

How Did We Become Our Parents' IT?

No Passes In Wartime

Before There Was Pussy Riot

Late Night: R.Patz Hates Thanksgiving

Jeep: Counting Down The Minutes

Tomasky & Frum

Who Is John Brennan, the Man Touted to Be the Next CIA Director?

25 Things We’re Thankful For

America’s Most Thankful Cities, from Phoenix to Portland

Volunteers Provide a Reason to Give Thanks in Sandy-Savaged Rockaways

Kim Kardashian’s Mideast Peace Plan

‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Roseanne’ & More Classic Thanksgiving Episodes (VIDEO)

“The Barbarous Years”: What 17th-Century America Really Looked Like

Republicans Already Fighting Over Whether to Scrap Iowa Straw Poll in 2016

Marcus Samuelsson Talks Thanksgiving: Glogg And Berbere-Spiced Turkey

Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas: Ceasefire Winners & Losers

Voters Become More Realistic Than Political Parties About Fiscal Cliff

A Dummies Guide to the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day Games

In Italy, Angry Students Occupy Schools

China’s Next Big Export: Creativity And Culture

Eat All the Turkey You Want! It’s Not Going to Put You to Sleep

Is It Too Late for Climate Change?

What's in a Prediction?

Weird: Redditors Aren't Really That Interested in Politics!

Fox Anchor: I'd Look Great on Food Stamps

Scott Broadwell Proves to Be a Class Act in the Wake of His Wife’s Affair

Legalizing Our Zionism

The Humbling Tragedy of Jesse Jackson Jr.

Failure of Leadership: An Iraq War Vet on Petraeus

Our Deaths Don't Count For More

Friends on the Line: Excerpt from Brian Mockenhaupt’s “The Living and the Dead”

Alexander Calder At L&M Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Rupert Murdoch, Your Crazy Uncle

Obama Cracks Nate Silver Joke At Turkey Pardon

Lessons From the Second Gaza War

The Next Bold Moves?

Lessons For Both Sides

Israel and Hamas Strike Peace Deal

Let Kids be Kids

Winners And Losers

'An Open Air Prison'

Peace After the Arab Spring: Will the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Last?

Yoko Ono To Design Menswear For Opening Ceremony; Anna Wintour Talks Election

HP Board Member Marc Andreessen, an Internet Pioneer, Deserves Some of the Blame for the Company’s Failures

America And This Ceasefire

How HP’s Disastrous Deal Blows a Hole in Consulting

Thanksgiving Talking Points Guide: Guide to Hot-Button Topics, and Ones to Avoid

DC Government Loses 1,000 Pro-Food Truck Comments

Anchors: Suprise! We're Quitting


Hubble: Trailer

Under the Sea

Under the Sea: Trailer

Oliver Stone Defends His History

Obtuseness Or Malice

Who's Fault the Financial Crisis?


"The Bubble" Bursting

Just Say No to Dumb Gun Laws

Still More Tax Wrinkles

Path To Paradise?

#vetchat: James Brobyn On Homecoming

Popping the Epistemic Bubble

Paying People to Lie to You Has Consequences

Take Responsibility for Your Actions, Iran!

How to Avoid a Thanksgiving Food Fight

Bus Bombing Shakes Tel Aviv

Lindsay Lohan's Late Night Return

William's Pic of Granny On Noticeboard at Work - But What is Philip Saying?

Shopping and Such

Egyptian 'Democracy' in Action

Hamas Gleeful After Terrorist Bombs Bus in Tel Aviv

Kate Middleton's Holiday Snaps

The Gaza Prison

Barack Obama, Bill Cinton & More Presidential Turkey Pardons (Photos)

“The Patriarch”: Joseph Kennedy Sr.’s Outsized Life

Latinos, Progressives Suspicious About How Arizona Conducted Election

The Black Thursday Backlash

David Petraeus May Have Let Us Down but Here Are Generals to Embrace

Mark Sanford & More Political Scandal Survivors of 2012 (PHOTOS)

Fiscal Cliff for Dummies: Bush Tax Cuts, Sequester & More Explained

‘It’s Thanksgiving’ & More Thanksgiving Song Wins & Fails (VIDEO)

Walmart’s Black Friday Crashers: Workers Protesting & Striking

13-Year-Old Cristian Fernandez Will Face Life Without Parole for Killing Brother, Court Rules

Palestine’s Inevitable Third Intifada

‘Life of Pi’: Comparing Ang Lee’s Film With Yann Martel’s Novel

Gloria Allred Enters Petraeus Saga as Attorney for Natalie Khawam

‘Borgen,’ ‘The Thick of It,’ Bond: What to Watch During the Thanksgiving Weekend

Meet Angel Haze: The Brooklyn Rapper Tackling Sex Abuse In Her Rhymes

Can Certain Jobs Cause Breast Cancer? A New Study Suggests Yes

For Sandy Victims, This Could Be the Coldest Thanksgiving Ever

Gaza’s Internet Boy Wonder Takes on Israel

Being Unemployed Could Help Cause a Heart Attack, Researchers Find

Gillian Flynn: How I Write

Angelo Carusone: Why Macy’s Must Stop Selling Donald Trump’s Brand

‘Lincoln,’ ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Twilight’ & Other Thanksgiving Movies to See or Skip (PHOTOS)

Granta’s Brazil Issue Tells the Country’s New Story

Clinton Wants 'Durable Outcome' In Israel

Press Conference: Jill Kelley's Twin

Fiscal Cliff Hostage Situation Day 14: The Thelma & Louise Caucus

Chinese Grandfather Models Teen Girls' Clothing

No Doubt In Toronto

A Female Male Model

Wayne Thiebaud at Aquavella Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Back Chat With David Frum

Happy Birthday Joe Biden: Gift Ideas for the Vice President

Republicans Have a Size Problem

Unite, Don’t Divide, The Palestinians

More On That Wrinkly Tax Code

Demonization Is No Excuse

Grace Coddington Through The Years: From Young Model To Vogue Doyenne

The Art of the Historical Film

Prophet Muhammad’s Rules of War

Why is US Debt So . . . Immature?

Petraeus: The Brad Pitt of Generals?

How Do Canadian Jews View Israel?

The Number: 41

The Obscenity of Hamas

Easy on the Austerity!

Consumers Love the Made in the U.S.A. Brand

Could Bankruptcy Rescue the Twinkie?

Hewlett-Packard Loses Billions on Sketchy Buyout of Autonomy

The Cost Of Iron Dome

Elmo Finds A Few New Voices

Is Hamas's Twitter Account Illegal?

Rand Paul: Don't Punish Kids for Smoking Pot!

Egypt Scores a Big Loan

Should People Who Make $250,000 a Year Worry About Obama's Tax Proposals?

Doing The Unthinkable

'Barack O'Fraudo'

Leading Writer of Snark Laments Internet Snark

What Hamas Wants

Tell Me How This Ends

What's Next For Gaza?

Palestinian Reconciliation? Not So Fast

Incompetence Or Indifference?

The Curious Case of Berlusconi’s Money Man’s Kidnapping

Why Is the Conservative Press Defending Murdoch?

Prince William's Working Day

How to Really Hit Hamas

Stand With Israel

Late Night: Eric Stonestreet's Drunk AMA Appearance

Seeking 'Peace And Quiet' In Israel

Why Is the Conservative Press Defending Murdoch?

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson Face Bribery Charges

Obama’s Southeast Asia Trip: ‘Last Trick’ to Contain China?

Will Unpopular Charles Ever Be King?

What Karl Rove’s Learned from Jorge Luis Borges

Marilyn Monroe, Alec Baldwin & More Star Mayflower Descendants (PHOTOS)

Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum & Other Politicians’ Dumbest Scientific Claims (PHOTOS)

Woody Allen, Elvis Presley & More Hollywood Stars Bound (Photos)

Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving Recipes

A Former Ambassador to Pakistan Speaks Out

How Israel Could Really Harm Hamas

‘Happy Endings’ Star Casey Wilson on the Show, Her ‘SNL’ Stint & More

Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington’s Memoir Offers Few Revelations

Helen Mirren On ‘Hitchcock,’ Sexism, Queen Elizabeth II & More

Jon Ronson’s Book Bag: Five Books on Madness

Red Alert in Tel Aviv: Fear Inside the Israeli City’s Bubble

Rockaway Finds Warmth Amid the Cold as Residents Rebuild After Sandy

Republican Politicians Must Stop Pandering to Conservative Populism

The GOP’s Absurd Attack on Susan Rice Over Benghazi

Is Romney Right About Gifts and the 47 Percent? National Review Readers Say "Yes!"

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This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 19, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock Returns

Bieber: 'This Is For All The Haters'

Anderson Cooper's Gaza Explosion Scare

Slate Editor Admits Enjoying Petraeus Soap Opera

Viral Video: 'Dumb Ways to Die'

Did News Corp. Illegally Purchase Saddam Hussein Photos from U.S. Officials?

Real Time Appearance with Bill Maher

Israel's Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets

Minneapolis Appearance November 27

Seth Meyers' Petraeus Winners and Losers

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Rally for Israel

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Christie on 'SNL:' My Fleece Is Fused To My Body

Rupert Murdoch’s Offensive Tweet About the ‘Jewish Owned’ Press

Israel’s Iron Dome: The Ultimate Missile Destroyer 

Rupert Murdoch’s Most Offensive Tweets

Rupert Murdoch’s Tweet About the ‘Jewish Owned’ Press is Dumb and Offensive

David Petraeus: A Good General Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Real Pilots Laugh At ‘Flight’

Behind Electoral Geography, the Secessionists’ Delusion

Conservative Southern Democrat John Barrow Hangs on in Hostile Territory

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Media's Future?

Netanyahu: No Current Plans for Gaza Ground War

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Hero Summit: Military Decorations and Medals Decoded (Photos)

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Still Not Rebuilt From Last Time

Larry McMurtry on the Villainous Custer and the Myths of the West

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Alabama Secessionist Blames Government for Closing Topless Car Wash

Will Alabama Secede?

President Obama is Not Impressed

Let's Properly Honor Canadian Icon John A. Macdonald

Israel vs. Gaza: A Tale of Two Battlefields

Trickle-Down Bribery, or, The Butch Cassidy Congress

Israel and Gaza Battle Twitter War Over Rocket Attacks

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David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Aaron Sorkin, and More Viral Videos

Rampant Unsolved Murders Continue on Corsica, France’s “Isle of Beauty”

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Refusing the Elections War

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Portraits by Nick Miller are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

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The Nonexistent Case Against Susan Rice Crumbles

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Text In to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

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No To Collective Punishment In Gaza

Another Ceasefire, Another Assassination

Colbert is in a Tizzy!

Do Targeted Killings “Work”?

The Number: 57%

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Jimmy Savile Scandal: Net Tightens On New York Times CEO Mark Thompson

Lara Stone is Pregnant; Tyra Banks' New App Is Great For Sexting

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Nick Gillespie Doesn't Like That I Bromance Social Conservatives

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War in Gaza Poses Risks for All Sides

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Exclusive! Queen's Old Landrover Up For Sale

Super PACs Weren't So Super

Here's How Republicans Can Win Again

D.C. Protesters March For Gaza, Because That's All They Can Do

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After Policeman’s Death, Can Obama Finally Answer Gun Law Questions?

Back in Congress, What Will Paul Ryan Do Next?

Congress Receives Confusing Benghazi Briefing From Administration

Paula Broadwell, FBI Agent?

Tim Weiner: Shadows of J. Edgar Hoover in the Petraeus Affair

Meghan McCain on Why the Republican Party Needs to Wake Up

Tampa’s ‘Wisteria Lane’: Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley—and a Culture of Climbing

Guy Fieri Battles Scathing New York Times Review by Pete Wells

Sofie Gråbøl, Star of ‘Forbrydelsen,’ on Sarah Lund, ‘The Killing,’ and Season 3

Mumbai on Edge With Shiv Sena Founder Bal Thackeray Ill

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Photos Surface in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy (Photos)

Tony Kushner at Hero Summit: Obama Likes New ‘Lincoln’ Movie

Why ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2’ Jumps the Shark

The Final Roar: Paul Reid on Finishing William Manchester’s Life of Churchill

'Told Him It Had To Stop'

The Senate On Gaza

The Independent Rundown, November 15

Afro at Christies is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Fiscal Cliff’s First Victim?

Families of the Fallen, Marching On

Christie’s Touts $412 Million Art Auction but Art Was Not the Winner

Housing Comeback Continues!

The Story Behind This German's Refusal to Give the Nazi Salute

Jobs Hard to Find for Many Post-9/11 Veterans

Assassinate First, Invade Later?

Highlights of the 2012 Hero Summit: Watch Complete Panel Videos

Bernard-Henri Lévy On His Role In Libya

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Hope, and Home

A Privately-Funded Fight Against Extremism

Alfred Rascon: Petraeus Was Right To Resign

Jordan's Arab Spring

Aaron Sorkin on Steve Jobs Biopic: Three 30-Minute Scenes From Backstage

Hog Hunters: DC Needs You!

The War's Dirty Secret: Allies Abandoned

Morsi's Gaza Challenge

Aaron Sorkin Spills Secrets About Jobs Biopic

What It Takes to Defuse a Bomb

Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte Agree With Bobby Jindal... Anyone Else?

Romney’s Wrong: Government “Gifts” Won’t Make You Vote Obama

The Iron Dome in Action

For Israel—With Love And Squalor

Sorkin: We're Eating Each Other Alive

Let's Cut the Rand-Crushing, Republicans

Kasparov: What Obama Should Tell Putin

Aaron Sorkin on Casting David Petraeus and Writing Steve Jobs

CIA’s Henry Crumpton on the Heroes You’ll Never Know

Christopher Stevens: A Heroic Ambassador

Why Resist The Right Of Return?

Top Ten Military Sex Scandals

The Real Scandal of David Petraeus Is Afghanistan

Diplomats on the Frontlines

The Incredible Shrinking Sugar Bag

Israel's Folly: Entering Gaza Again?

Disney Hits New York

Why Can't Companies Find the Workers they Need?

Albright: Stevens Didn't Lead From Behind Walls

The Urge to Serve

Coming Home: A Second Life for Soldiers

Question & Answer Period in Gaza

Vets Discuss Healing After the Horrors of War

Profile in Courage: An Interview with Medal of Honor Recipient Alfred Rascon

Party Girl: I Have New Prince Harry Pics

Lady Gaga To Collaborate With Versace; Chanel Hula Hoop Bag For Sale

Dissident and Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Says Putin’s Days Numbered

Medal of Honor Recipient Says Heroism Was the Last Thing on His Mind

McCain and the Two Rices

Assassinating The Chance For Calm

Petraeus Affair Stereotypes: The General, The Flirt And The Harlot

Taking on Tyrants: An Interview with Garry Kasparov

Kael Weston on Life After War

The Future of War and the Promise of ‘Smart Power’

First Look: David Fincher’s ‘House of Cards’

Panel: War in the Rearview Mirror

Romney's Comments in History

Bodies for Ballots

Mitt Still Doesn't Get It

Bono Meets His Hero: Nick Kristof

The Arab World’s Tepid Reaction to Israel’s Gaza Offensive

William McRaven, Bono & More from the Hero Summit (PHOTOS)

The Campaign Continues

See Ya, Randian Romney!

Xi Jinping and the Princelings Take Power in China

Kate Middleton's Facialist Speaks!

Prince Charles Provided Free House To Bishop Arrested in UK Child Abuse Probe

Not-So-Super PACs: 2012’s Winners and Losers

2012’s Super PAC Winners and Losers

Super PACs Will Be Back in 2016

‘Kate: The Kate Moss Book’ Published By Rizzoli (PHOTOS)

Jill Kelley Or ‘Real Housewives’: Guess The Dress (PHOTOS)

A Timeline of the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell Affair

David Petraeus in ‘Call of Duty’ & More Poorly Timed Cameos (VIDEO)

Petraeus Fever Paralyzes Washington as the Media Pounce on Sex Scandal

Eric Cesal, Architecture’s First Responder

Paula Broadwell, Eminem. & More Spurned Lovers Who Went Ballistic

CIA: We Didn’t Ask for Help During Benghazi Attack

All Novels Are Spy Novels: Ian McEwan Talks ‘Sweet Tooth’ and His Life

‘People’ Magazine’s Sexiest White Man Alive: Channing Tatum

"Crossfire Hurricane" Chronicles Rolling Stones’ Road to Rock Immortality

Michael Tomasky on How Liberals Need to Hold Their Anti-Obama Fire

Syrian Refugees in Kilis Border Camp Try for Normal Life Amid Upheaval

Etta James’s Son Donto Says Addiction Was Part of Famed Singer’s Life

Friends Speak Out On Iranian Blogger Sattar Beheshti’s Alleged Torture

How TV Killed the Republican Party’s Family Values

Bono, Nicholas Kristof & More Hero Summit Highlights (VIDEO)

DUSTOFF 73's Daring Mission

Kristof: Journalist, Activist, or Both?

The Final Insult: Mitt Romney’s Clueless Gift Gaffe

Charlie Rose: Petraeus Always Connected With the Press

Elite Military Rescue Unit: Fear Is Everpresent

Admiral William McRaven Discusses Osama Bin Laden, David Petraeus

McRaven: Holly Petraeus Is an ‘American Hero’

Live from The Newsweek Daily Beast’s Hero Summit: Tweets, Photos and More

The Best Memes of the Petraeus Affair

Don’t Pull a Petraeus! How to Guard Your Personal & Work Email

Obama’s Ironic, Symbolic Meeting With CEOs at the White House

Meet the Kelley Sisters

Early Investor Lockup Expires, But Facebook Gains Anyway

A War By Any Other Name

The Independent Rundown, November 14

How Do You Make Inroads With Asian-Americans?

Politics or Bad Decision-Making?

President Obama, at News Conference, Finesses Questions on David Petraeus Scandal

Introducing Newsweek & The Daily Beast's Hero Summit

Lee Friedlander at Pace is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

What Will Obama Do (If Anything)?

European Nations Protest Austerity Measures (PHOTOS)

Europe’s Day of Austerity Rage

Nancy Pelosi Decides to Stay as Democratic Leader, Maps Out Women’s Future

Petraeus Gets Animated

Strategic Dimensions Of Attacking Gaza

Ya Think Susan Rice Is Happy Today?

Military Spouses as Entrepreneurs

Debt and Taxes

Amnesty Alone Won't Fix the GOP

Guns N’ Roses Rocks Las Vegas

The Coming War?

11 Juiciest Bits From ‘Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson’

Eli Lake: The Devil's in the Details

Romney's Fatal Bet on Coal

Tomasky & Frum: We Shouldn't Know About This Story

The Rise of China’s First Families

Israel Kills Hamas Military Head Ahmed Jabari in Air Strike

Raf Simons Calls Galliano Irrelevant; Marc Jacobs Moves To Europe Temporarily

Corporate America and the Fiscal Cliff: CEOs Woo Obama

Your Turn: What's Acceptable?

ABC’s ‘Scandal’: Women in Washington, Political Power, and Holly Petraeus

Jill Kelley Calls 911

The GOP's White Voter Problem

The Number: 8

Welcome To The Suck

Prince Harry Signs Pals Up To Cougar Dating Websites

Free the Schnitzel!

The U.S. Credit Rating Might Get Downgraded Again, But Does Anyone Care?

Obama's Opening Bid

Who Captured Mitt Romney's 47% Video Clip?

Round Two At Turtle Bay

Red State Draws a Red Line

Ambassador Oren Vs. Rabbi Jacobs

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Celebrates 2012 Award Winners

The Daily Caller Reviews WHY ROMNEY LOST

Putting Israel On The Map

Should Conservatives Accept the New Deal as a Done Deal?

Petraeus Gets Promoted

Riots Erupt in Jordan: The End of Absolute Monarchy

Chris Tucker’s Journey from Tax Problems to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Happy Birthday Prince Charles - Here's a Hobbit

Eight Biggest Elmo Scandals: Kevin Clash, Katy Perry & More (VIDEO)

Doctors as Doormats in the David Petraeus Scandal

Philip Roth’s Departure from Writing is Well Deserved

Crisis Management Experts Weigh In on How to Handle Petraeus Scandal

A Proactive New Response To The Service Member Suicide Crisis

McAfee Founder Goes Into Hiding, Denies Killing Neighbor in Belize

A Scarlet Letter—the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell

Why Is No One Watching ABC’s Critically Acclaimed Drama ‘Nashville’?

A Kid and a King: ‘Chicago Fire’ Co-Creator Derek Haas on His Love of Stephen King

Partisan Journalists Are Following The Money All Too Literally

BBC Critics Cry Witch Hunt in Newsnight Child-Abuse Report

The World’s Five Best Cheap Meals

How I Write: Lisa Scottoline & Daughter Francesca Serritella

Jill Kelley’s Campaign to Befriend Petraeus, Allen, and Other Top Brass

Russia’s Opposition Movement Starts To Crack

Let Alpha Males Like David Petraeus Cheat!

In Praise of Holly Petraeus: And Other Military Spouses

Hero Summit 2012 Agenda

Hero Summit Speakers List

What’s Behind Nancy Pelosi’s Big Post-Election Announcement

Five Best Jokes About the Petraeus Scandal (VIDEO)

David Petraeus’s Secret Trip to Libya After the Benghazi Attack

How to Cheat Successfully in Six Easy Steps

Meghan McCain: I'd Never Sleep With My Biographer!

The End Of Deterrence

What Is Marc Jacobs Thinking?

Top Ten Military Sex Scandals, Part Three

The Independent Rundown, November 13

David Cameron's Wardrobe Malfunction

Thomas E. Ricks’s U.S. Military Book Bag

Bibi And Young American Jews

Egon Schiele at Galerie St. Etienne Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Florida Twins at the Center of Petraeusgate Scandal

#vetchat: Paul Rieckhoff on the Politics of Veterans' Issues

A Young Republican Looks Forward

We Already Are Politically "Normalized"

Arrest Made in French Alps Quadruple Murder Mystery

Petraeus Affair Perpetuates Stereotype of Female Journalists

Cringe! Local News' Petraeus Gaffe

Here's the Post Where I Get Some Liberals Mad at Me

John Allen, the Other General

The Number: 1.9%

Top Ten Military Sex Scandals, Part Two

Raoul Felder: They Threw Petraeus to the Wolves!

Fiscal Cliff Hostage Situation: Should the Rich Get Soaked?

Petraeus Steals Progressives' Spotlight!

Are Wiesel And Sharansky Too “Retro”?

New Washington Post Editor Faces 'Tough Choices'

Keira Knightley’s Missing Nipple, VS Apologizes for Native Lingerie

Top Ten Military Sex Scandals, Part One

Tina Brown: The Impact on Families of Long-Term Deployment

“.XXX” = Big Money

The Waiting Game

Self-Deportation, Democrat Style

David Petraeus: The Movie

Rosin: Hook-up Culture Is Misunderstood!

Gov. Huckabee: "The Real Heart and Soul of the Republican Party: Working Class People"

Exclusive: David Geffen's DADT Disappointment

Is Obama the Lucky General or Master of the Game?

Tina Brown: 'This Whole Thing Has Turned Into the Most Wild, Steamy, Complex Soap Opera'

The Republicans Who Might Play Ball

The Settlement Project Is Now Self-Sustaining

Blockade Gaza, Seize Territory

Hey, Sexy Lady

Pensioner Planned Royal Attack With Horse Faeces

The Ultra-Orthodox Women’s Revolution

Bill Clinton’s New Gig: Ending Breast Cancer

The Myth of Obama as a Superb Candidate

Fading Fast

Putting the Counterfactual GOP Candidates to Rest

Party Like Prince Harry: Video Spoof

The Thin Veneer of African 'Democracy'

Dave Eggers’s Favorite Bookstore: Green Apple Books, San Francisco

Obama’s Second-Term National Security To-Do List

New Tea Party News Network Defining Conservative Brand and Mission

Shaq’s Jewelry Line & More Odd Celebrity Products (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart Style Evolution: Through The Years Until ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2’ (PHOTOS)

Five Mysteries About David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell & Jill Kelley

After Petraeus: Replacing the CIA Director

What Liberals Want in Second Obama Term

Rules David Petraeus Broke: Seven Tips for a Top-Secret Affair

Michael Tomasky on How Mitt Romney Finally Killed Reaganomics

Large Israeli Offensive in Gaza Looms After Hamas Rocket Attacks

Bernard-Henri Lévy on Sudan’s Forgotten War

Sandy Destroys Cars, Spurs Used and New Car Market

From the Iraq Desert to the Campus Green, Some Things Remain the Same

Life After ‘Barney’: How Kids’ TV Grew Up and Embraced Parental Co-Viewing

How Democratic Groups Beat the Republican Super PACs in 2012

Who Will Become China’s New Men in Black?

Compromise Is a Dirty Word for Club for Growth

Pippa's Book Flops in UK But Sells In US

Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy's 'Extinct Boids': Drawings

Vets Rescue the Rockaways

The Independent Rundown, November 12

Where Does the GOP Go From Here?

Some Conservative Pundits Tout...Moderation

Two More Resign as Savile Fallout Continues at the BBC

Chris Hayes is a Type?

Don't Let a Good Thing Pass Us By

Richard Russo Talks About New Memoir “Elsewhere” And His Mother’s Illness

Exclusive: Paula Broadwell’s Emails Revealed

This Week’s Hot Reads: Nov. 12, 2012

Obama: Put a Ring on It

The Real Housewives of the CIA

The GOP and...Pauline Kael?!

Should Religious Institutions Accept Gay Marriage?

Put Education First. Now.

The Number: 6

Quetta in the Crosshairs

Would You Vote for a Sexist Candidate?

Veterans Day Remembrance

When the Mistress Meets the Mrs.

Wall Street’s Middle Class Suffers as Business Changes

Ann Hathaway's Vogue Cover

Broadwell Stumps For Petraeus

Who’s Winning the ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Kate Middleton Recycles A Diane Von Furstenberg Coat; Kristen Stewart Explains Her Converse Sneakers

Disappearance of Darkness by Robert Burley Is The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Social Conservatives: We Need You!

Signs of Hope

Arab Americans Need Political Normalization

Goodbye to the Fat Tax

Break-in at Tower of London

What Might Mitt Have Done?

The Conservative Bubble Influences More than Just Politics

“The Invisible Men” Accused of Pinkwashing

'Does He Care About People Like Me?'

Man Arrested for Plotting Attack on Charles and Camilla

The GOP is Losing Hearts and Minds

What Did Broadwell Know?

It's the Economy, Stupid

Motivations, Not Materiel

Fellow Conservatives, Ease Off the Doom and Gloom

Petraeus: The Eric Cantor Angle

Shock As Royal Website Baldly States: Camilla Will Never be Queen

Bright Future for Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly, Election Night Star

The Seven Best Reality TV Shows Mitt Romney Could Make

GOP Rank and File May Block Leaders’ Plans to Win Latinos With Reform

Why ‘Homeland,’ ‘Spartacus,’ and ‘Louie’ Explode TV Viewers’ Expectations

The Republicans’ Fallacy About Latino Voters And What Motivates Them

Obama’s Dirty Little Secret to Winning the 2012 Presidential Election

Vancouver Real Estate Market Unlikely Victim of China Slowdown

How Women Managed Historic Victories on Election Day 2012

Eight Famous Military Affairs, From Petraeus to Washington

Paula Broadwell, Eric Cantor & More: Who’s Who in the Petraeus Scandal (PHOTOS)

In Hollywood, Where Are the Best Actress Oscar Nominees?

2012's Worst Political Speeches

The Independent Rundown, November 11

Tikkun Olam Is Trending

Jill Kelley: Five Facts About the Petraeus Affair’s Mystery Woman

The Week’s 9 Best and 2 Worst Dressed: Kristen Stewart & More (PHOTOS)

Sunday Talk: Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham & Bob Woodward on the Petraeus Aftershocks (VIDEO)

What Exactly Does Petraeus Know?

How Are You Preparing For the Apocalypse?

Ne-Yo vs. the Pirates

Figuring Out Exactly Why Romney Lost

Feinstein: Petraeus Resignation a 'Heartbreak'

Petraeus’ Affair: The Warning Signs

No Berlusconi Bump for Italian Women?

Mitt Romney's Wild Milk Binge

'This Kid Saved My Life'

Crossing the Rubicon in Syria

Obama's Election Thank You List

The Religious Right After Obama

Michael Tomasky on How the Right Is Still Racist

The Last Days of Film Photography: Robert Burley Captures Industry’s End (Photos)

Who Should Justin Bieber Date Next? Taylor Swift, Jenner Sisters, Maude Apatow & More (PHOTOS)

Why Don’t We Have More Hispanic Talking Heads?

‘Pot Psychology’: The Stoners’ Guide to Life

The Week’s Best Business and Finance Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for the Week of November 9, 2012

The New Rules of the Game for CEOs

Literary Bond Superior to Movie Version

Craziest Celebrity Name Changes: Jermaine Jacksun, Snoop Lion, Prince, More

What They Could Have Bought: Better Uses for Campaign Spending

Miley Cyrus, Kate Walsh & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Pronounced Dead in Vietnam, Lt. Bill Haneke Inspires Post-9/11 Veterans

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Bordering on Disaster

The Independent Rundown, November 10

What's Wrong With The Republican Party?

Holly Petraeus: The Woman Behind the General

BBC Scandal Blows Up as Director George Entwistle Resigns

Afghan Victims’ Harrowing Testimony From the Robert Bales Trial

Obama Wins Florida!... Yay?

David Frum: 'It's Like Giving Antibiotics to Someone Suffering From Depression'

Andrew Sullivan: Republicans 'Fanatical Party'

Eli Lake: 'Adultery is Really Seen as a Fireable Offense'

What's the Future of Gay Culture?

10 Fictional Replacements for CIA Chief David Petraeus

Do Politicians Care About 'People Like Me'?

The "Media Bias" Dead End

Claudio Sciarpelletti Found Guilty of Abetting Vatican Thief

Goodbye, Roth: We Should Salute His Decision to Stop Writing

Six Steps for a Stronger GOP

Legal Marijuana in Two States: What Happens Next?

Paula Broadwell: Is She Petraeus’s ‘Other Woman’?

Sotomayor: 'Princess' Is Not A Career

Megyn Kelly's Maddest Moments

If Conservatives Want the Youth Vote

Why I Started FiveThirtyEight

President Obama’s Reelection, Karl Rove’s Denial, and More Viral Videos

Post Election, Obama Gambles on Syrian Rebels

10 Politicians Who Turned on the Tears in Public From Obama to Muskie

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for November 10, 2012

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus’s Biographer, Is Allegedly His Mistress

The Danes’ Royal Drama Gets Its Hollywood Moment

French President Francois Hollande’s Inability to Tie a Necktie Earns France’s Scorn

Warm Up, Cook, Recharge: A Smart Tool Born of Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

In France, Battle for Gay Marriage Heats Up

Ex-East Timor Leader Jose Ramos-Horta on the Challenges Facing Asia

Is the Cult of Karl Over?

Victoria’s Secret, Tavi Gevinson & More Fashion Instagrams (Photos)

RIP, Lever Voting Machines

French President François Hollande’s Stubbornly Crooked Ties (Photos)

Spanish 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Meet Michael J. Morell

Gen. David Petraeus’s Resignation Fuels Conspiracy Theories

The Independent Rundown, November 9

An Open Letter to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker

Obama Talks Fiscal Cliff

Bill Hemmer: Fox's Handling of Rove Dispute Was 'Spot On'

The Romney Campaign’s Ground Game Fiasco

Death Penalty Survives In California, But Three-Strikes Law Cut Back

The Next Four Years at Fox News

10 Things That Will Happen During the Next Four Years

Trump's & Rove's Wild Election Night

Were the Romney and Obama TV Ads a Total Waste?

Yair Lapid's Imaginary Palestinians

Gay Marriage War Isn’t Won

President Obama’s Hill Challenge in Avoiding Fiscal Cliff Vertical

Glen Baldridge at von Nichtssagend Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

The City that Care Forgot

Your Friday Gadget Chef Recipe: Beef Soup with Aleppo Pepper

Republicans: Check Your Premises

The Dallas Mavericks Go Skimpy; Daphne Guiness Forgets Her Birthday

Is ‘Lincoln’ Great?

Fox News Guest Goes Crazy

Making of the Bond Dress

Presidential “Jacket Envy?”

Obama's Statement: Setting the Terms of Debate

My Father's Peace Proposal

What's Wrong With Republicans?

It's the Math

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Many Iranians See Nuke Talks, No Military Attack With Obama Reelection

2012 Presidential Campaign Said to Hit Unprecedented Level of Lying

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5x15 Speaking Series Returns to New York on Nov. 13

Elizabeth Warren, Badass Senator

The Independent Rundown, Nov. 7

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Hathaway Teases 'SNL' Gig

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TGIF Is Dead

Appoint Bill Clinton Peace Envoy

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Rockaway Beach, Ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, Gets an Assist From Occupy

A Hate Ad Already?

A Theory About Conservative Crapola

Outside the White House After Obama’s Win, D.C.’s Biggest Frat Party

In China, Obama’s Win Brings Sighs of Relief

Don't Need No Education

What Harvard’s Grant Study Reveals about Happiness and Life

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Various Thoughts: Demography, Rove, Morris, the Great Nate, &c.

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It Gets Better

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Obama’s Win, Bibi’s Loss

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An Idea for Our Conservative Friends

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Khaled Hosseini: How I Write

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‘Top Chef: Seattle’ Shows Signs of Returning the Culinary Series to its Strengths

Michelle Obama’s Signs of Fashion Restraint on Election Night

How Pets Survived Hurricane Sandy

Chris Matthews Has a Lot of Feelings

Obama: 'The Best Is Yet to Come'

5 Amazing Fox News Freak-outs: Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, and More

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Todd Akin Says Goodbye

Three Wild Races for Women: Warren, Hassan Prevail & McMahon Takes a Pricey Hit

President Obama Wins a Second Term

Obama Victory Signals New Democratic Dominance in U.S. Politics

Romney Throws In the Towel

Partying With the Senate Democrats: The Party’s Newest Stars

Potheads Rejoice! Marijuana Initiatives Pass in Two States

Paul Ryan Was a Dud as Romney VP but Has a Bright Political Future

Does Big Money Buy Elections? Sometimes, But Not for Linda McMahon

Mitt Romney’s Victory Party a Bust

Sandy’s Rockaway Victims Pause to Vote, Press On With Recovery Efforts

Andrew Sullivan: Wheeeee!

Rove: It's Not Over Yet!

A Thrashing

Paul Begala on the Five Stages of GOP Grief

And the Winner Is...

Who Won the Senate? Full Election 2012 Results

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Conservative Election Party Not So Fun

New Jersey Voters Stop Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

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Republicans Blow Another Chance to Retake the Senate

Michigan Voters Ignore the Billionaire's Tea Party

North Florida Republicans Stressed Out

Craig Romney Explains How a Romney Presidential Campaign Is Like Childbirth


Tina Brown: End in Sight to America's 'Civil War'?

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Election Night Open Thread

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Obama Wins Four More Years

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Nine Key House Race Results

It’s a Jazzy Tuesday Night at Romney HQ

The Prattleground States

Iranians For Obama

Diana Thater at David Zwirner Gallery Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

After Hurricane Sandy, Is NBC’s Democracy Plaza Too Much?

If True, Good Sign

Obama’s Last-Minute Twitter Surge

The Nine Biggest Bogus Claims of the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Meet the Presidential Losers

The Independent Rundown, November 6

How High Does It Go?

Pippa's SIMPLE Party Tips

WATCH LIVE: Beast TV’s Election-Night Bonanza

Chaos Reigns at Florida Polls on Election Day

Chaos at the Polls

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Scenes from Election Day: Voting Across the Country (PHOTOS)

Map: Election 2012 Results

Disney Characters Are Slimmed Down For Barneys and Harrods Holiday Campaigns

Would a National Popular Vote Be Better?

The Left and Center Vs. Likud-Beitenu

The Obama Trade

Shouldn't We Be Able to Vote Without Long Lines?

Robert Gibbs Plans a Good Cry

Black. Female. Undecided.

Mitt Romney's Iowa Problem

Someone To Run With

Voting Machine Favors Romney?

Olmert Blasts Bibi on Iran, Relationship with Obama

Ann Romney's Election Day Look; The Balenciaga Guessing Game Begins

Crowd-Sourcing the Best Election Day Reading (No Politics Allowed)

Obama Will Probably Win. Here Are Some Reasons For Republicans to Be Cheerful Anyway.

Mitt Romney’s Biggest Campaign Success

Worst Fact Checks of 2012

Enough Money, Too Much Occupation

President Obama Tears Up

Stop Photographing Your Election Ballot!

Camilla: Melbourne Makes Ascot Look Small

The Astounding Peacefulness of American Democracy

This Election: Good For The Jews?

Virginia, Ohio, Florida: What to Watch For on Election Night 2012

Fergie Steams in Again On Topless Kate Pics

The Obama Vs. Romney Reading List: Book Bag Presidential Election Edition


Kids Deconstruct Campaign Ads

Nightmare Scenario—Ohio’s Provisional Ballots May Be 2012’s Hanging Chads

Romnesia? More Like ‘Obamanesia’!

A Quick Note on Comments

Election Day Has Arrived

Will Bombing Iran Help Arab States?

Israel: Not A Swing State

Just A Bit?

Imran Khan Talks U.S. Election, Drone Strikes

A Firsthand Account of Dealing with Depression

Exclusive: The Ladies WC At Buckingham Palace!

Good Old 'Mitch Romney'

Skyfall Date Night for Will and Kate

Prince William Has 'Less Posh' Voice Than Kate

Obama Lands Quietly on Air Force One as Campaign Winds Down

Fuck Yeah Menswear: Popular Blog Becomes a Book Out This Week

Ouch! What's Up With Chazs's Swollen Hands?

Al Qaeda Resilient In Yemen Despite Drone Attacks

Flooded Chelsea Art Galleries Recover from Hurricane Sandy (Photos)

Victims of Hurricane Sandy Struggle to Vote on Election Day

John Grisham’s Favorite Bookstore: That One in Blytheville, Ark.

A Kinder, Gentler, Purpler Mitt

Syrian Rebels for Romney

An Anxious Mood at an Obama Field Office in Chicago

Team Obama’s Election Day Anxiety: Fear of a Big White Vote

‘Oops,’ First Debate, ‘47 Percent’ & More 2012 Election Turning Points

Heroism in the Rockaways After Hurricane Sandy

WATCH VIDEO: 10 Wins & Fails From Obama’s Presidency

How Hurricane Sandy Rocked the Art Galleries in Chelsea

Michael Tomasky Makes His Election 2012 Predictions

Why Voters Attend Final-Days Campaign Rallies

The Uproar Over No Doubt’s Native American Video Gaffe

Democrats Are on Track to Retain Control of Senate

Obama, Romney Lawyers Spoiling for Recount as Election Day Unfolds

New York’s Sushi Business Comes Back After Hurricane Sandy

Red Hook Still Crying Out for Relief in Sandy’s Wake

Governing With A Hidden Hand

F Yeah Menswear Blog Becomes a Book By Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman (PHOTOS)

Sandy’s Shortages: Power, Gas, Water & More (PHOTOS)

Price Gougers, Looters & More Villains of Hurricane Sandy (PHOTOS)

First Lady Michelle Obama Makes a Last-Minute Pitch in Florida

The Independent Rundown, November 5

Book Bag: What Nick Harkaway Is Reading

Lights Out in Westchester, New York

'99 Problems But Mitt Ain't One'

At New Jersey’s Turtle Back Zoo, Humans Slept Alongside the Pythons

The Boss Stumps for Obama

Intrade: An Ohio Story

Long Island Fisherman in Dire Straits

Bibi, Meet Hollande

In Florida, Romney Acolytes Knock on Doors, Beg for Votes

Ask the Blogger: How About That Election?

Should We Build Massive Flood Gates in New York Harbor?

How Would Romney Govern?

Robert Mapplethorpe in Los Angeles: Exhibitions at the Getty and LACMA

Gary Mitt Vote Swap

Did Obama Recover from the Denver Debate?

'Unexpected' Effects of Iran Sanctions?

As Californians Weigh Proposition 34, a Look at Life on Death Row

Is This No Doubt Video Racist?

Too Close to Call

Are Pundits Setting Themselves Up for Embarrassment?

Apartheid Ambiguity

America's Disgraceful Voting System

Hurricane Sandy’s Economic Sucker Punch

Why Campaign's Media Coverage is 'Embarrassing'

Huckabee and Frum

What A Romney Win Means For Israel

Kate Moss Reveals Daughter’s First Word, New Schiaparelli Rumors

Is Selena Gomez Worthy of ‘Woman of the Year’?

Avigdor's American Apologist

Worse Than You Ever Imagined

Marc Jacobs’ Apartment Is Flooded

What's the Matter With Occupy Wall Street?

Martha Plimpton on Women’s Rights, Sandra Fluke, and Organization A is For

This Charity Should be More Skeptical of North Korea

'Kahane For Kids'

Balenciaga and Nicolas Ghesquiere Split

Turnout Turnout Turnout

Pro-Life Protesters Heckle Obama

What is Ansar al-Sharia, and What Did it Do in Benghazi?

What We Talk About When We Talk About BDS

A Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney

Abbas Stays Put On Refugees

Prematurely At The Brink Of War

Dick Morris Prepares His Golden Parachute

Electoral Vote Prediction Contest

Tomorrow You Can Vote Early in the Israeli Election

Camilla Cuddles A Roo!!

Charles: "I'm a Few Sausages Short of a Barbie"

IDF Blackmail?

Will Ferrell Wants You To Vote

Mayor Bloomberg’s Response to Sandy Leaves Many New Yorkers Out in the Cold

The New Jim Crow

Mitt Might Want to Repeal Obamacare, but He Can't

Queen's Style Secrets Revealed

Presidential Election Likely to Come Down to the Future Vs. the Past

Mitt Romney Gives Stump Speech to Long-Suffering Crowd on Last-Minute Pennsylvania Stop

First Lady Fashion Fatigue

Joe Walsh Vs. Tammy Duckworth: Yelps, ‘Lies’ and Tough Talk in Illinois House Showdown

The Search for Serious Literary Fiction for Republicans

Conflict Photographer Eros Hoagland on His Dangerous Craft

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Brandi Glanville on Her Book, Kim and Kyle, & More

Why Mitt Romney Loss Would Yield Deeper Recriminations in GOP

Camp Kivu’s Quest to Get Depressed Teens to Disconnect From Social Media

Hurricane Sandy Will Be Dwarfed by an Earthquake

Islamists, Salafists & Liberals Clash Over Bid for More Hardline Egypt Constitution

Ansar al-Sharia’s Role in Benghazi Attacks Still a Mystery

Much of the Media Is Calling the Presidential Race for Barack Obama

Hurricane Sandy’s Unmistakable Message

What It Feels Like to Lose a Presidential Election

Redskins Rule Election Predictor: Obama’s Going to Lose the Election

Romney Preaches On Mormonism

What Makes a Hero?

The Independent Rundown, November 4

Chris Rock's Appeal to White Voters

Boehner Guarantees Win In Ohio

Sunday Talk: David Axelrod, Eric Cantor, Peggy Noonan & More (Video)

Romney Political Director: We've Got Florida

Murdoch and Christie

How You Know You're Going to Lose

Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibitions at J. Paul Getty Museum and LACMA in Los Angeles (Photos)

Chris Christie's 'SNL' Warning

Hizbullah Steps Up Support Of Assad Regime

Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Makeout

Why I'm for Mitt

Proust: The Captive

Election 2012’s Most Crucial Ballot Initiatives

How to Stop Blackouts: Smart-Grid Technology Could Ease Storms’ Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy Won’t Bring a Mold Epidemic

Brace Yourself, Italy’s Politicians Will Soon Return

Hurricane Sandy’s Lesson for Flood-Proofing a Subway

Michael Tomasky on the Coming Post-Election GOP Freak Out

The Democrats’ Last Woman Standing: New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan

Presidential Candidates Blitz Swing States on Final Campaign Weekend

How the China Trade Helped Make America

Bibi Aisha Seeks Rebound in U.S. After Taliban Cut Off Nose, Ears

Prairie Populism Goes Bust As Obama’s Democrats Loses The Empty Quarter

Obama’s Women Supporters and the ‘Marriage Gap’ Wild Card

Fashion of a Certain Age New Website Caters to Mature Shoppers

The Week’s Best Business and Finance Longreads: Business Beast’s Picks for November 2, 2012

Dog Fight Over Obie, the Dieting Dachshund

12 Best Celebrity Twitter Pics: Heidi Klum & More (Photos)

Nate Silver, Joe Scarborough Bet on Election & More Wild Wagers (Photos)

Team Romney Plays the Electoral Numbers in Frenzied Final Stretch

Staten Island’s Hurricane Sandy Wreckage (Photos)

Romney's 'Trying To Turn Back Time On Women's Rights'

Occupy Wall Street Takes on Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

The Independent Rundown, November 3

Bring Back the Mugwumps

$1 Million For Trump's Hair

Make the New York City Marathon a Help-a-Thon

Win-Win Election For Bill Maher

The MTA and New York City Will Get Hit Again

Poland Faces Its Past

Get This Water Out!

Red Cross, Salvation Army See Spikes in Giving as Storm Devastation Sinks In

Tea Party: The GOP's Own Worst Enemy

Romney Spins Obama 'Revenge' Remark

The States That Matter

Vote the Bums Out: the Eight Worst Members of Congress

Blake Lively, Usher & More Celebrities Crazy About Their Dogs (Photos)

Richard Burton’s Diaries Reveal His Mad Love for Elizabeth Taylor

Manhattan’s Darkest Nights: Sandy’s Aftermath (Photos)

Hurricane Sandy’s Fallout: What About Rikers Island?

Is the 2012 Election Finally Breaking Barack Obama’s Way?

Scramble Ahead of Election Day in Areas Hardest Hit by Sandy

Despite the War, Little But Lip Service for Veterans From the Stump

For Republicans, Election Is a Last Stand Against Gay Marriage

Mitt Romney’s Delusions of Victory

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Nov. 3, 2012

El Bloombito, Chris Christie’s Bromance & More Hurricane Sandy Viral Videos

Stop Moping! The Marathon Is Exactly What New York Needs Right Now

The iPad Mini’s Mixed Reception: Tech Bloggers Weigh In

‘It Was Like a War Zone’: Hurricane-Ravaged Staten Island Reels

Power To The People

Early Voting Is Not Malarkey!

What's It Like to Vote as a Transgender Person?

Chandler Burr at the Museum of Arts and Design is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

As Drug War Continues, Mexico Celebrates Its Deceased

New York City Marathon Would Have Been a Logistical Nightmare

What Would Change My Mind on Romney?

We Can’t Afford a President Romney

The Funny Joe Lieberman?

Late Night Takes on Sandy

Neither President Can Solve This Conflict

Karl Rove: The Pragmatic Businessman

R.I.P., Mitt Romney

Not Quite A "Badge Of Honor"

No Sex After Sandy

The National Lampoon Closing Argument

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian & More Fashion Instagrams

Planting the Seeds for Recounts and Riots

Devastated by Hurricane Sandy: The Hardest-Hit Areas (PHOTOS)

Of Phobias and White Knights

Kate Upton Seduces Vogue Italia

Amy Winehouse's Wedding Dress Stolen, Anna Wintour Defends Tory Burch

There's Still More Election Surprises to Come?!?!

Israel: Inside Bibi’s Backroom Deal

Electoral Vote Prediction Contest

Jobs Report: Not Terrible, Not Really Anything to Celebrate

Stu Rothenberg: Florida Holds Key to the Election

Ask the Blogger

Pippa Middleton Book is a "Cultural Tea Bag", says Telegraph's Christopher Howse

Afternoon Roundup

Pitfalls Of Covering Palestinian Corruption

Post-Sandy Campaigning

Rome Study Abroad Student Stabbed in Halloween Crime

The Gadget Chef: Reconstructed Chicken Soup

Charles and Camilla on Epic Two Week Tour Down Under

Pay More Attention to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tommy Thompson's Greedy Wife--According to Tommy Thompson

War And Elections

Should You Ignore Voter Fraud?

Ryan: We Already Have A Secretary of Business

Reading the Early Voting Tea Leaves

The Dilemma Of An Israeli Democrat

From Europe, A Muted Hurricane Sandy Response

Staten Island v. New York City Marathon

New Penn State Indictments: What Took So Long?

A Pre-Election Challenge for 'Real' Conservatives


Secret Message To Charles? "*&^% Off, I Don't Like You"

Facts: More Horrifying Than Gideon Levy

Jobs Report Proves the Economy Is on the Upswing

Multi-faceted Connections

Drama For Kate As Shot Is Fired By Police Guarding Her

Cat Power Announces Possible Tour Cancellation, Bankruptcy

Taylor Swift Is Badass And So Is Her Record-Breaking Album, ‘Red’

Hurricane Sandy Disconnects Evacuated Patients From Comfort of Predictability

Voter Identification Laws Create Unique Problems For Transgender Voters

David Foster Wallace, Traditionalist? Considering ‘Both Flesh and Not: Essays’

Obama Reacts to Romney’s Risky Late Ad Buys

Phil Spector’s Unlikely Defender

Deadly Polish Plane Crash Still Mired in Mystery

New York Marathon Faces Backlash Amid Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Will Mark Thompson Survive as New York Times CEO Amid Jimmy Savile Scandal?

Britney Spears Civil Trial Ends in Win for Singer and Her Family

A Crying Toddler Viral Video Reflects Cranky, Exhausting Election

New York Fuel Runs on Empty in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

As Much of New York and New Jersey Remain Paralyzed and Devastated, the Costs From Sandy Continue to Climb

Tourists in New York Flock to See Damage Wrought By Sandy

NY Museum Stages First ‘Scent’ Exhibit

In Election’s Last Weekend, Obama Gains Moderate Momentum As Romney Flails

Author Terry McMillan on Why Mitt Romney Is the Wrong Man for America

Candidate Coverage: Obama Fares Badly, Romney Worse

El Bloombito's Glorious Return

Dumpster Diving in the East Village

‘Simpsons’ Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney & More Toxic Endorsements (Photos)

The Independent Rundown, November 1

Which States Really Matter?

Danh Vo Winner of Hugo Boss Prize Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Hurricane Sandy: The Last Straw on Climate Change

Tourist Attractions of West Texas

Romney Gets Heckled

And Now for Some Good News: Jobs, Cars, Housing Are All Looking Up

Reader Responses to David's Romney Endorsement

Why the Long Face, Democrats?

Mr. Burns Is Voting Romney

Bloomberg Endorsement: Game, Set...

New Details on Benghazi

Economic Study Meets *Slight* Resistance from GOP Politicians

A Strategy Of Procrastination

Pro-Israel, Pro-Obama

Read Your Brownstein

Are the Candidates Faking Empathy?

Evan Rachel Wood Marries in Carolina Herrera; Anderson Cooper's Hurricane Sandy Fashion

Red Alerts At A Sderot Hair Salon

Why I'll Vote for Romney

Gina Gershon: 7 Things You Didn't Know About Me

On Yer Bike Son!

Of Course, Now He'll Fund FEMA!

Inside the NYU Refugee Camp for Displaced Students

Will the Court Shift Under the Next President?

Between American And Iranian Elections

Most Valuable Celebrity Political Endorsements: Jay-Z & More (PHOTOS)

London Court Told Of Allegations of Sheikh's Trail of Unpaid Auction Room Debts

How To Build A Theocratic Democracy

New Yorkers Wait in Long Lines to Return to Manhattan (PHOTOS)

Amid fears of slowdown, China economic data points to expansion

The Most Important Senate Race

Ex-Congressman: Campaigns Faking Empathy Over Hurricane

The Incredibly Shrinking Shift

Sharansky's Hypocrisy

Romney and "Independents"

Goodish News From China

Palestinian Olive Harvest And The Talmud

The Renegade Parade: New York City’s Halloween Party Survives

Sandy's Aftermath: The Long Walk Home

The IDF 'Missed Mark Zuckerberg'

Treat the Symptom, Not the Measurement

Cover of the Day

Tomasky and Frum

Nate Silver (And Math) Against the Pundit Class


Coney Island’s Hurricane Sandy Nightmare (PHOTOS)

SEIU, AFL-CIO Driving Obama’s Ground Game

Jane’s Carousel Survives A Very Close Call With Hurricane Sandy

Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving Tips

Michael Tomasky on How Obama Can Seal the Deal in the Final Days

Nightmare on Coney Island After Sandy Knocks Historic Area to its Knees

Despite the Great Recession, Obama’s New Coalition of Elites Has Thrived

The Economic Losses from Superstorm Sandy Continue to Mount

Syria Conflict Contagious in the Region

In Last Days of Campaign Ground Game in Ohio Comes Down to Math

Alanis Morissette On Why America Must Embrace the Feminine

Why Late-Night Jokes About Romney Really Outnumber Those About Obama

Romney Stranded as Christie, Obama Team Up After Hurricane Sandy

Carl Bernstein on Mitt Romney's Radicalism

Jimmy Savile Scandal Reaches New York Times

Both Candidates Push Myth of Energy Independence

Alicia Silverstone, Amy Heckerling Talk ‘Vamps’ & ‘Clueless’ Memories

Hurricane Sandy Victim Jacob Vogelman’s Mother Remembers His Life

Most Valuable Celebrity Political Endorsements: Jay-Z & More (PHOTOS)

Fleeing the Dangling ‘Boom of Doom’ Skyscraper Crane atop One57th

How Congress Already Helped Hurricane Sandy Victims

Elsa Maxwell, the Kingmaker

Camilla Stays At $5,500-a-Night Indian Ayurvedic Resort To Cure Her Sinusitis

Obama: 'We Are Here For You'

Tasteless "I Survived Hurricane Sandy" Merchandise Hits An Online Store

NYC Kids: Halloween Is Canceled!?