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Articles February 2012

Russo & Dubus: Why Write a Memoir?

Watch This! Women in the World 2012 Summit Trailer

Harry's Day in Court Over Stolen Mobile Moves Closer

Introducing the 2012 Women in the World Summit

Results: Will Santorum Scrape Off Some Super Tuesday Wins?—David Frum

James Murdoch Resigns, But Phone-Hacking Crisis Shows Little Sign of Abating

What’s Behind the GOP’s ‘Appetite for Extremism’?

Buddy Can You Spare Ten Grand?

Davy Jones of the Monkees Dies: Watch 5 Classic Videos

Olympia Snowe' and the Demise of Moderation in 2012

‘William’ and ‘Harry’ Nude

Watch Frum: GOP Primary Turning into a Bad Arranged Marriage

Mitt Barely Clears the Bar

Royal Pal: People Were ‘Horrible’ to Kate and Pippa

Snowe's Challenger: Going for the Wingnut Vote—David Frum

'Liberal Democrats for Santorum'

Jean Dujardin, Oscar-Winner for ‘The Artist,’ Debuts New Sex Comedy

Frum: GOP Primary Turning into a Bad Arranged Marriage

Was Andrew Wrong About Romantic Love?

Pippa Gets in Training

The Republican Party's New Anthem—David Frum

Is This the Best Charles Murray Can Do?—David Frum

GOP Primary Results: A Suicidal Cage Match

Newt's Rambling Post-Primary Speech

What Do You Think of Santorum's Chances on March 6?—David Frum

Next Stop, TJ MAXX

Not Enough Critical Mass for Romney—David Frum

Ron Paul Comes Out Swinging

Rick Santorum: Don't Give Up Hope

Romney's Victory Speech: We Won By Enough

It’s Now or Never for GOP’s 2012 Agenda

Rule and Ruin: The GOP's Secret Love Affair with Spending

Chilling Tweets From Ohio’s School Shooting

Is This What an Arranged Marriage Feels Like?—David Frum

J.Lo: ‘There Was No Nipple’

Word Cloud: Readers Describe Barack Obama in One Word

Meet Lady Gaga’s Mama, Cynthia Germanotta

Santorum Fails to Win Catholic Majority in Michigan and Arizona Primaries

Pippa Middleton’s Inner Circle Revealed in Charity Ski Donations

Olympia Snowe: Why She’s Leaving the Senate

Frank Hall, Coach Who Chased the Chardon High School Gunman, Is a Hero

Electability Key Romney Primary Win in Arizona

Rick Santorum’s Weakness With Women Helped Him Lose Michigan Primary

Operation Hilarity: Democrats for Santorum and Other Party-Crossing Mischief

Romney Wins Michigan & Arizona, but Political Tourette’s Is Costing Him

Michael Tomasky: No Rest for Romney After a Win in the Michigan Primary

Reading Nabokov to Nabokov

GOP Still Desperate for White Knight Despite Romney’s Michigan, Arizona Wins

Olympia Snowe, Jim Webb, Ben Nelson, More Moderate Retiring Senators

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on Mitt Romney’s Michigan, Arizona Wins

‘Revenge’: Emily VanCamp, Mike Kelley, Madeleine Stowe, and Gabriel Mann on the ABC Soap

Rick Santorum Would Use Presidency to Help Forge an American Theocracy

2012’s Other Elections: Olympia Snowe Out, Bob Kerrey In, and More

Sandy Hook School Shooting & More Campus Rampages (Photos)

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Campaigning for Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney Pulls Out Badly Needed Win in Michigan Primary

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 28, 2012

Al-Shabab Stealing Somali Children From Hawa Abdi’s Refugee Camp

Gay Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan on a Welcome-Home Kiss That Went Viral

‘The Power of Habit’ Nicely Dissects How and Why We Do Things

Peter Caddick-Adams’s Dual Biography of Rommel and Montgomery Is Doubly Good

America’s Up-and-Coming African-American Leaders (Photos)

Firewall Fail: As Super Tuesday Nears, No End in Sight to GOP Primary Fight

The ‘Hostile Takeover’ of the GOP

Comedians Take on the Republican Opposition to Women’s Reproductive Rights

The New Conservative Sexual Position?—David Frum

The Results Are In!—David Frum

Obama Taps Into His Inner Candidate With Autoworkers Speech

The GOP Sounds Un-Christian in Condemning Obama’s Quran-Burning Apology

Somali Shabab Militants Target Dr. Hawa Abdi’s Camp

Who You Calling a RINO?

End the Caucuses. Now.—David Frum

Brooks Calls Republicans Cowards

Typical: Santorum Totally Misinterprets JFK’s Point

Mitt, Please Turn off CNBC—David Frum

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon Cleared But Francoist Crime Investigations Stall

Michigan’s Delegate Math Could Give a Big Edge To Rick Santorum

Housing Bubble Still Deflating

A Syrian Rebel’s Firsthand Report on the Fighting and Bombing in Homs

Blame the Weak Recovery on Larry Summers?

If Mitt Loses Michigan? Watch the GOP Panic

Election Oracle: Santorum's Timely Surge

Obama's War on Medical Marijuana

The Political Humor of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

Gay Marine Homecoming Kiss Between Sgt. Brandon Morgan and Boyfriend Dalan Wells (PHOTO)

Costa Allegra Stranded: Another Cruise From Hell

The Heroes of Ohio’s School Shooting

Douglas: Greed is Not Good

Today's Daily Poll—David Frum

Brady's Unsound Dollar Act

Tea Partiers Against College—For Other People's Kids

Why Can't this Hispanic, Budget-Cutting Guv be VP? He is Pro-Choice.

Ohio Student: 'It Was Terror'

Jon Stewart Defends Barack ‘Snoboma’

On the Ground at Chardon High School

How to Make Mouthwatering Tofu

Royal Baby Making

Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada: Backstage at Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012 (PHOTOS)

Kate: William Needs a Fashion Make Over

10 Ridiculous iPhone Apps Banned by Apple

Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic

Samantha Ronson Speaks Out About Her Music and Life After Lindsay Lohan

WikiLeaks’s Stratfor Emails Roil U.S. Intelligence Community

Michigan’s Primary Party Crashers: Democrats Crossing Over to Thwart Romney

‘Community’: Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs & Megan Ganz Roundtable

Sarah Palin’s Newly Released Emails Reenvisioned as Poems

Porn Stars: The Death of a Sex-Industry Profession

Is Celebrity Favorite Kombucha Really a Health and Anti-Aging Cure?

Mitt Romney Surges Past Rick Santorum in Arizona Ahead of GOP Primary

William ‘Appalled’ by Slaughter of Friend’s Rhino

Rick Santorum’s Class-Based Pitch Kicks Up Campaign Controversy

U.S. Must Show It Respects Quran and Its Importance to Afghans

Lady Liberty’s Torn Twin

What Role Did Twitter Play in the Ohio Shooting?

David's Book Club: The Radicalism of the American Revolution & The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin

Culture of Illegal Payments Rampant at The Sun, Says Top Cop Sue Akers

Sarah Palin’s Posse Pans ‘Game Change’ Before HBO Movie Airs

The Results Are In!

Afghanistan: The Friendship That Went Up in Flames

Katherine Boo and Adrian Nicole LeBlanc Both Write on Insurmountable Poverty

When Even Romney Loses the Auto Executives...—David Frum

New Fraud Allegations Against Ijaz—The Notorious Businessman Linked to Pakistani Intelligence

Signs of Hope—David Frum

Palin's Posse Pans 'Game Change'

Chardon School Shooting’s Hero Teachers

Facebook Post By Chardon Ohio High School Shooting Suspect T.J. Lane

Chardon, Ohio, School Shooting Updates

Milan Fashion Week’s Big Finale: Versace and Dolce & Gabbana Wow, While Armani Falls Short

Introducing the Daily Poll

Assassination Plot Against Putin? Russians Are Skeptical.

All Too Human: Santorum's Biases Begin at Perception—David Frum

Chardon High School Shooting News: Tweets From Students

The Future of Immigration Equality

And the Award For Worst Oscars Goes to...

Kate’s Queen Lessons

Still Waiting for Mr. Right—David Frum

Cremating the Remains of Compassionate Conservatism—David Frum

Why Viola Davis Ditched the Wig at the Oscars

The Red Carpet Dictator

Obama Dragged Down by Complex Issues

Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, Kristen Wiig: 2012 Oscars’ Best, Worst, and Wilted

Gabby’s Navy SEAL Skydive

Pinkberry Co-Founder Young Lee Accused of Beating Homeless Man

Never Mind ‘War With Satan’—Santorum’s Ad Man Just Aims to ‘Move Numbers’

Nelson Mandela Recovering in South Africa After Brief Hospital Scare

Afghan Men Get Schooled in Women’s Rights

What to Expect in Nicollette Sheridan’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ Court Showdown

GOP Hypocrisy on Religion: Quran Burning vs. Contraception

The GOP’s Panic Over Rick Santorum

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Michigan Giveaway

Hollywood and the Oscars Surprise With Celebration of Traditional Values

Meryl Streep, ‘The Artist,’ Billy Crystal: Best Moments From 2012 Oscars (VIDEO)

Stacy Keibler, Shailene Woodley: Academy Award Hairstyles That Look Like Pastries (PHOTOS)

‘The Artist’ Wins Big

Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, George Clooney: Best Dressed of the Oscars Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Live Updates From the Academy Awards: Oscar Winners and More

Ramin's Oscar Predictions

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and More Sunday Talk

Santorum Rips Obama ‘Weakness,’ Makes Political Hay of Quran Burning

Brewer: I Pick Mitt

What Did Andrew Give Up for Lent?

Muslim Yale Law Grad: ‘Was I Targeted by NYPD?’

Rupert Murdoch Launches Sun on Sunday

Fashion’s Flaky New Talent Game

Why is PETA Killing Thousands of Rescue Pets?—David Frum

Sunday Sun’s Lord Lucan Exclusive Is a Letdown

‘The Artist’ Sweeps at Independent Spirit Awards

Senegal Presidential Elections: Violence Flares Over Wade’s Candidacy

Will the Supreme Court End Affirmative Action? Not so Fast.

Obama Won’t Back An Israeli Strike On Iran

Mitt Romney Is a Canny Politician Doing What’s Necessary to Survive the Primaries

Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Who’s Behind the Leaked Letters Roiling the Vatican?

‘The Escape Artists’ Speed Read: Best Bits on How Obama Bungled Financial Reform

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Like the French, But America Increasingly Does

Why Rick Santorum Is Surging With Women Voters

Brigitte Bardot Pens Letter Of Support For Far-Right Front National Candidate Marine Le Pen

Clarence Thomas Is a Long Shot for President, But His Candidacy Makes a Lot of Sense

Taking Grandma’s Plates for a Spin

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Set to Win Another Round

Multilingual Maestro

Pakistan Demolishes Bin Laden Compound

Sarah Palin Emails Reveal Divorce Jokes, Exhaustion, and Trouble With Levi Johnston

Don’t Underestimate Israel’s Capability to Strike Iran, Insiders Say

Berlusconi Escapes Corruption Conviction: What He Faces Next

Lord Lucan's Whereabouts: The Tabloid Rebirth of a Decades-Old Crime

Wife Spurns Abortion Bill Proponent

Sneak Peak: 'Game of Thrones'

Milan Fall Fashion Week 2012: Raf Simons’s Last Collection at Jil Sander

Inside Syria's Besieged City

Market Green—David Frum

Moderation or Else—David Frum

Mitt Romney Misquotes George Costanza And Other High-Profile Figures Talking On Fictional Characters (PHOTOS)

Lord Lucan May Be Alive and in Africa, Says Brother

What Wrecked the Mayans?—David Frum

Axwell Presents Cosmic Opera at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom

Nathan Englander Talks About His New Story Collection, Philip Roth, Twitter, and More

Tory Burch and Tina Brown Discuss Family, Fashion, and More

Michigan GOP Primary Campaign Advertising Is More Vicious Than Persuasive

8 Ridiculous Tax Loopholes: How Companies Are Avoiding the Tax Man

Axwell Presents Cosmic Opera Extrasensory Dance Event At Hammerstein Ballroom New York (Photos)

Linanity: The Lamest Jeremy Lin Puns (Photos)

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Tax-Plan Flim-Flam

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for February 25, 2012

Marie Colvin’s Final Interview, Obama Sings Again, More Viral Videos

John Edwards Sex Tape: How Will We Live Without It?

How Israel Could Remove Assad Diplomatically and Bring Peace to Syria

Geoff Dyer Takes on Andrei Tarkovsky’s Film ‘Stalker’ in ‘Zona’

Car Crash Caught Live

Why New Obama, Romney Tax Plans Are Going Nowhere

Bill Maher Says $1 Million to Obama Super PAC Is ‘Practical’

The GOP Candidates Defined? A Word Cloud From Daily Beast Readers

Women in the World Social Media Engagement: Get Social!

Did NOTW Delete Phone-Hacking Emails?

Attack Ad: Romney Turned Back on Michigan

What's Wrong with the Oscars?

No Dictators Allowed

Why George Clooney Will Lose to Jean Dujardin

Oscars Drinking Guide: Recipes For Film-Inspired Cocktails

Oscars Drinking Game: Punches for Best Picture Nominees (Photos)

Palestinian Hunger Striker Khader Adnan Is No Hero

New Santorum Ad Goes Silent on Romney

Oscars Live Chat: Billy Crystal! Uggie! Red Carpet!

Romney’s Twitter Takedown

The GOP Debate Disaster

Andrew's Thoughts on the Euro Crisis

Prada and Gucci Show Off Strong, Smart Sensuality at Milan Fall 2012 Fashion Shows

Sensual collections at Gucci and Prada kick off Milan fashion week (Photos)

Campaign Ad Wars: Santorum and Specter

Predicting This Year's Oscar Winners

Could Mitch Daniels Still Run for President?

Dutch Prince May Never Regain Consciousness

Syria: A Nation In Crisis

Should Women Be Allowed On the Front Lines?

Jimmy Fallon’s Ode to Jeremy Lin

Royal Boob

Obama's Fantasy Energy Plan—David Frum

Princes Rap Star Quest

Rick Santorum’s Beltway Curse Is Hurting His 2012 Campaign

Castro May Rejoin Catholic Church, Say Rumors in the Italian Press

Can Romney Overcome Electability Worries With a Win in Michigan?

London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week 2012: Ralph Lauren, Burberry & More (PHOTOS)

As Virginia Ultrasound Rule Fails, Is GOP Seeing Reproductive-Rights Backlash?

Leslie H. Gelb: The Iran-Washington Conspiracy?

Sean Stone and Other Famous Converts to Islam (PHOTOS)

Gingrich Referees, Romney Channels Costanza

Could Pro-Choice Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Be The GOP’s Great Hope?

‘The Fresh Beat Band’: Nickelodeon’s Newest Preschool Sensation

Former POW Shoshana Johnson: The Military Is Keeping Women Down

Francis Spufford’s Red Plenty Pushes Historical Boundaries

Elizabeth Smart Marries Scottish Prince Charming in Dream Hawaii Wedding

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: What Jeremy Lin, Basketball Teach Us About Sex

Massachusetts Competitors’ Ad War Over Birth Control

The ‘Dirty 30’ Are the Top U.S. Companies That Managed to Pay No Taxes

An Eye for an Eye

Karachi Festival Shows Pakistan’s Booming Literary World

Alex Trebek Takes ‘Jeopardy’ to Washington for Two Weeks in the Spring

No GOP Candidate Is Closing the Revenue Gap—David Frum

Ad Watch: Obama Campaign Ad Targets Romney as a Villain in Detroit Bailout

Must Reads: Madison’s Slaves, Pam Houston, and Alec Wilkinson

Is The Syrian Assad Regime Targeting Journalists?

Rebels and Ordinary Citizens Alike Struggle to Survive the Bombing of Homs

Obama Reminds Detroit: I Didn't Let You Go Bankrupt

Leslie Bennetts on Sex and Politics

What's So Funny About Rape?

Is Andrew Surprised by the Santorum Surge?

Raf Simons Leaves Jil Sander

Quran-Burning Protests Turn Deadly in Afghanistan (Photos)

Is The Economy Actually Improving?

How Romneycare Saves $—David Frum

Why Santorum Missed His Mark

Why the Birth Control Issue Stings—David Frum

Bruce Bartlett on the Daily Show—David Frum

'Obama's Got America Singing The Blues'

Can the Taliban Avoid Fracturing Over the Qatar Peace Talks?

Christie: Obama Lacks ‘Courage’ on Gay Marriage

Rick Santorum in CNN Debate: Not Crazy, Just a Conventional Politician

Would It Be So Bad If Iran Got Nuclear Weapons?

Whitney Houston’s Final Romance: Was Ray J Using Her for Reality TV?

Best Question From CNN Debate: Why Not Declare War on Iran?

Ethnic Spying Scandal Swells As Ray Kelly’s NYPD Oversteps Its Bounds

Obama Pushes for New Internet-Privacy Law to Protect Consumers

Pat Toomey: The MVP of Obamacare—David Frum

Octavia Spencer: Nominated for ‘The Help’ and Star of the Red Carpet

Their Many Debate Missteps Could Haunt Romney and Santorum

Octavia Spencer Style: Best Supporting Actress Nominee (PHOTOS)

Romney Tries to Pin 'Obamacare' on Santorum’s Specter Endorsement

Michael Tomasky on How Romney Rocked Santorum in the Arizona Debate

Republican Debate: Newt Gingrich Rolls Over, Plays Dead

Paul Begala on Romney’s Desperate Dive to the Right in the Arizona Debate

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on CNN Republican Debate in Arizona

Republican Debate: No Net Change in Presidential Race

Did Culture Wars Win the Debate?

GOP’s Most Awkward Debate Moments: Crying, Flip-Flops, More (Video)

Rick Santorum Defuses Time Bomb of Social Issues in CNN Debate

Best Moments From the CNN Republican Debate in Arizona (VIDEO)

Resonant Objects, Done Right

Cindy Sherman, Actor and Clown

Rainn Wilson, ‘2 Broke Girls,’ and the Rise of the Rape Joke

The Family Values Con

11 Weirdest Jobs for Over-Educated, Unemployed Millennials (PHOTOS)

Obama’s Cut to the Corporate Tax Rate Is a Crafty Political Ploy

‘Bullhead,’ a Dark-Horse Candidate From Belgium, Lands Oscar Nomination

The ‘Dirty 30’ Are the Top U.S. Companies That Managed to Pay No Taxes

Cherie Blair Sues Rupert Murdoch’s News International

‘General Hospital’ Fights Back!

Romney's Puzzling Math—David Frum

Al Gore Accused of Abusing His Spot on Apple’s Board for Personal Gain

Marie Colvin, U.S. Journalist, Killed in Syria

Undaunted in Defeat, Michele Bachmann Returns to Minnesota

Ethical or Not, Silicon Valley Bloggers Hit Up VCs for Angel Funds

Gillibrand Takes On the 'War on Women'

CNN Arizona GOP Debate Live Chat

Santorum’s ‘Satan’ Comments & More of His Outlandish Statements

8 More Bodies Found on Shipwrecked Italian Cruise Ship

Republicans Battle in Arizona: Why the Debates Matter

Bailout Stance the Subject of Anti-Romney Ad

Andrew's Favorite Gay-Themed Film

Should Gingrich and Paul Drop Out?

Marie Colvin Killed in Syria, and the Story She Paid With Her Life to Tell

Tax Cuts vs. Spending Cuts

Marie Colvin: A Legendary Reporter Killed in Syria

Can Romney Avoid a Campaign Death Trap?

Palin Defends Santorum's Satan Comments

Slain U.S. Journalist’s Final Interview

Marie Colvin, My Courageous Friend

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Belated Health-Care Conversion

U.N. Inspectors’ Iran Nuclear Mission Fails as Tehran Denies Access to Key Site

Can Careful Mitt Romney Go Bold on Taxes at the CNN Debate?

Outcry Over Afghanistan Quran Burnings Shows Misguided ‘Honor’ About Sacred Book

What We Can Do for the Bottom 50%—David Frum

Catholics, Get Real: President Obama Is Abusing You

David's Book Club: The Benefit and the Burden

‘Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory’: Its Road to the Academy Awards

Brad Pitt and More Oscar Nominees’ Most Embarrassing Roles (Video)

Celebrity Booty Grabbers (Pitt, Bieber, Jolie) Caught in the Act (Photos)

Will Supreme Court End Affirmative Action With Fisher v. University of Texas?

Roger Ailes Defends Glenn Beck Against Rabbi’s Complaints

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Slippery Slope: ‘Birthday Cake’ to Reunion?

Rick Santorum Faces a Grilling at CNN Debate

Who Should Jeremy Lin Date? Katy Perry, Pippa Middleton, More (PHOTOS)

Remembering David Foster Wallace

What About Bobbi Kristina?

Bells Are Ringing! Confidence Rises as the Dow—Finally—Hits 13,000 Again

Women in the World 2012 Summit: Confirmed Participants

John D’Agata’s Fact-Checking Battle

America Welcomes Yemen Elections, Remains Wary of al Qaeda’s Influence

Stephen Colbert to Release Children’s Book: ‘I Am a Pole (and So Can You!’)

David's Book Club: The Age of Austerity—David Frum

How to Curse in Farsi

An Iranian Jersey Shore?

Murdoch’s Next Scandal Could Be Computer Hacking

Meet The Shahs

David's Book Club—David Frum

Romney Really, Really Loves Michigan

Rick Santorum's Media Beef

Santorum Obliquely Suggests Obama Worships Earth, Not God

Oop$, I Did It Again—David Frum

Mitt Romney’s Luxury Hotel Habit

Saying Goodbye to Whitney

What Book Changed Andrew's Life?

What’s Really at Stake in Michigan

Dominique-Strauss Kahn’s Stinky New Scandal

Depression Is Linked to Hyperconnectivity of Brain Regions, a New Study Shows

More Convention Chaos—David Frum

'Is This Dude Serious?'

Where is the GOP's Positive Program?

Mitt Romney's Mother and Her Long-Ago Senate Race

Redesign the Ike Monument—David Frum

When Colbert Met the Donald

Greek Bailout Deal: A Sad Fairy Tale

Righteous Rick Santorum Is His Own Worst Enemy

GOP Presidential Contenders Are All Out of Office and as a Result Out of Touch

‘John Carter’: Disney’s Quarter-Billion-Dollar Movie Fiasco

A Brokered GOP Convention and a Third-Party Candidate Are Real Possibilities

Bain Capital Stays Quiet Amid Attacks on Mitt Romney, Private Equity

Michael Tomasky: There Will Be No Saviors for the GOP in 2012

Dogs on Parade at New Orleans’s Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carnival (PHOTOS)

Larry McCarthy: The Pro–Mitt Romney Super PAC’s Go-To Attack Guy

Why Men Are Settling for Mrs. Good Enough

New Pakistan Ambassador Brings Frank Talk to Washington Relations

Experts Say Iran Attack Is Irrational, Yet Hawks Are Winning the Debate

Carnival Photos: Brazil Celebrates With Two-Day Parade

Romney Underperforming vs. 2008—David Frum

The World Is Getting Better, Argues New Book, ‘Abundance’

A Painter's Final Bouquet

SEALs: Obama's Weapon of Choice

Will the Campaign 'Cage Match' Ever End?

Chris Brown Attacked by Seagulls & More Celebrity Animal Attacks

Contested Convention Chaos—David Frum

What Does Andrew Think of Prostitution?

Rupert Murdoch’s Sun on Sunday Gambit to Save News Corp.’s Image

Burberry Prorsum Women’s Wear A/W12 Show

Putin's 'Flashy' Past and Science Explains Your Emotional Style

10 Outrageous Things Rick Santorum Has Said

The Presidents We Should Have Had—David Frum

More Spam From Fox Viewers—David Frum

Ben Bernanke: 'The Real Money Honey'

The GOP's Worst Nightmare—a Contested Convention—David Frum

Rick Santorum Goes After Obama in Feisty Georgia Speech

Winston Lord on Crafting the Shanghai Communique with Kissinger

Sherwin Shayegan, the Piggyback Bandit, Is the Bane of High School Games

Libya Struggles With Mass Gaddafi-Era Rape Crimes

The Oscars: 21 Fixes for the Show So It’s Less Boring

American Dreams: 1912, The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man

9 Crazy Sinead O’Connor Moments

Rick Santorum’s Trial by Media Focused on Birth Control

Bill Clinton’s Life Splendidly Chronicled by PBS’s ‘American Experience'

The Duet: The iPod of Vibrators?

Sandra Fluke Wanted to Speak Up for Women Before Congress

Can Richard Cordray Win Over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Foes?

Winston Lord and Leslie H. Gelb: Nixon’s China Opening, 40 Years Later

Calvin Coolidge’s Bone-Dry Humor Is a Lesson in Laughs for Candidates

Washington Was Broke? Why Founding Fathers Were Strapped for Cash

Why Won’t IOC Push Saudi Arabia on Women for Olympic Games?

Michele Bachmann: GOP Isn’t ‘Anti-Woman’

Artist With An Urge

Fashion Week's Wildest Trends: Furs, Cable Knits and More

How Resilient Are You?

Tim Tebow Likes 'Green Eggs and Ham!'

Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and More Sunday Talk

Lawmakers Pledge to Reform, But Gerrymandering Keeps Getting Worse

Santorum: Prenatal Testing Leads to Abortion

Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Getting High After Whitney’s Funeral?

Linsanity Linvades 'Saturday Night Live'

Why I’ve Learned Many Languages by Aravind Adiga

Which GOP Candidate "No Comments" the Most?

How the FBI Invents Terrorists Like the U.S. Capitol ‘Suicide Bomber’

Stevie Wonder Makes a 'Ribbon In the Sky'

Callista Gingrich Speaks on the Campaign Trail

Sending Whitney Home at an Emotional Service

Tom Ford Presentation: London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012

Afghan Women Fear Backsliding As President Karzai Negotiates With Taliban

‘Blame It on Lisa’? The Most Controversial ‘Simpsons’ Episodes (Video)

Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle and More Famous Mansions

Alla Dzhioyeva Hospitalized After Police Raid

In Polls, Obama Wins on Contraception Compromise, Catholics Hold Steady

Time in the Abstract

The Proposition 8 Decision Resonates in Maryland’s Gay-Marriage Vote

Republicans and the Culture Wars: Why It Won't Work This Year

Alicia Keys' Powerful Rendition of "Send Me An Angel"

Paul Babeu, Immigration Hawk Sheriff, Outed by Alleged Mexican Gay Lover

Gay Sheriff Resigns Romney Campaign

Family and Friends Say Goodbye at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Kevin Costner's Emotional Speech

Jeremy Lin’s High-School Coach Recalls a Star on the Rise

Reintroducing David's Book Club—David Frum

David's Book Club 1861: The Civil War Awakening—David Frum

Whitney Houston's Funeral: Best Moments (VIDEOS)

‘Undefeated’: The Oscar-Nominated Documentary That Is the Real ‘Friday Night Lights’

White Irish Rage: Buchanan Vents on Fox

Whitney Houston's Funeral (PHOTOS)

Judicial Murder in Tehran—David Frum

Anthony Shadid: The Middle East’s Great Voice of Reason Dies

Newt Gingrich’s Troubles In Home State of Georgia

Political Opposition Researcher Tells Candidates to Confess Before They’re Caught

Adele Sweeps, Michelle Obama Does the Robot, and Whitney’s Last Days

Santorum’s Audi and Other Political Transportation Follies

New Earthquake Could Hit Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Study

Confessions of a Sex Escort to the Stars: Scotty Bowers’s Memoir, ‘Full Service’

Romney Ad Spotlights His Vetoes and Labels Santorum a Washington Insider

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Feb. 18, 2012

Iran's Offer to Talk About Its Nuclear Program Eases Tension For Now

Can Linsanity Stand the Miami Heat?

Famous Ivy League Athletes Who Went Pro (Photos)

Super PACs Are Overhyped!

From Churchill to Lieberman: A Brief History of Political Turncoats

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks: The Science Behind Winning

Oscars 2012: Best Supporting Actor and Actress

Oscars 2012: Best Actor and Actress

Oscars 2012: Best Picture

Right Wingers Go Wild Against Women Around the Country

What Are Andrew's Weaknesses?

Alan Simpson Backs Up 'Neighbor' Foster Friess

Contraception Wars and the Abortion Debate

Kwasi Kwarteng Discusses the Ghosts of Britain’s Empire

Will Contraception Debate Be Bigger Than Terri Schiavo?

Obama Cuts Israel's Missile Defense—David Frum

How a Box of Milk Became a Right Wing Scandal of the Day—David Frum

Santorum Supporters Go Positive With New Ad

The Birth Control Culture War—David Frum

Linsanity Meets Its Breaking Point

Heritage Foundation Admits: Dissent is Bad for Business

How Strong is the Republican Brand?

Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers Lists His Favorite Things

The GOP’s Chaotic Primary Calendar Makes Early Nomination Clinch Tough

Iran and al Qaeda’s Shadowy Relationship Could Firm Up This Spring

Oscar Predictions Gone Wild: Win Your Academy Awards Pool

Was Martha Stewart Plagiarized? Debating Patents for Recipes

Is Contraceptive Debate GOP’s New ‘Terri Schiavo Moment’?

OK, OK, So Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks Is on Fire

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Go for Laughs on the Campaign Trail

Jeremy Lin Means More Than Wins for the Knicks

Joe Kennedy III Takes the Torch From Retiring Barney Frank

12 Sports Stars From the Ivy League

Congressional GOP Caves on Payroll-Tax Extension, Ducks a Fight With Obama

Backstage at Fashion Week 2012

New York Fashion Week: Top-Trends Roundup

Street Photos, Sold There

Mitt Romney's 'Real' Problem: His Temperament

Romney on Birth Control—David Frum

12 Strange Things About Goats: Accents, Mayors and More (Photos)

China, Trade Warrior—David Frum

Values Collapsing Worldwide—David Frum

D-List Celeb Political Endorsements

Nature vs. Nuture

Is Decline Optional?—David Frum

Penny Nance: Planned Parenthood’s Mafia Tactics

Whitney's Road to Ruin

Romney's Controversy Over Baptizing the Dead

Pat Buchanan Too Radioactive for MSNBC Leaves Network

Must Reads: Margot Livesey, Robert Walser and More

Rick Santorum’s Lucky Culture War Over Contraception

Joe Kennedy Is Really Running for Congress

The Moral Decay of the Working Class—David Frum

Memo to Democracy Advocates: Drop Assange—David Frum

Stop Right-Wing 'Made-Up Scandals'

Ron Paul's Stealth Campaign

Mitt Romney on Mormon Baptisms of the Dead: ‘I Haven’t Recently’

Greek Exodus: Workers Flee to Canada and Australia

Can Boehner Keep GOP Members in Line to Pass the Payroll-Tax-Cut Deal?

Backstage at Marchesa Fall/Winter 2012 Show at New York Fashion Week

The Virus in Your Pocket: a Boom in Android Malware

Dianna Agron, Coco Rocha More Celebrity Social Media Pictures (PHOTOS)

Is Super PACs’ Influence on the 2012 Presidential Election Overhyped?

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Maine, Iowa Caucus Mishaps Prove It’s Time for a Better System

The Basics of Card Counting

Iran Blamed in Bangkok Bombings as Thailand Wrestles With Terrorism Threat

Preet Bharara’s Latest Obvious, Cosmetic Investigation Into Goldman’s Henry King

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‘Unaccountable’ CFPB Makes 14 Appearances Before Congress in a Year

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So Cloying It’s Good

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Richard Mason on New Novel History of a Pleasure Seeker

Rodarte Channels Australia In Fall Show for New York Fashion Week

Twitter's Latest Trend: Self-Destruction

Rick Santorum Is The Next George Washington

Westminster Dog Show 2012: Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, and More (Photos)

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10 Divas Who Died Too Soon, From Whitney Houston to Billie Holiday

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5 Fun Facts About China’s Leader-to-Be That You Won’t Hear on His U.S. Visit

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Santorum Ad: The Best Chance to Beat Obama

Nancy Brinker's Money Issues

How Often Does Andrew Attend Church?

DNC Questions Romney's 'Severe' Conservatism

You Read it First on FrumBeast—David Frum

Santorum Heckled In Washington

Why Do Journalists Keep Self Destructing on Twitter

Jon Stewart Weighs In on the Culture Wars

Can Santorum Really Challenge Romney?

Nora Ephron’s Favorite Love Stories

Public Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong: The 13 Biggest Fails (VIDEO)

Pakistan’s Musharraf Has Been Accused of Knowing Osama bin Laden’s Hideout

Has the President Lost His Obama Generation? College Students Crowd CPAC

Michael Tomasky on GOP Deficit Hypocrisy at Release of Obama’s Budget

Whitney’s Road to Ruin

On Being the Other Woman in an Affair

Designing for the One Percent at New York Fashion Week

‘Switched at Birth’: ABC Family’s Groundbreaking Deaf/Hearing Drama

Not Too Late for Americans Elect to Win 2012 Presidential Election

Newt Gingrich’s Battered Campaign Struggles With Money Woes

Bobby Brown, Dionne Warwick: A Who’s Who in Whitney Houston’s Family (PHOTOS)

J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI’s War on Americans’ Civil Liberties

Sex in the U.S.A.: America’s Horniest Cities, From Atlanta to Los Angeles

Can Donald Trump Save Scotland?

V-Day—David Frum

Greece Riots: Protesters Rage Against Austerity (PHOTOS)

Billy Sammeth, the Manager Fired by Cher and Joan Rivers, Tells His Side of the Story

A Chair Is Born

Are Restaurants Sexist? Study Finds Women Lag in Service-Job Earnings

Sullivan's Wrong: Obama's Losing the Culture Wars

Perfect Valentine’s Day Feast

Screeching Toward the Cliff

Obama’s Budget Gets Mixed Reviews, From Nonstarter to His Boldest

Tension Heats Up After Israeli Diplomat Car-Bombed in India

Women in the World 2012 Summit Countdown Begins!

What I Learned at CPAC

Ron Paul Pushes Forward After Maine

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Caught in Politics of Labor Statue

A Romney Death Spiral?—David Frum

Whitney Houston’s Death: Xanax and Alcohol, Lethal Duo

CPAC’s Enthusiastic Crowd Polled for Romney and Cheered for Palin

Republicans: Obama Broke His Promise

Pakistan’s Slow-Mo Constitutional Crisis: Gilani and Zardari vs. the Supreme Court

Syrian Revolt Gains Traction as Tribe by Tribe Unrest Reaches Aleppo

Andrew's Mushroom Experience

Whitney Houston: Anatomy of a Lesbian Rumor

Obama’s 2013 Budget: Perfectly Reasonable, Absolutely Terrible

Obama's Culture War

Allison Samuels Discusses Whitney Houston

Meghan McCain: 'Santorum Makes Sarah Palin Look Liberal'

Gingrich Ad Seeks Donations

Norquist: Romney Will Do As Told—David Frum

Rick Santorum’s Popularity a Puzzle as he Surges in Polls

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Murdoch Foe Mark Lewis May File Suit in the U.S.

Fitting Tribute to a Diva, by a Diva

CPAC Delivers Indecisive Verdict

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Latest Accident at San Onofre Nuclear Plant Worries Activists, Residents

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Chris Brown’s Grammy Lovefest Three Years After Rihanna Assault

Komen Founder Nancy Brinker’s Mysterious Expense Report

The Saga of Whitney Houston’s Last Movie, ‘Sparkle’

Whitney Houston’s Protective ‘Baby Girl,’ Daughter Bobbi Kristina

How Florida Polo Mogul’s Girlfriend-Adoption Ploy May Backfire

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Adele Wins Big

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Whitney Houston By the Numbers: Her Family, Hits & Records (Photos)

The Cost of Somali Piracy in 2011

Whitney Houston’s Signature Style Looks Over the Years (PHOTOS)

Panel Challenges Sullivan

The Beverly Hilton Reacts to Whitney Houston’s Death

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Inside Whitney Houston’s Violent Marriage to Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston Death: How Sane Drug Laws May Have Prevented It

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Writer Hamza Kashgari Handed Over to Saudis for ‘Blasphemous’ Tweets

Whitney Houston Dies: Celebrities Mourn on Twitter

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Pop Legend Whitney Houston Dies at 48

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Cissy Houston on Her Daughter, Whitney: She ‘Gives Me Chills’

Whitney Houston’s 9 Greatest Performances (Video)

Travel Escapes for Two

Aphrodite and the Gods of Love

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

‘Aphrodite and the Gods of Love’: Museum Exhibit Gets Visitors in the Mood for Valentine's Day

Designer Duro Olowu Mixes Fashion and Art in Pop-Up Exhibition

Bad Few Weeks Aside, Social Conservatives Aren’t Losing Culture War

Whitney Houston: Dispatches From the Beverly Hilton

Whitney Houston Dies at 48 (Photos)

Prince Harry Has a Hard Time in a Simulated Mountain Climb

Sarah Palin’s Mockery of Barack Obama Rouses CPAC Crowd

Mitt Romney Edges Out Ron Paul in Maine Caucuses

Sarah Palin: Still Bitter

Mitt Romney’s CPAC Mini-Bounce

Rupert Murdoch’s Flagship Tabloid The Sun in Crisis After Phone-Hacking Arrests

Contraception Debate: Why We’re Asking the Wrong Questions

Joan Rivers: The Bawdiest Broad

Maintaining Military Manes

Doctor Heals Injured Country

Born to Run

Stopping Teen Domestic Violence

Ellen Thanks Bill O'Reilly for the Defence

Begala Enters the Belly of the Beast--Ryan Prior

Creating a Healthy Community

Swing-State Singles: How Unmarried Voters Could Decide the Election

Conquering Fears

Domo Arigato First Lady Roboto

Breitbart Denies Wanting to Be a Pundit

Bill Maher Calls Out GOP

Jeremy Lin Already a Legend? Reality-Checking the Hype

The Dénouement of French Canada—David Frum

Striking Firefighters Clash Against Police

Tomorrow's Talking Points Today, Part 2—David Frum

‘Love Letters’ Anthologizes 2,000 Years of Passion Put to Paper

Jason Wu Unveils His New Line and The Daily Beast Goes Backstage (PHOTOS)

Valentine’s Day Dogs, Cats and other Animals with Heart Marks (Photos)

Backstage at Jason Wu Fall 2012 Show (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky: Contraception Storm Shows Obama Fumbling Politically

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Feb. 11, 2012

Health-Care Critics Unmoved by Obama’s Contraception Compromise

Can Victims of Haley Barbour’s Pardoned Murderer Find Justice?

6 New Dog Breeds Will Debut at Westminster Dog Show

Meditation Teacher Lodro Rinzler Rebrands Buddhism to Deal with Drinking and Sex

Santorum’s ‘Positive’ Qualities Will Soon Look Like Dead Weight

M.I.A. Shocks, Michelle Obama Duels, and Skrillex Speaks (Videos)

‘The Vow’: What Happened to ‘Felicity’ Hunk Scott Speedman?

How the U.S. Is Struggling to Help Syria’s Opposition

Did Planned Parenthood Bully Komen?

A Bird in the Hand

Romney Accepts Maximum Campaign Donation From Man Whose Company Owns Penthouse

Newt's Unrealistic Presidency—David Frum

Saudi Blogger Hamza Kashgari Detained in Malaysia, Could Face Death Penalty

"Severely Conservative"?—David Frum

Tomorrow's Talking Points Today—David Frum

Santorum Slams Obama's Contraception Deal

Obama Birth Control Compromise Defuses Religion Issue

Die Antwoord's Beef with Interscope

Obama Announces Birth Control Compromise

Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Detained in Malaysia Over Muhammad Tweets

Romney's Pitch: I've Lived Conservatism

Women in the World 2011 Video Highlights

Why Die Antwoord Didn't Meet David Fincher

Joseph Roth’s Letters Reveal a Great Forgotten Writer

CPAC Gets Weird

Ananda Marchildon and More Models Fired for Being Too Big (PHOTOS)

Who is Mitt Romney's 'Porn' Campaign Donor?

What's Palin's Role in the Race?

Amid Lebanese Anti-Assad Protests, Syrians Find Shaky Refuge in Lebanon

The Problem With Obama’s Message

Newt Gingrich Rips GOP Establishment at CPAC Conference

Santorum: We're Not Going to Win With Money

Rick Santorum Flies His Faith Flag at CPAC Conference

Hey Here's An Idea—David Frum

No Champagne for Rick Santorum's Guru John Brabender

Komen Exec Karen Handel Calls Planned Parenthood a ‘Gigantic Bully’

Michele Bachmann Makes Fun of Herself

How Much Does the Economy Matter in 2012?

Rick Santorum, Family Values Candidate and Pro Wrestling Advocate?

Mitt Romney Finds the Funny in ‘America the Beautiful’ (VIDEO)

Die Antwoord, Raunchy Rap Duo, on New Album, Lisbeth Salander Offer

U.S. Eases Restrictions on Women in Combat, Still Bars Them From Front Lines

China’s Top Cop Goes Missing, as Officials Stay Mum and Bloggers Erupt

At CPAC, Republican Candidates Are Courting Their Base

Why Obama Health-Care Rule on Contraception Angers Catholic Democrats

Flick Picks: Denzel Washington as a Baddie, Rachel McAdams in ‘The Vow’

Romney at CPAC—David Frum

Obama Grants Waivers to NCLB and Makes a Bad Situation Worse

Crackdown in Syria: Photos, Tweets, and Videos From Homs

JFK’s Intern-Mistress Mimi Alford Confesses, ‘I Did Love Him’

An Old Master, Shaken and Stirred

Was JFK Too Immoral to Serve After His Intern Tryst?

New York Fashion Week FW 2012: 8 Models to Watch

CPAC and Big Ideas

Kim Kardashian, Diddy & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Rand Paul is Not Like His Father

Coming Apart: The Review

Bachmann Jokes About Campaign Gaffes

Steve Jobs’s FBI File Calls Him Smart, Tough, and Not Very Honest

The Best Dating Advice CPAC Can Offer

Where's Romney?

Is the Contraception Fight Santorum's Opportunity—or Obama's?

Dutch ‘Next Top Model’ Fired for Being Too Fat?

‘Midnight in Paris:’ I Loathe It

Baltasar Garzón, Spain’s Legal Crusader, Silenced

Ethics Showdown on Insider Trading

Horatio Alger is Dead—David Frum

Skrillex: Is a DJ worthy of 5 Grammy Nods?

Mitt's Insipid Plan of Attack

And If You Thought Meghan McCain Dislikes Newt...

Bank Settlement Highlights the Feds’ Foreclosure Flop

Where Does Andrew Stand on SOPA?

CPAC First Impressions

The Contraception Fight—David Frum

In the Maldives, a Coup in Paradise

Jim DeMint Predicts Divided Republican Convention


20 Most Corrupt Countries, From Cambodia to Afghanistan

Are the Top 5% Liberal?—David Frum

Postscript to the Murray Review—David Frum

Santorum’s Faith Takes Center Stage

Scenes From the New Upper Class—David Frum

Backstage By Anna Bauer: Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld & More (PHOTOS)

What if Palin Were Running?

Inside Homs, Syria’s War Zone

Mitt Romney’s No More Of a Mystery Than Barack Obama

Meet Skrillex, the Divisive, Grammy-Nominated DJ Who’s Changing Dance Music

JFK’s Intern Affair Tests Presidential Character

Can Rick Santorum Ride His ‘Big Mo’ to Knock Newt Gingrich Out?

Did Obama Administration Pick a Fight on Birth Control Deliberately?

Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Sarah Palin, & Other Things to Watch For at CPAC

How the 2012 Election Will Determine the Future of Gay Marriage

Should the U.S. Intervene in Syria? Experts Weigh In

Romney Losing His Mojo After Caucus, Primary Losses to Santorum

Mimi Alford, Marilyn Monroe, More Alleged JFK Mistresses (PHOTOS)

Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference 2012: DKNY PR Girl and More

The Dog Glamour Ads That Win Westminster

Best Show-Dog Ads (Photos)

20 Most Corrupt Countries, From Cambodia to Afghanistan (PHOTOS)

L.A.’s School Sex-Abuse Scandal Widens

Israel’s Dilemma: If It Attacks Iran, Will It Also Have to Hit Hizbullah?

Tough Guy Monet

A Painter's Snapshot Aesthetic

Prince Harry Will Return to Afghanistan as Apache Helicopter Pilot

Now All Americans Are Losing Ground—David Frum

The Falklands, Always Contested, Inspire Fresh English-Argentine Squabble

Bradying Photos: Football Fans Imitate Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Pout (PHOTOS)

3 Must Reads: ‘Kayak Morning,’ ‘Mr. g,’ and ‘Alex Gilvarry’

'Niall Ferguson Is Wrong on Iran'

Buddy Roemer’s Long-Shot Presidential Campaign Is a Study in Unorthodoxy

Daniel Radcliffe’s Groupie Sex and Biggest Controversies (Photos)

China Sided With Russia on Syria out of Defensiveness, Not Strength

A New Theory of Democracy

Santorum: I Can Beat Obama

Jon Huntsman Talks Romney, Trump, and His Own Campaign With Jay Leno

A Gingrich-Obama Matchup?

Santorum Sweep: Why Romney's In Trouble

Real Housewife Tells All ... Or Not?

Mitt Romney Hasn’t Changed Since 2008—the Republican Party Has

The Syrian Endgame: How the U.S. Can Speed Up Revolution

A Top Rick Santorum Fundraiser Bankrolls the Conservative Website the Daily Caller

Romney Avoids His Losses

How Much Are the ‘Costa Concordia’ Passengers Entitled to Win—and Who Is Accountable for the Shipwreck?

The First Lady vs. Jimmy Fallon

Santorum: ‘Conservatism Is Alive and Well’

Answering a Murray Defender—David Frum

Don’t Be Fooled, It’s Still Mitt

Big Trouble for Mitt Romney After Santorum’s Sweep

Mitt Romney’s Minnesota Defeat Humiliates Tim Pawlenty in Home State

Beautician’s Murder a Strange Tale of Contract Killing and a Sex Change

Iranian Movie ‘A Separation’ Gets Oscar Buzz, Political Flak

The Case for Bombing Iran Shows Hawks Wrong All Over Again

Obama’s Super PAC Hypocrisy: Giving Blessing to Priorities USA Action

How Karen Handel’s Komen Resignation Boosts Her Political Prospects

What the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Prop 8 Ruling Really Means

Catholics’ Enraged Response to Obama Birth-Control Policy Is Misplaced

Asma-al-Assad Comes Out in Support of Syria’s Brutal Regime

Prop 8’s Aftermath: With Gay Rights, Religion Still Lags

Gina Rinehart, One of World’s Richest Women, Embroiled in a Family Feud

The World’s 10 Richest Women, from Christy Walton to Liliane Bettencourt

New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012 Preview (PHOTOS)

Rick Santorum Reshuffles the GOP Primary Deck With MN, MO Wins

Newt’s Two-Man-Race Narrative Collapses After Santorum Victories

Charles Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ and the Culture Myth

Newsweek and The Daily Beast announce 2012 Women in the World Summit

Daily Beast Contributors on Rick Santorum’s Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado Wins

Paul Begala: Santorum Spanks Romney in Midwestern Primaries

Rick Santorum Wins Three States for a Super Tuesday

Social Science Minus the Science—David Frum

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 7, 2012

Obama's 'Crazy' Birth Control Move

Amanda Knox Appeals Slander Conviction

Syria’s Brutal Crackdown: Photos, Tweets, and Videos

David Jefferson on His Four Gay Marriages and a Legal Victory Against Prop 8

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional: Full Coverage (PHOTOS)

Congress Ponders Adding GED Requirement to Unemployment Benefits

California’s Overruling of Proposition 8 Is a Civil-Rights Victory

Videos For The Birds

Pawlenty Pushes Santorum

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional: Celebratory Reactions (Photos)

Signs of the Times—David Frum

What the Founders Would Tell Charles Murray—David Frum

Why Don't You Do TV More?

Can Rick Santorum Upset Mitt Romney?

More on the 'She Dialed 911' Story

Gay Rights Heckler Gets Pushed at Gingrich Event

Credit for Cassandra, Cont'd.

Karen Handel’s Resignation Letter From Susan G. Komen

Gisele Bundchen Criticizes Patriots Receivers After Super Bowl (Video)

Claude Lanzmann, ‘Shoah’ Director, Detained at Israeli Airport

Diane von Furstenberg’s Most Inspiring Women

Sarah Palin’s Delicate Dance with Newt Gingrich

Eli Manning’s Game Plan: Don’t Score

Charles Murray's Imaginary Elite—David Frum

Romney Regains His Balance

Three Middle-America Primaries Could Force Out One of Mitt Romney’s Rivals

Charles Dickens Bicentenary: Why We Should Care

Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Shows Obama Messaging Is Weak

Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Tells All. Or Does She?

Will Susan Powell’s Body Be Found After Josh Powell Killed His Sons?

Quiz: Who Said It, Dominique Strauss-Kahn or Gérard Depardieu?

Asperger’s, Overdiagnosed, Ill Defined, May Not Be a Syndrome Much Longer

Birth Control Trumps Religious Freedom in Obama’s Catholic Decision

Meghan McCain on Her Grandmother Roberta McCain’s 100th Birthday

Danger Signs for Mitt Romney as Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri Ready Vote

15 Fun Facts About the Politics of Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri

Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens! ‘Lost,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘Big Love,’ ‘Veep’ Writers on His Legacy

U.S. Jews Should Heed Top Israeli Soldiers Who Oppose Bombing Iran

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen, Marko Jaric & Adriana Lima: Cursed Romances? (PHOTOS)

The Bush Administration’s Secret Link to North Korea

A Week in Montana

A Taste of Vietnam

Have Board, Will Travel

Flyweight Knockouts

'Spider-Man' Sneak Preview: Spidey Gets Adorkable

Intern's Memoir Details Affair With President Kennedy

'There's No Question the Media Forced the Komen Apology'

Rapper M.I.A. Flips the Bird During the Super Bowl and More Controversial Moments

Newt’s Only Hope: Re-elect Obama—David Frum

Is the Tea Party Dead?

Bloomberg’s Gun-Control Ad Is the Wrong Move for Obama

The War on Christians

How Romney Could Lose Minnesota

Final Thoughts on the Obama Cover Story

Pete Hoekstra Super Bowl Ad Provokes Outrage (Video)

Is the White Working Class Coming Apart?—David Frum

Can Keith Olbermann Save Current TV?

Happy Birthday Reagan

Obama Tells Matt Lauer, "I Deserve a Second Term"

The Super Bowl’s Best Ad?

Pepsi, Adriana Lima, David Beckham: Best 2012 Super Bowl Commercials (VIDEO)

History Wrong Again in New Madonna Movie ‘W.E.’

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump Dishes

Singled Out: Are Unmarried People Discriminated Against?

Komen Incites Women’s ‘Tahrir Square Moment’

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Economic Sabotage

‘Smash’ on NBC: Theresa Rebeck on Theater’s Populist Roots

Tea Party ‘Is Dead’: How the Movement Fizzled in 2012’s GOP Primaries

Leslie H. Gelb: Israel and Netanyahu, Pipe Down the Threats of War on Iran

Connie Rice Talks About Her New Memoir and the Gangs of L.A. f

Madonna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj: Stars at the Super Bowl (PHOTOS)

Madonna Wows The Crowd

Super Bowl Sunday Begins

Gifts to Love

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and More Sunday Talk

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Preparation

Betting on Delegates After Nevada

How the Media Forced the Komen Foundation to Apologize

Ron Paul’s Plan to Mess Up Mitt Romney

Michelle Obama’s Charm Offensive

Obama Campaign Aims to Collect $1 Billion While GOP Relies on Super PACs

American Haters: From John Adams to Barry Goldwater

Super Bowl 2012: Can Tom Brady Get Revenge on the Giants?

Ferris Bueller for Honda & More Movie Icons With Ad Cameos (VIDEO)

American Haters: From John Adams to Barry Goldwater (Photos)

Nevada Chronicles: Romney Wins, Now What?

Komen for the Cure: How the Group's Founder Courted Controversy

Romney Cuts Loose O'Donnell, Perhaps Out of Ego

Paris Envy: From Macarons to Brigitte Bardot

Daily Beast Writers on Romney’s Nevada Win

Michael Tomasky: Romney Wins Big in Nevada Caucus, But Trouble Awaits

Mitt Romney Hits Jackpot in the Nevada Caucuses

Zooey Deschanel, Jason Mraz & More Stars Twitter Pictures (Photos)

U.N. Ambassadors Spar on Syria

Prince Harry’s Wild Nightclub

Daily Beast Contributors Live-Tweet the Nevada Primary Returns

Andrew on the Advantages of EBooks

Ron Paul On Rape and Abortion

Colum McCann Gets Candid

Why Komen Let Me Down: A Breast-Cancer Survivor's Haunting Tale

Daily Beast Contributors Live-Tweet the Nevada Caucus

Why Romney Trumped

Eric Alterman: The Election Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

New 'Hunger Games' Trailer

After The GOP Fails to Repeal Obamacare—David Frum

Most Fattening Super Bowl Snacks: Pizza, Wings, and Potato Chips

Most Fattening Super Bowl Snacks: Potato Chips

Romney’s Foot in Mouth, Bueller’s New Day Off, and More Viral Videos

Dem Pollster Mark Mellman Weighs In on Negative Ads

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Feb. 4, 2012

‘Smash’: Anjelica Huston on Her Husband’s Death, Eileen, and Whether She’ll Sing

Arguments Against the Komen Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood

Paul Auster’s Criticism of Turkey’s Treatment of Writers Rebuked by P.M.

Rebecca Walker’s ‘Black Cool’ Promotes the Non-Material Side of Black Culture

Celebrity Sports Gambling: The Biggest Bettors in Hollywood (Photos)

Most Fattening Superbowl Snacks: Pizza

Michael Tomasky Says Move the Super Bowl to Saturday

Most Fattening Super Bowl Snacks: Chicken Wings

Monument Valley From the Eyes of a Krazy Kat and John Ford

On the Ground in Nevada

David Choe, Facebook's Millionaire Graffiti Artist (Photos)

Martin Shakes it on 'Glee'

Kia’s Dreamy Superbowl Ad

Facebook Math: $1 Invested Can Earn You $800

Uproar Over Planned Parenthood Cut Forces Susan G. Komen Reversal

Geoff Dyer on Favorite Unusual Histories

Funniest Moments From the GOP Trail

The Young Get Rude—David Frum

Best New York Times Corrections Ever: 'The Shining,' Twilight Sparkle & More

New Riots Rock Egypt Amid Finger-Pointing Over Soccer Deaths

Monument Valley From the Eyes of a Krazy Kat and John Ford Fan

‘Fear Factor’ Donkey Semen, More Gross Things Eaten on TV (VIDEO)

Flick Picks: Chronicle

Flick Picks: The Woman in Black

Why Don't Women Start Riots?

Pippa Middleton Dating Britain’s Most Eligible Bachelor, George Percy

Pippa Middleton Dating George Percy (Photos)

A Better Defense for Romneycare—David Frum

Unemployment Rate Drops, But Reality of Jobs Crisis Is More Complicated

Trump—David Frum

Mitt Romney Should Learn a Lesson from Teddy Kennedy

The Times We Live In—David Frum

‘Real Housewives’ Get a ‘Late Night’ Makeover

Gingrich's Attention Deficit

David Choe, Facebook’s Millionaire Graffiti Artist

Trump Endorsed Romney Because They Are Two Peas in a Pod

16 Banned Super Bowl Ads

The Material Super Bowl: Madonna, Ferris Bueller—and the Game, Too

Why We Riot: How Fans Turned an Egypt Soccer Match Into a Bloodbath

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s Political Humor (VIDEOS)

‘The Woman in Black:’ Will Daniel Radcliffe Survive After ‘Harry Potter’?

‘Throw Them All Out’ Author Lauds Insider-Trading Ban Move by Congress

Decentralized Dance Parties: Raves’ Next Wave

The Fireplace Delusion: A Metaphor for Religious Belief

How a GOP Win Could Spell the End of Reproductive Health for Global Women

Infamous One Percenters from Pop Culture

The 10 Biggest Internet IPOs of All Time (Photos)

The 10 Youngest Richest, From Sergey Brin to Mark Zuckerberg (Photos)

Going Public, Facebook Will Make Mark Zuckerberg at Least $21 Billion

Stars Who Traded Down in Romance: Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and More

Why Komen Loses to Planned Parenthood

Photo Editor James Wellford's Image of the Week

China’s Africa Problem

It’s Time to Quit Ignoring Sports Head Trauma’s Very Real Dangers

Trump Bets on Romney

Komen Faces Backlash After Pulling Planned Parenthood Funds: Latest News, Tweets, and More

From Sharron Angle to Nikki Haley, Mama Grizzlies' Endorsements (Photos)

For Those Scolding Romney—David Frum

Can Ron Paul Win the Caucus States?

For Coulter, Against Levin—David Frum

Prince William and Kate’s New Puppy Joins Long History of Royal Dogs

Meghan McCain to Newt: Quit Now!

Obama Turns to God

Romney Targets Obama in New Ads

Jon Stewart's ‘Very Poor’ vs. ‘Very Rich’

Santorum's Last Stand

Oscar’s Documentary Myopia: Popular Films Don’t Get Nominated

Legendary ‘Soul Train’ Creator Don Cornelius Battled Demons in Final Years

Republicans Have More Orgasms, According to Sex Survey

Mitt Romney and the Poor People’s Safety Net Myth

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and GOP Rivals’ Ferocious Battle in Nevada Caucus

Three Cheers for Ann Coulter—David Frum

Susan G. Komen Foundation Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding Over Abortion

Can Newt Gingrich Win GOP Nomination Without Women?

Leslie H. Gelb: Obama’s Faster, Smarter Afghan Exit

Mike Kelley Dies at 57: Blake Gopnik on the Los Angeles Artist’s Gift

‘Soul Train’ Creator Don Cornelius Dies: Photos of Show’s Dancers

Three Teen Sisters Murdered: Is Their Mother to Blame?

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Rush to the Right in Congress

Does Congress’s Budget Delay Actually Matter?

Archie Comics: Corporate Brawl Over Sexual-Harassment Charges

New Biography of General Petraeus Misses the Man

Greece’s Homelessness Spike

Artist Mike Kelley Dies: See Photos of His Greatest Works

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